‘Post-Election Post-Mortem: 2016 Campaign’


(Draft: 10 Nov 16)
(I’m done: 14 Nov 16)


Stand-by, Dear Reader, as I compose this post over the course of a few days from various notes and with hopes of Internet wi-fi time at the local Public Library and the friendly grocery store that provides free wi-fi.

Up-date (14 Nov 16):

At this point, I shall consider this page sufficiently complete.  I’ve written about as much post-election post-mortem as I shall do for now.  Any additional commentary will go on future pages rather than addendum (addendi, in proper Latin, eh) to this page.


Take a read of my ‘Republicans (Part 1)’, ‘Republicans (Part 2)’, and ‘Republicans (Part 3)’ blogs for handy reference on this page.

While I did not hit every election result exactly, I accurately predicted both Clinton’s loss in the Electoral College vote by a bundle and her win of the popular vote, though by not as much as what actually happened.  It’s Al Gore repeated.  It’s another Republican President not legitimately elected by the majority of the will of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’, the American citizens.

I got this correct because I am not tainted by rose-colored glasses.

Of course, crazy events rule American politics.  Dr. Stein, Green Party, has been funding re-counts in a handful of states where the vote was close.  One never knows what will be these results.

Also at hand are movements to convince members of the Electoral College to vote for Clinton because she won the vote of the people.  The required number is sizable; of course if vote tabulations flip the results to Clinton, then that number could be small or not necessary.


‘Mainstream media’ certainly reported that Trump and his fellow Republican campaigns told their people to lie about their intended vote – tell the poll-takers that you are voting for Clinton, mess up the polls.

  • You who voted for Trump on the idea that he is some bumbling, well-meaning ‘reality’ TV character versus Clinton the ‘well-versed politician’ are so very mistaken.   Trump is among the slickest purveyors this nation has seen and you allow him to continue selling snake oil.
  • You who voted for Trump as a protest vote against Clinton – this is where your protest vote gets you worse than if you had voted for Clinton.
  • You who voted for Trump in your imagined notion that somehow voting for Republican Trump is ‘change’ – your vote for Trump as ‘change’ only wrought the nation more of the same.
  • You who voted for Trump assured our American nation and the world that we shall fondly recall how ‘Shrub’ on his worst day will have been better than Trump on his best day.


I also strongly recall how history repeats itself.

Remember, Dear Reader, that Reagan was considered damaged goods by 1976.  His own state of California had more than enough of him.  They wanted none of Reagan by the time the California primary hit town (June 1976) nor for their national convention later that Summer.

What did Reagan do, go home and lick his wounds?  Nope.  He declared victory and moved to the 1980 campaign as if he were the front-runner and Carter the slack loser.

Image was everything for that man of Hollywood.  Enough stoopid people (as both Republican talker Joe Walsh and Republican talker Rusty Humphries call their fellow Republi-cons and con-servatives) thought of Reagan as a ‘winner’ and voted for the image of that hack Hollywood actor.  We Americans got stuck with 12 years of their criminal behaviour – eight years of one man already suffering from Alzheoimer’s for 20 years and his ‘Voodoo Economics’ successor ‘Papa’ Bush.

Be carefull for what you wish for, Trumpsters, you got eight years of Republican ‘Hollywood’ – IF we get lucky.  But it may not be Trump as president; it could be Pence within a year or two.  Trump and Republicans want to investigate and prosecute Clinton?  Ha!  Trump is facing more investigations and defending more court cases than a Perry Mason series run.  Trump could be forced to resign in short order if too many civil and criminal cases bog down his own usefullness and lead to Pence as our next president.

Or will Trump command Comey and the FBI, and the Justice Department, and the US Marshall’s Service, and the IRS, and the many other investigative authorities to withdraw their actions?  We’ve been down that road with Nixon.  Now that would in itself be that ‘impeachable offense greater than Watergate’ that Republicans so dreamed they can pull against Clinton.

That’s not enough, Dear Reader.  We are also returning to the idea of another ‘full and absolute pardon’ by Pence of Trump to ‘save us of from our national nightmare’.


