‘Republicans (Part 2): Quoted’

(2013 12 10) Welcome to Your Next Stop - Pottersville

Heed this warning from one of our own:

  • ‘Corporations benefit from enslaved, over-worked, illegal immigrants.’  (Leslie Marshall, D; ‘Leslie Marshall Show’, 2 May 10)


Keep in mind the past repeats, and repeats again:(2013 10 23) Are They Serious

  • President Ronald Reagan (R) declared 21 Mar 1983 as ‘Afghanistan Day’ to annually honour and support the Taliban and al Qaeda, his buddies.

‘Homosexuals and lesbians, disgusting people marching in our streets, demanding all sorts of things including the right to marry.’  Sen Jesse Helms, R-NC (speech, 1990)

‘My most important job at the Fed was to maintain a certain, minimum, necessary level of worker insecurity.’  Alan Greenspan, R-Federal Reserve (Wall Street Journal commentary)

‘We Republicans are good for two things: reducing our taxes and blaming Democrats.’  David Brooks, R-New York Times (PBS ‘Newshour’, June 2006).(2013 10 06) Obama Same As Hitler

  • ‘Hitlery’  Matt Lauer, R-NBC (‘Today’; June 2007 – identifying then-Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as ‘Hitlery’ during an ad lib segment)

‘Grab a bat and hit a Democrat or lefty up-side the head (laughter).’  Dennis Miller and Ted Nugent (‘Dennis Miller Show’, disrupting their conversation how it is so much fun to shoot at and kill small animals with a bow and arrow, Oct 2008)


Please read this current history of Republican ‘free speech’ garnered post-2008 election of President Obama through the mid-term 2010 elections.  Nothing has changed during the six years since I compiled these quotes as we gather again to elect our next President, members of the esteemed US Congress, and all the various and sundry politicians throughout our state, county, and local levels:

‘There are people who perform a cycle of blame, accusation, hostility, aggression, followed by an alternating period of feigned apology and acts of false attrition. Such people are those who display socio-pathologies and psycho-pathologies. They hold positions of power and authority. They include child abusers, child molesters, and work supervisors.’  KUAT ‘Arizona Illustrated’ (May 2009)

‘I’ll never apologise!  Waterboarding keeps America safe.’  Dick Cheney, R (speech, May 2009)

‘Americans hold a strong distrust for guh’mint!’  Rich Lowry, R (PBS ‘McLaughlin Group’ (3 Jul 09)

‘Why should Republicans take the blame?  What we have now is the tyranny of the majority.’ Jeff Munger, R (KUAT TV ‘Arizona Illustrated’ candidate ‘debate’, 6 Jul 09)

‘The welfare of the American people be damned.  Public servants are serving themselves.’ Lou Dobbs (‘Lou Dobbs Show’, 9 Jul 09)(2012 11 13) Adultery Comes Naturally

  • ‘We’re opposed to ‘hate crimes’ legislation.’ Rev. Pat Robertson (CBN ‘700 Club’, 13 Jul 09)

‘This is the week we go for the kill.’ Bill Kristol, R (Fox News, 20 Jul 09)

‘Guh’mint is a predator.’ Sen. Charles Grassley, R (PBS ‘Newshour’, 5 Aug 09)

‘Fear precedes anger.  I see real opportunities for us.’ Sen. John Cornyn, R (T-party Anti-Health Reform Campaign Rally speech, 6 Aug 09)

‘Left-wing idiots on a Jihad.  Liberal Fascism is Howard Dean.  I thought we got rid of this blood-sucking Leftist?’ Lou Dobbs, R (‘Lou Dobbs Show’, 12 Aug 09)

‘Generations of Americans are tired of guh’mint librrrls taking our freedoms.’ ‘Baron’, R (KJLL ‘Gnosis’, 15 Aug 09)

‘Torture worked.  Read my book.  Investigations offend the hell outta me.’ Dick Cheney, R (speech, 25 Aug 09)

