‘Ironic Justice, Creative Differences, And Other Thoughts’


(20 Nov 16)


‘Ironic Justice, Creative Differences, And Other Thoughts’


Dear Reader:

Sahwdee khaf.

Here follows another grab bag of information and comment for your consideration.


‘What was on TV’

PBS network broadcast positive trans related documentaries. You can watch videos on the PBS web-site if you missed their broadcasts.


A recent ‘America Reframed’ re-run episode is titled ‘A Self-made Man’ (week of 18 Oct 16). It is about F-M transition including a few brief segments of M-F persons.

Find another ‘America Reframed’ documentary titled ‘Red Without Blue’.  It follows two LGBT twins; one is M-F trans, the other is a homosexual male.


A recent PBS ‘Frontline’ episode is titled ‘Growing Up Trans’ (week of 25 Oct 16; original broadcast was last year 2015).

It mostly followed F-M trans children; the documentary included M-F children to a lesser extent.

The point of this program is commented at the conclusion:

  •  medical treatment for very young trans children has been a new, experimental concept and we shall know how well these children develop in he coming years
  •  future trans children and their families will no longer live in the shadows because society will no longer render trans families to ostracism.

One issue that persisted in this documentary is the question of how does a trans child know for sure what they want. They know the same as any cis child. This sense is innate. I knew as far back as my memory – age three,

Many opponents persist. They do not understand. They consider this a transient idea – that little Johnny might just as well experiment as a fire truck or little Mary experiment as a mermaid. No, Dear Reader, do not confuse childhood curiosity with reality. Trans children are not  themselves as that fire truck or mermaid – they are who they assert they are. They know who they are same as any natal cis person.

We can hope for positive prospects.

The families reported on this documentary are upper-middle class income and higher – no low-income or public assistance households. Yes it is nice to see that well-financed kids can make their way through transition. On the other hand, families with less financial wherewithal present a great challenge. Where do the families obtain reliable medical care in the current economics of health care?

I was in my youth as those children are today. My time did not provide the medical and familial support available today. This is a great advancement that pleases me to no end.

Our local Scottsdale Public Library conducted an open presentation of this documentary (10 Nov 16). Members of the community answered questions from the audience.



Here is a train of thought to ponder, Dear Reader:

  •  Who were your childhood or adulthood heroes?
  •  Who did you identify as when you were a child or now as an adult?

‘Decades’ digital TV ran a special salute to old-time cartoons (14 Oct 16).

I was watching the ‘Popeye’ cartoons. The same woman who voiced Olive Oyl also voiced Betty Boop. Well, Dear Readers, this kid was a big fan of Betty Boop; local television broadcast her cartoon in glorious black-and-white and I watched at every opportunity.

Betty Boop was my first cartoon and my first hero. Maybe I identified to her as I established my female persona.

‘Boop boopy doop!’



What is ‘Transition’?  How does one define when they complete their ‘Transition’?  This was a recent thread eliciting comment at ‘Susan’s Place’ site (‘When does transition end?’):


Allow my two cents worth.

Coming from the old days (1970s) through Stanford and Janus, ‘Transition’ was defined as ultimately ending when the person completed their course – meaning completed genital surgery to meet the anatomical definition of female within the possibilities of then-contemporary medical science.

Such actions as electrolysis, FFS, thyroid shave were defined as preliminary and pre-requisite.  The enrollee culminated her treatment at GCS / SRS (aka, ‘bottom surgery’).

Both Stanford and Janus could at least unofficially acknowledge that ‘bottom surgery’ was the universal goal of perhaps 100% of their participants; only 25% to 30% of all enrollees went as far as ‘bottom surgery’ for any number of reasons or limitations.

  •  Those who chose de-transition went back to what they were in their ‘before’, namely ‘male’.
  •  One could meet all the paper requirements but fall short financially; they continued presenting and being acknowledged as female by their society’s circles.
  •  Those who did not go as far as ‘bottom surgery’ could still be medically, legally, socially, psychologically termed ‘female’; they continued living and presenting as female.
  •  Those ‘not complete’ patients had to deal with their anatomic anomaly in their own way.

One of Stanford’s direct standards in their 1977 guidelines (see Stanford post) was the provision that the individual be perceived and accepted as a woman – not as a transsexual – as a pre-requisite to ‘bottom surgery’.

This all is not to say that doctors know for themselves.  I had been post-op and full-time nearly 30 years when I landed with a new endocrinologist.  She told me that I am her first (and still only) trans patient.  My initial identification in my medical file from her reported me as ‘male’.  At first I kinda shrugged my shoulders.  After a few visits, I asked her why she listed me as ‘male’ when in fact I have been female all those years before I was her patient.  She offered no answer; she made no objection correcting my identification to female.

My endo later wrote a letter to Social Security Administration (see my Social Security blog) that was awkward as well.  Hey, it did the job for SSA, that was all that mattered to me.  I had no complaints.

Allow me to share that I participate in ‘3rd Space’ meetings at Trans Spectrum support group.  These members do not concern themselves with any obligation to ‘pass’ as female any further than whatever steps they have chosen, or maybe none at all.  They extend that envelope and definition.

Aside from the definitions in the legal books, the answer to ‘Transition’ depends upon who you ask and what is their definition of when they define completing their transition.


‘Life Is Short, Be Goofy’

Alana and I were enjoying In-n-Out burgers and brainstorming ideas.  Why not an all-you-can-eat burger and fries buffet restaurant?

Do we include a salad and soup bar?  Naw!  No ‘healthy’ foods to overdose at a burger joint.

You want a breakfast menu?  Go to breakfast.

You want pizza?  Go to the pizzeria.

Burgers and fries only!  That’s a nice clean menu.

KISS: keep it simple, Stoopid.


‘November Strange’

I drove to the desert to find my self
I saw vampires and beasts waiting for me
I swam the ocean to cleanse my self
I met sharks and snakes walking the sea

Life is chaos and disorder
Organized and obsessed

I opened the way to a path for the blind
I need to decide what’s real and who’s fake
I showed the people strange to our mind
I want to muse who’s sane and awake

No one is born, no one dies
Our soul, our mind, our being

I would not die either for me or for you
I could not get high with life status quo
I surrender to the lost ancient anew
I learn for the future if I’m abled to know

Alive is forever


Kapung khaf and thank you, Dear Reader, one and all wherever you live.


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