‘Republicans (Part 5): Trump’s Transition’


‘Republicans (Part 5):  Trump’s Transition’


Now for more Republi-con quotes and commentary during Trump’s Transition.


Laura Ingraham, R (15 Nov 16, her radio show): ‘I like divisiveness. I like foment. Rollback the Affordable Care Act. Rollback the Obama legacy.’ (Editor: Theirs is no call for American unity among Republicans and Trumpsters. Theirs is the desire for a divided nation

Pat Robertson, R (15 Nov 16, CBN ‘700 Club’): (1) ‘Giuliani cleaned up New York. I like him. Power to him. Appointed to Secretary of State. A feather in his cap for Giuliani.’; (2) ‘Get rid of clean power. Look at off-shore drilling.’; (3) ‘He got a call from Putin. Putin is KGB to the core. Trump praised Putin.’; (4) ‘Breitbart is extremely inflammatory.’ (Editor: (1) Robertson was gushing that Giuliani would make a great Secretary of State because he was a mayor of New York City. Robertson was silent that the Supreme Court – including Republicans – ruled that Giuiani’s greatest achievement ‘stop and frisk’ ‘clean up’ legacy is un-Constitutional; Giuliani’s international financial intrigue is cause for investigation of his own affairs. (2) Trump brings in pollution to a neighbourhood near you. (3) Didn’t Trump claim that he did not know Putin? Lying Teflon Don Strikes again. (4) No kidding. And Trump chose this guy as his closest advisor.)

Lars Larsen, R (15 Nov 16, his radio show): ‘Hollywood. It’s librrrl Fascists. They kill babies and eat their hearts. They’re the ones who invaded Iraq. Bush, Cheney, and Trump were against the war. It was Hillary pushing it.’ (Editor: There’s your ‘Hollywood’ blather. This guy is pushing his slickness. Fascists can’t be liberals, they are conservative right-wing by definition. Hitler roused his NAZIs by bloviating that Jews ‘killed German babies and ate their hearts’. As for Iraq, Bush and Cheney were all for invading Iraq because, as Bush said in 2001, ‘Its all about the oil. Sadam tried to kill my daddy.’)

Representative Paul Ryan, R (15 Nov 16, speech to the press): ‘We need to help Donald Trump during his transition.’ CBS News (16 Nov 16): ‘Donald Trump’s transition is ‘in turmoil’. The transition team announced a flurry of changes. The Trump transition is re-vamping a lot, leaving the team short-staffed, in-fighting, in chaos. Trump advisors admitting, ‘This all looks amateurish.’ PBS Newshour (17 Nov 16): ‘Donald Trump gets his transition moving with Henry Kissinger and a long line.’ Kellyanne Conway, R (18 Nov 16, actuality in Herman Cane radio show): ‘We thank Governor Chris Christie with his help in the transition. (Editor: Allow me to suggest that Trump assign Caitlyn Jenner as Director of Transition, eh, Jeffrey?)

Senator Rand Paul, R (15 Nov 16, interview on CNN News: ‘You want a diplomat, not a bomb-thrower. Giuliani is un-fit for the job.’ CBS News (16 Nov 16): ‘Giuliani’s firm has contracts with the government of Qatar. He gave paid speeches to an Iranian group on the State Department’s list of terrorist organisations.’ (Editor: So much for Mayor Smoochie.)

Laura Ingraham, R (16 Nov 16, her radio show): ‘We need to restore the Grace Commission to get rid of waste, fraud, and abuse.’ (Editor: The US Supreme Court ruled that the Grace Commission and privatising federal agencies is un-Constitutional (1986). It was demonstrated that the Grace Commission was the epitome of waste, fraud, and abuse – cronyism and nepotism at its ultimate. Trump announced he wants to privatise public schools. Privatisation is one more tired, wrong Trump and Republican platform. They have nothing fruitfull yet to present to the American people. Imagine all the coming waste, fraud, and abuse with Trump using his ‘Trump Tower’ as his official presidential office! Neighbouring businesses on New York City’s Fifth Avenue are losing customers due to Secret Service security perimeters.)

