‘Republicans (Part 1): Naming Them’


(This page was last up-dated: 14 Feb 18)


Thank you, Dear Reader, for visiting this page.  Please include browsing ‘Republicans (Part 2)’ and ‘Republicans (Part 3)’ for more what they say, and ‘Republicans (Part 4)’ for the latest quotes and analysis.  I also posted many more pages of Republi-cons and their self-damning quotes throughout the entries in this web-site


It’s political season, ‘Dear Friend’.  That means ‘Open Season’ against we common folk and our common sense of decency.

Who are the players?  Let’s start with naming them – especially those who may be playing their  stealth game at your disadvantage.

Who identify as Republi-con, Right-Wing, Christian Con-servative, Bircher, Kluxer, Bushie, Neo-Con, Neo-Liberalist, Corporatist, Fascist, 1%-er, ‘alt-con’, White supremist, Drumpfian, Deplorable, Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Amerikan Taliban?

Who are their political supporters and hangers-on?

  • ‘I talk of barnyard morals of Hollywood coming into Christian circles.  It’s the Word of God in 1 Cor 6: ‘Sinners, ye shall not inherit the Kingdom of God!’.  Christians support us in the secular media where I preach the Word of God.  The the kingdoms of the world will become the Kingdom of God and He will forgive you.  Fundamentalist churches preach this Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Lord is coming in just a moment.  We are the generation!’.  Jack and Rexella Van Impe (their TV show, 26 Jan 14)
  • ‘There is not just one idiot in Hollywood.  All of Hollywood are idiots.’  Michael ‘savage’ Weiner, R (his radio show, 2 Jun 17)  (Editor:  I could not agree better!  That’s why I list those Hollywood ‘idiots’ here.)
  • ‘Republikans are okay; they want illegal aliens here for their cheap labor and their vote.  Our politicians know best.  The revolution has been re-loaded (outro sounds of gunfire).  Fiat rule!  Throw ’em all in jail!  If I were king of the world!  Hollywood is full of sick people without morals.  Republikan Party gave us Trump.  He is the one who will advance the Republikan agenda.’  Joe Walsh, R (his radio show, 12 Oct 17)   (Editor:  Walsh tells you their Republi-con ‘agenda’:  it is all about their ‘fiat rule’, they ‘know best’ for you and ‘know best’ for their own self-interest.  Republikan Capitalism is not a wall, it is all about their Republi-con revolving door supplying fresh bodies of illegal aliens whom they can de-humanise by squeezing them, destroying them, exploiting them for their cheap labour.  When these Republi-con Corporatists destroy the immigrant labourer, then it’s off to jail, deportation, separation from family, and on to the next warm body til it, too, goes cold.)
  • ‘Hollywood!  Vulgar!  They are all rapists!’  Joe Walsh, R (his radio show, 6 Nov 17)  (Editor:  Yep.  These people and ‘people’ listed here are exactly as Walsh ascribes.  Note that Kevin Spacey has been long-time listed on this roster of ‘Rapists!’ – at least since the time when I assembled the first nascent list about 15 years ago.)
  • ‘It’s all about the survival of our Republikan Party.  It’s our self-preservation.’ Reverend Pat Robertson, R (his CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 28 Nov 17)  (Editor:  Exactly!  Fascism defined.  It’s all about the preservation of their Republi-con Party.  The American nation be damned!  Don’t these Republi-cons make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?)
  • ‘It’s Hollywood and all these sex scandals.’  Laura Ingraham, R (her radio show, 6 Dec 17)  (Editor:  Curious that Ingraham and her priest guest railed against a movie about a 20-something man dating a 17-years old girl, but made no comment about their Republi-con buddy Moore, who admits that he asked mother’s permissions to date their 14-years old daughters – there was mom pimping out her daughter.)

This list names names and identifies both real people and corporate ‘people’ (‘Corporations are ‘people’, my friend.’ – Mitt Romney, Republican ‘Loser’) who openly, publicly proclaim their identity and support as well as those who hide themselves in their duplicity.  This reporter compiles these names based upon their political declarations, appearances or interviews on associated television or radio broadcasts (CBN, TBN, Fox, etc.), production and scriptwriters, supporting like-minded advertisors or corporate sponsors, ‘people’ who provide secretive campaign bribes (er, ‘contributions’), authors who tell lies in their biased hit pieces against liberals and progressives.  I began this serious list a few years ago from a short list of common ne’er-do-wells; those who have since joined the hereafter great beyond earned their eternal mention.

