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Richard Dawson (‘Match Game’, March 1978, courtesy of BUZZR):   ‘Who are the ku klux klan?  Well if you put all their minds together, you get a half-wit.’

One of those ‘half-wits’, David Duke, is campaigning for the soon-to-be-vacated Senate seat currently held by fellow ‘half-wit’ Senator Vitter (R- Louisiana).  In that state, it’s a likelihood, er, um, that Duke will finally win election.

*(2012 1109) Republican Party Demographic Trends

It appears that I can’t stay on the sidelines for long on this one.

I have been collecting a few choice quotes that need posting.  I shall add to this page as more new quotes hit the presses.

Each quote is dated and fully identified as to source and speaker.


David Brooks, R – PBS (8 July 16, ‘PBS Newshour’):  ‘Candidates proposing walls going up, a period of bad mood, hunkering down; the exact opposite from what the country needs now.  We have an American political debate with one all-White party.  We call it  the normal default position of politics along racially-polarised lines.  Trump is incoherent in his logic; he rips on whoever is in his way.  Trump commits political suicide on a daily basis.’  ‘I agree Clinton should not be charged but she’s given us lies and told falsehoods.’  (Editor’s reply:  Brooks lied.  FBI Director Comey clearly stated that Secretary Clinton did not lie under oath, did not commit perjury during all FBI questioning.)

Joe Walsh, R (14 Jul 16, his daily radio show):  ‘I want divisiveness!  I want a divided nation.’  ‘I want to go back in time to freedom.  I hate guh’mint!  There is no freedom with guh’mint.’  ‘All the librrrl gooks are going after Trump.’  (Editor:  ‘Gooks’?  There’s an old term.  Republicans who refuse to endorse Trump are ‘librrrl gooks’?)

Joe Walsh, R (19 Jul 16, his radio talk show):  ‘Obama is the bad guy.  Eric Holder is the bad guy.’  (Editor:  That was Walsh commenting on the matter of the ‘sovereign citizen’ who ambushed those Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police officers.  Walsh lays no responsibility on ‘sovereign citizens’.  The Baton Rouge cop-killer was an avowed ‘sovereign citizen’.  Right-wingers, conservatives, and Republicans adhere to former President Reagan’s ‘Hate guh’mint.  Guh’mint is the problem, not the solution.’ philosophy.  Recall not long ago these ‘sovereign citizens’ occupied federal lands and attempted to overthrow our Constitutional government;  Obama waited out those cowards – real tough ‘men’ who left to go home because they couldn’t take it not peeing in a real flush toilet or bathing in a shower for one week.  Trump’s election will legitimise the criminality of ‘sovereign citizens’.)

Joe Walsh, R (20 Jul 16, his radio talk show):  ‘Hollywood – where all the librrrls live.  Go after ’em!’ (Editor:  There’s a clear case of  criminal incitement.  Also, re-read the list of  ‘Hollywood’ Republicans on an earlier post.)

Senator Ted Cruz, R, Texas (20 Jul 16, RNC):  ‘Vote your conscience.  Vote for the Constitution.’  (Editor:  The RNC crowd booed Cruz when he spoke his words.  The gathering of Republicans apparently hold no conscience and abide by other than the Constitution – such as the Bible and 10 Commandments.  They love Christian Conservative religious law, not much different than Sharia law.  Huh?  Yeh, competition.  Fascism places partisanship above one’s nation and beyond one’s conscience.)

Presidential Nominee Donald Trump, R (21 Jul 16, RNC):  ‘I’m the ‘law-and-order’ candidate!  I’ll be the greatest ‘law-and-order’ president!’  (Editor:  Seems we heard this proclamation of ‘law-and-order’ from Nixon, who resigned in disgrace for violating the whole panoply of laws and the Constitution.  Then we heard it from Reagan whose campaign began with ‘October Surprise’ and collapsed in the ‘Iran-Contra Scandal’.  Bush (aka ‘Shrub’) lied the world into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the effects continue to this day.  What Trump means for the LGBT community is that there are no laws, nor civil rights, nor Constitutional protections, therefore your hide will be tanned during his administration – thank you, Kira – https://kiramoorescloset.wordpress.com/2016/07/30/federal-appeals-court-rejects-protections-for-gay-people-under-existing-civil-rights-law-buzzfeed-news/.)


(Otherwise quoting from the Republican convention held minimal purpose – it was one grand scam. )


Lars Larsen, R (22 Jul 16, his radio talk show):  ‘Democrats use the transgender bathroom issue as a political issue.  No one would notice if a woman dressed as a man and used a men’s room stall. Target arrested a pervert taking pictures of women in their dressing rooms.’  (Editor:  Curious, then, why Republicans are obsessed passing laws denying access to public facilities to whole swaths of human citizenry.  Larsen and his cohorts would be taken aback to deny a transman access to a men’s room whose appearance and presence is far more masculine than they could ever muster.  Notice that Larsen termed the photographer a ‘pervert’, not a transgender person.  There are no as yet reported prosecutions of a trans person committing acts of a ‘pervert’ at a public facility, yet thousands, maybe millions, of cases of ‘pervert’ heterosexual males committing their crimes each year; watch out for their tell-tale ‘wide stance’.)  (Up-date 27 Jul 16:  Did you hear recent news that Georgia’s State Supreme Court  ruled that a ‘pervert’ taking pictures up a woman’s skirt is absolutely, totally legal in that state.  AGH!!!)  (Up-date 13 Aug 16: Allow this personal account of the importance of public accommodation:  ‘http://1translife.blogspot.com/2016/08/school-bathrooms-and-trans-kid-half.html’)

‘PBS Nightly Business Report’ (22 Jul 16):  ‘The American economy is getting better.  All major stock indices are at record highs.’  (Editor:  ‘NBR’ is hardly your librrrl business news broadcast.  There they are giving ‘bad news’ to Republicans and Trump supporters eager to tank the American economy before the election and then claim to be the white knight come to rescue the working class.  Never mind that Republicans and their corporate sponsors have sent millions of American jobs and the bulk of American industry to China, Viet Nam, Honduras, and elsewhere where they can evade American laws protecting workers’ rights and the environment and amass a fortune in the process.  Romney wiped out one of his own corporations and sent those American jobs packing to China during the 2012 campaign; few batted an eye at his export.)

Michael ‘Savage’ Weiner, R (22 Jul 16, his radio talk show):  ‘Bring back Tim McVeigh; we need him now’ (Editor:  Yep, Weiner wants to exhort McVeigh wannabes to commit international war against the entire Moslem religion.  Weiner accused the entire Moslem religion for the recent Munich murders.  Weiner ignored that McVeigh was a Christian Conservative and ‘sovereign citizen’ who sought to overthrow our Constitutional government.)

NBC News (22 Jul 16):  ‘It was the work of neo-NAZI groups.’  (Editor:  That killer was reported as a member of German neo-NAZI groups.  Combining the Weiner and NBC quotes, we see how Weiner eagerly awaits the resurrection of neo-NAZI hate groups in the USA to commit more slaughter as did McVeigh when he blew up the federal building at Oklahoma City and murdered 160+ innocent adults and children.  Manson also sought to conduct a similar war during the 1960s.  When will this nation learn about Republicanism as the contemporary of Fascism and NAZI-ism?)

CBS News (23 Jul 16):  ‘He was yelling, ‘I am German!’.  His writings show he was obsessed by mass shootings.’  (Editor:  That German neo-NAZI murdered innocent people on the streets of Munich who were going about their daily lives.)

Herman Cane, R (25 Jul 16, his radio talk show):  ‘The Democrat (sic) Party is the Party of the ku klux klan.’  (Editor:  Not hardly!  Maybe a century ago.  The klan began switching to the Republican Party during the 1940s when Dixiecrats were on the rise.  Please review spirit friend Cara’s current ‘Mental Delusions …’ post discussing the Republican Party strategy since the 1966 election cycle (http://www.nytimes.com/packages/html/books/phillips-southern.pdf), as well as calling out M-F who continue voting Republican because they can’t fathom their loss of male privilege (https://lizdaybyday.wordpress.com/2016/07/27/mental-delusions-and-white-mtf-late-life-transitioners/).

Donald Trump, R-Presidential Candidate (27 Jul 16, his own Twitter):  ‘Russia, if you’re listening?  If Russia or any other country has Hillary’s e-mails, they should share them.’  Washington Post (27 Jul 16):  ‘Trump urges Russia to hack Clinton’s e-mails.  An unprecedented maneuver in American politics.  Trump has professed admiration for Russia’s President Putin.’  (Editor:  Trump is espousing and inciting criminal hacking into a political rival’s private e-mails by foreign nations to gain his own political advantage.  Why are Republicans not pushing for their own candidate’s initiatives to be put under FBI investigation with the same enthusiasm as they did Clinton?)

David Brooks, R (‘PBS Newshour’, 27 Jul 16):  ‘It felt treasonous.  It was mind boggling.  It would end a career.’  (Editor:  Brooks was commenting on the connection between Trump, Putin, and Russians hacking into DNC computers to give Trump an edge on the American elections.  This scandal is hardly ending Trump’s career.)

Don Imus, R (29 Jul 16, his radio talk show):  ‘               ‘  (Editor:  What a sore loser!  Did Imus have nothing to say?  Seems at least on the local radio station carrying ‘Imus in the Morning’ they played nothing but PSA’s and promos for the hour that I heard; what a waste of my time, I’ll never get that hour back.)

Donald Trump, R (31 Jul 16, ABC ‘This Week’):  ‘I made sacrifices. I made thousands of jobs.’  ‘PBS Newshour’ (1 Aug 16):  ‘These are civilians Trump is going after.’  KPHO TV (1 Aug 16 newscast):  ‘McCain ript Trump but still supports him for president.’  (Editor: Trump replied to the Gold Star parents who addressed last week’s DNC; the father accused Trump of not sacrificing while Bush put this nation into at least two foreign wars.  Actually, Trump boasted how he ‘made sacrifices’:  he lives in a gold-encrusted ivory tower, he must file bankruptcy several times to scam his creditors and employees, he ‘sacrifices’ his employees and contractors for his own enrichment.  So much for that ‘maverick’ label on McCain.)

Donald Trump, R (1 Aug 16, CBS News):  ‘She needs to find another career or find another place to work.’  CBS News (1 Aug 16):  ‘Sexual harassment knows no bounds.  Retaliation is the fear.’  (Editor:  No, Donald!  Wrong answer.  Trump was commenting what his daughter should do if she is subjected to workplace sexual harassment.  Trump made no remark addressing the fact that workplace sexual harassment is a violation of the law.  Nor did Trump acknowledge that employees subjected to any workplace harassment suffer and endure compounding assault or firing when they seek justice.  Republicans provide no effort to improve the lot of their employees.)