At least one dear friend here where I reside is experiencing her first full presidential election cycle in her post- life.  Presidential campaign years are deeper than the typical Congressional and local elections.  These presidential campaign seasons are the next step beyond those two-year Congressional cycles.  There is much more at stake selecting the President.  You have learned that much more as you are now quite deep as female.

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  Grass-roots politics starts there.  Your local school boards, county officers, community college boards, hospital districts, city councils, magistrates, constables, judges, and state legislatures are all critically important in their own right.

Please vote carefully throughout your ballot.  Take nothing for granted.  As we saw, Trump and his Republicans won for whatever reasons may be determined.  It could be simple as more Trumpsters decided to actually vote than Clinton supporters; if so, then Clinton supporters who failed to perform their civic duty are among those to blame equally as for those who cast their ballot absent a full vote of all the people.

These results stink!

Yet we must work for the best – hope for the best – for our nation.

Republicanism, though, is about their political party first, nation is subservient to party.

We reserve our right to oppose Trump and his Republicans with the same zeal as Republicans opposed Obama.

We currently live in a crisis devised by Republicans at least since the 1920s.  Republicans know how to play the long con.  There is no end to it.  They will not concede defeat.  They lie the ‘big lie’ exactly as professed by the NAZI and Fascist parties.


Domestic and  international markets drop during uncertainty, they rise during stability, they run scattered up and down during bad times when takers are manipulating the market while profit-taking from duped novice buyers.2016-11-08-democratic-party-election-night-party-8-the-collapse

What do we have now at this immediate post-election time?

You got it, drastic ups and downs.

The cons are running this post-election market.  They are buying from nervous people who sell as their price collapses – people who have no idea that they should retain their position rather than sell at that loss.

Look at history.  Stocks perform much better during Democratic presidential administrations.  The Dow collapsed at the end of ‘Shrub’ Bush’s administration; it was around the 9.000 level.  The Dow has been rising to the 18.000 and could go to 20.000 by next February.

Those same markets both collapse and fluctuate wildly during Republican presidential administrations.  Republican laissez faire de-regulation allows the con artists to manipulate the system as an inside game; the 1920s is a perfect example of insider Republicanism manipulating the market.  As with casinos, the house always wins, the  player always loses.


CBS News reported on Election Day that more than 60% of Republicans oppose the make-up of Congress.

They hold a disconnect from reality.

Republicans may not know the truth if all their information is Fox-fed.

One such Republican talker during a PBS ‘Nightly Business Report’ broadcast (Wednesday, 9 Nov 16) repeatedly referred to what happened ’10 years ago’ and repeatedly referred to Obama as president ’10 years ago’.  That Republican goosed the economic collapse of 2006 – 2009 as being caused under Obama’s administration.  Neither of the two ‘newscasters’ corrected that interviewee.  (BTW, in case you can’t count, ‘Shrub’ Bush was president ’10 years ago’.)

Was that guest deliberately lying or totally blitzed?  My assertion is that he knew exactly what he was saying.  If he is so smart, then he had to know he was lying.  Otherwise, why would a national news program allow such a ‘dumb ass’ to permeate their airwaves?

Back to CBS News’ point.  Republicans control both houses of Congress and are their own creators of national legislative discontent, obstructionism, and gridlock.  These Republicans vowed so on Election Day 2008 and Inauguration Day 2009.  Republicans boasted themselves as ‘The Party of ‘No!”.

Republican advisor Dan Castellano (ABC News) whined by 5:30 p.m. local Arizona time that ‘Republicans want change in Congress’.  Is that well-paid advisor that stoopid or that slick?  Is he truly among those disconnected from reality?   His own Republican Party ‘… is the problem, not the solution’.

These Republicans shut-down our American government on their reason that they refused to do their job.  How far do you figure that you, Dear Reader, would get if you repeatedly refused to do your work?  Don’t you expect that you’d get canned?  So why not sack these Republicans for non-performance?

These Republicans schemed to ‘make Obama a one-term president’.  How far do you think Democrats would go if they plotted that same act against Trump?


Network news reported that Trumpsters at Trump’s Florida rallies were chanting ‘assassinate the bitch!’

