‘Stanford Gender Dysphoria Program’


(1970 06) Slim - Crater Lake (sitting - portrait)


Here’s a look back to the early days from 40 years ago.  Stanford’s was a complete package from counselling, to physician, to practice, to surgery.

Compare then to today.  There are differences and there are similarities, such as:

  •  Real Life Experience was a minimum of one year under Stanford (two years minimum total).
  •  Stanford issued a letter to your state and motor vehicles agency to change your name and sex designation.
  •  Changing your Social Security record was a simple change card.
  •  Stanford opposed transition at the same job and employer.
  •  Note the warning that you will lose orgasm following surgery.
  •  Marriage, whether as a male or a female, to a female was prohibited.
  •  Post-op anatomy did not require dilations.

Let me know if you went to Stanford – it’s time for an old home week re-union.

(1977 12 30) Stanford Reply (Name Covered)







Thank you for bearing with another walk down this memory lane.


Up-date (9 May 17):

Please see the companion brochure ‘Janus Information Facility’ that is posted this date.

Kapung Khaf, Dear Reader.


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