Laura Ingraham, R (1 Aug 16, her radio talk show): ‘Trump gets hot-headed.’  (Editor:  She spoke her words today – after all the primary season elbow-jabbing is done, after both conventions concluded, and after both major party candidates are on the road.  According to Ingraham, Trump is exactly what this nation needs now, a President who ‘gets hot-headed’ – who lacks self-control at the slightest afront – who throws a tantrum – a ‘mad’ man whose finger is itching to push that nuclear button.)

Donald Trump, R (1 Aug 16, campaign speech):  ‘The election is rigged; I got 78% in the primary.  Crooked Hillary.  Hillary is the devil!’  Senator Jeff Flake, R-Arizona (1 Aug 16, campaign speech):  ‘There are so many of Trump’s statements that are outlandish.’  (Editor:  ‘Rigged’ elections?   What about 2004 against Kerry?  Or 2000 against Gore?  Don’t forget 1988 and those Willy Horton ads.  Then there was Reagan’s ‘October Surprise’ in 1980 and ‘Iran – Contra’ in 1984.  Recall how Nixon scammed the nation twice – 1968 and 1972 – with his ‘Peace is at hand’ subterfuge.  How many Trump speeches are not ‘outlandish’?  He repeats himself an ‘outlandish’ amount of times in what NAZIs pushed as their ‘big lie’ – repeat a lie often enough and people will believe that it is truth.)

CBS News (1 Aug 16):  ‘President Obama submitted his request to Congress in February.  Congress has done nothing.  Congress is on vacation a couple more weeks.’  (Editor:  Yep.  President Obama submitted his plan to eradicate the mosquito-borne ‘zika’ virus more than one-half year ago.  Meanwhile, your self-described ‘Party of ‘No!” Republicans have done nothing – no debate, no concern, no funding to NIH or CDC to resolve this medical crisis.  Meanwhile, people are infected from it, pregnant women are carrying their fetus destroyed by it.  Is this what Republicans mean when they talk of ‘life’?  And you want to vote for more of the same?  Trump?  Republican Congress?)

Donald Trump, R (2 Aug 16, ‘Morning Joe’):  ‘We have nuclear weapons.  Why aren’t we using them?’  (Editor:  Is Trump truly touched ‘mad’?  Who remembers ‘mutually assured destruction’ – mad to use nuclear weapons – insane because the first use would trigger a response attack, and so on into total annihilation.)

ABC News (2 Aug 16):  ‘Donald Trump’s erratic behaviour.’  CBS News (2 Aug 16):  ‘Divided campaign in chaos.’  (Editor:  No kidding?)

ABC News ‘Nightline’ (3 Aug 16):  ‘Trump in turmoil.  The GOP splintered.  Key Republicans are breaking ranks to endorse Clinton.  Republicans are jumping ship.  We know what happens when the apprentice doesn’t measure up:  ‘You’re fired!’.  Trump blamed the media; he’s picking fights with his own Republicans.’  (Editor:  You voters are the only ones who can tell Trump ‘You’re not hired!’.)

Michael ‘Savage’ Weiner, R (5 Aug 16, his radio show):  ‘Not everyone should have the privilege of voting!  Anyone who takes should not be allowed to vote.  This country is looking like South America.’  (Editor:  Weiner went on to list the people who he declares should not be allowed to vote:  homeless, infirmed, hospitalised, mentally ill, Food Stamps recipients, welfare recipients, Social Security recipients, Medicare patients, ‘all guh’mint employees’ (Really? Republicans at all levels? Including Republicans in Congress and state guh’mint?), and of course everyone who is not White.  Curious that Weiner refused to include corporate ‘people’ who ‘take’ much more than all the others, but of course they are Republicans who vote Republican.  Weiner was barely correct.  There is no federal right to vote; voting is subject to individual state and territorial law.  Recall not too long ago that the Republican-dominated Supreme Court ruled against the Voting Rights Act on the basis that voting is not guaranteed by Constitutional right and that states have the authority to deny voting to whatever groups they choose.  This is why Republicans work tirelessly to suppress voting – especially voting rights by said named people.  If Weiner listed you among those whom he demands you have no right to vote, then why are you voting Republican?)

Fox News Sunday (7 Aug 16): ‘White males and the un-educated – these are the Trump voters.’ (Editor: That says so much about the American electorate supporting Trump versus those supporting Clinton.  Obviously, there is a certain chauvinism and illiteracy dominating the Trump side while diversity, education, and knowledge support Clinton’s campaign.  Fascist and totalitarian dictatorships base their oppression on paternalism and the eradication of educated citizens.  Notice how Republicans have a history of opposing public schools, of eliminating teaching history, government, and civics in schools.)

ABC This Week (7 Aug 16): ‘Trump is provocable.  It can detonate a candidate.’ (Editor: ‘Detonate’ – how true with his itchy finger on that nuclear button. What a horrid thought.)

Don McDowell, R (‘Shake, Rattle, and Troll’ radio talk show, KFNX 1100 AM, 7 Aug 16): ‘We’re in ground combat on behalf of Trump.  Vote Republican!’  (Editor:  This otherwise outdoors show included Representative Paul Gosar, R-Arizona, to support Trump and the Republican platform.  Their positions were a mish-mash of conflict.  They claimed to support the grey wolf, yet wanted to eradicate it.  They said rude comments about Chelsea Clinton.  They complained about the economy, low wages, and American jobs sent to low-wage slave-labour countries yet ignored that President Obama has administered the largest employment recovery in US history (as opposed to millions of lost jobs during Bush’s eight years), that the Republican-controlled Congress refuses to increase the minimum wage, that wealthy corporations refuse to increase employee wages while reaping record profits and stock values for themselves, that Trump himself sent his corporation to over-seas foreign nations rather than employ Americans domestically.

Laura Ingraham (8 Aug 16, her radio show):  ‘Illegal aliens hold down wages.’  (Editor: Ingraham was whining how the economy under President Obama is stagnant and wages are low.  She ignored that Congressional Republicans refuse to legislate an increase in the federal minimum wage, that Republican-connected corporate America has been shipping high-paying jobs to China, that the employer determines the employee’s wage.  Ingraham prattled how Republicans need to induce voting from ‘Brown’ people; quite a flip-flop to Weiner’s complaint that Republicans need to deny voting to ‘Brown’ people.)

ABC News (8 Aug 16):  ‘Fifty Republican national security officers signed a statement that Trump would be the most reckless President in American history.’ ‘Trump unveiled his economic policy and tax cuts.’  NBC News (8 Aug 16): ‘Trump’s support is slipping. Nothing how to grow the economy.’  ‘Trump replied that those national security advisors were the ones who got us into war.’  CBS News (8 Aug 16): ‘Trump’s economic proposals align with every Republican policy since Reagan.’  ‘Trump dismissed that national security advisors letter.’  ‘PBS Newshour’ (8 Aug 16): ‘Trump says his plan will revitalise the economy.  There’s ‘TelePrompTer Donald’ and ‘Twitter Donald’, the forced errors.  He said he will have specifics later, we’re still waiting.  His is the same old Chamber of Commerce speech.’  (Editor: Not much positive about Trump’s tired old, failed ‘tinkle down’ economics fare that has stagnated the American economy while enriching the top incomes.  Trump is correct about those 50 Republican advisors – one and all esteemed neo-cons and war-mongerers of the Reagan and both Bush years; Trump stood right there with them supporting Bush’s invasion of Iraq to depose Hussein.  They all know ‘reckless’; Trump would be far worse than Reagan and the Bushes.)

Lars Larsen, R (8 Aug 16, his radio show):  ‘Trump has no specifics.  I want a flat tax.’  ‘Marriage does not extend to homosexuals, that gay crowd.’  (Editor:  Even this strident right-winger identifies the fact that Trump’s economics policy lacks ‘specifics’.  Then we hear that tired old ‘flat tax’ mantra – as long as it means tax reductions for the wealthy with onerous tax burdens upon the low income taxpayer.  We shall close by exposing him again for his denial of equal rights to a wide swath of Americans. Why should that ‘gay crowd’ be forced to pay any taxes if Larsen demands they have no rights?  Is not ‘no taxation without representation’ what early Americans fought?

Donald Trump, R (9 Aug 16, campaign speech):  ‘Hillary wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment.  There is some good for the 2nd Amendment people.’  CBS News (9 Aug 16):  ‘Trump’s campaign inciting violence against Clinton and the Supreme Court.  The NRA came to Trump’s defence.  Trump once said he could shoot someone and not lose votes.’  ABC News (10 Aug 16):  ‘2nd Amendment people can do something to stop Clinton.’  Dan Seno, R (CBS News, 10 Aug 16):  ‘He’s extremely reckless.  At best he was joking about a subject you should not be joking about.’  Michael Haden, R (CBS News, 10 Aug 16):  ‘Trump does not understand given American history.  If he was a man outside the arena, he’d be in a police wagon facing questioning by the Secret Service.’  (Editor:  Trump gave a speech declaring that he would find 2nd Amendment fanatics to get his way during this campaign – people taking that to mean that he would use gun violence to back up his candidacy to assure his election.  Discussion during CBS News ‘This Morning’ (10 Aug 16) included that it is fair to interpret what Trump said to mean that he is inciting someone to commit an assassination of candidate Clinton or a Justice on the Supreme Court.  Trump reflects his disregard for the Constitution – that any future amendment requires specific procedures – that the NRA and their bought Congress will certainly obstruct even the weakest effort to abolish the 2nd Amendment if that were in any Clinton plan, which it is not.)

Laura Ingraham, R (10 Aug 16, her radio show):  ‘China is a nation in prosperity while America is a nation in decline.’  (Editor:  Ingraham was whining about the loss of American jobs to China.  She ignored how ‘free trade’ as pushed by Republicans and their corporate allies has led to losses of American industry and jobs since Reagan.  How quickly she forgot that candidate Romney shuttered one of his corporations in mid-campaign 2012 and sent those American jobs to China.)

