‘We are ‘Pulse’!’


Gracious ‘Sahwdee Kah’ to spirit friend Cara who has been posting great messages to Facebook in her coverage of this loss.  I especially thank you for your listing of all the people at ‘Pulse’ – ‘These Are The Victims of the Orlando Massacre’.   I prefer to call them my heroes; I fear that I would have crumbled in the endurance they faced.(2016 02 xx) Dr Chettawut Thank You Card (cover)

Each person at ‘Pulse’ had family and friends and lives that we must acknowledge and recognise.  ‘There but for the grace of God go I.’  Any one of us could have been there – any one of us might be there at the next attack taken against us.  Thank you for your strength beyond human comprehension.

Please go to ‘Fusion.net’ for their biographies.

Here is the URL for the site:



All pales.

I saw the news today reporting that a New York City-born man of Afghan immigrant parents attacked a Florida ‘Pride’ event.  He shot and murdered at least 50 innocent people who were simply enjoying a weekend with friends; he wounded at least as many others; some hanging on to dear life that they do not join those who passed.

Republi-cons scream ‘terrorism’ whenever a Moslem shoots one person in a subway.

We have here ‘the deadliest mass-murder’ in American history (ABC News); those same Republi-cons say ‘Ho-hum’ and tell their audience to buy more guns.  This man committed his massacre at Florida using an assault rifle or assault-styled high-powered rifle and ammunition and Republi-cons want more of the same.


‘It’s your 2nd Amendment right to buy and own a gun.’ (Fox).  That is no surprise from them.

Let’s remind the audience.  The killer did everything legal and by-the-book under Republi-con gun laws.

  • He passed his records check
  • He had no enforceable history of psychiatric trouble
  • He was college-educated in crime, police science, and criminal law
  • He worked in law enforcement and security
  • He held a legal conceal-carry permit.

The killer ‘pledged his allegiance to ISIS during the shooting.  ISIS is claiming responsibility.’ (CBS News).

This killer declared his allegiance to the tenets of ISIS and Islamic extremism during his murder spree.  His brand of Islam, his affiliation with ISIS, his indoctrination into Sharia all taught him to hate LGBT; not much different than Christian Conservative extremism in which I have experience having been raised in it.  To him, we LGBT are ‘infidels’.  To his brand of Islam, he has a right to target LGBT and slaughter us so that he now has earned his 72 virgins in his after-life.*

He targeted only LGBT that fatefull early morning – no others.  ‘A hate crime against LGBT.’ (NBC News).

What drove this killer to kill?  News reports that he recently saw two men – two people expressing normal human emotions of love for each other.  Imagine, his brand of religion sees love as something as a reason to commit mass murder.  His religion has no room for love, only hate.

People of this brand of Islam routinely slaughter their fellow citizens in countries dominated by Islamic Sharia.  That’s bad enough.  That American-born citizen has so little idea that we else here in this nation do NOT condone Sharia slaughter.

This murderer was a ‘Reagan baby’ – born and bred a right-wing Republican American religious fanatic extremist.  His parents came to the USA when President Reagan opened the door for his Taliban friends to come to the USA.  But today’s Republi-cons tell you that he is Obama’s fault.

Right-wing Republic-con talker Joe Walsh today called all LGBT ‘suckers’ for thinking we can live in peace, socialise among ourselves at our clubs, and feel free from aggression and violence by those of his ilk who plot both openly and secretly to murder us.

Walsh accused the patrons of ‘Pulse’ and America’s LGBT community in general for not arming our places of friendship and camaraderie with guards to protect us.  My apologies to Walsh and his Americans that we dare to live in peace, rather than inside a walled encampment surrounded with high-powered defensive weaponry.

Walsh asked what is the greater threat:

  • a man with an assault rifle at a gay club, or
  • a baker who refuses to bake a cake for a wedding between marriage equality partners.

There is no either / or, Walsh and his presentation are both dangerous to LGBT and to all humanity.  Any religious fanatic with a lethal weapon is deadly to us all in the immediate present and future.

We have proof what it did in recent past.

That baker who today refuses to bake our wedding cake because they refuse to participate in commerce with an LGBT couple is insidious.

Wear a Star of David on your clothing, wear a symbol that you are gay or lesbian.

The Shoah Holocaust began with those efforts.  Then the NAZIs increased their assail against Jews, homosexuals, unionists, Communists, and others whom they deemed not acceptable to their perfect Aryan race.  By 1945, they snuffed out more than 13 million human lives all because of their hatred that started no different than that single baker refusing to bake a cake for a Jewish wedding.

‘Those who fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it’ … including Walsh and his extremist Christian conservatives who would do harm as aggressors as do these Moslem or Christian fanatics.

