‘Religious Extremism’


Recall that I tear into Christians:  Christian-Conservatives and specifically Catholics.

You read my posts taking issue and argument against the long line of popes and Catholic Church hierarchy.

My father reared me in Catholicism during my childhood, teen, and young adult years:

  • Nine years as a Catholic school student (2nd grade through 9th grade) and
  • Four years as a Catholic catechist and youth minister (1981 – 1985).

You also know my ugly truth about my Catholic father:  he was our parish’s lay director of religious education and he worked side-by-side many years with a named pederast priest.

  • Either my dad knew of the crimes and said nothing (‘Silence is a grave sin’), or
  • Perhaps he knew of the crimes as a participant.

I know personally and supported by court records that my father molested my sister which became a prime reason she left home during her 9th grade.  I pray for her.


I document a smattering of quotes from such Christian Conservative notables as Robertson, Dobson, and the Graham father-son tag team (Review my previous post ‘Republicans – Part 2’). You can easily find translated quotes from Taliban, al Qaeda, and ISIS celebrities matching their Christian Conservative words.

Christian Conservatives control Uganda.  LGBT is a capital crime there where they impose public executions upon LGBT.  That’s Christian Conservatism as the Republican Party would impose upon the American citizenry if you’ll have them – if you’ll give your vote to them this coming November.


(2013 10 23)  Are They Serious 1

This comment will give equal time to Islamic extremists – they currently are making splashier headlines.

We witnessed religion expressed by the ‘religion of love’.

Here’s how Moslems are marking the conclusion of their most sacred month of Ramadan:

(2013 10 23)  Are They Serious


  • ‘ISIS is claiming responsibility for the attack in Bangla Desh.  They opened fire with automatic weapons yelling ‘Allah Akbar!’.  They ordered hostages to quote from their Koran and tortued and killed those who could not.’  ‘ISIS’s third mass attack this week – more than 160 people killed in Baghdad, 20 killed in Bangla Desh, 44 killed in Istanbul, hundreds wounded.  ISIS using Ramadan calling for new attacks.  ISIS wreaking havoc and claiming the carnage.’  ‘ISIS is calling for more violence and terrorist attacks that inspire around the world.’ (ABC News)
  • ‘In recent months, Islamic extremists in Bangla Desh have murdered two dozen people: atheists, gay actvists, and religious minorities.  ISIS strikes Baghdad killing more than 150 people.  Three mass killings by ISIS in one week as families celebrated Ramadan.  Istanbul airport attack and mass shooting were trained by ISIS.’  ‘ISIS is inspiring attacks around the world and sending a message, a call for violence by lone wolfs and gangs using these attacks as prayer in a full-scale war.  They are growing, they are getting bigger.’ (PBS News)
  • ‘Terrorist attacks abroad:  65 are dead after two attacks in Bangla Desh and Turkey.  Turkey is turning a blind eye to ISIS.  More than 100 killed in ISIS attacks in Iraq.’  ‘ISIS turned a Baghdad marketplace into an inferno as it unleashed its brutal brand of terrorism around the world.’  ‘Iraq is a country awash in ISIS terrorism with more to come.’ (CBS News)
  • ‘Mass slaughter of civilians.  ISIS heinous attack kills more than 150 people.  ISIS claims two bombs in one night.  News of constant terror attack as families celebrated Ramadan holy month.’  ‘Three different ISIS bombings in Saudi Arabia including an attack at the U.S. embasy and a Shia mosque.’ (NBC News)


Recall that President Ronald Reagan established 21 Mar 1983 as annual ‘Afghanistan Day’ to honour and support his buddies, the Taliban and al Qaeda.  Republicans celebrated this annual event through the President George H. W. Bush administration.

Recall Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) who repeatedly calls to ‘arm the rebels’.  Those ‘rebels’ he demands that President Obama ‘arm’ are connected to ISIS and other extremist Moslem groups.



  • ‘Indifference is the greatest sin.  Hatred is a disease.  You must speak, you must take sides, neutrality helps the oppressor.’ (Elie Wiesel)

Moslems the world over MUST speak in opposition to these acts of hatred committed by your religion’s adherants in your name, same for Christians and other religions.  Your silence speaks loudly of your indifference supporting the side of hatred and oppression.

(1970 06) Slim - Crater Lake (sitting - portrait)



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