Donald Trump, R (11 Aug 16, multiple campaign speeches plus Hugh Hewitt radio show):  ‘I call Obama and Clinton the founders of ISIS.’  Michael Weiner, R (11 Aug 16, his radio show):  ‘I hate Hollywood hypocrisy!’  ‘We don’t need to hear from octogenarians.’  ‘Obama and Hillary are the founders of ISIS – I said that two years ago.’  ‘Hate the media!’  CBS News (11 Aug 16):  ‘Trump ignores Bush’s role in the war.’  (Editor:  Trump was at it again.  That was a mere sample of Weiner’s ramblings during one half-hour period.  Note that ‘hate’ rings common of that ‘savage’ beast.  Allow this writer to refer him to my list of Republicans of the Hollywood ‘hypocrisy’.  Weiner complained about politicians at their 80s – that they should shut up and die.  Did he mean for all or did he mean only for the named Democratic Party politicians?  Weiner exhibits his deliberate lie – countered by network news – ignoring that his Republi-neo-cons are the ones who pal around with the Saudi Royal family and created the Taliban and al Qaeda; Reagan and two Bushes and their neo-con buddies got the world into this mess.  CBS News pulled old quotes from Trump in which he clearly said he approved Bush’s invasion of Iraq (2003).  Let this comment close that Weiner’s ‘hate’ is for himself as well, after all, he is of ‘the media’.)

CBS News (12 Aug 16):  ‘Trump complained that media are taking his statements too seriously.’  Donald Trump, R (ABC News, 12 Aug 16):  ‘If you don’t see someone’s tax returns, then you know they are hiding something.’  CBS News (12 Aug 16):  ‘Today the Clintons released their tax returns putting the pressure on Trump.  David Brooks, R (‘PBS Newshour’, 12 Aug 16):  ‘Trump is not in control of himself.  He’s narcissistic and hyper manic.  He can say all sorts of crazy things.’  ‘If we got rid of everyone with connections the whole town would be empty.’  ‘Trump has an economics plan for 1973.’  PBS ‘Washington Week in Review’ (12 Aug 16):  ‘No one cares about Trump’s tax returns.  He probably paid no federal income tax.’  (Editor: Is it taking Trump ‘too seriously’ with his daily excuses that he was being ‘sarcastic’?  That now Obama and Clinton are the ‘founders of ISIS’?  Clintons’ 2015 tax file documents approximately $6 million income, $1 million in charitable contributions, and $2 million in income taxes paid.  While the public demanded the Clinton tax records, WWIR was correct that Republicans are eager to dismiss Trump’s refusal to publicise his.  A non-scientific browse of today’s right-wing radio showed no concern for Trump withholding his tax records.)

David Brooks, R – PBS / New York Times (‘PBS Newshour’, 12 Aug 16):  ‘If everyone who sold access for a contribution …’  ‘Trump has some weird leftovers of supply side economics.’  (Editor:  Brooks was conceding that Republicans, to one extent or another, can be reasonably accused of selling that proverbial access to the Lincoln Bedroom.  He also admitted that Reagan’s supply side (aka ‘voodoo economics’) remains a standard of Trump’s worn campaign.)

Donald Trump , R (15 Aug 16, campaign speech):  ‘The rise of ISIS is due to Obama and Clinton.  Clinton lacks the mental and physical assets to take on the attacks that we face.  In the Cold War we had ideological screening tests.’  (Editor:  There you go.  His big lie continues.  The truth is that Reagan created the forbears who developed to what is now identified as ISIS.  And of course, if you had not heard it yet, then he gives it to you now:  a woman is unfit to be President.  According to Trump:  Clinton is a woman, women ‘lack’ the qualifications of the office of President, therefore, Clinton is unfit to be President.  Yep, it’s our ovaries that make us so unfit for other than being baby factories.  Or as the guys say, ‘she does not have the balls’ to be President.  Trump wants to restore Cold War antipathies.)

CBN ‘700 Club’ (16 Aug 16):  ‘All US troops left Iraq by 2011.’  (Editor: This is a bare truth, yet Robertson blamed Obama for what is Bush’s policy to depart Iraq – a treaty imposed by Bush upon Obama.)

CBS News (16 Aug 16):  ‘Trump calls for Cold War era strategies on immigration, but said that he will not reveal his specifics until after the election.  He is calling for ideological purity tests.’  (Editor:  Remember 1950s blacklistings and ‘Red Channels’?  Trump wants to go back to those ‘good ol’ days’ – that’s how they want to ‘make America great again’.  Why do Republicans routinely assert they have all the answers but that you must elect them first and put your trust in them and their plan that they will only reveal if elected is even worth it’s prattle?  Remember ‘Peace is at hand’?  Nixon gave us his secret talk in two campaigns that did nothing but escalate the war, not provide ‘peace’.  Reagan and two Bushes followed suit, ‘Trust me’ they all said.  The world is in turmoil because ‘Shrub’ gave us their legacy of violence.  Here we go again!)

CBS News (17 Aug 16):  ‘Republicans are saying there is chaos at the top of this campaign.  It looks like a sign of desperation.  Trump has to get the conversation pushed off him.’  (Editor:  CBS News reported that Trump has gone through at least three different administrations of his election campaign during the past two months.   Trump campaigns that he will run our American government as he runs his business.   Does this mean bankruptcy – which is his self-admitted business model – and constantly changing management – as he demonstrates in his campaign?)

NBC News (19 Aug 16):  ‘Hillary Clinton testified to the FBI that Colin Powell showed her how to set-up her outside e-mail server.’  (Editor:  Remember, FBI reported that Clinton told the truth during their questioning of her.  FBI evidence further documented that Condi Rice also used a similar private e-mail server during her term in office.  Republicans have been suppressing these facts in their effort to besmirch Clinton.)

NBC News (19 Aug 16):  ‘Growing questions of Manafort’s connections to Russia.  He was ousted about his questionable business ties to the Russian mafia.’  ABC News (19 Aug 16):  ‘Manafort is out amid his ties to Russia.’  (Editor:  Russia paid Manafort as much as $12 million to manage political matters for the deposed dictator of Ukraine who was a political puppet of Putin.  Manafort’s name appears in a seized accounting report of criminal payments between Russia and Ukraine.)

Donald Trump, R (19 Aug 16, campaign speech):  ‘You’re underpaid, living in poverty – you want to see a better future – what have you got to lose.’  (Editor:  Trump spoke to an all-White audience at a Michigan campaign stop how American jobs and industries have gone overseas due to Republican globalisation legislation, those losses leading to lack of employment domestically, poor wages if one can find a job, dependence on public assistance that Republicans have made less available, capping his statement with a hollow lure.  Republicans have deliberately destroyed our American economy during the past 40-some years and Trump wants to snooker Black Americans to vote for him.  It remains to be determined.  CBS News recently projected that Trump is likely to get barely 2% of the African-American vote; a downward spiral that saw Romney receive less than 5% of Afro-American votes in the 2012 election.)

‘Article Five Hour’ (KFNX 1100 AM, 21 Aug 16, 8 pm hour): ‘Hitlery! Hitlery! Hitlery! Either she wins the election or dies.’ (Editor: These guys went non-stop referring to candidate Clinton as ‘Hitlery’. They also plotted inciting the death of Clinton by way of praising the potential that some one or some action would hasten her demise either before the election or at least before an inauguration.)

Ray Aroyo, R (Laura Ingraham radio show, 22 Aug 16):  ‘One’s policies are a reflection of what is in the heart.’  (Editor: Lemme see.  Trump stands for prejudice, bigotry, hatred, the corporate bosses.  Clinton stands with the people, civil rights, equal rights, justice.)

Joe Walsh, R (22 Aug 16, his radio show):  ‘I’m the mean-spirited, bigoted T-Party guy!’  (Editor:  Exactly!  He said so himself.)

Joe Walsh, R (his radio show, 22 Aug 16):  ‘I don’t want voting to be easy.  I want it to be hard!  I don’t want people voting.  If you wanna vote, you should get off your *** and vote on Election Day.  Democrats are the only ones who vote early.’  (Editor: Republicanism is similar to a country club.  The owners control the membership and distribute presents among their friends.  The owners also control the hired help who are ordered to enter only through the back door and not be seen and not be heard.  Walsh professes only to want Republicans to vote; no voting allowed for Democrats and Greens – they are librrrls.  As for Election Day, Walsh expressed outrage that most states provide early voting.  He demanded that voting should only be allowed on one day during business hours – if your boss won’t let you off work to vote, then TOUGH LUCK to you thinking you had any civil right to vote in his Republican Party world.)

CBS News (5 Sep 16):  ‘Powell sent Clinton an e-mail of his practices how to use messages.’  Mark Liebovitch, R (5 Sep 16):  ‘It’s not that big a deal but it dogs her.’  (Editor:  Again we see that Clinton unwittingly followed Powell’s advice; he snookered her knowing that no one would come after him but the Republicans would charge Clinton with any crime in the book; Republican advisor Liebovitch admitted as much – the e-mail ‘scandal’ is ‘no big deal’.  Republicans and Powell are liars.  They asserted they never advised Clinton about e-mails, then they said they did several months into her term.  Well, we now know that Powell wrote an e-mail to Clinton the day after her swearing-in; Clinton followed Powell’s instructions in his e-mail same as Condi Rice.  Another Republican lie exposed!)

CBS News (5 Sep 16):  ‘Trump still has muddled immigration policies according to Republicans.  Trump’s plan: breathe.’  (Editor:  Mainstream conservative Republicans do not support Trump’s extremist policies, whatever they are.  Trump showed he lacks the self-respect of a real candidate when he met with Mexico’s President Nieto last week.  Not once did Trump present his hard-core demands to Nieto; Trump folded like a cheap suit.  The con that he is, Trump appeared at subsequent campaign rallies and boasted how he controlled Nieto.  What a liar you are, Trump!)

Dan Balsz, R (PBS ‘Washington Week in Review’, 9 Sep 16):  ‘The White college-educated voter, that’s the make-or-break for Trump.  Trump is losing that, especially white-collar educated women.  Trump can’t win; there are not enough blue-collar White non-college-educated voters.’  (Editor:  Clinton leads in White college-educated voters.  Trump leads in White non-college-educated voters.  In other words, the educated electorate knows Clinton is the better candidate than Trump.  Fascism professes ignorance, the opposition to education, and requires support from the un-educated.)

Howie Fischer, R (KAET ‘Horizon’, 9 Sep 16):  ‘Trump is saying weird things.  Clinton should be winning.’  (Editor:  Conversation was surprised how Trump is easily winning red-state Arizona considering his panoply of inane and insane speeches, comments, and interviews.  Exactly!  That sadly exhibits how Arizona is such a right-wing Republican state – dumb enough to ‘vote for anything with an ‘R’ after their name including Daffy Duck’ as one proud Republican radio talk-show host boasted following the 2014 election.)