Megyn Kelly, R (16 Nov 16, CBS News interview): ‘As far as Trump, I thought my book was important to document as a historical record what it’s like being on the receiving end of bullying behaviour. What Donald Trump did to me has real implications. If President Trump came after a journalist the way he came after me, he could be dangerous. Roger Ailes made Fox News look bad. My heart is with other women. We got rid of our bully. There are men out there who are doing this to women. You can speak up, you can talk loftily about taking a stand, but the reality is you’re gonna get labelled as a trouble-maker; that’s the world we live in. Seek out a woman in power who could advise you, go to bat for you.’ (Editor: Yep. How about your stories of being bullied, Dear Reader? This reporter has at least two of her own experiences as that whistle-blower ‘trouble-maker’.)

Joe Walsh, R (16 Nov 16, his radio show): ‘Yes! I want Obama to fail. We on the right want Obama to fail. We are a divided country. Our side won! Librrrls are upset. They’re taking to the streets. They’re marching. We all have to accept the results of a legitimate election. You have a Constitutional right to protest. They are out openly saying they want Trump to fail. It’s outrageous! I never wanted Obama to succeed. I want it to be an abject failure! I said that eight years ago. I said ‘Barack Obama is not my President!’ when I was in Congress. This country is divided – even more since last Tuesday. We are at war; we won the battle. The Press is our enemy. Who cares about the popular vote, the people!’ (Editor:  So much for your ‘We the People’ and 1st Amendment ‘freedom of the press’.  Thus, license for WE THE PEOPLE on the left to declare we want Trump to fail as President. What about that Trump and Republicans asserting that the Press is their ‘enemy’. Right-wing tyranny always asserts that the Press is their ‘enemy’. Why do you think Trump met with American media the other day – to intimidate them into submission.  Trump is what Republicans want for ‘change’.) (Addendum: See Walsh’s quote of 9 Dec 16.)

Joe Walsh, R (17 Nov 16, his radio show): ‘I got my musket loaded. I’m going to war. I’m a T-bagger. Obama hates this nation.’ (Editor: Walsh continued his incitement to violence and his own hatred against Obama.)

Laura Ingraham, R (18 Nov 16, her radio show): ‘We never want another Democrat in the presidency again. We will not see ‘Black lives matter’ foolishness now that Trump is elected. Patriotism!’ (Editor: The Republican Party goal of the election of 2000 was to establish their ‘Permanent Republican Party Majority’; this election is their result. That should make the African-American community render their support for more police brutality shootings against their brethren. Republicans control 35 state governorships and 68 legislative bodies.)

Bob Schiefer, R (19 Nov 16, CBS ‘Face the Nation’): ‘This election is not in a good way. This government is in gridlock. The first task of whoever is elected must be to repair the damage.’ CBS News (19 Nov 16): ‘Clinton calls for unity’ (Editor: Meanwhile, Trump went on vacation to his golf course unconcerned about the damage he and his party are doing to this nation.)

Don McDowell, R (20 Nov 16, his ‘Shake, Rattle, and Troll’ radio show): ‘Let’s put a buffalo in every freezer. We have the two houses of Congress and the executive office; we now have all three branches of the legislative. We now own the government.’ (Editor: This Republican talker again demonstrates his irresponsibility and his ignorance. This ‘sportsman’ has such low respect for the American buffalo to promote nothing more than its extinction. He exhibited no clue about the American government he boasts is now ‘owned’ by his Republican Party. There are two houses of the Legislative branch; the Executive branch is separate. Sheesh! And he is the party that wants to deny voting to we on the Left! His blathering re-states his Republican’s ‘Permanent Republican Majority’ – one-party rule controlling the American government.)

Michael Weiner, R (25 Nov 16, his radio show): ‘Trump will meet with Putin. Trump will be the peace president. True conservatives are peacemakers. We want peace at home and peace around the world. Librrrls want war to make themselves rich. (Editor: Weiner flipt ideology. He easily forgot all the wars that his fave Republican presidents have conducted and how they have increased their wealth at the expence of American taxpayers and our economic welfare. ‘Shrub’ Bush waged wars explicitly to take your tax money to feed to his military complex corporate sponsors; don’t forget about Papa Bush, Reagan, Ford, Nixon and their self-agrandising through international belligerence.)

