‘Farewells Are Not Forever’; ‘Re-visit Vestiges of Vestigial Cells’


(18 Jan 16)

I made my fond farewells to my new friend Li Qian Yang. She departed on her flight to her home-town at China this morning at 5 am. (https://www.) (youtube.com/watch?v=PXOPSG8UX70) (https://www.) (youtube.com/watch?v=WirhDbybswc). OMG! I arrived at that same LAX Runway 24R to meet her – same as in this second video.IMG_0168

We met 8 Jan 16.

Qian is a very good person who means well.

She taught me to write my name in Mandarin (Li Yuan En is my name in Chinese).  Look, we have the same surname Li.  We are family.  Of the seven billion people on Earth, I found my sister.  How great is that!  She taught me a little bit of how to speak and write Mandarin during our two weeks together.  Now I understand the accent marks and Mandarin inflection.

I am concerned for you, Qian, and your health.  You are young – age 23 – and you have that invincibility of youth that can lead to danger.  Please, if and when you read this, take care of your self.  I shall be writing to you; you will have my next e-mail awaiting you upon your arrival home.  I want to be certain that you live a good life.  Maybe someday I can come visit you at your country.

You, Yann, and me will be our special trio – HUGGSS and ‘Dee-lie-shun’ to us three forever.  Now I am with Ildi and Evelyn.  Ildi and I planned our schedule for this week and shall be seeing more sights on Tuesday and Wednesday – lots of photography, walking, and temples.

The two other girls with the colored hair keep to themselves at their cottage – we do not know who they are.  I say ‘Hello’ and ‘Good morning’ to them but they look at me with facial expressions as if they do not comprehend a word I am speaking.  (Up-date – 22 Jan 16:  They are Louise and Rose, two extremely shy young British women who prefer keeping to themselves rather than join the rest of us.)


This came up again at a message board where I participate – the possibility that one day transsexuals would have their full desired anatomy of their identified sex.

There is one angle where my inter-sex comes in handy compared to ‘vanilla’ transsexuals – my system is finding enough endogenous estrogen to match ‘normal’ values and my estrogen cellular receptor sites know how to make the most of that chemistry.  In a pinch, my chemistry is ‘normal’ female and I can go without ERT; other ‘vanilla’ folks are fatedly dependent upon ERT.

Don’t presume all is well with my natural chemistry; it needs work, too.  It is how I got where I am.

My endogenous estrogen hit only 41 last March 2015 following 13 months off meds, then 241 for my July blood draw when on 1 mg estradiol per day, then the latest blood draw at the end of December 2015 collapsed to 31 still on 1 mg estradiol per day.

My endo told me not to worry because my levels are okay for ‘normal menopausal female’ – I am age 59.  But I can’t imagine my ups and downs are ‘normal’ when I register ‘normal adult female’ one draw then ‘normal menopausal female’ the next draw.  Does menopause happen that suddenly?  Or is this how menopause hits – low, then high, then low the next?

I’m in for that ‘bumpy ride’.


I knew an inkling.  I did some studying as part of my pre-transition and early transition while residing at Arizona.  Small-town public libraries were lacking (1974 – 1978).  Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, Arizona), a forestry university, hardly had a medical school library to satisfy my inquisitivity (1979 – 1980).

I then attended to research and independent study at both University of Utah Medical School while I resided at Utah (1981 – 1985) and University of Arizona while residing at Arizona (1985 – 1986).  I was a busy beaver in my youth.  There I spent many evenings and weekends after my regular day job with the Forest Service; I was doing independent research on transsexualism and stem cells – for personal and selfish reasons in the beginning.  I was studying and researching ways to activate vestigial Mullerian systems in M-F transsexuals (and inter-sex females).

  • (1)  devise a way for the gonadal tissue (testicles, ova-testes, ovaries, or dysgenic gonads) to reverse the hormone from testosterone to estrogen, or increase the estrogen output, or modify the hormonal output to mimic estrogen and
  • (2)  develop ways for the hormone receptor sites to activate better with estrogen or any other endogenous pro-estrogenic compound.

I asked why can’t doctors use stem cells to invigorate vestigial genital systems for transsexuals:  Mullerian for M-F and Wolffian for F-M.  That is the transsexual’s dream – or at least it has been mine – to culture those lost or incomplete genital systems instead of transplants which are dangerous and pointless to a degree.

We are all developed from female phenotype in utero; it is the spurt of testosterone that separates female into male at the end of the third month.  Every body has both Mullerian Duct and Wolffian Duct systems to start during our embryonic stage.  The various hormones reduce one system for another – and this is where the inter-sex states happen.  Wolffian Duct Regression Factor halts the male system in females and Mullerian Duct Regression Factor halts the development of the female system in males.  That process is mixed up for inter-sex people; all ‘normal’ people have these vestigial remains of the other system at some extent or another.  With your vestigial Mullerian Duct formation, we could use stem cells to develop your upper third female anatomy.

The point being was – as with inter-sex and with what I was also trying to determine with transsexuals – how to encourage one set of action while suppressing the other.

Gonadal tissue has three basic options:

  • under-production,
  • ‘normal’ production,
  • over-production.

A side issue to gonadal production is the quality. What quality is tuned?:

  • failed quality,
  • ‘normal’ quality,
  • hyper-quality.