Donald Trump, R (campaign speech, 10 Sep 16):  ‘She called them racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic; she called them ‘deplorables’.’  (Editor: Yes, Clinton did identify that racists, xenophobes, Islamophobes, Kluxers, sexists, homophobes, trans-phobes, and a whole host of ne’er do wells exist among Trump’s adherants; she speculated that they number about one-half of the Republican Party who support Trump.  Right-winger Joe Walsh confirmed during his 12 Sep 16 show that one-half of Trump’s followers are exactly as Clinton asserted.  It is ‘deplorable’ how such low-lifes accumulate toward one single, major party presidential candidate and the other half of that party lack the regard to be the least bothered by those followers.  By the way, listen to the second half of Clinton’s comment.  She empathises with Americans who have gotten lost during Republican Party control of national and state legislatures and through corporate globalisation and destruction of American labor.)

KSAZ TV ‘Fox News’ (12 Sep 16):  ‘Parents are left scrambling.  A couple Glendale schools are forced to close.  What the district is doing to make sure kids have a school to go to.  They are being called ‘unsafe’ and are closed for emergency repairs.  How long will those repairs take?  It could be weeks!  More than 1400 students attend those schools.  Parents gathered Monday afternoon for answers they didn’t get.  Parents are not too happy.’  (Editor:  It’s the Republican Party’s self-fulfilling prophecy – destroy the public education system and then complain that the public education system is destroyed.  This is the result of Arizona’s state government dominated by Republican Party control from top to bottom.  Republican legislators and governors have stript public school financing by billions of Dollars the past several years; they cut building maintenance budgets by 90% to the tune of nearly $300 million.  These Republican Party budget cuts accommodate equivalent tax cuts to benefit their corporate sponsors.  School buildings state-wide are crumbling and in desperate need of repair or replacement but the money is not there because no one pays the taxes to maintain this state’s public school system.  Meanwhile, ‘charter’ schools (private schools that collect windfalls of public money) do quite well picking and choosing students, leaving less-desirable students to the failed public school system.  So, Dear Reader, you go right ahead and vote Republican; this is what you will get for each Republican vote.)

Robert Lande, R (PBS ‘Nightly Business Report’, 13 Sep 16): ‘Sanctions simply are not large enough, we need whistleblower statutes to give people incentive to turn in corporate criminals. Otherwise they face retaliation at the company at which they work. If you really want to root out corporate crimes, you have to give people an incentive to turn them in. In anti-trust, we searched to see what happened to every corporate official that was imprisoned for price-fixing during a 15-year period. We found that after they were released from prison, 25% went back to the same company and another 25% went to another company in the same cartel. They got a promotion. You took one for the team, the company made a profit, paid a small fine, and now we’re rewarding you by giving you a promotion. We’ve slashed the watchdog’s budget, the anti-trust division, the Federal Trade Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission. All had their budget slashed to the bone. They’re working as hard as possible, but there ought to be twice as many of them. You can’t expect them to find that much corporate fraud unless they have adequate resources; they just don’t thanks to budget cuts for well over a decade. Penalties are far too light. If the fines for breaking the law is a parking ticket, then the corporate incentive is go ahead, break the law, you might go to prison, but don’t worry we’ll give you your job back. The corporation is going to make a profit. Why should they change corporate culture? They are making a profit when they violate the law.’ (Editor: There is no need for this writer to disrupt the words of that Republican commentator.)

Secretary Colin Powell, R (CBS News, 13 Sep 16): ‘95% of Blacks voting for Trump is schizo fantasy.’  (Editor:  Politicians respected by the Republican Party can’t stand Trump and declare they will be voting for Clinton.)

CBS News (13 Sep 16):  ‘Trump is under fire if Trump’s foundation violated federal laws.  A lengthy investigation revealed he made questionable purchases with donors’ money.  Trump is under suit for fraud at Trump University.  His foundation appears to have repeatedly broke IRS rules:

  •  at least $25.000 was used for an illegal political contribution,
  •  $12.000 was spent on football gear and a helmet signed by Tim Tebow,
  •  $20.000 on a six-foot tall painting of himself.

(Editor: Trump has made no charitable contribution since 2009; it was $9000 that year.  That six-foot high painting is quite the sign of narcissism!)

KSAZ Fox News (16 Sep 16):  ‘Trump has for years questioned that the President was born in the USA.’  Laura Ingraham, R (her radio show, 16 Sep 16):  ‘This ‘Birther’ issue, what a distraction!  It’s classic distraction by the libbbrrrl media in this country.’  CBS News (16 Sep 16):  ‘For years, Trump was the face of the ‘Birther’ movement.  Trump refused to answer questions in an interview.’  Dan Senor, R (CBS News interview, 16 Sep 16):  ‘Donald Trump has no discipline.’  CBS News (19 Sep 16): ‘Donald Trump advocated a lie for five years.’  (Editor: Ingraham apparently now asserts that Fox, a wholly owned propaganda arm of her very own Republican Party, is ‘libbbrrrl media’.  ‘This ‘birther’ issue’ persists.  The foundation of Trump’s campaign is based entirely on his ‘Birther’ populist movement which he now admits, following his eight years of lying, is a complete lie.  Trump led his ‘Birther’ activity to the Republican Party platform; at least for eight years he has been wrongfully asserting that President Obama was born in Kenya, not to mention, also incorrectly, that Obama is Moslem.  Trump now claims he ‘never’ said anything, ‘never’ was involved in this vicious slander attack against a president.  More evidence of ‘Lying Donald Trump’.)

Donald Trump, R (campaign statement, 20 Sep 16):  ‘If you’re not aware, drugs are a very big factor of what you’re watching on TV every night. There’s a lack of spirit. It’s getting worse. One of the things I’d do is ‘stop and frisk’. It worked so incredibly in New York.’  ABC News (22 Sep 16):  ‘A federal judge ruled ‘stop and frisk’ is unconstitutional.’  NBC News (22 Sep 16):  ‘Trump wants to go back to ‘stop and frisk’.  It didn’t work.  It’s unconstitutional.  ‘Stop and frisk’ is illegal racial profiling.  Trump’s tough talk is wooing white voters, not Black.’  (Editor:  There you go.  The competence of Trump pushing forth an un-Constitutional policy.  Then that he uses his initiative to enlist more ‘Deplorables’ – bigoted White voters.)

Joe Walsh, R (his talk show, 21 Sep 16): ‘It all started in Ferguson, Missouri. A Black man assaulted a police officer. He deserved to be shot dead. Ha ha ha. Police shot an un-armed Black man in Tulsa. Doesn’t the police officer deserve her day in court? Police are attacked every day. Cops shooting Black men in this country is not a problem.’

(Editor: Let’s see.

  •  The man at Tulsa was shot by a cop while he had his hands up and was surrounded by cops outside his stalled SUV; this murdered man was a college student.
  • The man at Charlotte was reading a book inside his vehicle waiting for his son, four cops came along, pulled him from his vehicle, and shot him point blank.
  •  Walsh says that it’s okay for a cop to murder a Black man, whether he ‘assaulted’ him or not.
  •  Walsh says that it’s okay for a cop to murder an un-armed Black man who was complying with police orders.
  •  Walsh’s police get free reign to act as judge, jury, and executioner to murder innocent Black men on the streets of America, yet a White police officer who commits murder on those same streets must be guaranteed their trial according to the Constitution.
  •  Walsh preaches ante-bellum slave patrols to keep them N’s down – they need to know their place in Walsh’s White America.

No wonder Walsh does not get it.)

Joe Walsh, R (his radio talk show, 22 Sep 16): ‘Electing Donald Trump will not save America.  Hollywood wants a different kind of America.’ (Editor: Walsh presents little expectation for his candidate. ‘Hollywood’?  As in Trump – Mr. Hollywood himself.    As in all those right-wing, Christian Conservative, Republican ‘Hollywood’ that I listed here at this web-site.)

Donald Trump, R (campaign statement, 20 Sep 16): If you’re not aware, drugs are a very big factor of what you’re watching on TV every night.  There’s a lack of spirit.  It’s getting worse.  One of the things I’d do is ‘stop and frisk’.  It worked so incredibly in New York.’  ABC News (22 Sep 16):  ‘A federal judge ruled ‘stop and frisk’ is unconstitutional.’  NBC News (22 Sep 16):  ‘Trump wants to go back to ‘stop and frisk’.  It didn’t work.  It’s unconstitutional.  ‘Stop and frisk’ is illegal racial profiling.  Trump’s tough talk is wooing white voters, not Black.’  (Editor: There you go.  The competence of Trump pushing forth an un-Constitutional policy.  Then that he uses his initiative to enlist more ‘Deplorables’ – bigoted White voters.)

PBS ‘Nightly Business Report’ (22 Sep 16):  ‘Donald Trump’s economic plan would increase the budget deficit by more than 500 times that of Hillary Clinton’s.  Trump’s plan would add more than $550 billion each year for the next 10 years.  Trump eliminates all estate taxes; Clinton would raise the estate tax rate on only a few people, like Trump.’  (Editor:  The ‘Wall Street Journal’ recently commended Trump’s budget deficit plan that will add $5.5 trillion to our federal debt compared to Clinton’s balanced budget.  Makes one wonder on whose side are the editors of that right-wing publication; certainly not for common folk.  So much for Republican conservative smoke-and-mirrors balanced budget platform.)

Donald Trump, R (26 Sep 16, Trump twitter):  ‘Wow!  Great debate!  We won.’  Mike Pence, R (27 Sep 16, CBS News interview):  ‘Donald Trump had a great night.’  Fox News (26 Sep 16):  ‘Fifty per cent of Fox viewers say Trump won.’  Frank Luntz, R (27 Sep 16, CBS News interview):  ‘Trump lost the debate.’  CBS News (27 Sep 16):  ‘Why would you want it known that Trump doesn’t pay taxes?’  (Editor:  Trump asserts that support from only one-half of his minions is victory.  What happened to his total victory?  Not even Republican advisor Luntz thinks Trump can claim victory.  Trump got caught admitting he does not pay federal income taxes.)