David Brooks, R (25 Nov 16, PBS ‘Newshour’): (1) ‘Sometimes the campaign seems to be vindictive, a depraved three-ring circus. They are as Trump campaigned – his ideology – a nationalist movement.’ (2) ‘Charter schools are public schools paid for publicly. We need reform. Teachers unions are pushing against reform. DeVoss is not without fault. You gotta have accountability – national Common Core standards to measure schools. She has not been for accountability.’ (3) ‘There’s a lot of chaos so far.’ (Editor: (1) ‘Nationalist’ as in the ‘nationalism’ of Hitler in the past and as other contemporary right-wing Euro politicians causing alarm among their citizenry. (2) Wrong, buck-o! Charter schools are private schools funded by our public taxpayer money. Republicans oppose all national standards including ‘Common Core’ and they oppose ‘accountabliity’. ‘Accountability’ means who takes our taxpayer money and how they spend it – whether educating their students or lining their pockets at the public trough. In-coming Secretary of Education deVoss opposes both ‘Common Core’ and fiscal ‘accountability’ – in other words she and Trump want no one to watch how they spend our taxpayer money; unions demand standards and ‘accountability’. (3) This segment discussed how Trump must comport with the laws and spirit of transparency and conflict-of-interest laws – Melania Trump violated that condition when she began hawking her $10.000 bracelet that she wore on their ’60 Minutes’ interview. The Constitution prohibits the Presidency from making specious profiteering, First Lady included. These are impeachable offences. Trump has already proven himself incapable of upholding ethics laws.)

PBS ‘Newshour’ (25 Nov 16): ‘Trump’s Attorney General pick Jeff Sessions is an avowed marijuana prohibitionist – not just on marijuana but on the user. Come January, the marijuana industry could face federal enforcement. Sessions does not like what states are doing. Sessions is an advocate on state sovereignty. Turning back the clock sends users back into the criminal market – barriers against education and economic opportunity.’ (Editor: We The People are speaking loud and clear that we want the end to marijuana prohibition. Trump and Sessions and their Republicans are hypocrites – they wail for ‘states’ rights’ until states act against their Trumpster Republican ideology. Of course criminality fits well as Republicans seek to fill their private prisons.)

PBS ‘Wealthtrack’ (26 Nov 16): ‘A president can do a lot of damage.’ ‘The winners should do something for the losers. In populism here, the winners forgot to do something for the losers.’ ‘Free trade benefits the most powerful, the corporations.’ ‘Trump will thrive on borrowing money. Fifteen years ago we had budget surpluses and were paying down the debt. Then Bush came in and cut taxes, launched spending programs, and war, and we had more spending, lower taxes, and the budget deficits grew and grew, and then we had the financial crisis. Trump is saying he will cut taxes and borrow money. The debt will go up under Trump because that’s his plan.’ ‘Trump will be borrowing a lot of money. We’ll see rising interest rates and raised deficits.’ ‘Republicans are the business party. Good Republicans are pro-business.’ ‘Trump’s was a divisive campaign. His protectionist trade war would be inflationary and bad.’ ‘Trump will increase the trade deficit.’ (Editor: Bear in mind, Dear Reader, that this show is by and for conservative Republicans. These Trumpsters themselves see no good of the coming Trump presidency. In fact, they predict at least one decade of financial collapse and misery resulting from Trump’s administration. Trump, as ‘winner’, is poised to do that ‘damage’ in total disregard for the concerns of the ‘losers’. Republicans are defined by free trade – their corporatism, their own corporate self-interests, note the fact that their policies will ‘damage’ the people who voted for Trump.)

CBS News ‘Face the Nation’ (27 Nov 16): ‘It becomes massive state corruption.’ (Editor: This news show’s round-table discussion commented on how Trump and his incoming administration are already awash in conflict-of-interest troubles and influence peddling through foreign sources that are serious enough to lead to impeachment and conviction against both Trump and Pence. You Trump voters want ‘change’, then this is the ‘change’ that you get, that you deserve.)