This Orlando tragedy was not enough bad news.  Reports came out that police detained a man in California near a  ‘Pride’ event.  Police received tips that a man had his car packed with assault weapons and explosives.  He is not Moslem; he is Christian.  Ho-hum, another prospective assault upon an unsuspecting gathering of LGBT friends.  Just any other day for right-wing Republican religious extremists in the USA.

What is the responce from the big mouths of Republi-cons?  Zippo from Trump, McCain, Ryan.  Platitudes do not resolve their hatred directed toward us.

Hey, what about Caitlyn Jenner?  She promotes herself as the voice of American transgender.  Where is she?  Now you know why she does not represent me.  She hides among celebrity; she is not among us – physically, spiritually, or otherwise.  She is a huckster selling snake oil; don’t get bit by her and her minions.

*(2015 07 22) MVD Licence - ARC - Baby Brigade

Please donate to your trusted blood bank.


Up-date  (15 Jun 16):

Proof that life is fragile with no guarantees.

Three thousand miles away still hits ‘close to home’ for many at Phoenix, Arizona.

A friend and I were chatting last Saturday afternoon following our LGBT meeting, she was enthused and animated. She texted to me today that she knew two of the people at Orlando, has been depressed, and went to talk to a counsellor today.

Jason graduated from Skyline High School (Mesa, Arizona).  He has been attending college at Florida. There will be a commemoration in his honour this coming Thursday.

I made it to Jason’s memorial at Skyline Park (Mesa, Arizona).   The song on the radio as I arrived: ‘I’m Still Alive’.

Local Phoenix, Arizona, TV station KTVK (Channel 3) posted their video of Jason’s vigil on Facebook.

A few hundred gathered in a circle to listen.

Jason’s football coach led the memorial; Jason’s sister called from Orlando, a friend Skyped from Dubai, his teachers, cheerleading team-mates, school-mates, an aunt, cousins, friends recollected their years with Jason.

  •  ‘He died because of hatred and that really sucks!’

First the football coach then an aunt led a cheer for Jason:

  •  ‘Give me a ‘J’, ‘J’!,
  •  ‘Give me an ‘A’, ‘A’!,
  •  ‘Give me an ‘S’, ‘S’!,
  •  ‘Give me an ‘O’, ‘O’!,
  •  ‘Give me an ‘N’, ‘N’!,
  •  ‘What’s that spell!’, ‘JASON!’

I was listening to Alan Colmes (KPHX, 1480 am) on the way home.  He made the point that I expected all along, that greater American society’s outrage about Orlando has already collapsed except among LGBT.  Had that killer attacked Christians, Blacks, kluxers, you name it, then the outrage would be non-stop.  This was an attack on LGBT; we are American society’s throw-aways.

Meanwhile, right-winger Lars Larsen blubbered, ‘Guh’mint has no business interfering with my gawd-given right …’ to buy and own a military assault rifle and that there must be no watch lists identifying and preventing anyone from buying / owning military assault weapons.   Curiously, Larsen blathered that the Orlando killer should never have had his assault weapon ‘Coz he’s a moo-zlim’, not because he was a threat to the society. Sigh!


Up-date (16 Jun 16):

This came from Republi-con talker Joe Walsh today:

Walsh:  ‘It had nothing to do with LGBT.  He was Moslem.  He was ISIS.’

My reply:  *According to Collier’s Encyclopedia, here is one item among the tenets of orthodox Islam – it is the duty of every male to rid the world of infidels, the best way is to die a martyr for Islam and you will receive your reward of 72 virgins.

The killer acted in command of his religion’s extremist orthodox philosophy same as Christian, Sikh, Buddhist extremists who slaughter in the name of their superstitions and  religion.

Current incitement from such Christian Conservative Republican standard-bearers as Dobson, Robertson, Staver, and Moore call for more deaths of LGBT:  ‘Someone needs to finish the job’.  How does that sound as if Christian Conservatives are in our LGBT corner?  Why do you really want to vote Republican this November?

Walsh:  ‘It is un-American to keep guns outta our hands.’ and ‘It must be easy to get a gun.’

My reply:  Walsh demanded that there must never be gun control – the Orlando massacre is all Obama’s fault, all liberals’ fault said he.

Walsh:  ‘The terror watch list is hogwash.’

My reply:  Curious sentiment because his hero Bush-the-shrub created it during his administration to lie complacent to the demands of his neo-con affiliates.  No Republi-con opposed that list during Bush’s 8 years.


Try these videos:

‘Guns Guns Guns’ (Guess Who)

‘Raindance’ (Guess Who)



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