‘The Year of Not Living Dangerously’


If someone told me at the beginning of 2015 what this year would have been, I would have never believed it.

Last year 2014 was among my worst years.  Criminals broke into my home, stole most of my valued personal possessions, and ransacked my remaining belongings – they even destroyed or stole the electrical fixtures.  The damages and losses were massive – especially the irreplaceable items of very personal and intimate nature:

  • personal medical papers that can’t be recovered in any manner because the medical source legitimately destroyed their copies following the lawfull set period of time (Up-date:  23 Aug 16.  Medical exam today confirmed again that I lack a prostate.  Doctor told me that she will put her findings of my inter-sex in writing in her notes and my medical record; I shall post that record at a topical blog on this site for Kathy and Bev, my dis-believing family);
  • personal employment and payroll records stolen for their potential use in identification theft;
  • my collection of rare books dating to more than 200 years ago – many with autographs or other writings and signatures;
  • my collection of phonograph records dating to the earliest days of recordings – the criminals smashed nearly all my 78s (they missed the box containing my deceased father’s collection of 78s) and destroyed many of whatever 45s and LPs they did not steal;
  • approximately one half of both all my raw material footage and my edited ‘Rock Club Rising’ and ‘Dick’s Automotive’ TV shows, including personal mementos from many of the more than 500 bands and acts that appeared on ‘RCR’, all raw tapes and the entire first season of ‘RCR’ are gone forever except for anyone who hit ‘record’ on their home VCR when these shows were broadcast  (see:  ‘http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/music/eat-the-document-6421801’);
  • photographs, negatives, slides, movie film, and VHS of my life’s work as a hobbyist photographer, film-maker, and videographer.  More than 50 years – gone.  Only a total of 71 pictures of my life remained; those literal thousands of original pictures or negatives are gone, only the digitised copy remains of 71 images.  The old images that you see at this site – that I share with you here – are among those lucky 71 pieces.

There was so much more but the point here is not to list my stolen property that I will never recover.  I point these things out so that if the crooks recognise what they stole, they recognise the losses they caused to more than me.

That element plunged me into major depression.  I wanted to do nothing more than curl up in a ball on the floor and cry for hours – days – on end.

Yet I managed to find a way to dig deep into my self.  I did not want to end my life, I needed to recover as best as possible though there is no real and full recovery.  Life must continue without those ‘things’; at least the people in my life and I have our memories of all those wonderfull events and times that no thief can ever steal from us.  Those stoopid people had no concept of the value of what they destroyed; they must be pitied.


This year started slow and painfull as a continuation of recovering from last year.  You read how SSA repeatedly flipt my file from its permanent Sharon / female record to its former and out-dated Nick / male file.


There was one week when I went to SSA to check my status three times, the SSA agents guaranteed they corrected my file once and for all, yet I found my file unexplainedly flipt each time I returned to verify their actions.

I returned to SSA as recently as a couple weeks ago, spoke to a supervisor, he brought my file to his computer screen, we both observed the entire screen showing SSA agents repeatedly changing my file, and he apologised for the ‘absurdity’ of what has been happening to my SSA record this past year – this past decade.

That experience at SSA devolved my managing of my personal life – having to ‘out’ myself repeatedly at SSA got me to realise that I have no reason to remain in that ‘closet’ in which I sealed my self decades ago.  While I do not wave a flag wherever I go and I do not wear an emblem on my clothes, I no longer feel oppressed by my medical condition.  It is nobody’s business but I no longer run from it.  I made that so by posting this web-site.


I got out and about more often this year. I may have left home barely more than four times the entire year of 2014.  Nearly every week this year 2015 I have been busy at least four days each week with errands, socialising, completing educational courses, and expanding my life back into the real world.

I barely travelled across-town the prior four years; this year I returned to visit out-of-town friends several times, expect to continue doing so next year, and expect to expand my travelling horizon to the extent possible.


I ended the year with a great experience at American Red Cross where I am a ‘Baby Brigade’ donor – only people of the best of health are eligible to donate for our little children in most need of the best blood.

(2015 07 22) MVD Licence - ARC - Baby Brigade‘I’ll make it a double’ as they say as I made my first aphoresis donation.  ARC’s machine extracts twice as much usable blood material in one draw, then pumps saline back into my system leaving a metallic taste and smell.

I hate needles yet I ‘grin and beared’ this one with flying colors to save many children and that is why I have now donated eight gallons plus nine pints during the course of my ARC blood donation career.  I do not need to return until four months from now rather than two months.

I once had a donation goal of my age.  Hey, I’m 59 going on 60 and that goal is long in my rear-view mirror.  Maybe my next ARC goal can be 100 pints – barely 25 more pints at four per year can be done in approximately six years.

I extend my challenge to everyone reading this to make their own effort to donate blood.  You can do it same as me.  Plus, you’ll feast on fruit juice and cookies as your reward.

Tell your boss you want the rest of the day off – with pay – to donate your blood to ARC.  Better yet, organise a blood draw at your work site, join ‘Baby Brigade’, and be a greater hero.

Then your next step is to join ‘Be The Match’, register to donate your bone marrow, and save more lives.  I hate needles with a passion and do all this; so can you.


As we approach the full-swing of the American political season of 2016, let us recall the trends of the prior Presidential election cycle.

(2012 1109) Republican Party Demographic Trends

While Republi-cons repeatedly detract President Obama as a ‘fer’ner’, they want to elevate Ah-nold to race while ignoring he is foreign-born and carries far more salacious baggage than President Clinton.


(2013 10 18) Ah-Nold In 2016


Tis the season for Christian Conservative whining.

And of course this is the (2012 12 10) Tis The Season For Christian Conservative Whiningtime of year when we hear from right-wing Christian Con-servatives who complain how librrrals are taking Jesus from their Christmas.  Meanwhile, they celebrate Christmas with such things as beauty pageant queens, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Grinch, fire trucks, stockings hung at their fireplace, strings of colored light bulbs, and tinsel and lights decorating a pine tree – all their true symbols of their Jesus of Bethlehem, a-hem.

The more things change …


To all new friends I made this year and new friends I have yet to meet for next year …

Happy New Year to you, too.


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