Donald Trump, R (27 Nov 16, KFNX AM right-wing radio news network): ‘I would have won the popular vote if millions of illegal aliens didn’t vote for Clinton.’ CBS News (27 Nov 16): Trump’s Twitter post, ‘I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.’ ‘A baseless claim. Trump providing no proof. Trump campaigned, ‘Its a rigged election.’ Now Clinton is investigating claims that the election results were hacked.’ ABC News (28 Nov 16):  ‘Russia tried to hack the Democratic campaign. The man who won the election thinks there’s massive voter fraud. (Editor: Wrong, Buck-o! Clinton won the popular vote by 2.5 million. Green Party has opened their appeal of vote counts at Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania where Trump won by barely a combined 100.000 votes. Trump’s Republicans have been ‘rigging’ elections – conducting Gerrymandering, election fraud, voter suppression, and voter intimidation during the course of the past several election cycles. At least 40 million votes were tainted by these Republican actions at this 2016 election; fair to say that those are among the ‘millions’ of ‘illegal’ votes cast for Trump. The stated goal of the Republican Party at the 2000 election was to establish their ‘Permanent Republican Majority’ by those tactics – straight from the Fascism playbook. Republicans control at least 35 governorships and 68 legislative bodies using those tactics. Network news reports these facts.)

Joe Walsh, R (29 Nov 16, his radio show): ‘We Republicans now own the President, Congress, the Supreme Court. We’re gonna get two more judges. We own 35 governors, 68 legislatures. We control it all!’ (Editor: Yep, Dear Reader, you who voted for Republicans to own it all. You voted for Trump and Republicans. You voted for one-party rule. You voted for dictatorship. You voted for Fascism. You voted for Republicans to fulfill their ‘Permanent Republican Majority’. Where is ‘change’? Where are Constitutional checks and balances? You succeeded bringing Soviet government to America. ‘It Can’t Happen Here’? Nope. You made certain it happened here in 2016. Congratulations!) (Addendum: See Walsh’s quote of 9 Dec 16.)

ABC News (1 Dec 16): ‘Trump and his cabinet plan to overhaul the tax code, rethink trade deals, and negotiate with major corporations. Trump’s cabinet picks embracing Wall Street elite.’ PBS ‘Nightly Business Report’ (30 Nov 16): ‘Trump’s conflict of interest will continue well past his inauguration.’ (Editor: So much for ‘change’ – Trump ‘change’ means more for Wall Street and less for regular Americans – tax cuts and trade deals favouring Trump’s corporate sponsors, tax cuts for his wealthy cronies, tax increases for low-income single head-of-household. Trumpsters got snookered thinking Trump is against ‘elite’ when he himself and his cabinet are the ‘elite’, by the ‘elite’, for the ‘elite’.)

Jim Cramer (1 Dec 16, his tv show): ‘Trump is pro oil and gas. Not great for the environment. The new regime represented by Trump.’ (Editor: Trump ‘change’ means more pollution, more sickness, more deaths due to air, land, and water pollution. Some ‘change’, huh!)

Isaac Griffin (‘Living the High Life’ KFNX 1100 AM pot show, 1 Dec 16): ‘I was a sucker. They want the information from marijuana users. Cannabis is still illegal. Once this new Trump administration is in, you’d better have a plan.’ (Editor: This guy was a big-time Trumpster who regrets his support for Trump now that Trump plans to reverse pot de-criminalisation and medical marijuana. Trump will use the data bases to go after all you people who registered at your state agencies and the local pot shop.)

Former Governor Sarah Palin, R (2 Dec 16. CBS News): ‘It’s crony capitalism. It’s illogical.’ (Editor: Trump’s own advisor described her objection to Trump bailing out Carrier of Indiana – a sweetheart deal giving tens of millions of federal and state tax Dollars to Carrier that they will eventually move more than 1000 American jobs to their operation at Mexico. This is also a matter of favouritism – ‘cronyism’. Trump made no move to ‘save’ 2000 American jobs. General Motors announced (10 Nov 16) that they will be shipping Ohio jobs to overseas slave-wage sweat-shops. Trump saved Indiana while he ignored Ohio.)

Mike Weiner, R (2 Dec 16, his radio show): ‘We all know about Republicans. They’re like pigs rolling around in the mud.’ (Editor: That is why he told his audience that Trump is the correct ‘leader’ to clean up his own party’s corruption.)

