‘A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words’

I dedicate this blog to you, Uncle Frank (1933 – 1970) and Aunt Jerri.

Today as I re-edit this page, I post this somber e-mail for your perusal and commemoration.


‘Remembering those we’ve lost’

Mara Keisling, NCTE <ncte@transequality.org>
To (x)@yahoo.com
Today (20 Nov 15) at 8:37 AM

National Center for Transgender Equality

Dear Friend,

Today marks the national Transgender Day of Remembrance. It’s a moment for us to pause and reflect in sadness, mourning those we’ve lost to violence. Despite 2015 being another banner year for trans equality, we’ve also suffered many heartbreaking losses and setbacks.

Zella Ziona’s story is one that has stuck with me over the past month. Zella, a 21-year-old Black trans woman just beginning her life, was brutally killed by a romantic interest because she “embarrassed him in front of his friends.” She was left discarded in an alley, fully stripped of any dignity or respect. And Zella’s story is only one of at least twenty-two that we have heard about this year alone.

There are many root causes for the alarming rate of violence against trans people, especially trans women of color—none more obvious than lack of social acceptance. While we all work to bring about culture change in our communities, there are other tangible ways we can make it safer for those most vulnerable to hate violence.

It’s unacceptable and shameful that, in 2015, stories like Zella’s seem to become more and more common. It is our responsibility to keep fighting on a daily basis to protect the basic dignity and respect of trans people everywhere.

Please join us in honoring the lives of those who we have lost and continuing to fight for change in our communities.


Mara Keisling
Executive Director
National Center for Transgender Equality
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National Center for Transgender Equality
1400 16th St NW, Suite 510
Washington, DC 20036


This will be all business.


(Annual ‘Transsexual Day of Remembrance’ – 20 Nov 15)

This from ‘Susan’s Place’ web-site:

‘A Suggested Structure for a TDoR Observance’: Suzi Chase



Allow this referral to ‘Kira Moore’s Closet’ web-site:

‘Trans Deaths, White Privilege’ is a current editorial written by Jenny Boylan, English professor at Barnard College.



Let us not forget Leelah; this information is from Cara’s ‘Liz – Day by Day’ web-site:


Enact ‘Leelah’s Law’ to end transgender ‘Conversion Therapy’:


Thank you one and all who post great information on your sites for our community.


Now a selection of information provided by the local Phoenix-area community.

Take advantage of opportunities at your home community.  If none are available, ask these entities how you can activate your own.

Here is a post worth hundreds of thousands of words and lives.  Allow these  flyers to speak for themselves.

(2015 11 xx) Positive Connections (Seminar Flyer)

(2015 11 xx) Empowered - YouTube (Card)

(2015 11 xx) Southwest Center - Empowered (Card)

(2015 11 xx) Southwest Center (Card - 1)(2015 11 xx) Southwest Center (Card - 2)








(2015 11 xx) World AIDS Day (Flyer)



This story made its point. Sadly, the ‘Comments’ section was tragedy in the making.


‘Illinois School District Must Give Locker Room Access to Transgender Student, U.S. Says’

Korin Miller, 3 Nov 2015

The typically worst of the ‘Comments’:

  • David: ‘transgender are sick people and should be put to death.’
  • Dingle35: ‘I hope this freak meets a baseball bat’
  • John: ‘Would you Palatine high school football players not do everyone involved a big favor and rip the male genitals off the female student where she can use the ladies restroom?’
  • DannyH: ‘not a girl,period.Fuck everybody else because this little freak wants something,the best thing is for kids to tease and ridicule HIM,until he blows his head off.’
  • Retired Army MSG2: ‘We are the laughing stock of the world. If I found a boy was in my daughters locker room it would be……….’



This is for you, Sadi, my new friend.

(2015 11 03)  MCSO Visitation Receipts

And for you, too, Sheri, my other new friend.


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