Yep, real nice there.

Republican David Brooks made his usual pronouncements.  He boasted on Election Night news (PBS ‘Newshour’) that Trump successfully ‘campaigned on bigotry and racism’.

During his Friday (11 Nov 16) round table comments on PBS ‘ Newshour’, Brooks repeated his incendiary infection:

  •  ‘Voters want change – some un-named change.  Trump is the wrong vehicle for them for taking over the corporate party.  You’re willing to tolerate bigotry from Trump; just change.  Voters tolerate ugliness.  Their culture, their life was going downhill.  Populist movements that have ugly racial elements.  Life is good for people good at using words.  Ugliness that is super ugly.  Nominating Pence is a sign Trump is going with more conventional Republicans; Pence is well-connected to conventional Republicans.  Trump will find it hard to change.  His simple promises he makes just don’t apply to reality.’

‘Change’?  Trump is corporate defined – hardly ‘change’.

Trump is bigotry and ugliness, ‘Deplorable’ defined – hardly ‘change’.

Pence is not ‘change’.  Yet time and again, Trump voters asserted that they voted for Trump because he campaigned that he is ‘change’.  Disconnected from reality, snookered and conned are those naive Trump voters.

‘Words’. Notice now the increase in outward expressions of vile: graffiti boasting racism, swastikas, chants of ‘White power!’ in our schools, women being sexually assaulted openly on the street (one man waggled, ‘The President can do it, so can I.’).  This is what Trump means by his campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’. That’s how Trumpsters define ‘Great’.  A real life Pottersville.

‘Reduce things to its simplest terms!’ ranted Michael Weiner (11 Nov 16, his radio show).  Again with this ‘simple’.  Scientists proved that the conservative mind is different than the liberal mind.  So stated by two conservative talkers that right-wingers need ‘simple’, no shades of grey, no deviation, no comprehension for nuance that liberal minds perceive.  To conservatives’ ‘simple’, no wonder that they rant that ‘Librrrlism is a mental disorder.’  To their basis, everything other than their simplicity is that ‘mental disorder’.

Trump voters – disconnected from reality.


It was all done by 5:00 p.m. local Arizona time.

Trump was cleaning the deck; it was obvious that Clinton was already doomed.

Siiar jaim douay.

By 10:00 p.m. local Arizona time, Trump was as good as elected.  It was time to call it an early night.

I attended the Democratic Party’s Election Night Party hoping for a long party and instead got cut short – the mood turned somber too soon.

Then MSNBC called it for Trump shortly before 11:00 p.m. local Arizona time.

Yech!  😦

I eventually made it home by 1:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.  I sat in my car and cried as I listened to the radio’s repeat broadcast of ‘Democracy Now’.  I was drained.  I did not want to2016-11-08-democratic-party-election-night-party-3-penzone go inside and watch any of the election coverage to see how bad were the results.

Well, not all bad.  We got rid of Sheriff ‘Joke’ from Maricopa County – the world’s wussiest sheriff.  He awaits criminal trial and the possibility of jail time at his own ‘criminal college’ where he should be forced to sleep at ‘tent city’, eat green baloney sandwiches, and strip down and wear pink undies and pink sox same as the other in-mates.  It’s what T T Flowers would have wanted, eh Muller.

Arizona held a Congressional District in the Democratic Party alignment in a battle that was expected to go ‘red’ to another criminal sheriff from an adjacent county.2016-11-08-democratic-party-election-night-party-4-ohalleran

As of when I am writing this, it also appears that the Maricopa County elections officer, a staunch Republican, lost her re-election for a fifth term (Or was it sixth, maybe seventh, who knows?  Term limits?  Who needs no stinkin’ ‘term limits’).  She gained notoriety even among fellow Republicans for conducting voter suppression during the presidential primary.  Why is she taking this long (nearly one week later) to count the votes for her position?


Did you catch it?

NBC News showed West Virginia ‘blue’ though ABC News declared it ‘red’ to Trump.


Trump is correct.  The vote is ‘rigged’.

