‘Grow in a Petri Dish; Grow Your Own”


Business first.




Let’s thank Kira for keeping us aware.  Kira recently posted:

‘The Philadelphia Police Department confirms to ‘The Advocate’ that a 22-year-old trans woman known as Kiesha Jenkins was murdered today.’

  • ‘The Philadelphia Police Department confirms that 22-year-old trans woman Kiesha Jenkins was murdered today. Jenkins was a 22-year old Philadelphia native, who attended West Philadelphia High School and Temple University. Jenkins becomes the 20th transgender woman confirmed murdered in the U.S. in 2015, highlighing why trans advocates continue to decry an ‘epidemic’ of transphobic violence. The vast majority of the women killed this year have been transgender women of color. By comparison, 12 transgender women were murdered in all of 2014.’

We must keep these courageous women in our hearts and minds.

These Are the U.S. Trans Women Killed in 2015:

Lamia Beard
Keyshia Blige
Kandis Capri
London Chanel
India Clarke
Jasmine Collins
Taja Gabrielle DeJesus
Tamara Dominguez
Lamar “Papi” Edwards
Bri Golec
Kristina Gomez Reinwald
K.C. Haggard
Kiesha Jenkins
Amber Monroe
Ashton O’Hara
Yazmin Vash Payne
Penny Proud
Shade Schuler
Ty Underwood
Elisha Walker
Mercedes Williamson

‘Lexie Cannes, writing for the blog ‘State of Trans’, pointed to the intersection of this growing spate of violence against transgender women of color and the racial tensions that have gripped the nation in recent months.  Most of the victims this year have been black transgender women.

‘No kind of spinning is going to rid us of the elephant in the room — [transgender women of color’s] lives are being snuffed out at a disproportionate rate,’  Cannes wrote.  ‘Cause:  Hatred AND racism.  If it was just hatred, white people would be leading the death tally here in the United States.  If there ever was a compelling case that racism still exists in the U.S., this is it.’

‘This year continues to demonstrate why activists are decrying an ‘epidemic’ of fatal violence directed at transgender women.’

By Mitch Kellaway and Sunnivie Brydum
27 Jul 2015 (5:00 a.m. EDT) – UPDATED 7 Oct 2015 (1:21 p.m. EDT)

Personal note:

My studies years ago (1970s) and the Janus literature showed how both the Hispanic and African-American communities tend to have a far-reaching antipathy regarding transsexualism such that those two groups were in near absolute denial transsexualism exists among themselves.  Thus, by murdering their community members, they are seeking to eliminate that trace of reality.  Of course, the opposite is happening.

– Sharon


‘Grow in a Petri Dish’

Allow this serious note to one fancifull question.

  • Can we use stem cells to grow vestigial Mullerian Duct or Wolffian Duct systems in, correspondingly, M-F or F-M patients?

It is a dream of many, if not most, transsexuals (both M-F and F-M) to have the actual, full anatomy, not the limited GCS / SRS results.

I did research and independent study at both University of Utah Medical School (1981 – 1985) and University of Arizona Medical School (1985 – 1986).  My course was based admittedly with personal and selfish undertones.  After all, we are all developed from female in utero and it is the spurt of testosterone that separates female and male at the end of the third month.  My questions began with:

  • ‘What happened with the female anatomy (Mullerian Duct) in the male and the male anatomy (Wolffian Duct) in the female?’.

Of course I wanted to personally learn ‘What happened to my anatomy?’.

More questions flowed; more hypotheses developed.

  • What can medical science do to awaken those dormant structures for the Inter-sexed and Transsexed?

Researchers and biologists and anatomists devised prospects to assist patient re-generated lung tissue, liver tissue, kidney tissue as an aside to the organ transplant programs that I also was studying.  In that subject matter, I was more of the effort to develop database systems to connect donors, recipients, and medical resources to the proper timing.  Not that what I proposed and discussed was novel and ground-breaking; I sought to push what was obvious.  What voices fell on deaf ears in 1985 is considered the standard norm today.  Sadly that is the condition of science throughout history:  little nobodies as I study and develop inspired ideas, the ‘experts’ tell us ‘can’t be done’, and progress loses – whether by weeks, months, years, decades, or centuries.

My questions to the stem cells and transplant studies included:

  • ‘Why take the risk of transplant and rejection when we can develop one’s own system to re-generate the vestigial or failed organ?’
  • ‘Why not apply that regeneration to Mullerian / Wolfian tissue?’

It is possible using stem cells – at least I am among those who pushed that theoretical feasibility yet found no corresponding active lab work.  I wanted to make use of my youthfull mind before it became stunted the way I observed other highly-experienced medical personnel build walls to prevent outside ideas from entering their realm.  To the exalted I was another chippy; they did not consider my voice serious.

I not once mentioned stem cell tissue from an aborted fetus to the physicians at Utah UMC; oh no, not in the land or Mormons and Catholics.  I did to whom I expected to be less-sectarian UA UMC and I got quite a negative responce.  You think political hay made about Planned Parenthood is tough today, I merely contacted UA UMC lab departments in 1986 and asked what they did with aborted fetal tissue.  My enquiries were discussion-killers at that mention using tissue from an aborted fetus.

Fact is, dear squeamish reader, valid human tissue from legal donors across the nation and around the world that can save lives and produce what we today might think are medical miracles – including aborted fetal tissue – is discarded right into the sewer system or trash as any other waste product.  That is valuable research material treated as no better than vegetable peelings and fish-wrap, the real crime in my book.  It’s that absolute finality of the lost prospect for human life at the loss of one other life (or potential life) employed for none other than right-wing political gain.  To them, their two wrongs make a right, so to speak.