‘The only way we engage the enemy is to kill ’em all.’ Tom Mar, R (‘Lou Dobbs Show’, 28 Aug 09)

‘We can’t trust Big Guh’mint!  They’ll take our Social Security and Medicare.’ Un-named T-party member opposing ACA, healthcare, Social Security, and Medicare attending a Congressional meet-and-greet.  ‘So what you’re telling us is that you don’t want your Social Security and Medicare?’  Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (reply to T-party attendee, 1 Sep 09)

(2013 10 04) Healthcare Corporations See Big Profits In Obamacare

  • ‘Attacking President Obama and his health care, I mean that clearly is the kind of lynching here.’ Chris Wallace, R (Fox ‘News Sunday’, 6 Sep 09)

‘I hate Barack Obama!  I hate the person!  Break his teeth, Oh God.’ Pastor Steven Anderson (CBN, 6 Sep 09)

‘Obama is patently, absolutely, un-godly evil!’ Bishop Harry Jackson (‘thehopeconnection.com’, 9 Sep 09)

‘I’m gonna pray that Obama dies and goes to hell!’ Pastor Steven Anderson (CBN, 14 Sep 09)

‘Kill Obama bin Laden!’ Campaign sign at a Republican Party rally (16 Sep 09)

‘This is a time to fear Democrats.’ Lou Dobbs, R (‘Lou Dobbs Show’, 12 Oct 09)

‘We cut and cut and cut.  We’ll cut more.  We’ll cut to the bone.  Bad things will take place.  I wanna make this a permanent problem.’ Gov. Janice Brewer, R-Ariz (KUAT ‘Arizona Illustrated’, 19 Oct 09)(2013 10 13) The Lesson Of 'Non-Essential' 1

  • ‘We’re facing the rabble Communists.  We oppose the Constitution.  No Jews.  The Mexicans must go.’  J T Ready, Neo-NAZI National Socialist Movement (Phoenix Rally interview, 7 Nov 09)

‘This Fort Hood event will get the right-wing going.’ Evan Thomas, R (‘Newsweek’, 8 Nov 09)

‘Guh’mint is the problem.’ Rush Limbaugh, R (talk show, 10 Nov 09)

‘The old librrrl nostrum.  The country going out of control.  Democrat office-holders had better look out.  Their time is coming. (chuckle) (snortle)  You can hear the rifles clicking as Republicans have Democrats in their sights. (chuckle)  Many many Democrats are gonna go down. (snortle)’  Rev Pat Robertson (CBN, 12 Nov 09)

‘Democrats are extremists.’ Howard Fischer, R-‘Capitol Times’ (KAET ‘Horizon’, 20 Nov 09)(2013 12 09) Their 'Holey' Argument

‘Republicans want to cut more.  Republicans have all the votes.’ Matt Benson, R-‘Arizona Republic’ (KAET ‘Horizon’, 20 Nov 09)

  • ‘Sarah Palin is so much like a rock star.  A real woman of the people.’ Interview of an un-named adoring Palin fan at a Palin book-signing (24 Nov 09)

‘Freedom is boring.  Tyranny is interesting.  China is free.  News reporters are evil.’ Dennis Prager, R (radio show, Dec 09)

‘If we’re going to finance wars around the globe, we hafta raise taxes. Jim Cramer, R-NBC (NBC ‘Meet the Press’, 13 Dec 09)

‘Capitalism caused the worst crisis since the Great Depression.  Life without prosperity is our new normal.’ Rev Pat Robertson (CBN, 14 Dec 09)

‘Governor Brewer offers no leadership.  Republicans can’t govern; Republicans can’t get along with each other.  They foster ideology extremism.  Their cuts are destroying our future.’ Linda Valdez, R (Arizona Republic, 18 Dec 09)

‘The U.S. is vulnerable to ‘terrorism’ more than ever.  Bush failed to implement ‘9 / 11 Commission’ recommendations.’ Sen. Jim Demint, R (CBN, 29 Dec 09)