Some names are obvious; others come as a surprise to those not paying attention.

This list does not intrude upon private citizens who deserve to hold every right to their privacy.  Laws provide that celebrity status and action by these human people and corporate ‘people’ listed here surrendered their privacy.  Please accept my sympathy and apology if you are a private person who must fend off attack because of a ‘Hollywood idiot’ listed here who has usurped your identity.

Obviously, the telltale ‘R’ stubbornly affixed to politicians and their subservient sycophants, er, ‘aides’, easily identifies and documents their affiliation.  This list won’t waste time ‘exposing’ those already overly-exposed, elected, non-elected, or un-elected.

This list is open to adjustments.  A sincere recantation could certainly begin the prospect of one’s removal; continued behaviours will solidify one’s place on this dis-honour roll.

Nominate your own to this list.

They tell it in their own words:

  • ‘We Republicans are good for only two things:  cutting our taxes and blaming Democrats.’  David Brooks (R-PBS; June 2006)

When your friendly Righty complains ‘Hollywood’ is only lefties and blames the ‘Librrrl Lamestream Media’, this is a good place to start your reply to them.

Try this additional reference on for size:


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Andrew Collins
Shawn Collins
Jessi Colter (aka Mirriam Johnson)
Amy Coney Barrett
Alex Congelliere
Phil Congelliere
Harry Connick, Jr (A Reader challenged this Editor to this entry.  I refer you to note that Connick is a regular Pat Robertson CBN ‘700 Club’ guest who espouses his own right-wing Republi-con Christian Con-servative evangelical fundamentalist Amerikan Taliban drivel.)
Tim Conway
Alice Cooper
Beverly Cooper
John Corbett
William Patrick (‘Billy’) Corgan
David Cortman
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Katy Perry (Up-date 28 Jul 16: Looks as though she redeemed herself at the DNC)
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*(2017 01 31) Trump Beheaded the Statue of Liberty (blackhistory360.wordpress.com) (cropped-trum19)

Picture courtesy of ‘blackhistory360.wordpress.com’ (cropped-trum19) dated 31 Jan 17 – well ahead of Kathy’s depiction of Crooked Donald in effigy.  Where’s the Republi-con outrage now?


Now let’s work on a list of true and reliable Greens, Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, and Lefties who join with us, support our goals, and whom we can support in society and in furtherance of good governance.


This read should shake some sense into you:

My thanks to spirit friend Cara.




10 thoughts on “‘Republicans (Part 1): Naming Them’

  1. Cathy Hawkins, Warren Township, Lake County, IL, Republican Precinct Committeeman says:

    How can you legitimize you’re list of Republicans when you include Bruce Springsteen among others!

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    • *

      Do you object that I posted Springsteen as a Republican?

      He profitted well when he approved Reagan to use his anthem song. I heard no objection from Springsteen at that use nor of any other application of him by Republicans during these past 30-some years.

      Allow me to re-elaborate what I wrote in my preface to the lists.

      I have no difficulty converting a posted rightie to their place among we Liberals if there is credible evidence to perform that adjustment.

      Katy Perry’s performance at the DNC and subsequent campaigning for the Democrats in 2016 put her in good stead with the Left.


      – Who do you wish to submit for conversion from among your Party?

      – Are you saying they are not ‘Hollywood’ enough?

      – How much ‘Hollywood’ is Trump?

      – Lie to me, convince this audience that you would have voted Trump if he had a ‘D’ at his name rather than his implanted ‘R’.

      I have learned from a lifetime of experience that Republicans and their pals are expert at stealth and duplicity.

      As I have written at other posts here, I listen to probably a dozen of so different national right-wing talkers in any given week, several local (Phoenix, Arizona) talkers, and view various right-wing Christian Conservative and evangelical TV talk shows. Not every minute of every day; I do have a life. I uncover the flip-floppers at those listed venues – they who give sweet-talk trying to convince Liberals they are on our side, then suddenly appear on right-wing programming spilling their guts for Republican causes.