Joe Walsh, R (28 Sep 16, his radio show):  ‘Donald Trump needs to NAIL Clinton.  He needs to prepare.  He needs to NAIL her.’  CBN News (29 Sep 16, ‘700 Club’):  ‘ Trump is not open to practise as meticulously as he should.’  (Editor:  Yeh, real nice language, using ‘nail’ in its most vulgar as defined in Merriam-Webster.  Walsh was on a roll demeaning women whom Trump derides.  Using rape inferences shows how Walsh, Trump, and their following of Deplorables need to express themselves in the concept of sexual predatory dominance.  Well, Trump was clearly prepared to the extent he takes his candidacy and the office of the presidency seriously – not very much.  He considers this no more than his TV show.  The American electorate must tell him he is NOT hired.)

Reverend Pat Robertson, R (29 Sep 16. ‘700 Club’):  ‘Clinton handily won the debate.’  (Editor:  Robertson is no fan of Clinton, yet he freely conceded Clinton is the superior candidate no matter that he whines about her flaws – real or imagined.)

Fox News (30 Sep 16): ‘Trump hired a firm to open a business in Cuba before the embargo was lifted.’ ABC News (30 Sep 16): ‘Trump denies doing business during 1990s violating Cuba embargo.’, ‘Trump hired consultants to do business in Cuba. He violated the embargo. He’s gonna send people to do the dirty work.’ Trump foundation lacks certification required for charities.’, and ‘Trump claims debate was rigged.’ (Editor: ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, NBC News, PBS News each reported that Trump created shell corporations to conduct business at Cuba throughout the 1990s; his businesses were in violation of the Cuba embargo laws pushed by his own Republican Party. Those broadcast news networks also reported that Trump’s so-called charity shuttles ‘contributions’ among its constituent members and enriched Trump. Not enough? Trump, who boasted immediately following the debate that he ‘won’ it, now whines that it was ‘rigged’ against him. Flip flop and hypocrite Donald.)

Don McDowell, R (2 Oct 16, his ‘Shake, Rattle, and Troll’ radio show):  ‘There’s a lot we could’ve done with $5 trillion than spend it on Iraq.  Follow the money.  It leads straight to Clinton.’ (Editor:  Another example that these guys need to stay with their hunting and fishing topics and leave politics to those who know reality.  Bush was the one who had the jerk idea to invade Iraq, depose Hussein, and seize the oil to enrich Cheney and his petroleum corporation.  The invasion was Republican Party legislation in a Republican Party-controlled Congress.)

New York Times (3 Oct 16): ‘Trump’s finances are a maze. His companies have been in bankruptcy multiple times.’ CBS News (3 Oct 16): ‘Trump is not avoiding the charges that the billionaire businessman paid no income taxes for 18 years. He claimed more than $900 million losses in bankruptcy. Trump will not release his tax returns.’ and ‘The size of his losses neared one billion dollars. Trump claims he is a savvy business man. His tax return does not show how he made his income. He used a different set of rules.’ ABC News (3 Oct 16): ‘Trump didn’t pay federal income tax for 18 years. Donald Trump is in defense this morning. He reported a $900 million loss. It’s the colossal failure of his business.’ and ‘Trump mocks Hillary’s health.’ NBC News (3 Oct 16): ‘Clinton calls him a bad businessman. Trump brags he games the system. Meanwhile, Trump mocked Clinton’s pneumonia.’ Inside Edition (4 Oct 16): Donald Trump, ‘Loss reported on my tax return is proof of my skill. I have brilliantly used the tax laws’. PBS Nightly Business Report (4 Oct 16): ‘Trump’s net worth is down $800 million from last year.’ (Editor: In other words, Trump is a moocher, Freddy the Freeloader, the real Welfare Queen, corporate welfare at its most excessive. Proof Trump is NOT some great business man as he projects himself. He ‘lost’ nearly another $1 billion for 2015. Fact is, Trump’s selfish concern is more about his personal finance than for low-income Americans who pay more than their fair share of taxes and for the American nation as a whole; rich people live on a ‘different set of rules’ than the rest of we Americans. Trump’s reply to these facts is his further bullying Clinton.)

Alex Jones, R (4 Oct 16, his radio show): ‘It’s Hitlery! We’re in a war. ‘Cry havoc’, to quote Shakespeare.’ (5 Oct 16, his radio show): ‘He’s ‘Creepy Kaine’. He looks like a creepy child molester. Clinton wants to start a war with Russia for invading Ukraine and Crimea. A nuclear cloud.’ (Editor: There went another ‘Hitlery’ rant from a Trump surrogate. He was not much better the next day accusing Kaine of child molestation solely on his appearance. Then Jones blathered that Clinton will invade Russia to install Sharia throughout a newly Islamic Europe.)

KAET ‘Horizon’ (5 Oct 16): ‘A Trump election will see the Supreme Court move to the extreme right with at least two nominations.’ (Editor: Commentary discussed how the current vacancy and at least two more vacancies on the Supreme Court will move the direction of that Court to the far right-wing conservative with effects felt for generations. So, Dear Reader, think again if you choose to say that a Trump election means nothing.)

Joe Walsh, R (6 Oct 16, his radio show): ‘There is a revolution going on in this country. We’ve been fighting it for the past eight years. We want to get back our greatness that we once were. Trump is the leader. Trump is insignificant. He’s lIke a surfer riding his surfboard on the biggest wave. It’s a wave of anger against the elites.’ (Editor: Yep, this Republican Party’s ‘revolution’ has sought to overthrow the election of President Obama since the very day he was elected in 2008. They termed their action ‘The Party of ‘No!”. No matter what Obama offered, Republicans replied with ‘No!’ – even when Obama offered Republican ideas, such as ‘Romneycare’ in ACA. Republicans yearn for the pre-war days of American greatness – as in ante-bellum America when White men ruled with absolute authority, when the Black man knew his place, when their exalted 2nd Amendment guaranteed the White man’s authority to conduct slave patrols to murder escaped Black men. That is the America that Trump is leading; his followers are those ‘Deplorables’ including self-admitted kluxers, bigots, homophobes, transphobes, xenophobes who denied Americans their civil rights then and whom Trump campaigns will have no rights under his Republican rule.  Curious the ignorance of these Trump minions and their ‘anger against elites’ considering that Trump is one of those very ‘elites’ of the most highest of all ‘elites’.)

KAET TV ‘Horizon’ (7 Oct 16):

  •   (1). ‘Audits are done to provide changes at the child care agency.’ ‘Caseworkers are overworked, overburdened.’ ‘Caseworkers are not getting information to place these kids.’ ‘If it’s so swell then why are there so many recommendations to make things better.’ ‘Lawmakers are not accepting recommendation to get foster kids into homes.’ ‘Bureaucratic hearings are part of a legal process to make things better.’ ‘Things are not well according to the Auditor General.’ ‘It comes to the Governor. You need money for the system, if you need money, then find the resources.’ ‘Lawmakers need an education to better see the light.’
  •   (2). ‘There are 60.000 corporations in Arizona and no one is auditing their corporate taxes.’ ‘The Governor cut the budget. The Governor’s plan is to make the state more attractive to corporations. The structural balance is up to the creativity of the legislature as the state is cutting corporate taxes by $200 million per year.’ ‘Each auditor generates collecting $750 thousand per year in corporate taxes.’ ‘The watchdogs and collectors are gone.’ ‘Just get rid of the cops on the tax beat.’ ‘Corporate taxes are down 30% each year.’ ‘The state will lose $800 million this year.’ The governor believes in ‘supply side economics’ so the economy will get better. I don’t see $200 million revenue coming in.’ ‘Corporations pay as little taxes as possible – the Donald Trump philosophy. The state is stuck in anemia.’ ‘Manufacturing may never come back here or in the country; lowering corporate taxes isn’t working.’ ‘Pay a higher minimum wage for the guy who says, ‘Do you want fries with that?’.

– (Editor: These were quotes from the local PBS affiliate’s weekly ‘Journalist Roundtable’ of notable Republican Party press hacks. Republicans have made Arizona’s child protection agency a disaster. Republican-controlled state legislature rejected 15 key recommendations from the foster care board. The Republicans cut 75 corporate tax auditors and the resulting corporate tax revenue they would be identifying. Corporate taxation was replaced by onerous sales taxes and property taxes in the name of Republican voodoo economics (aka, ‘supply side economics’) that is still not working. Arizona is bleeding financially as schools are un-funded, children services are the dregs of the nation, there is a massive flight of high-wage careers to an influx of stagnant minimum wage jobs, construction is collapsing. Their Republicans’ collective solution remains in all their dismal outlook: vote for more of the same, vote for more Republicans. So much for the move for change.)

Donald Trump (2005 video of Trump’s past campaign statement; NBC plus currently ABC, CBS, PBS): ‘I’ll grab them by the pussy.’ (https://youtu.be/qOU4LT8cSu0) Michael Gerson (8 Oct 16, PBS Newshour): ‘Evangelicals say character matters. Not in this case.’ (Editor: Trump’s reply to his exposed lewd and obscene outburst toward a woman was to blather accusations against former President Clinton. Hypocrisy among Republicans – especially Evangelicals – is standard misogynistic fare for them; Christian Evangelicals approve Trump’s statements. Sad, but true, Trump’s words are typical ‘locker room banter’ among men of Trump’s character as he now claims. Feigned outrage by fellow Republicans and conservatives is equally repulsive as Trump’s words one decade ago.)

Donald Trump, R (9 Oct 16, ‘debate’ statement): ‘Of course I used tax loopholes.’ Mike Pence, R (9 Oct 16, campaign speech): ‘Everyone deserves redemption and second chances.’ Laura Ingraham, R (10 Oct 16, her radio show): ‘How goofy these Republicans look today!’ CBS News (10 Oct 16): ‘The weight of his sexist comments are weighing his campaign down. Bragging crossed the line. His supporters remain unchanged.’ ‘Trump tried to make it about Bill Clinton.’ ‘More tapes will be released.’ ABC News (10 Oct 16): ‘Pence believes in forgiveness and repentance.’ (Editor: Trump continued boasting how tax loopholes work for the wealthiest while there are none for regular Americans. Running-mate Pence demands we all forgive Trump of his actual misbehaviours, yet refuses to forgive Clinton of crimes imagined by Trump and Republicans. It is the conservative mind double-standard – they consider women chattel property of men, an appendage of the husband, that Hillary speaks only at Bill’s approval. You are so accurate, Laura, you Republicans are totally ‘goofy’ how you are un-moved by the exposure of Trump’s actions and words.)