Trump and his Republicans stole this election through voter intimidation, election fraud schemes concocted through the various Republican-controlled state legislatures, and their stand-by ‘October Surprise’.

Greg Palast reported that Republicans purged one of every six registered Democratic voters from the rolls of 30 ‘red’ Republican-controlled states.  Those lost Democratic votes are more than enough to swing the election to Trump and Republicans.2016-11-08-democratic-party-election-night-party-7-somber

As usual, Republican ‘October Surprise’ worked its charm on the stoopid electorate.  FBI Comey (himself a loyal Republican) could not have timed it better.  Broadcast network news confirmed that Comey’s final last-week announcement of more e-mails, then his Emily Litella ‘Never mind’ routine, tainted 40 million ballots – clearly more than enough to change the results from a Clinton victory to a Trump victory.

CBS News reported that voters who cast their ballot during this final week under the cloud of Comey’s false accusations were overwhelmingly swayed by Comey’s slick innuendo; those conned electors overwhelmingly voted for Trump.  Their news-spot reported that Clinton was handily winning the early vote until Comey came along and put doubt into the minds of stoopid voters who did not know the difference between ‘October Surprise’ and ‘you’re snookered’.


Network news reported that Hispanic women voted for Trump despite him calling out racist names to Hispanic citizens.

Network news reported that White women overwhelmingly voted for Trump, totally disregarding his stated misogyny and self-admissions of committing sexual assault against women.

Disconnect from reality.

Here’s what I learned many years ago during my days campaigning for the ERA (1970s – 1980s):

  •  Women can actually be dis-inclined to vote for other women, disregarding that woman candidate being pro-female oriented and instead favouring a misogynist male candidate.
  •  Right-wing, conservative, Christian, and Republican women are the most averse to voting for women – especially for liberal, left-wing, Democratic woman.  Women of the Left will vote blindly for women of the Right, sometimes merely to put another women into elective office on their mis-guided notion that any woman is better than no woman.

Disconnect from reality.


Military and veterans overwhelmingly voted for Trump who denigrated war veterans – especially wounded veterans, POW veterans, minority veterans.

So much for unity among soldiers toward their own.  Frightening indeed their phony front to their fellow member on the combat field to consider.  If I am a minority GI, do I wonder if that White GI next to me will leave me to die as he saves his own skin.

I ask this of my friends who are military, please explain your love for Republicans:

  • the party that hates you and destroys you,
  • the party that sends you to fight and die for wars of their choosing to enrich their personal and corporate greed,
  • the party that ignores you when you return home broken, injured, paralysed, dismembered, suicidal, if not brought home in a black plastic body bag.
  • the party that refuses to fund your own veterans agency; even now plotting to ‘dismantle’ your very own Department of Veterans Affairs as this is written.

You swore allegiance to that party yet they deny that same respect for your sacrifice.

Hardly military unity.

Another disconnect from reality.


I congratulated my self-described ‘Deplorable’ Cousin Nancy on her candidate’s election.  I asked Cousin Nancy about that collapse of the market as reaction to Trump’s victory.  I asked Cousin Nancy how she can accept Trump’s allegiance to Putin.  I asked, but she did not reply.

I asked how quickly and how well Trump and his Republicans will solve everything as they promised:

  • jobs and employment
  • the economy
  • immigration
  • public security
  • defence
  • infrastructure
  • federal budget
  • law and order and justice


Cousin Nancy had the duplicity to post to her Facebook that she is perfectly correct to declare ‘Obama is not my president’ during Obama’s administration but that it is not correct for me to post ‘Trump is NOT my president’ during his term in office.  Sorry, Nancy, I want to remain friendly with you, but your disconnect from reality won’t cut it here.

To be fair to you, Nancy, what I present here is my perspective.  I honour your right to present your own perspective at your web-site and accept whatever barb you may sling at me.  Friends can exchange honest opinions in respect.

Thank you.


Trump and Republicans campaigned to eliminate ACA Obama-care.  With what?  ‘Trust us’ was their only answer.

Guess what, Dear Reader.  Hospital and medical stocks are dropping on the uncertainty of Trump’s plan.  No more subsidies to the medical industry to carry the un-insured means no automatic profits.