‘Give me money to attack the President.  We’ll make Obama’s Waterloo.  We want Obama to fail and our country to fail.  Our Party comes first.  We will break you, N****r.’ Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R (speech, 1 Jan 10)

‘People don’t like big business corporate tax cuts.  Selling State buildings is a good deal for developers, it’s a gimmick that doesn’t benefit the State.’ Mike Sunnucks, R-‘Business Journal’ (KAET ‘Horizon’, 8 Jan 10)

‘Republicans have been hitting DES hard all year.  Eliminating services from those who have no voice.’ Mary K. Reinhart, R-‘Arizona Guardian’ (KAET ‘Horizon’, 8 Jan 10)

‘Guh’mint is not about how many people we serve, but how few we serve.’ Arizona State Treasurer Dean Martin, R (Gubernatorial candidacy campaign statement, 13 Jan 10)

‘We Republicans aren’t afraid of low-wage, illegal immigration.  Those people affect Democrats and blue collar more than us.  We’re the white-collar, corporate, executive suite.’ Scott Rasmussen, R, conservative author (2 Feb 10)

‘The T-party is fully-funded by corporations.’ Pat Buchanan, R (PBS ‘McLaughlin Group’, 2 Feb 10)

‘We are real ordinary folks.’ Dick Armey, R, ‘Freedom Works Foundation’ and ‘T-party’ owner (speech, 4 Feb 10)(2013 10 18) Ah-Nold In 2016

  • ‘Obama won the Presidency because the 1965 Civil Rights Act did away with literacy tests.’  Rep Tom Tancredo, R-Colo (T-party speech, 4 Feb 10)

‘We run the risk of undermining institutions we need to preserve liberties if we criticise the Supreme Court and its decisions.  Criticism borders on the irresponsible.  Lobbyist influence does not mean corruption.’ Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, R-Supreme Court (commenting on ‘Citizens United’, Feb 10)

‘Librrrls are kooks; Librrrls are elitists.  Name-calling wastes time, it’s insensitive; grow up.  Obama pals around with ‘terrorists’.  ‘Terrorists’ are not worthy of our rights.  Bush gave us the most prosperous country.  My state was paralysed by all the lawsuits against me; I resigned.  I have no idea.  I would like Obama to invade Iran.’ Sarah Palin, R (Fox News interview, 7 Feb 10)

‘Hang ’em high!  It’s what I want to do with Patty Murray.  We’re gonna take the Republican Party!  Revolution!  You betcha!’ Sarah Palin, R (T-party Convention speech, 13 Feb 10)

‘I support torture.’ Dick Cheney, R (ABC ‘This Week’ interview, 14 Feb 10)

‘Violence is the only answer!  Take my pound of flesh.’ Joe Stack, R (T-party member who flew his airplane into the IRS Building, 18 Feb 10).  ‘Let’s implode all IRS buildings.’ Rep Peter King, R-NY (speech, 18 Feb 10).  ‘Joe Stack is a hero.’ Phil Hendrie, R (‘Phil Hendrie Show’, 18 Feb 10)

‘We declare war against Planned Parenthood.  Shut ’em down!  Leave our kids alone!  De-fund the left wing.  They insinuate into the guh’mint.’ Rev Pat Robertson (CBN, 22 Feb 10)(2013 12 09) Their 'Holey' Argument

  • ‘Reload!’ Sarah Palin, R (campaign speech 22 Mar 10).  ‘Violence is the right way.’ Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio (campaign speech, 22 Mar 10).  ‘Bastards!  We need to wipe them out!’ Rush Limbaugh, R (radio show, 22 Mar 10).  ‘Our rifles are clicking; Democrats are going down.’ Rev. Pat Robertson (CBN, 22 Mar 10) (Comments made responding to a Kristalnacht NAZI-styled T-party attack against Democratic Party Headquarters.)