CBS ‘Face the Nation’ (4 Dec 16): ‘Donald Trump is picking loyalists and party regulars for his administration.’ ‘Trump comes off as a generic Republican.’ ‘It feels like an episode of ‘The Apprentice’.’ ‘Trump delegates to Mike Pence; this is Pence’s administration.’ ‘Trump has given in to the power brokers of the party.’ ‘Donald Trump is a showman.’ ‘Sarah Palin called the Carrier deal ‘crony capitalism’.’ ‘This campaign left this nation raw. Trump did not get the popular vote; he can’t get respect.’ ‘Republicans won dealing to the darkest forces.’ (Editor: More of the same is ‘change’? Nope, Trump proves himself no ‘change’, but more Republican smoke-and-mirrors, more bait-and-switch, more ‘crony capitalists’, more ‘pigs’, more ‘darkest forces’.)

Matthew Dowd, R (4 Dec 16, ABC ‘This Week’): ‘Donald Trump should tell the truth. It’s something he’s allergic to.’ (Editor: Truth coming from one sole Republican. The bulk of the Republicans know darn well that Trump is a liar.)

Jedidiah Bila, R (5 Dec 16, ABC ‘The View’): ‘Politicians, it’s your drinking water. Politicians just don’t care. If it was Representative Paul Ryan’s drinking water, he would care.’  CBS News (6 Dec 16): ‘Trump will review the DAPL when he takes office. Trump supports the pipeline.’ (Editor: The DAPL detour re-route is not for long. Trump and Ryan don’t care; it’s not their water. Trump is a prime ‘investor’ in DAPL; this is a case of Trump’s conflict of interest. Trump will reverse Obama’s decision and pollute the Reservation’s water, not caring that it will leak and cause great health harm for millions of downstream users.)

Jedidiah Bila, R (6 Dec 16, ABC ‘The View’): ‘There are checks on the President’s power; you have a House of Representatives and a Senate. You have to hope for the best of Trump’s policies. You have an absence of common sense. You need to hold people who Tweet accountable.’ (Editor: So much from ‘The View’ resident Trumpster Republican. No ‘checks’ and balances on Trump with his Republicans controlling Congress. Curious how Republicans chided Obama’s ‘Hope’, but Trump’s ‘Hope’ is okay.  How’s Trump’s ‘Hope’ doin’for ya?  There are no ‘checks’ on Trump’s plan to reduce taxes for the wealthiest by 15 percentage points while raising taxes for single parents. There are no ‘checks’ and balances of Trump’s White House advisors, including Trump’s National Security Advisor who is pushing out fake news – one story led to a man firing his rile into a pizzaria on the impulse of one fake story. That same advisor also accuses Secretary Clinton of running a white slave trade and Obama of being an Islamic jihadi who is laundering money through ISIS. Republicans control the media using their fake news – that is not ‘common sense’ nor ‘accountable’.)

PBS ‘Newshour; (6 Dec 16): ‘Most of Trump’s names announced so far have not served in government, in the executive branch.’ ‘Running these federal agencies is harder than in the private sector. The learning curve is very steep. These are incredibly hard jobs to get right. You need to contextualise experience to specific issues you face in government.’ ‘They have to run the career workforce.’ ‘Government cannot be run like a business. Working with Congress is different. You have a high degree of transparency. You have skills that you never see in private business.’ (Editor: Trump and Republicans assert they will run American government as a business – wrong to do, Buck-o!)

Laura Ingraham, R (7 Dec 16, her radio show): ‘President Obama left Donald Trump a big mess.’ (Editor: Let’s see what President ‘Shrub’ left for Obama: (1) Bush left the worst American economy since the Republican Great Depression begun during President Hoover (1929 – 1932).  Obama’s policies created more domestic American jobs than the entire European Union, Japan, and other world markets. (2) The consequences of Bush’s failed invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq that led directly to the creation of ISIS and world terrorism. Obama’s international diplomacy is controlling and suppressing such Islamic-inspired extremist crimes against humanity.)

BBC News (7 Dec 16): ‘The Russian threat to NATO seems very real. NATO is working more closely with the EU on defence, but worries remain what to make of Trump’s contradictory statements, even questioning his willingness to defend any NATO nation under attack. This is a tough and dangerous mode. NATO hopes to send out a signal of strength to deter Russia. What will Trump do?’ ‘This vacuum can be used by Russia.’ (Editor: Trump will side with Putin, his Russian dictator friend. After all, Trump and Republicans are ‘changing’ Americans government into a Putin tyranny. Voters wanted ‘change’ – this is the ‘change’ they will get.)

