‘Larnin’ A Thing Or Two’

Former Representative Joe Walsh (Republican, Illinois) now conducts a radio talk show originating from radio station WIND AM (Chicago, Illinois).

His issue for his show today (5 Apr 16) during the 12 noon hour (Phoenix time) was the hot topic of transsexuals using the facilities of their identity.  They discussed the applicability of high school students staying to their own.

Most of his callers raised strong objections that no high school male has a purpose entering the female facility any more than a high school female entering the male facility.  At least that is a point Walsh, his audience, and I agree.

They also reflected a certain amount of lack of education in the issue of transsexualism and transgender.  Fair enough.  This means that we on our perspective of the issue must converse with them in opposition in a civil exchange to let them know their fears are unfounded.

And I did.

Walsh graciously accepted my telephone call and allowed me the last say.  We spoke civilly.  I identified my situation and expressed my own apprehensions.  I also stressed that as his callers were concerned, these examples of a ‘male’ in the famale facility or ‘female’ in the male facility is not quite the matter.

I pointed out that the subject student will have been fully recognized and diagnosed – that could involve weeks, months, or years of therapy and perhaps even a legal declaration.  This student will have been on puberty blockers or hormones for some time.  Further, this student is, in fact, likely presenting as their identified sex; no one would know of this student as transsexual unless the student made a public declaration.  The exaggerated concern having a bearded hulk appearing inside their daughter’s facility and showering naked can’t happen.  I have yet to know of some cis person seriously demanding that.

Speaking for myself, I mentioned to Walsh and his audience that I would much prefer the single-occupant facility to the group facility – then, as well as now.  I commented that I certainly wanted no one to know of my irregular anatomy in the past, nor had I any interest of another occupant.  When nature called, I did my business and departed as quickly as possible.

Again, thank you Rep. Walsh for my opportunity to present my perspective and I look forward to future opportunities to share and exchange opinions.


Up-date:  13 Apr 16:

For shame!

Monday (11 Apr 16) you devoted time shouting against transsexual rights, you boasted you would ‘never cross the aisle’ to meet with us, you declared you oppose our rights.

Today was worse than Monday.  Today you ranted about political ‘betrayal’.

How’s about your ‘betrayal’ to the civility we agreed to earlier?


Check this video:

  • (https://www.)(facebook.com/moovzpage/videos/1034341159952934/)

Thank you, Cara.



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