Much of the next steps that remain are the supportive medical community to get things moving; that was as much my battle.

  • Kidney – yes.
  • Lung – yes.
  • Liver – yes.
  • Genital structure – ‘H*ll No!’ was their reaction.

Such feigned outrage.  Fact is, researchers have been working on re-growing uterine tissue on scaffold structures to implant into the patient.  Success is variable.  These replacement tissue transplants are the patient’s own active anatomy rather than developing fullly-operational organs from vestigial structures of an opposite anatomy (the next step).

Don’t tell me no, that these concepts are all stupid.  I first learned ideas about organ transplantation in 1963 when I read a news magazine reporting how China devised a way to transplant a hand on a man who lost his hands.  You may have seen a recent news story about a little boy who got a bi-lateral hand transplant operation.  He can thank that 1963 first-time operation – his current operation was ‘routine’ compared to that initial 1963 procedure that took days to operate and months and years to resolve. I suppose my thought in 1963 was:

  • Why transplant when you can re-grow from tissue from the patient’s own development?

This is not pie in the sky.  This has been happening since the 1960s with other organs – liver, kidney, lung, heart, bone, blood vessel, nerve, you name it – except genital organs.  Some research has been quite advanced while other research has been slow.  I read this year that some organs have been successfully cultured and harvested for transplant.

Nor was I any original one who came up with these ideas, but I sure tried to push its practicality during my time to whomever I could get to listen.

I certainly did not have all the answers; I expected my work to add one more piece to the puzzle in the elemental idea that it can be done so that the more experienced in the medical community would fine tune it and get it done.  It is their turn to do the lab work to continue those next research steps.

Not much has advanced since I got hit with all that rejection and nowhere left to take it.  I am making this commentary because I saw recent on-line posts from knowledgeable people who suppose breakthroughs might start sometime 50 years from now.  Nope.  I can write that at least I made a valiant effort 30 years ago; I met with obstructionism at every turn and so we are 30 years late already.

Additional Resources:

These videos explain, describe, illustrate comparative embryological development of the Mullerian Duct and Wolffian Duct systems:









’’Grow Your Own’

I developed some pubescent physical growth up top on my own. I also developed that cultural female awareness; I made excuses why I wore a T-shirt when I went swimming at the beach or lake.  I would learn why in 1982.

ERT begun in 1979 then developed me from ‘A’ to ‘B’ the first year and from ‘B’ to ‘C’ the second year.  I’ve been ‘C’ since the third year; accretion is bringing me to ‘D’ as my ‘C’ cup runneth over.

I really enjoy all those little jolts of E.  I must have been quite a sight during my early time, still presenting as male, beginning E, as others saw me make sudden moves responding to the new chemistry racing through my body; they did not know.  That tingling still happens even on my 1mg estradiol maintenance and I enjoy each jolt of E.

Mmm – yes, I found myself doing that – holding my hand to protect them.  I transitioned male to female part-time; unknowing outsiders must have thought my female protective moves curious for a ‘male’ where I was still presenting as male.

I was not aware of my development at first – how noticeable they could be.  I look back and realise that my family certainly noticed but said nothing when I visited them six months into ERT.  I recall the photographs from that visit – my ‘A’ girls clearly obvious in view under my T-shirt.  My ‘girls’ became more and more difficult to cover – especially as they became ‘C’.  I was employed as a male and had to wear two or three T-shirts under my larger men’s business shirt to cover them.

One day after work, as my early development was becoming yet I was presenting at work as a male, a group of us were ditching around the park with a soccer ball.  After warm-ups one guy announces that feared call – ‘Shirts versus skins’.  AGH!  I got chosen for skins.  NO WAY!  So I told them I needed to rest and maybe get in the game as a replacement later.  Whew!  They bought it.  I did get in the game later – as ‘shirts’.

I think the real memory was during my disco dancing days (1979 – 1980).

Recall I made the acquaintance of two female friends (Kathy Q and Virginia); I was a frequent dance partner with both Kathy Q and with Virginia.

First was Kathy Q as her presence in my life came and went during my first year knowing my life on ERT (1979).

Then was Virginia as my life progressed through my second year on ERT (1980).  I feared bringing myself to discuss my medical life with her as I got deeper into E and deeper into a friendship that I did not want to destroy with my revelation.

I also occasionally met with other female dance partners.

I told only Kathy Q early in our relationship; she would be the only dance partner who knew.  Neither Virginia nor my other female dance partners knew my predicament.

Slow dancing became a matter of me trying to out-manoeuver my partner’s hands and trying not to dance too close where they might sense I had more up top than they.  Another humourous aside was the way the unknowing female partners tried arousing where there was no male anatomy to arouse down below.  I felt sorry if their ego took a hit when they thought they were not getting the male reaction they expected.

Skip a few more years toward the end of my part-time male life when former best friend Clint (not yet knowing) was teaching Japanese martial arts to me.  I kept dodging his hands as he tried to position my body for making moves and setting up my defence posture.  He accidentally touched me ever so briefly and I saw his puzzled look.  I told him nothing; I diffused him when I mentioned that I was tired and that we can resume later.

Anyway, my natural-grown girls certainly helpt presenting female once full-time came.


PS:  Slovakia – Thank you for visiting this site today.  I had the pleasure representing Czechoslovakia in the 1972 Model United Nations administered by the International High School of den Haag, Nederlands, and assembled at the Congressgabauw.  I visited the Czechoslovakia embassy at Vienna, Austria, for preparation when my dad, Slim, and I travelled there during Christmas vacation 1971.

If you are reading, Sri Lanka, I represented you in 1973; your nation had quite an active international position back then and I made your nation proud if I may say so myself.


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