‘Republicans (Part 4): Sore Winners And Their Long Con’


‘Republicans (Part 4):  Sore Winners And Their Long Con’


This is too much!

Republicans just don’t know when to be civil, polite, or common sensical.  They make it easy to continue taking note of what they say and do as they further destroy this nation into their corporatist (aka, Fascist Party) state.

People we hear and meet, people who are our friends, people who vote Republican and Trump want us to think their attack has ended now that the 2016 election is done.

One of my dearest friends voted Republican and for Trump.  She asserted that she is an ‘independent’ and a ‘moderate’ yet she spoke nothing but ‘hate’ about Clinton and Democrats; she expressed no concern for the ‘hate’ promulgated by Trump and Republicans.  She now expressed dismay how people she presumed to be her friends are outraged at her voting.

Another new friend also boasted she voted proud for Trump and Republicans.  She tells that she is a veteran of Papa Bush’s invasion into Iraq in the 1990s.  It is the same question I ask of veterans – Why do you support a candidate (i.e., Trump) who did not serve in the military and who leads the political party that most abuses veterans through the way they send American youth to fight wars of corporate greed and fail to fund their life when they return home and following discharge?

Well, you both remain my dear friends, but I hope you can someday see that the results of your votes hurt the ones who love you the most.  For example, maybe you personally are not racist, but you voted for kluxer-supported, White supremicist racism.  We already got hate from families and friends who abandoned us, we don’t need another layer from among our own community as diverse as it is.  Please understand this.


Three recent items that connect the dark dots:

  •  A recent week’s PBS ‘Rick Steves’ Europe’ was about NAZI Germany.  Steves described how Hitler ‘trumped-up’ fear upon the German population – ain’t that true!  Yes, he used that term ‘trumped-up’; I did not see the copyright date, but it would sure be interesting to know when he produced that episode.
  •  ‘Imus in the Morning’ radio show boasted that FBI Comey’s e-mail story one week before Election Day is the Republican’s 2016 ‘October Surprise’ well-timed to spread fake news to destroy Clinton’s campaign.
  •  BBC News reports that Erdogan’s right-wing attack against all political opposition in Turkey is to ‘wipe them out’ arresting opposition civilians, news reporters, and politicians – Erdogan is a preview of Trump’s election.


Allow my effort to try up-dating Reverend Martin Niemohler to current events here at the USA:

  •  First they came for the coal miners who refused to unionise against un-fair labour practises, deadly work conditions, massive pollution, and criminal corporate control;
  •  Then they out-sourced organised factory jobs to slave-wage sweat-shop nations to boost their personal profits and enrich their New World Order  globalised corporate benefit;
  •  Then they wrought labour conditions obligating the rank-and-file to endure long work hours with minimal pay below the standard of a ‘livable wage’;
  •  Then they fractured their employment conditions into multiple jobs while they out-lawed over-time pay;
  •  Then they privatised your Public Education in order to make their profit margins soar at your expence – remember, they attack the educated who they chant is their ‘enemy’;
  •  Then they intimidated into submission what was once a Free Press in order for them to create their propaganda arm to instill false narratives, establish their ‘Big Lie’, promote fake news, and spread fear and confusion among the population;
  •  Then they came for the moderates and independents who failed to take a stand;
  •  Then they roused you into hatred toward the very representatives who serve you well;
  •  Then they besmirched their political opposition and convinced you to elect slick celebrity politicians in the guise of ‘change’ whose policies really mean that they are the status quo whose ‘change’ is obscuring the advancement of our Constitutional ingenuity;
  •  Then they came for women who could not comprehend that they were being raped by their patriarchal misogyny;
  •  Then they called you a ‘fool’ and came for those ethnic minorities who withered rather than take their stand when ‘Black Lives Matter!’;
  •  Then they came for those refugees who feared discovery and face illegal deportation by them more than their home nation’s pursuers would abuse them;
  •  Then they came for the un-employed, under-employed, and low-paid workers whom they divided by racial lines in false labour markets;
  •  Then they separated the social communities to create divisive foment among themselves;
  •  Then they charged upon your person, property, and livelihood because they already stript you of your Constitutional protections;
  •  Then they intruded upon your rights to enjoy clean air, clean water, clean land, safe markets, peaceful public accommodation, enjoyment of public lands and facilities;
  •  Then they infiltrated their ‘sovereign citizens’ and ‘states rights’ doctrine to defraud you while attacking you for asserting your 1st Amendment rights of redress of grievances because now their corporate control supersedes public authority;
  •  Then they instituted ‘voting protection’ laws amid Gerrymandered legislative districting that in combination amounted to actual election fraud to create their ‘Permanement Republican Majority’and deny the effect of your right to vote;
  •  Then they subversively purged voter registration rolls of several million more Democratic Party registrants in several states to outright deny your ‘states’ rights’ right to cast your ballot as an American citizen at your state of residence.

By now there is no one remaining but you who stands alone, abandoned.

(You got your idea to add to this one, Dear Reader.  Post it here for your friends to see.)


That was not their last word.

Please read ‘Republicans (Part 5):  Thrump’s Transition’ for tell-tale quotes during his post-election period.  There will be some doozies.

Stay tuned.


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