Donald Trump, R (9 Oct 16, ‘debate’ statement): ‘We’re gonna get a special prosecutor. You should be in jail.’ Laura Ingraham, R (11 Oct 16, her radio show): ‘That ‘jail’ comment popped up like a joke.’ CBS News (10 Oct 16): ‘Trump says he will put Hillary Clinton in jail.’ (Editor: Spoken no different than the banana republic dictators who imprison their political opposition as so loved by Republicans and recalling Nixon using his appointees to prosecute and harass his political opponents. To Republicans, that is merely a ‘joke’. Clinton has answered to the Republican Congress at least 11 times and not once have they delivered any charges against her, FBI Director Comey reported that Clinton gave truthful testimony; Trump represents how Republicans still can’t let go of fantasy same as Trump’s ‘birther’ nonsense that they persist to this day.)

CBS News (11 Oct 16): ‘The Trump base is a lot of the Republican Party. The Republican Party is in full-scale melt-down.’ (Editor: That ‘Trump base’ (aka ‘Deplorables’ of racists, kluxers, homophobes, misogynists, etc.) comprises one-third of the American public who only vote Republican.)

Mike ‘savage’ Weiner, R (11 Oct 16, his radio show): ‘What a stupid system! Anyone can vote including those who don’t contribute to society and those who don’t pay taxes.’ (Editor: There!  Weiner’s opinion of our ‘system’ – our Constitution – is that it is ‘stupid’.  Curious, Weiner is a fervent Trump supporter.  Trump is a man who brags that he is a drain on our ‘system’ and boasts that he does not ‘pay taxes’.  Well, Weiner, that ‘stupid system’ protects your ‘stupidity’ and those of your stoopid minions who can’t recognise what is immediately before them.)

Laura Ingraham, R (12 Oct 16, her radio show): ‘Americans know nothing about their government and constitution. They don’t teach it in public school anymore. They don’t know the difference between Republicanism and Democracy.’ (Editor: Ingraham frequently boasts that she worked for Reagan and was a member of his administration.  Reagan called for the end of teaching history, government, and civics in public schools; his administration included officers who vigorously made that effective.  School textbook publishers are loyal Republicans all too eager to remove American government from the curriculum.  Trump campaigns on imposing un-Constitutional policies; his followers know so little of the American Constitution.  Education is the bane of Republicanism – no different than in any right-wing, banana republic, dictatorial government that Trump would establish.  Republicanism can be characterised as a private country club compared to Democracy characterised as your Public Library.)

CBS News (12 Oct 16): ‘Trump’s strategy is a scorched Earth.  To make it difficult for his fellow Republicans down-ticket and make it difficult for a Clinton administration.’ ‘Trump campaigns that this election is ‘rigged’.  Voter fraud is near zero in the United Stated.  This notion, this rhetoric from Trump is profound.  It’s ‘iron man’ dictatorship.  Voter challenger laws allow voter intimidation.’ (Editor: Trump shows himself as the spoiled brat that he is – he will take his bat and ball and go home.  Trump campaigns against this ‘rigged’ system yet his friend Putin has been hacking into Democratic Party computers.  Republican governors and legislatures have installed those ‘voter intimidation’ laws precisely to ‘intimidate’ voters – especially Black and Hispanic voters.)

Joe Walsh, R (12 Oct 16): ‘It’s all about the establishment.  We gotta burn down the establishment.  It’s you and me against the establishment.  The little people against the establishment.’ (Editor: All Walsh’s talk ‘against the establishment’ – what a pile of bat squeeze.  Walsh is no ‘little people’.  Walsh is as ‘establishment’ of a Republican as they come, including Trump.  If these people are so ‘against the establishment’ then why do they insist upon re-electing all the same Republicans to Congress, governorships, state legislatures, city councils, school boards, etc?  Nope, it’s all their con to blame and demonise Democrats while electing more Republicans.)

Laura Ingraham, R (13 Oct 16, her radio show): ‘Clinton will be the most corrupt president of all time.  Worse than ‘Teapot Dome’.  If Trump is elected, he needs to take the IRS after the Clintons.’ (Editor: Let’s see.  Republicans are responsible for the absolute worst of presidential corruption with ‘Teapot Dome’ (Harding / Coolidge) and ‘Watergate Break-in’ (Nixon), Nixon proliferated using IRS against people on his ‘enemies list’, Ingraham projects Clinton as ‘most corrupt’, therefore the Republicans will use IRS to go after a defeated Clinton.  How is a Trump presidency not ‘most corrupt’ by duplicating Nixon?)

Donald Trump, R (13 Oct 16, campaign speech): ‘The voting is rigged.  The media is corrupt.’  Mike Pence, R (14 Oct 16, CBS News):  ‘Election fraud is rampant.’ (Editor: Trump declares the election system is ‘rigged’ yet he won the Republican primary; Pence parrots Trump.  Oops, though.  Nearly all Republican states use electronic voting that lacks any paper trail and can’t be audited – all that with their expressed purpose for their own Republicans to commit ‘election fraud’ on behalf of fellow Republican candidates.)

Mike Pence, R (14 Oct 16, NBC News):  ‘I don’t believe Trump did those things.’ (Editor:  Trump is caught on tape boasting of committing lewd, non-consensual, criminal acts against women yet Pence says that he does not ‘believe’ Trump committed those acts.  Maybe Pence also does not ‘believe’ Trump’s campaign speeches.)

Joe Walsh, R (14 Oct 16, his radio show): ‘Trump is fighting against Hollywood, the Washington establishment, and libbrrrl media elites.’ (Editor: Apparently, Walsh has not perused my ‘Republicans – Part 1’ page listing his own mere fellow right-wing Republican Christian Conservative neo-con tea-bagger ‘Deplorable’ populace.  Walsh is among the entrenched of ‘Washington establishment’.  As for the ‘libbrrrl media’, well they are owned by his own fellow partisans.  ‘Elites’, hey, his own partisans boast they are the ‘elites’ (See:  ‘Republicans – Part 2’).)

Donald Trump, R (17 Oct 16, prior Trump speech shown on CBS News).  ‘The election is being rigged by corrupt media.’  (17 Oct 16, campaign speech):  ‘What a waste.  I wanna win.  Illegal aliens are voting.  We are competing in a rigged election.  This is worse than Watergate.  It’s the worst corruption ever.’  Mike Pence, R (17 Oct 16, quoted on Don Imus’ radio show):  ‘The election is rigged.  It’s the libbrrrl media.  It’s election fraud.’ CBS News (17 Oct 16):  ‘Trump claims to be the victim; he sees it everywhere.  Women are turning from Trump, even among Republican women.’  (Editor:  What pathetic losers!  Trump, Pence, and Republicans have been ‘rigging’ elections and results for many, numerous cycles when Republicans seized control of voting, ballot counting, and elections.  ‘Rigged’?  Trump posted ‘Victory’ to his web-site two hours before his last ‘debate’.  ‘Illegal aliens’ are NOT voting.  It’s ‘Lying Donald’ who is continuing his ‘Big Lie’.  American ‘media’ is overwhelmingly controlled by Republican bias, not the left.)

CBS News (17 Oct 16):  ‘Republicans called the violence ‘political terrorism’.  Trump blamed Democrats.  Trump reported there has not been violence in this county.  Trump tweeted, ‘Clinton firebombed our office because we are winning’.  NBC News (17 Oct 16):  ‘Trump calls for revolution if he doesn’t win election.  He is intensifying his argument.  Supporters talk of rising up and taking power.  ‘It’s torches time’ said one Trump supporter.  Another said there’s gonna be a lot of bloodshed’.  (Editor:  Remember, Hitler ordered his brown shirts to bomb the German Reichstadt and blame it on Communists.  American Republicanism holds those same principles as Mussolini’s Fascism.  Trump and his supporters (not Clinton) are on record for their exhortation of violence and actual assaults against Clinton supporters.)

ABC News (17 Oct 16):  ‘Pence says there’s no question of Russia’s involvement.’  (Editor: Trump and Pence can’t find the same one who is hacking Democratic Party e-mails and web-sites.  Pence has reason to suspect Putin, a former Russia KGB director who has the expertise to order these intrusions into American politics.  Putin and Trump are good buddies.)

‘700 Club’ (17 Oct 16):  ‘UNESCO voted to declare Israel’s ‘Western Wall’ and other Jewish sites in Israel are ‘not Jewish’.  (Editor:  This certainly needs to be among the most bizarre vote of United Nations’ history.  This appears to be an effort of that entity to wipe out 6000 years of world history.  One need not be religious to comprehend this UN absurdity.  Would they, as Pat Robertson asked, declare the Great Wall of China ‘not Chinese’ or the pyramids of Egypt ‘not Egyptian’?   What site is next on this UN hit list?)

Sen John McCain, R (17 Oct 16, campaign speech):  ‘Republicans will block high Court nominees, I guarantee you.  We will be against any Supreme Court nominee from a President Clinton.’  (Editor:  Yep, this is no surprise that Senate Republicans will further stymie our American government same as they have done during Obama’s administration.  Republicans are the ‘Party of ‘Hell No!”.  Why would McCain and his boast want to make me vote for Trump and Republicans if that is the Republican’s official attitude.  Yes, this is about Republican ‘character’.  https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=359060661107866&id=100010118057337)

Joe Walsh, R (18 Oct 16, his radio show):  ‘Eleven million illegal aliens?  There’s a hell of a lot more than 11 million.  It’s been 11 million for the last six years.  They all came rushing over the border.  There is a rapist who was deported nine times.  It’s all on the politicians.’  (Editor:  Yeh, those 11 million ‘came rushing over the border’ one day six years ago.  Never an illegal when ‘Shrub’ Bush was president.  Nor ‘Papa’ Bush.  Nor Reagan who established ‘amnesty’ in 1986.  Nor is it any responsibility on Republicans who control Congress who failed to pass legislation.  Nope, it’s all Obama’s fault six years ago never mind that Obama’s administration has issued more deportations than those three Republicans combined.  That ‘rapist’?  Walsh began his story describing the crime occurring on a bus, he later changed it to happening at a restaurant, then he told his audience that he could say no more because police would not release information about that crime.

Melania Trump, R (18 Oct 16, interview with Anderson Cooper, as shown on CBS ‘The Talk’):  ‘Donald knows what he is doing; he knows the consequences.  He does what he wants to do.’  (Editor:  Exactly!  ‘Consequences’.  Trump knew precisely what he was saying and the ‘consequences’ of his boast on that NBC ‘Access Hollywood’ bus with Billy Bush.  Republican hypocrisy sees that Trump is acceptable to be President of the United States of America, while NBC sees that Bush is unacceptable to be their NBC employee.)

