‘5th Saturday Of The Month At Spectrum’

(29 Oct 16)



Today was ‘5th Saturday of the Month Day’ at Spectrum.

I went to the Phoenix Public Library to scan some show-and-tell goodies to post here at this site and share what we do.  I shall post those when I get more time at the Library.


First we had a mixer game.  We went around the room asking each other questions, identifying who was wearing what item, or whether they had a certain hair or eye color, or asking what is their favourite hobby.

Next we used those answers to play Bingo to win prizes – such as Hallowe’en candy, chocolate bars, gift certificates.


We played board games and had friendly conversation for our last hour – nothing ‘business-related’.  No grousing allowed today!


We ate pizza – yum.  Some members brought home-baked chocolate chip cookies – yum – and home-baked brownies – yum, too.

We also ate veggies.  Who was the spoil sport on Hollowe’en candy and pizza, brownies, and cookies?


A pleasant time was had by all.  Can’t wait till next 5th Saturday.


Spectrum shall next meet on 2nd Saturday of November.  Come on in if you are near the neighborhood.

Yes, Spectrum will have its regular meeting at the Saturday following Thanksgiving Day holiday (26 Nov 16).

Spectrum announced that they will also hold special 4th Saturday of December (24 Dec 16) and 5th Saturday of December (31 Dec 16) meetings. What a way to end the year with good cheer!

And there are new Tuesday nights at Spectrum.

There are also the 5th Tuesday special event nights though that is not listed here on the Tuesday schedule.  The first 5th Tuesday special evening will be 29 Nov 16.  Come one, come all for another unique time of sharing


Next week will be TG Harmony meeting at Casa de Cristo.  See you there.


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