‘Oil and energy independence is bad for Amer’ca.’ Arthur Laffer, R (CBN, 14 Apr 10)

‘Relying on guh’mint is un-Amer’can.’ Lou Dobbs, R (radio show, 19 Apr 10)

‘Papers equal NAZI.’ Rush Limbaugh, R (comment supporting Arizona passing SB 1070, 20 Apr 10)

‘All Republicans have vowed to block banking reform.’ Rev Pat Robertson (CBN, 21 Apr 10)

‘We can’t justify the TARP.  We can’t justify the behaviour of the Wall Street bankers.  The American people were betrayed.’ Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz (KGUN TV campaign interview, 22 Apr 10)

‘OUR T-party is America’s spiritual revival.’ Sen Jim DeMint, R (speech, 23 Apr 10)

‘We’re the party of ‘Hell No!’.’ T-party statement opposing banking reform (26 Apr 10)

‘Our customers are buying exposure; we’re selling risk.  Our e-mails call it ‘shit’.  We played on it.’ Lloyd Blankfein, R (Senate banking reform testimony, 27 Apr 10);  ‘It all depends on what ‘shit’ is – short or a big long.’ David Vinear, R (Senate banking reform testimony, 27 Apr 10)(2013 10 17) Black Light'nng Stuck Twice That We Know Of

  • ‘BP is ruining my livelihood.  I expect guh’mint to do something.’ Un-named, anti-guh’mint T-party member complaining about the BP oil disaster and demanding guh’mint largesse (30 Apr 10)

‘Drill, Baby! Drill!  We can trust the oil companies.  Obama must expand off-shore drilling.  National Security, not regulation.’ Sarah Palin, R (T-party campaign speech, 3 May 10)

‘We are the T-party.  I oppose the 1964 Civil Rights Act; business has the right to refuse Blacks.  Get EPA and OSHA outta our business – regulation run amok.  Obama put his jack-boot on BP’s neck.  I oppose minimum wage laws – reduce worker wages.’ Rand Paul, R-Ky (campaign statement repeated on MSNBC, ABC, Fox interviews, 19 Mar 10)

‘Happy N****r Day!’ Rand Paul, R-Ky (campaign publicity web-site page, 20 May 10)

‘President Obama is in bed with the oil companies.’ Sarah Palin, R (T-party campaign speech, 22 May 10)

‘We must enforce the law; prosecute illegals but not the corporations that hire them.’ Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz (campaign statement, 28 May 10)

‘We support the Arizona buycott.  We eat like pigs and stay at their hotels.’ Comment from an un-named pro-SB-1070 T-party member (29 May 10)

‘The pigs are at the trough.  It’s gonna be great.’ Wes Gullet, R (Republican Party campaign statement; 30 May 10)

‘We hafta drill!  Damn environmental extremists!’ Rev Pat Robertson (CBN ‘700 Club’, 7 Jun 10)

‘Karzai’s corrupt.  He’s the biggest purveyor of heroin in the world.  The whole place is rotten.  Leave the place and let the Taliban take over.  It’s a waste of American taxpayer Dollars and lives fighting to preserve a corrupt Moslem theocracy.’ Rev Pat Robertson (CBN ‘700 Club’, 11 Jun 10)

‘We are indoctrinated by media, schools, Washington, unions.  Abolish public schools!’ Glenn Beck, R (radio show, 15 Jun 10)

‘We shouldn’t be in Afghanistan, that god-forsaken country.  Sayonara!’ Rev Pat Robertson (CBN ‘700 Club’, 23 Jun 10)

‘Afghanistan is Obama’s war.  Why do we put up with it?’ Lou Dobbs, R (‘Lou Dobbs Show’, 23 Jun 10)

‘Bush didn’t secure the border but that’s beside the point.  Put illegal crossers in jail; that will make the point.  No comprehensive border reform.  Hell, no!  Illegals have their constituencies; I have mine.’ Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz (‘Lou Dobbs Show’, 23 Jun 10)