Lars Larsen, R (19 Oct 16, his radio show):  ‘Socialism is Fascism.  It’s Clinton’s government.  Librrrls are areligious, they want to impose God upon everyone.  I don’t want guh’mint in my bedroom.’

(Editor:  Quite the non sequitors:

  •  (1) Well, Fascism and NAZI-ism are the polar opposites of Socialism and Communism.  The government of the USA is ‘a Republican form of government’ according to the Constitution.
  •  (2) How can librrrls be ‘areligious’ if they want to impose god?  Or does Larsen not know the definitions of his own words?
  •  (3) Larsen said he does not want ‘gun’mint in his bedroom’, but he is fine and dandy imposing his God and his guh’mint in everyone else’s bedroom and entire home as well as interfering in your medical intimacy.)

Donald Trump, R (19 Oct 16, ‘debate’ reply):  ‘I’ll keep you in suspense.’  (20 Oct 16, campaign speech):  ‘I will only accept the results – if I win.’  (Editor: Hey, Donald, this election campaign is not a TV serial.  Our Constitution is not ‘tune in next time’.  Real life is not a place for sore losers as you, the ‘turkey in suspense’.  Red state Arizona’s own elections officer is a loyal Republican; she declared to local news (20 Oct 16, KPNX TV) that there is no way for there to be voter fraud, no way for an illegal alien to vote in Arizona.  Arizona does have election fraud – Republicans legislate voter suppression against Democrats.)

Joe Walsh, R (20 Oct 16, his radio show):  ‘It’s what we’ve known for 1900 years.  The media is our enemy.  It’s Hillary Clinton.  It’s World War Three!  Shut the hell up you Librrrls!  I’m a Trump fan.  I am a Trump warrior.’  (Editor:  More ‘no fair’ fare from this Republican talker who also chimed in with Trump’s vow – that Trump will not accept anything less than total victory or else it is ‘World War Three’.  No, Dear Reader, that is not a typo, Walsh actually said ‘1900 years’.)

Donald Trump, R (19 Oct 16, ‘debate’ statements):  ‘I have respect for all women.’   ‘You are such a nasty woman!’  NBC News (20 Oct 16):  ‘Calling her the ‘nasty woman’, interrupting her all the time.  Clinton has done a much better job.’  (Editor:  ‘Respect’?  Is that why Trump name-called Clinton ‘nasty’?  Or why Trump repeatedly ‘interrupted’ Clinton during her turn to speak?  How is that ‘respect’?)

Donald Trump, R (20 Oct 16, campaign statement):  ‘Hillary is phoning it in with Arizona voters.’  (Editor:  A curious Trump statement considering that he is spending nearly nothing in his campaign here at Arizona.)

Republican commentary (21 Oct 16, Laura Ingraham radio show, 8 am hour MST): Michael Goodwin (R):  ‘I don’t see anyone who disagrees with term limits; it’s popular among conservatives.  We would need a Constitutional amendment to pass it.  Politicians will just hold on forever – desperate to hang on to public office, the power they wield.’ And this from the substitute host (R):  ‘Term limits make sense.  It’s the far left, the Libertarians, who oppose it, who are growing guh’mint.  Term limits have a Constitutional history.  There should be career term limits.  Career politicians realise the money is pretty good – they come out quite wealthy, they travel to fun spots.  We are attracting better than they can do in the private business sector.’  (Editor:  Don’t be conned, Dear Reader.  These Republi-cons know term limits is a bunch of hooey in their big con.  Term limits is a scam to get Democrats to agree to it while Republi-cons laugh at Democrats who do accept it.  Republi-cons screamed for term limits when Bill Clinton was elected president, they campaigned for it, yet few ever actually resigned following their two term maximum.  Every one of Arizona’s Congressional Republi-cons demanded term limits beginning 1994 but not one Republi-con ever abided by their promise to the citizens of Arizona.  Republi-cons changed Arizona’s state constitution to require term limits, but Republi-cons merely hop from one office to another to make a game of it.  Oh?  Libertarians are ‘the far left’?  What was that guy smoking?  True that politicians who eventually leave office really do quite well – it’s known as the Republi-con revolving door from corporate office to public office back to corporate office.)

Joe Walsh, R (21 Oct 16, his radio show):  ‘I’m so damned tired of the media.  The media in this country is the arm of the Democrat Party (sic).  They have dictated this election.  Clinton will be the most corrupt, dishonest President.  The media is responsible for this.  The people are so damned stupid. American people are fat, lazy, and stupid – fat, lazy, and stupid.  So easily swayed by crap.  It’s not Trump’s fault.  People can’t take care of themselves; they can’t think.  It’s about groped women.  It’s all to get Hillary elected.  The media are not honest or fair.  They are Democrats.  They are leftists.  They are doing everything they can do to kill Trump.  Millennials are stupid.  Everyone is against Trump.  American people do not pay attention.  It’s the politicians’ fault.  We live in a stupid, silly country.’  (Editor:  Dear Reader, Walsh blames you, the ‘media’, ‘politicians’.  He calls you ‘fat’, ‘lazy’, and ‘so damned stupid’.  He calls the USA ‘stupid’ and ‘silly’ – the very nation he once served as an elected Republican member of the House of Representatives.  That’s Republican talker Walsh’s praise of you and your nation.  That ‘dishonest’ American ‘media’ are ‘responsible’ for your ‘stupidity’.  That this ‘media’ forced poor Donald to ‘grope’ and molest women, to carry his persecution complex.  You wanna know what is this ‘media’?  This Editor was watching ABC News ‘Nightline’ after Wednesday’s third ‘debate’; those ABC ‘reporters’ are self-identified Republicans.  See one list of self-avowed ‘media’ Republicans documented on this site (‘Republicans – Part 1’).  Better yet, watch, listen, and ‘think’ for yourself.  Thank you.)

KAET ‘Horizon’ (21 Oct 16):  ‘Arizonans are not upset by the state legislature.  They are not paying attention.  People like their own lawmakers.’  (Editor:  Sadly, this is typical of an Arizona type electorate – they are voters who pay little attention to the issues and fawn at their own Republican representative in their district while blaming the representative in another district.

Davis Brooks, R (21 Oct 16, ‘Washington Week in Review’):  ‘For a Trump supporter, the election is ‘rigged’; it is in their reality.  He undermines our national self-restraint and moral fabric.  We’ve lost our country if Trump is behaving this way.’  (Editor:  Elections are ‘rigged’ here at Arizona.  Arizona is among the Republican ‘red’ states whose Republican election officials and legislatures enacted voter suppression to ‘rig’ elections to favour Republicans.  They impose burdens and obstacles for American citizens to register and to vote.  Arizona’s 2016 Democratic presidential primary saw Republican officials open a limited few polling places to discourage Democratic Party voters who were forced to endure several hours in line; though polls closed at 7 pm, many were still voting past midnight rather than go home.)

Laura Ingraham, R (24 Oct 16, her radio show):  ‘We need term limits!  Scrape the barnacles from the bottom of the boat.’  (Editor:  Ingraham ranted quite a bit demanding term limits – a rallying cry of the Republican Party platform since the early 1990s.  That’s all it is.  Ingraham has no complaints about Ryan, McConnell, and that gang who have cob-webs growing at them.  Republicans use it to con Democrats from office.  Republicans are the party who declare their hatred toward government yet want to be government.  Republicans do not leave office; they do not comply with their campaign promise.  Term limits would require a Constitutional amendment.  Republicans who control Congress can’t even get a vote for the time of day.  You want term limits, Dear Reader?  Then vote out all those Republi-cons at this election.)

Neil Cavuto, R (25 Oct 16, interview on Don Imus’ radio show):  ‘Going after the Trump revelations is fair game.’  (Editor: He said it and he is a Trumpster of all people.)

Lars Larsen, R (25 Oct 16, his radio show): ‘It’s waste, fraud, and abuse!’ CBS News (26 Oct 16): ‘Bonus pay for California National Guard soldiers in Iraq and Afghan wars from 10 years ago.’ and ‘Thousands of the California National Guard were paid millions in bonus given out improperly. Should the government get it back? Soldiers were offered generous bonuses. $22 million has been collected so far. Paul Ryan called it ‘an injustice’.’ and ‘Other states had problems like this.’ KNXV / ABC News (26 Oct 16): ‘Soldiers knew they were ineligible for the bonus claim.’ (Editor: Yep. Larsen and Ryan, two big voices of American Republicanism are so accurately correct about Bush’s pernicious legacy. ‘Shrub’ issued illegal bonus pay averaging $20.000 each for tens of thousands of GIs in the California National Guard who served in his Iraq or Afghanistan wars and left it for Obama’s Department of Defense to endure the backlash for legally recovering that illegal Bush bonus pay. Remember, Bushie Republican Ah-nold Schwarzenegger was Governor of California when these overpayments were issued. Let’s compare. If you filed a false tax return leading to an illegal refund, then it seems logical that you should be required to repay your ill-gotten gain.  Oh, but Trump does not pay taxes, ‘stupid’ people pay taxes.)

Laura Ingraham, R (26 Oct 16): ‘It’s gonna be the worst way for a Hillary administration. Good for Paul Ryan!’ (Editor: It hasn’t been Election Day nor Clinton actually elected and already Republicans at their highest level in Congress are scheming obstructionism ‘worst’ than what they did to Obama. That ought to make you Republicans proud, eh!)

Joe Walsh, R (26 Oct 16, his radio show): ‘The big city librrrl Hollywood elite think you love Trump because you are stupid. I’m making sense. These elites live in Manhattan, New York City, San Fran, big cities. They have no effing clues. They let boys and girls pee with each other. It’s what they’ve done to us. Stop paying taxes. I don’t care about groping women.’ (Editor: Well, you Trumpsters do have a short memory. Walsh called you ‘stupid’ a few days ago because he figures you are ‘stupid’ to not remember that he called you ‘stupid’. ‘Librrrl Hollywood elite’? Double-check that list of Walsh’s own Republicans (‘Republicans – Part 1’). Go ahead, elect more Republicans who are the ones who have done what makes you ‘angry’. Trump does not pay taxes; Trump ‘gropes’ women. The height of insanity is repeating the same behaviour and expecting different results.)