Of course no more Obama-care means 20 million or more enrollees dumpt from health insurance only to wind up at your nearby emergency room instead of primary care.  They will still seek and receive medical services but there will be no payment from them; other ER users must fork over paying those unpaid bills.

Nor will ‘Big Pharma’ be collecting their subsidy to insure the un-insured.  No subsidy, no drugs to low-income, more dying people coming to that emergency room near you.

Trump made a few post-election statements claiming that he will retain Obama-care.  He especially identified keeping pre-existing conditions, retaining covered children through age 25, pharmacy coverage, emergency room coverage.  How?  His own Republican Party opposes those measures.  His own Republican Party opposes all federal spending for Obama-care – including the enrollment mandate that financed it.

Where does Trump expect to continue Obama-care with his own Congressional Republicans who oppose it, who voted nearly 150 times to repeal it with nothing to replace it?


As for jobs, don’t try General  Motors.  They announced that they will be laying off at least 2.000 Ohio automobile workers and shipping those jobs to slave-wage sweat-shop countries.  Hey, Ohio, aren’t you glad you voted for Clinton.  Oops, never mind.

Trump boasted he will bring home all those tens of millions of American jobs that his fellow Republicans sent to China – not to mention American jobs that he himself also sent to China and elsewhere.  All we got so far is Trump’s dead silence at GM’s good news.


Trump campaigned to blow trillions on military spending without telling how he will collect tax money to pay for it.  He will take it from you, Dear Reader.  He will raise your federal taxes while he and his cronies will reduce their taxes – ignore their fair share.  Trump will enrich his corporate military-industrial-government complex buddies at your expence.

Did you not ask why Trump must increase military budgets when he campaigned to withdraw American military from around the world?  With less military, why does Trump insist increasing that budget?

Disconnect from reality.


Trump is also beholden to the prison-industrial system.

Trump must find ways to keep privately-owned corporate prisons filled and paid by your federal taxes.  That means that Trump will be imprisoning more people on illegitimate charges.

Remember the words of August Spies.  He equated capitalist extremism as a way to criminalise public behaviour.

  • Make poverty a crime.
  • Make unemployment a crime.
  • Make disability a crime.

Your vote for Trump was a vote to evolve America into division.  Dickens comes to America.

Soon enough, your very own Republican Party ruling class has criminalised entire segments of society – excluding them from the benefits of citizenship while imposing the burdens of that citizenship only upon those underclass citizens.  Do we hear ‘Storm the Bastille!’ in the approaching thunder?


Trump now says he wants to spend hundreds of billions of Dollars for infrastructure.  How?  Not even on their best behaviour when Republicans ruled Congress during ‘Shrub’ Bush’s Republican presidency did that Party move to repair and replace deteriorating American infrastructure – not Bush, not his Congressional Republicans.

Bridges collapsed, dams crumbled, water mains burst, railroads died throughout Bush’s eight years and nary was there any concern, even in the most dire instances.  People were injured and killed, homes and businesses destroyed, and Bush Republicans remained firmly silent and inactive.

Not much changed during eight years of Obama’s administration; Republicans would not budge in their ‘Party of ‘No’!’ position against him.  Republicans refused to pass the budget.  ‘No!  Hell NO!!!’

Now Trump and these same Republicans want you to believe the opposite?  Do you really want to be conned by Republicans playing Santa Claus again?  How is it that Trump and these same Republicans want you to believe they support the Democratic Party’s platform that you voted against?  Why did you vote for Trump if you want a Clinton / Democratic Party initiative?

Disconnect from reality.


My friend from Hungary exchanged texts with me.  She was saddened that the USA has now moved to a Fascist government.  She oughta know, she was raised under Soviet domination.


Republican talker Joe Walsh (no, not our guitarist and rocker Joe Walsh) took a caller.  That caller gushed how his father lives well on a union pension and Social Security yet whined about ‘Big Labor’ and ‘Big Guh’mint’.

Walsh applauded that caller’s father for doing it all  on his own – ‘rugged individualism’, don’tcha know.