CBS News (7 Dec 16): ‘Michael Flynn and his father have repeatedly Tweeted fake news stories. There was the ‘Pizzagate’ fake story alleging that Clinton was involved in a child sex-trafficking ring. Welch drove from North Carolina and fired shots into the restaurant to rescue victims. Retired General Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor, used Twitter to promote fake stories claiming Clinton was tied to child sex crimes – complete farbications.’ Joe Walsh, R (9 Dec 16, his radio show): ‘Clinton claimed fake news for her loss. Get over it, she lost. It can’t happen. No foreign government should interfere with our elections; that’s wrong. We know Russia was behind those e-mails; they mucked around our elections. Finding out is legit, man.’ (Editor: This is ‘change’ that will ‘make America great again’? Hey, another broken clock is correct its one time today – Walsh conceded that Trump’s friend Putin influenced this 2016 election that Clinton won in the popular vote by more than 2.5 million votes.)

‘Time’ magazine (7 Dec 16): ‘Demagoguery feeds on despair. Trump’s the President of the ‘Divided States of America’.’ ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, PBS Newshour, Fox News: ‘Time magazine named Trump their ‘Person of the Year.’ (Editor:  ‘Time’ did not make this an accolade for Trump, but a derision. Other notables so named as notorious include HItler, Stalin, Ayatollah Khomeini, and Putin. Trump has his ‘reality’ TV show with nutty people.)

Jedidiah Bila, R (7 Dec 16, ABC ‘The View’): ‘Trump does not want to do the hard work to do the job of President. Republicans are very hawkish. They want boots on the ground. Trump wants a strong military but does not want us involved.’ (Editor: Obviously. Trump is a lazy narcissist. He wants to be seen as a strutting Mussolini. He wants to use your taxpayer money to enrich the military-corporate structure which is the Republi-con Party. They con veterans to fight their wars, but Republi-cons fail to support veterans when they come home destroyed from those battles.  That’s Republi-con ‘Hawkish’.)

President-elect Donald Trump, R (8 Dec 16, speech): ‘Pass legislation to make safe and affordable childcare to all while fighting to get higher pay for women in the workforce.’ CBS News (9 Dec 16): ‘President-elect Trump has drawn criticism for stocking his administration with millionaires and billionaires. He called it, ‘Part of the plan’. Labor Secretary nominee CEO Puzder opposes raising the minimum wage. They are successfull in private enterprise if ‘success’ means they dismantle a department. Obama put in worker protections and were on the lookout for new abuses of workers – searching for ways to protect workers. You won’t have that under Trump – un-fettered by regulation. Trump turns his press conferences into p-r- events for his hotels. Trump praised himself.  These nominees all fall into Trump’s campaign promises.’ (Editor: So Trump wants Republicans to pass childcare legislation and raise employee pay for women equal to pay for men? Then why does Trump appoint a Secretary of Labor who opposes those efforts? Republicans have spent their entire careers opposing Democrats who have sought to pass that exact same pro-employee legislation. Puzder is so far in right-field extremism that Mike ‘savage’ Weiner decried Trump’s selection of Puzder (8 Dec 16, his radio show). Consumers know that Trump and Puzder are nothing more than ‘bait-and-switch’ – what criminals and con artists do to Americans. You Trump and Republi-con voters got suckered – to enrich himself through public office is Trump’s ‘plan’ and ‘campaign promise’. CBS News’ survey reported that barely 40% of Americans polled approve Trump’s nominees compared to more than 70% for Obama’s nominees and more than 60% for Bush’s nominees. You wanted ‘change’, there’s your ‘change’. Ha ha! You, Trump and Republican voters, are suckers. You did not see this coming. Or you did and you voted for that ‘change’ anyway, for shame!)

Joe Walsh, R (9 Dec 16, his radio show): ‘You get the guh’mint you deserve. When you elect one party rule – whether city, state, or national – you get a cesspool of corruption. We no longer live in a free country when the federal government, any government, can tell you what to do.’ (Editor: Walsh is correct, Dear Reader. Refer to his own words of 26 Nov 16 and 29 Nov 16, both posted here. You who voted for Trump and Republi-cons are ‘getting the guh’mint you deserve’ – Fascism: one-party, ‘Permanent Republican Majority’, the absence of Constitiutional checks-and-balances. Walsh ignores that America’s Constitutional government places federal authority superior to all other levels and delegates Constitutional authority to designated officers. These Republi-cons are whining for ‘law and order’, but only want to impose it against the other guy, never to apply ‘law and order’ upon themselves; these whiners call themselves ‘sovereign citizens’.)