Caller to Joe Walsh’s radio show (26 Oct 16, second half-hour): ‘I’m gonna fire the first shot in D.C. if Clinton wins.’  Joe Walsh, R (26 Oct 16, his radio show – reply to caller): ‘We gotta fight back. It’s gun-clinging Americans against big city elites. The entire country is red. These elites have no effing clue. We are angry at what they have done. We’re gonna grab our muskets and we’re gonna do sumpin’ about it.’  (Editor: More incitement of violence by Trumpster Republicans if Trump loses the election. If it is good for Trumpsters to commit violent rebellion if he loses, then we can correctly expect that same gang would join Clinton supporters who take up similar armed revolution if Clinton loses. No?)

Pat Robertson, R (27 Oct 16, his TBN ‘700 Club’): ‘Who is the next president lies in the hands of evangelicals. It will take 80% of the evangelical vote for Trump to win. Clinton is making a play for Republican states. Obama has gutted the labor force; I don’t think they’ll vote Democratic. Trump is counting on the evangelicals of this nation – 100 million of them. After eight years, Americans get tired of whoever is in office. They have had enough of Obama and demand for somebody new, even a crazy man. Trump offers a program and change – a huge win for the party of change.’ (Editor: Trump vows to pack the Supreme Court with justices who will impose their personal bias interpreting our Constitution – especially on behalf of the NRA and evangelicals. And a man whom Robertson calls ‘crazy’. That is ‘change’? Robertson also called for military action against Russia. Don’t expect ruffled feathers while Putin and Trump maintain their international bromance.)

Donald Trump, R (2 Nov 16, campaign speech): ‘The system is rigged. If Clinton wins, she will be in court her entire tenure. It would be an unprecedented and protracted Constitutional crisis.’ CBS News (4 Nov 16): ‘Republicans promising to investigate for years if she wins.’ (Editor: There you go again, Donald, repeating your lie. And if Republican Party obstructionism begun on Election Day 2008 against President Obama has not destroyed our nation to their satisfaction, take note, Dear American Electorate, how these same Republicans are already conspiring with the third branch of American government in their next round of four more years of their continuing political obstructionism. Now that will be a ‘Constitutional crisis’ of the Republicans’ own making!)

Fox News (2 Nov 16): ‘Cubs win the World Series!’ (Editor: For once, Fox News told the truth. This year’s Cubs team won the most games this season including the ones that counted most by making history as one of a few teams to come from a 3 – 1 deficit by winning the last three games straight. Now Cleveland owns the longest baseball drought.)

Multiple repeated cross-talk on ‘Imus in the Morning’ (4 Nov 16): ‘This e-mail scandal is the ‘October Surprise’ with five days to go before the election.’ (Editor: Yep. No reluctance on those Republicans to boast their ‘October Surprise’ and the electoral damage it is inflicting against Clinton. This morning’s BBC News described a Trump election as bringing about a ‘racist nation’ along the likes of Hitler. BBC News also reported how Turkey’s right-wing President Erdogan has been ‘wiping out’ all political opposition: civilians, news reporters, politicians; arresting them on trumpt up charges of ‘terrorism’. The third item today to connect these darkest dots is PBS ‘Rick Steves’ Europe’. Steves focused on NAZI Germany, the NAZI Museum, and how Hitler ‘trumpt up’ fear among the German population. Things to come – history repeats.)

Joe Walsh, R (4 Nov 16, his radio show): ‘We wanna overthrow OUR guh’mint. It’s a big, important battle. What it would be with a Trump victory! Things will get ugly, messy, violent. It is our duty to shed blood to take OUR guh’mint back! A lot of fightin’; you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet! Donald Trump is our first shot. There is a war; this is a revolution.’ (Editor: Walsh spent at least an hour talking about the ‘overthrow’ of our civilian Constitutional government by his T-Bagger ‘sovereign citizen’ terrorists – Walsh invoked ‘violence’. Look at President Erdogan of Turkey – he was elected on that ‘wave’ of right-wing extremism that has seen the cleansing of their nation with the imprisonment of civilians, news reporters, and political opposition. Are we, the American nation, on the path to NAZI-ism as now witnessed at Turkey?

Donald Trump, R (campaign speech, 6 Nov 16): ‘Hillary Clinton is guilty! She knows it. The FBI knows it. It’s a rigged system!’ CBS News (7 Nov 16): ‘Republicans promise to keep investigating. It’s a stain on the process itself. Trump was shrieking angry laments. Trump previously lionised the FBI. Trump wants a criminal trial. It will be difficult to undo the damage to the Clinton campaign.’ KSAZ / Fox News (7 Nov 16): ‘There’s no new evidence.’ KNXV / ABC News (7 Nov 16): ‘At a Trump rally, someone calling out for murder.’ (Editor: So goes Trump’s sour grapes. He wasted no time cheering the FBI when they re-opened their investigation into Clinton’s e-mails last week, now he can’t say anything but whine about that same FBI. Doth we hear more Trump flip-flopping? The spoiled brat that he is. Question, ‘Since when does Trump get to play prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner?’ Answer, this is Republicanism defined, it’s what Republicans are, it’s what they do, including inciting violence at their rallies – calling for Clinton’s murder, how sick.)

Don McDowell, R (6 Nov 16, ‘Shake, Rattle, and Troll’ radio show): ‘We’re stumpin’ for Trump this morning. Donald Trump is all about the 2nd Amendment and the Supreme Court. Clinton will take your guns. Trump will appoint conservative nominees to the Supreme Court. Some dumb ass right in front of the stage last night. We hunters and fishers are all for Trump. We want to keep the public lands public. The other side is hunting you, your freedoms. The librrrls. The Dems. Librrrl activism off the bench. Less moral compass.’ (Editor: Why does a group of gun-nut hunters find the need to exhibit they are ‘stupid’ (as Walsh calls them)? They are for guns guns guns yet one guy ‘in front’ at a Trump rally got hustled out of that Las Vegas rally when he chanted ‘Guns!’? Why do Trump, Pence, and other Republican rallies prohibit guns from their attendees? Because they are the ‘dumb asses’ – because their minions lack comprehending their own Republican hypocrisy. And, Dear Reader, they said it. These Republicans are geared to pack the Court with their right-wing Christian Conservative extremists. Trump and Republicans are ‘sovereign citizens’ and T-baggers who oppose all public lands – they demand that all public lands be privatised. Where can you take your children when there are no public lands? Is that what you really want, Dear Reader? It is what you get with Trump’s election. Stew in your own juice.)

Don Imus, R (8 Nov 16, his radio show): ‘If Donald Trump loses, he’ll be screaming. There will be voter fraud.’ Sign at Trump’s Florida campaign stop (7 Nov 16): ‘Hitlery Hitlery’. Chant at Trump Florida rally (7 Nov 16): ‘Assassinate the bitch!’ Bob Schiefer, R (CBS News, 7 Nov 16): ‘This election is not in a good way. This government is in gridlock. The first task of whoever is elected the next president must be to repair the damage.’ CBS News (8 Nov 16): ‘Clinton calls for unity.’ (Editor: This is all wrong! Voter fraud and intimidation are Republican Party tactics. Republicans made a divided nation their long con against the American people since who knows when – this writer can take it at least to the mid-1920s when Hoover allied the Republican Party with Mussolini and the Fascist Party. ‘October Surprise’ has been standard Republican fare with every Republican presidential candidate at least since Nixon in 1968. FBI’s Comey tainted 40 million votes against Clinton. This web-site documents Republican words of obstructionism. Republicans have made their raison d’etre to damage this nation; only Republicans can repair it and mend their destructive ways.)

Joe Walsh, R (8 Nov 16, his radio show): ‘Grab your musket and join me to get the America back. That’s our duty no matter what. It is our calling. Grab your musket, grab your musket. If Hillary wins I’m grabbing that musket extra hard . We are a republic, we are a democracy; ignore it all today. I’m gonna fight with all my might to get back the country of my founding fathers. It will take bloodshed to take our country back. Yes I do have a musket and it’s beautiful. What kinda of a woman allows her husband to cheat around on her? I’m going to war. I’ve always been at war. The Democrats want you voting; they got a game plan.’ (Editor: Clear incitement of lethal violence, no doubt. What would happen if a liberal spoke Walsh’s words? Cops would be bashing down the door before the next sentence. Walsh is so fond of a country ruled by White male land-owners; wimin, chil’ren, Indians, Negroes, anyone with dark skin, anyone of the working class, the poor, the homeless, well we had no rights under Walsh’s fond guh’mint. Our bloodshed earned our Constitutional protections that Walsh so eagerly seeks to destroy. Republicans don’t want everyone voting – only their own; listen to Paul Wyrich. Then Walsh threw in a jab against the Clinton marriage while, in fact, describing Trump’s philandering. Clintons have been married 40-some years; Trump had not had one marriage last a decade before he was committing serial adultery with a long line of mistresses.)


More to come.  Readers, feel free to contribute your own Republican gems.


My election forecast is not good.  I hope to be proven absolutely, totally wrong by a million miles.

My fear is that Trump will easily win the Electoral College where the votes really matter; Clinton could collect as many as 60% of the popular vote and walk away with bat squeeze.

I base my analysis on the composition of the House of Representatives, Senate, and states with Republican governors and / or Republican-controlled legislatures.

Here’s how I foresee the states align as of today (22 Jul 16) when I post this forecast:

  • That entire swath of Confederate States from Texas to the Atlantic coast, from Florida northward to Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky will go to Trump.  Is there any way we of these United States can expel every former Confederate state?  They are dragging down progress among the remaining states and the nation as a whole.  Let them stew in their own juice!
  • The Rocky Mountain Region from Arizona northward to Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and the Dakotas all go to Trump; Colorado might also capitulate.
  • The central region including Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas will go to Trump.
  • The former industrial states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania will go to Trump; they – the so-called ‘blue-collar Republicans’ – are buying into his lies.

Please, Secretary Clinton, prove me wrong!!!

Here’s all I predict in your camp:

  • The Pacific states of California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii (nope, Alaska to Trump).
  • Maybe New Mexico.
  • Illinois as President Obama’s state where he served as Senator.
  • New York and New England states.

That is not enough to take the Electoral College.

(Up-date:  12 Aug 16):

CBS News projected the Electoral College results for both Trump and Clinton.  Their estimation was essentially the same as I wrote nearly a month ago:

  • They projected Trump with a solid 270 Electoral College votes, obviating that Clinton must flip states and run the board for herself to clinch victory in November compared to Trump needing only one more state.
  • They reported how Clinton would be required to win numerous states otherwise in Trump’s pocket.
  • They also reported that Trump might receive between 38% to 42% of the popular vote.  Ain’t this a pathetic nation that it will elect its next President with approximately 40% of the vote – meaning 60% do NOT want Trump.


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