‘Show Us Your Birth Certificate’


Business before pleasure.  Difficult news to report from my spirit friends.

This news of the hate-crimes murder of Dee Whigham:

This is the report of TT’s murder – possibly committed by another transwoman:

This one goes to the point of lives that matter and one man who lived to that standard:


‘Show Us Your Birth Certificate!’

*(1970 06) Slim - Crater Lake (sitting - portrait)

There seems to be a gaggle of state legislators and members of Congress demanding of nearly anyone and everyone to present your Birth Certificate as condition of admission to use a public facility.

I do not have my Birth Certificate; rather, the Birth Certificate in my possession is pointless.  It shows my old name and old sex; it does not show parent names and is not acceptable for federal identification such as to obtain a passport.

The State of New Jersey is obstinate.  I requested a copy of my Birth Certificate various times during the past decade.  They tell me that I am not allowed a copy of my Birth Certificate – that it is sealed and not available for me.

I endured a long-distance confrontation last year.  Someone claiming to be the head person in charge told me that she would issue a Birth Certificate to me but with conditions: she demanded that I must change my name and sex on the document, she told me that it would not be a complete document, she told me that she would not issue the complete original to me.

I declined that ‘offer’.  I currently have no reason to change my file.  My medical file is female.  My legal documents record my name.  My request for my original Birth Certificate was to obtain that document as it was at my birth.


What do these intrusive Republican Big Guh’mint’ officers demand from we who do not present a Birth Certificate upon their demand?  Will these Republicans impose upon me that I must use the men’s facility?  Or force me to experience an ‘accident’ in their presence?

There is no way I’m dropping my drawers for the Panty Inspector.


Bathroom inspectors come to mind due to events in my life – one just the other day.

My friend and I were at our favorite Souper Salad hang-out.

Nature beckoned me – I made my way to the women’s room as I have done for four decades.  I chose one of the two stalls – the small one.  I by-passed the larger ‘handicap’ stall.  I took care of my business.

I heard multiple voices enter the room and enter that adjacent stall.

I observed who were the occupants of that neighbouring stall as I finished washing my hands.  Out walked an adult woman, a girl, and a boy (the children appeared to be older than age 10, but not quite teens).  Am I being presumptuous that this was mom and her two children?

To you of this Republican Panty Patrol I have questions.

  •  Would you arrest this woman for bringing a pre-teen boy into a women’s rest room and into a stall with her daughter?
  •  Are you that nosey to intrude upon this family’s right of privacy?

This restaurant does not have a ‘family’ facility.  Patrons must choose from either the women’s room or men’s room.

Okay, I admit being a bit surprised at that young boy brought into one stall as perhaps he, his sister, and / or his mother answered their own Nature Call.

  •  Where was dear ol’ dad to take his son into the men’s room?
  •  Why didn’t ‘Junior’ use that men’s room on his own?

Then again, little of this are of my business.

Perhaps Pops does not exist in that family.

Or worse, what of the security of that boy inside the men’s room?  Had he been assaulted or molested from a prior event in a men’s room?

Seems the real dangers are predatory males (i.e., heterosexual male pederasts) hiding in the men’s room, not trans-women heeding Mother Nature in their women’s room.

*(1969 xx xx) Slim - Muffin - Charlie (Side yard)

Which brings me to other experiences in women’s facilities.

I have observed adult men using the women’s room at the Public Library at least three times during this past year or so.

The first event was admittedly a surprise.  He behaved casual going about his business.  I asked him if he knew where he was, he told me he sure did.

The next two times were less jolting.

I took the opportunity to ask each man why he was using the female facility.  Each man told me that men molested them in the men’s room.  Each commented that they felt safe among women in the women’s room.

I take their word for what they told me.

To me they made reasoned sense.

And to you Republicans who demand women use the men’s room …?


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