‘Information Please’


(9 Oct 16)

‘Information Please’


Conversation frequently occurs about the schedule of local meetings and medical services here at the Phoenix metropolitan area.

There are four primary trans and LGBT support groups.  There are others, I don’t know all of them.

Maricopa County operates a medical system of clinics and hospitals throughout the county.  They have offices and practices which offer services to the community.

There are several private practice doctors and counsellors and other services throughout this area.  I shall presently withhold listing commercial entities.

I shall also list other information here to make this an information page.  I shall up-date this page with additions as others submit them or as I find them.


PFLAG Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona

(602) 843 1404


Primary meeting is third Monday of the month (7 to 9 pm) at First Congregational UCC (1407 North Second Street, Phoenix, Arizona).  This is located diagonally across from the main Phoenix Public Library.

They provide numerous additional meetings throughout the metropolitan area on different days of the month.  Their web-site will list these alternate sites, dates, and locations.


Mary Brasch
3040 East Cactus Road
Phoenix, Arizona  85032

(602) 494 1515


Mary Brasch conducts individual and group counselling sessions.

Mary holds a monthly open meeting on the first Monday of each month (6:30 to 8 pm).

Mary has been active in the community at least 12 years.

*(2016 04 09) Trans Spectrum of AZ Brochure (Card) (2)

Trans Spectrum

(602) 309 1990


Primary meetings are second, fourth, and fifth Saturdays of the month (11 am to 1:30 pm) at First Congregational UCC (1407 North Second Street, Phoenix, Arizona).  This is located diagonally across from the main Phoenix Public Library.2016-10-29-spetrum-november-2016-schedule

The regular meetings (second and fourth Saturday) begin with a general gathering until 11:30, then a one hour meeting at any of either trans-female, trans-male, SOFFA for trans and their romantic partners, and SOFFA for trans and their families (this SOFFA group allows minor children to attend).  A following hour until 1:30 pm meets among either trans-female and their companions, trans-male and their companions, or 3rd Space (non-binary identifying).

The fifth Saturday meetings are focused to special events or meetings for post-op members.  The topic will be announced during regular meetings.

Spectrum also holds weekly Tuesday evening meetings as you can see by this schedule. Fifth Tuesday of the month will also be special events to be announced.

Spectrum lists references who provide services in addition to MIHS.  See their page here at this site (‘Trans*Spectrum of Arizona In Their Own’ posted 9 Apr 16).


TG Harmony

These meetings are held first and third Saturdays (7 to 9 pm) at:

Casa de Cristo
1029 East Turney Avenue,
Phoenix, Arizona 85014

This group has been active approximately 20 years.

*(2016 07 16) One-n-Ten Card

2700 North Third Street
Phoenix, Arizona  85004


This group meets for youth from age 14 to 24.

One-N-Ten offers free summer camp for LGBT children.

*(2015 11 xx) Southwest Center (Card - 1)

Southwest Center for HIV / AIDS
1101 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona  85004

(602) 307 5330


This Center is a branch of the Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) and is part of Maricopa County’s health department.  This location provides trans specialist physicians, counsellors, and post-op services.

The main MIHS campus is located at Roosevelt and 24th Streets.  That campus comprises two complexes:

  •  an out-patient facility for primary care, specialty care, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy.
  •  a full-service in-patient hospital.

There is an MIHS campus at 7th Avenue and Buckeye Road.  That location offers an out-patient urgent-care facility, a smaller in-patient hospital, a smaller group of primary and specialty physicians, a pharmacy.

MIHS offers numerous additional physician facilities throughout Maricopa County.


If you happen to make your way to Phoenix, please join us as our guests to these or other gatherings.


Allow me to request of other friends from other parts of the USA – hey, throughout the world – to post to your own web-site your meeting information where you reside so that anyone planning a visit to your neck of the woods can join you for friendship.


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