      I also have fun hearing the nasty words that your own Party espouses at its own. The most curiously telling was from John C. Scott Ulm, Republican talker during at least the past four decades here in Arizona. These were his on-air words that I recorded to MP3 following the 2014 elections (or words thereabouts – I think I might have posted them here, but I have not checked in the course of my reply to you):

      – ‘Republicans voters are so stupid. They’ll vote for anything with an ‘R’ after its name. They’ll even vote for Daffy Duck.’

      Don’t that make you proud of your fellow Republi-cons!

      Thank you for visiting, reading, commenting. I really do appreciate your debate – I ‘Liked’ it.

      Hey, Cathy, how’s your Trump’s ‘change’ thingy working for you and yours? I’ll post your reply to that question. I do not disconnect the telephone comment lines and shut down the petition web page as your fearless orange leader does.



    • *

      Have you not read the preface and cautions that I posted to this page?

      Note that I cleared Katy Perry based upon her support for the Democrats at the 2016 DNC. If you do not want Jimmy Fallon on your list, then please provide specific examples that I can use to place his name in good stead with we on the Left.

      I lack the wherewithal to waste 24 hours of my day hunting for Republi-cons subterfuge. But when I find it, then I post it as I did here. You are free to disagree with me posting your friends being listed in this aggregation of infamy – Republi-cons, Christian Conservatives, right-wingers, neo-cons, alt-cons, Fascists. Each Republi-con is one more bite closer making it ‘happen here’.

      Where did you post your own list of Democrats, Greens, Liberals, Leftists, Trade Unionist, and our supporters who are on the side of Democracy rather than Republi-con-ism?

      Do you deny your own Trump and his path to Fascism? His very words and deeds echo Mussolini and Hitler and their minions.

      Kapung khaf. Thank you for visiting this site, I welcome political discourse; please come again.



    • *
      S’il te plait, FrenchObserver:


      Tu cherches midi a 14h.

      As you read in my disclaimer, I post those whom I find complicit with Republi-cons and will annotate their entry when there is documentation of their recovery.

      Please send to me what legitimate information you have that can amend De Niro’s status and I shall gladly add him to our Liberal side.

      Enchantee. Merci beaucoup, moi amie.

      Retuournes encore un foix.



      • Hi
        First he marry a black woman , so we couldn’t remove him from racist , fascist etc…..
        2 He is a loud supporter of democrats since a long time (i know it’s not a proof , he could support them because he had interests in democrats victory ).
        3 His movies treat integration of minorities like
        -Once upon a time in America (wich treat of racism against Italians and blacks )

        Same for Tom Hanks , a conservative couldn’t act in a movie like “Philadelphia ”

        Ps : Your work is very interesting but i was curious to see your list of “true liberals” celebrities (haven’t find any , but maybe i have miss something ). I precise that it’s only curiosity that lead me to your page , i come as nonpartisan curious about worldwide politics :).

        Have a nice day

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      • *
        Merci, thank you for your return visit.

        I am a ‘student of the Shoah Holocaust’; I learned that there were numerous Jews who supported Hitler. Likewise, there are many American Negroes who are racist against themselves; they are predominantly right-wing Republi-cons who fall for the con.

        I have observed Hanks in far too many right-wing, Republi-con situations to consider him anything but Republi-con. I am willing to revise my decision with reasonable proof. Actors become their role. A con-servative actor would have no difficulty taking on the role in ‘Philadelphia’ – especially considering the way Republi-cons, right-wing, and Christian Con-servtives managed the AIDS epidemic here at the USA at that time – they were an embarrassment to this nation for their behaviour. In fact, it would be a perfect way for a Republi-con to fool their minions and the un-informed to think that Republi-cons rehabilitated themselves.

        This web page is naming the duplicity of Republi-cons. I don’t need to list Democrats – they re not my target as a Green, though I equally call them out for their hypocrisy. Republi-cons routinely accuse anyone they oppose as ‘Hollywood’, yet there are plenty of them to go around as this ever-expanding list establishes.

        Please read the other pages of Republi-con quotes and you will learn about American Republi-con politics as they practise it and preach it.

        Thank you for coming here. Please continue reading as much as you can wherever you can.



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