Alex Jones, R (12 Dec 16, his radio show): ‘I like Brannon and breitbart. They’re running the country with Trump.’ (Editor: There you go, Dear Reader who is actually ‘running the country’ in Trump’s administration. Guh’mint by fake news.)

ABC News (12 Sec 16): ‘It is a slap in the face of the CIA. Trump is disparaging the CIA. CIA could have a hard time trusting Trump’s relationship with Russia.’ CBS News (12 Dec 16): ‘A Russian hacking plot tried to influence the election in favour of Trump, It was a campaign of mis-information. CIA is confident of their report that Russia did hack into Democratic Party computers to effect the election and to embarrass Clinton. Russia was trying to tip the scales to Trump. Trump has picked a fight with CIA; he bashed CIA officials. Trump egged-on Russian hackers during the campaign. Tillerson’s close ties to Putin alarmed Republicans and jeopardises his confirmation. There are calls on Capitol Hill to investigate. Ten members of the Electoral College demand they receive that CIA briefing before casting their votes.’ ‘Trump is challenging the report that Russia interfered with the election. CEO Tillerson has worked closely with Putin for several years.’ NBC News (12 Dec 16): ‘Russia hacked into Democratic computers to damage Clinton. Russia is enjoying this, relishing this. They can do business with Trump no-questions-asked.’ PBS Newshour (12 Dec 16): ‘Russian hacking with the goal of swaying the US election in Trump’s favour.’ PBS ‘Nightly Business Report’ (12 Dec 16): ‘Tillerson has no foreign relations experience. He has ties to Russia and Putin. It could be positive to energy companies. Arizona PBS / KAET TV / KUAT TV (12 Dec 16): ‘The CIA says Russia was involved.’ KTVK TV News (12 Dec 16): ‘Tillerson’s deep relations with Moscow are a selling point. The US intelligence agency concluded that Russia directed the hacking to help Trump defeat Clinton. McCain called it a national security issue.’ Senator John McCain, R (12 Dec 16, news interviews in KTVK TV and CBS News news-spots): ‘I have concerns for Trump and his relations with Putin. Russians were trying to elect a certain candidate.’ Representative Paul Ryan, R (12 Dec 16, CBS News): ‘Russia is an aggressor that undermines American interests.’ Senator Mitch McConnell, R (CBS News, 12 Dec 16): ‘We must go with the assumption that Russia does not mean us well. Russians are not our friends’ Donald Trump (CBS News, 12 Dec 16): ‘It’s ridiculous. I don’t believe it.’ (Editor: Lying Trump! He’s the Denier-in-Chief. Facts are: Trump and many of Trump’s administration are buddies with Putin and Russia, Russia did hack into Democratic Party computers for the purpose of interfering with our 2016 election, Trump boasted that this 2016 election is ‘rigged’. Kellyanne Conway even admits Russians interfered with this 2016 election to lead to Trump’s ‘win’. Millions of American voters allowed this mis-information to sway their votes against Clinton – you know, it was all about those ‘e-mails’.)

PBS ‘Nightly Business Report’ (12 Dec 16): ‘Trump took aim at the F-35 fighter jet program, more than 2000 for the US government. At stake is Trump’s credibility. Stocks go up and down through this volatile period. Trump is not a proven politician or president. Is he just gonna Tweet from the White House?’ KTVK TV news (12 Dec 16): ‘Trump is going after the F-35.’ (Editor: Trump announced the demise of the F-35 jet. Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, is F-35’s home base. Arizona is McCain’s home state; he stands idle for another six years. This loss will cost tens of thousands of jobs and hundreds of billions of Dollars from that base and from local to state to national economies. American corporations are losing their corporate value with Trump’s comments; this de-stabilizes the markets. Trumpster voters are proven to be suckered still another time. This is your Trump ‘change’, Dear Trumpster; more to come during Trump’s eight years.