Then there is the famous hormonal receptor site. Is it tuned to:

  • estrogen,
  • testosterone,
  • both,
  • neither.

Is the hormonal receptor site tuned to receiving:

  • less than normal,
  • ‘normal’,
  • greater than normal.

How does this system have the capacity to read and act on weak or failing estrogen?

How can it convert testosterone signals to estrogen action?

How does it reject even hyper-estrogen stimulation to normalise level?

Can you, Dear Reader, see what I was trying to do?

My questions began with

  • ‘What happened with the female anatomy (Mullerian Duct) in the male and the male anatomy (Wolffian Duct) in the female?’.

More questions flowed; more hypotheses developed.

  • ‘What can medical science do to awaken those dormant structures for the inter-sexed and transsexed?’

Researchers and biologists and anatomists devised prospects to assist patient re-generated lung tissue, liver tissue, kidney tissue as an aside to the organ transplant programs that I also was studying.

My questions to the transplant studies included:

  • ‘Why take the risk of transplant and rejection when we can develop one’s own system to re-generate the failed organ?’
  • ‘Why not apply that regeneration to Mullerian / Wolfian tissue?’

I explained how it is possible using stem cells – at least I am among those who established the theoretical feasibility yet found no corresponding lab work.

Much of the next steps that remain are the supportive medical community to get things moving; that was as much my battle.

This is not pie in the sky.  This has been happening since the 1960s with other organs – liver, kidney, lung, heart, bone, blood vessel, nerve, you name it.  Some research has been quite advanced while other research has been slow.  Nor was I any original one who came up with the ideas but I sure tried to push its practicality during my time.

  • Kidney – ‘Yes’.
  • Lung – ‘Yes’.
  • Liver – ‘Yes’.
  • Genital structure – ‘H*ll No!’ was their reaction.

This research on reproductive systems is highly politicised; less for re-generating heart, lung, liver, etc.

Such feigned outrage from the political class and their minions!

No one would take my ideas – sex – ooh – can’t deal with that.  Okay, fine.  My ideas, study, and research applies to any other organ or systems.  As long as there remain cells in the patient’s body and stem cells to apply to the patient’s own cells, there can be organ and tissue growth with proper chemical and biological action.  This occurs in other parts of the animal world.

The crooks who ransacked my home (2014) messed up my records and files – stealing some, destroying some, leaving some.  AGH!  My five years of notes were all hand-written – there were no computers for this back then.  So if you don’t mind, I can’t re-write my dissertation in 20 minutes or less.  Nor did I make copies.  What is gone is gone forever until the next person develops the follow-up theory and resolution.

I read last year (2015) that some organs have been successfully cultured and harvested for transplant.  Fact is, researchers have been working on re-growing uterine tissue on scaffold structures to implant into the donor patient.  Success is variable.  These are replacement tissue transplants of the patient’s own anatomy rather than vestigial structures (the next step).

Okay, I lacked all the years of post-graduate expertise of chemistry, biology.  Does Bill Gates know absolutely everything to build the computer and write code?  Probably not; instead he hires computer experts who can do each task while Gates and his team oversee the enterprise.  That’s where I came in – not the chemist, not the biologist, but the one with enough ideas to be asking the questions and developing those ideas until the trained experts with greater knowledge could take over.

I certainly did not have all the answers; I meant my work to add one more piece to the puzzle in the elemental idea that it can be done so that the more experienced in the medical community would fine-tune my ideas and make them real.  It is their turn to do the lab work to continue those next research steps.  Not much has advanced since I got hit with all that rejection and nowhere left to take it.

I achieved results of my studies on inter-sex states and transsexualism at medical schools (1981 – 1986) researching to develop ways to use either our own or fetal stem cells to grow our vestigial Mullerian or Wolffian systems in M-F or F-M patients.  It is a dream of many, if not most, transsexuals (both M-F and F-M) to have the actual, full anatomy, not the limited GCS / SRS results.  The medical community treated my efforts with disdain and disrepute.

If you would have wanted them, you would have had it all: your testes would have transformed to ovaries (or at least functioned as ovaries and emitted endogenous estrogen), you would have Fallopian tubes, a uterus, a cervix, a real vagina, real labia, real clitoris, real crura and cavernosa.  Stem cells would have gradually transformed your anatomy same as any developing female.

Don’t tell me ‘No’ and ‘It’s all stupid’.  I got ideas about organ transplants in 1963 when I read a news magazine reporting how China devised a way to transplant a hand on a man who lost his hands.  You may have seen a recent news story from late last year (2015) about a little boy who got a bi-lateral hand transplant operation.  He can thank that 1963 first-time operation – his current operation was ‘routine’ compared to that initial 1963 procedure that took days to operate and months and years to resolve.  That boy does not consider the 1963 Chinese surgeons ‘stupid’.

I do not know what, if any, research has been done by anyone else since my days.  Suffice to say, nothing – or else I would not be writing about this to you my fellow ‘truth-seeker’ – you would be experiencing a full compliment of female anatomy grown from your own vestigial Mullerian cells while you were in transition.  Do you get it?  My research would have led to changing the entire sex-change system.

So what remains of my six years work sits in boxes in storage collecting dust. I hope the medical community is pleased.



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