That caller and his father failed to acknowledge the work of their union who managed a portion of his pay into sound investments that provide that retirement to him; his union pension did not simply appear from thin air.  We as a society contribute our payroll deduction into Social Security insurance – FICA – so that we can collect a fair return on our investment there as well – plenty for disability or retirement as long as Republicans do not privatise it to enrich their ‘Big Banks’.

Yep, disconnect from reality, good buddy.


I take this loss back to Obama’s own selection for Vice President running-mate.  I hold nothing against Biden, I’m certain he has been quite capable.

Problem was that Biden was not a clear successor to Obama.

Obama failed to name his successor when he named Biden to his ticket.  I said so since back in 2008 and I say it again in 2016.

Does that mean that Obama should have named Clinton as his running mate for 2008?  For 2012?  They didn’t pay me for that advice.

Obama raided the Senate for too many appointments.  He weakened the Democratic Senate by the loss of Democrats.  He lost the Senate.  He lost his presidency.


Clinton gave a very good, gracious concession speech.

Hers was far better than Trump’s.  We heard his concession speech most of the intervening months since the RNC.  He was nothing but sour grapes.  Curious, Trump vowed to not accept the results if he lost, so why does he accept them now that the Electoral College will vote to make him the next President?

Trump is a spoiled brat and a poor sport – he has no concept of either losing gracefully or winning gracefully.


The local pot show guy (KFNX AM) is a deep-seated Republican.  He campaigned for the pot proposition that lost here at Arizona.

He also campaigned for Trump.

That support did not last long.  By Thursday (10 Nov 16), he was ranting against Trump and his own Republican Party for defeating his precious pot bill.

Another disconnect from reality.

Right-wing radio is whining about Democrats asserting their First Amendment rights during these post-election days.  Hypocrites!  Don’t tell me that if Trump lost or if both houses of Congress went to Democrats that we would not see so much as one mussed hair on one Republican!


Republicans campaigned as the ‘Party of Change’.

So why is Trump restoring the ‘Shrub’ Bush administration?  Trump, Pence, and their transition team are posting old White guys from two presidents ago:

  • Rudy Giuliani – Attorney General
  • Newt Gingrich – Secretary of State
  • Chris Christie – Go-fer
  • Jeff Sessions – Secretary for Department of Defense
  • John Bolton – Ambassador to the United Nations

That Trump short list includes more great American philanderers ever to point their crooked little fingers who will join Trump – himself the most-oft divorced / married / cheating man to hold the presidency in these here parts.  Must be why evangelical Christian Conservatives like those serial marriage kinda goofs after all – someone to ‘save’.

Ever hear of nepotism and conflict-of-interest?  Trump announced he is appointing his three children and his son-in-law to high positions in his administration.  Didn’t Trump run against ‘Big Guh’mint’?  Then why is he feeding from the ‘Big Guh’mint’ trough?

Disconnect from reality.


Remember this very clearly, Dear Reader.  Clinton received more votes from ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ than Trump.   More Americans wanted Clinton than Trump.

Trump and his Republicans played what counted by winning the Electoral College, a Constitutional device created to secure the superiority of Southern slave states.  Gee, no wonder kluxers, bigots, and bullies overwhelmingly voted for Trump to ‘Make America Great Again’ – ‘The South is gonna rise again’.

You who voted for Trump rewarded Trump and his fellow Republicans for their misogyny, bigotry, and hatred.  Those truths will not change regardless of your own personal motivation.  Your end does not justify your means.


(More to come to this page next time I can find Internet wi-fi – maybe this coming Saturday.  So go the breaks being low-income without home Internet.)


2 thoughts on “‘Post-Election Post-Mortem: 2016 Campaign’

  1. Interesting, and sad. Bringing back the old crew eh, black helicopters to spy on people also I wonder? I had personal run ins with them back in papa Bush days.

    And the way they all tore down Obama. In retrospect I think Obama was probably the kindest, most caring president since Jimmy Carter.

    I wonder about the Fort Wayne GM plant, if they’ll be laying off Hoosiers as well as Buckeyes?

    Time will tell.

    Liked by 1 person

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