KSAZ / Fox News (15 Dec 16): ‘Russia worked to put Trump in office.’  (Editor:  ‘Nuff said straight from Republican Party TV.)

ABC News (15 Dec 16): (1) ‘Russia is pleased with Trump’s choice of Tillerson for Secretary of State.’ (2) ‘Trump’s transition questionnaire sent to Energy Department asking for names of people who worked on Obama’s climate policy ‘was not authorised’.’ (Editor: (1) Tillerson is a close personal associate of Putin. (2) Trump is already on the hunt to retaliate against rank-and-file federal employees whose scientific research conflicts with Trump and Republicans who deny science.)

Joe Walsh, R (15 Dec 16, his radio show): ‘This is getting real messy wth Russia’s interference in this election. It will get even messier if Trump is not elected by the Electoral College. They can only vote for Trump or Hillary. Some Republican states could vote for Hillary but there aren’t enough. Only Trump can be president.’ (Editor: Walsh’s rant was one theme. No matter what Putin and Russia did to interfere in our election and no mater how fraudulently Putin and Russia wrought the results of our election, that Trump is the only candidate whom he will accept as the next president. Putin and Russia interfering in our election is forgivable for Walsh. Fraudulent results based upon criminal and un-Constitutional means is fine for Walsh. No easy talk about ‘our president’ when it comes to Clinton for Walsh. Only Trump is Walsh’s president. He again proves that Republicans are Fascists – Fascism asserts that their self-interest partisanship supersedes national integrity.

Alex Jones, R (15 Dec 16, his radio show): ‘We’re in a war. We’re in a battle. We’re in a fight. We’ll win. (Editor: Right-wingers talk of belligerence – Republicans verses Democrats – ‘us’ versus ‘them’ – it’s a ‘war’ to Republicans.)

Pat Buchanan, R (16 Dec 16, Laura Ingraham radio show): ‘Russia’s seizure of Crimea and threats against Ukraine and the Baltic states is not a cause for war.’ (Editor: Buchanan instead blamed Obama for the wars at Afghanistan and Iraq. He told the audience that Trump’s friendship with Putin means that Putin will be a nice guy now. Trump had no comment what to do about Putin sending the full Russian military that is slaughtering millions of innocent civilians and is being defined as a war crime. There’s your ‘change’ thingy.)

PBS ‘Nightly Business Report’ (16 Dec 16): ‘It was a promise Trump made on the campaign trail: rip up NAFTA and slap a 35% tax on Mexican-made vehicles imported into the United States.  That would drive up auto costs and hurt the economy.  That would raise the price of a car $6435, lead to 450.000 fewer vehicles sold in the US, and the loss of 6.700 US auto industry jobs.  Trump will find a way to wiggle out of his campaign promise.  If he closes out Mexico, it becomes ‘wack a mole’, they’re going to move to other places to build cars.’ (Editor:  Maybe Trump is the ‘mole’ in office meant to destroy our American auto industry?)

PBS ‘Nightly Business Report’ (16 Dec 16):  ‘American voters elected a business billionaire as president who nominated business people for cabinet positions.  Now comes the UN-comfortable part – making sure that Trump’s business does not compromise ‘The People’s’ business.  Trump’s children attend cabinet meeting which compromises any blind trust put in their control.  Trump is legally responsible for violations of the companies he owns.  Trump is in violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clause benefiting from a ‘foreign state’.’ (Editor:  Too late; Trumpsters failed their obligation to this nation.  There is no acceptable level of conflict-of-interest.  Trump has already violated so many conflict-of-interest provisions to have gotten any other president impeached and convicted.  Certainly, voters would have been outraged had Obama committed these same violations.  Trumpsters  must be equally outraged at Trump!)


That was not their last word.

Stay tuned.2017-01-20-trump-hate-concert-poster-15622647_10210732131358306_5138006762674649021_n


Looks as though we ‘Trump Hate’ folks have a plan of our own come next January 2017.  That’s quite a list of respectable acts.

So far as what’s been announced, only two acts – typical Republican-ites – are scheduled to perform at Trump’s ‘Inauguration Ball’.

Not even the usual stand-by right-wing performers want to touch this guy with that proverbial ten-foot pole.

Dare ask whose ‘p****’ a President Trump will grab as he dances?  Could make quite a scene.



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