‘Judges are not to cut down powerfull interests.’ Sen Jon Kyl, R-Ariz (speech, 28 Jun 10)

‘We pin Bush’s eight years of inaction and failure on Obama.’ Lou Dobbs, R (radio show, 7 Jul 10)(2013 12 11) One Mind Already Wasted

  • ‘War is OUR only way.’ Rev Pat Robertson (CBN ‘700 Club’, 12 Jul 10)

‘The Federal guh’mint is OUR enemy!  Un-documented aliens are documented Democrats.’ County Sheriff Paul Babeu, R, Pinal County, Arizona (KTVK interview, 15 Jul 10)

‘George Bush doubled guh’mint.  We haven’t paid for it.  Between losing and lying, I choose lying.’ Sen John McCain, R-Ariz (KUAT TV interview, 17 Jul 10)

‘Our racism is irrelevant.  Why do we care?  We hate both N*gg*rs and F*gg*ts.  Yep, I’m a racist and proud!’ Dorothy Watkins, R, T-party leader (speech, 17 Jul 10)

‘The un-employed must be forced to accept jobs at less pay than what they had before.  Limit how long people can collect un-employment insurance.  Unemployment insurance checks are a re-distribution of wealth.  People must lower their wage demands to 50%.  Un-employment insurance impedes that adjustment.’ Jeff Miron, R, Cato Institute (PBS ‘Nightly Business Report’, 19 Jul 10)

‘It’s all about polarisation, intentionally trying to divide the electorate so you can mobilise your base.  That’s your strategy.’ Gordon Robertson, R (CBN ‘700 Club’, 31 Jul 10)

‘We Republicans put this state in the wrong direction.  It’s broken.  It’s a mess.  It needs a new, fresh direction.’ Doug Ducey, R (Campaign statement for Arizona Treasurer, 9 Aug 10)

(2013 10 23) Are They Serious 1

  • ‘Obama is responsible for corporations out-sourcing millions of American jobs.  Vote Republican!’ Lou Dobbs, R (radio show, 11 Aug 10)

‘I wish we could have obstructed more.’ Sen Mitch McConnell, R-Ky (speech, 16 Aug 10)

‘What’s wrong with being the ‘Party of ‘NO!’?  We are the ‘Party of NO!’.  We can take it back.  We hate the hierarchy.  I’m Presidential material.  The best Republican, you betcha!’ Sarah Palin, R-Alaska (campaign speech, 27 Aug 10)

‘Republicans are to blame for the deficit.  I’m in favour of out-sourcing and privatising and charging the costs to the guh’mint.  We want balanced budgets and term limits.’ Rep Ken Buck, R-Colo (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 26 Sep 10)

‘I’m a T-party supporter 100%.  We all know guh’mint never grew faster than under Bush and the Republicans in Congress, and Dennis Hastert, and Bill Frist.  The voters have short memories.  T-party Republicans are strong enough.  It’s Darwinian Politics!  One-Party-Rule all across the country!’ Lou Dobbs, R (talk show, 27 Sep 10)

‘Put me down as a flip-flopper.’ Lou Dobbs, R (talk show, 4 Oct 10)(2013 10 02) The Tale of Two Insights

  • ‘We Republicans say ‘NO!’: to the seniors, college students, teachers, unions, and especially state employees.’ Pat Robertson (CBN ‘700 Club’, 5 Oct 10)

‘Out-sourcing is good.  We want more of it.’ Chamber of Commerce campaign statement (14 Oct 10)

‘T-party money is big money, corporate money, China money.  There is a problem of transparency.’ Terry Moran, R (ABC ‘This Week’, 17 Oct 10)


This Blogger resides at Arizona; thus numerous references to Arizona quotes.  Your state, ‘Red’ or not, is likely to experience similar quotes from Republicans and their cronies.

(2012 1109) Republican Party Demographic Trends



Up-date:  July 2016:

Please go to my ‘Republicans (Part 3)’ for campaign 2016 quotes.


If you still need another perspective:


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