”It Can’t Happen Here’? Oh?’


(17 Dec 16)


”It Can’t Happen Here’? Oh?’


Recall that Reagan created, financed, armed al Qaeda.  Reagan established a ‘National Salute to the Taliban Day’.

PBS ‘Frontline’ (‘The Secret History of ISIS’ – repeated 6 Dec 16, originally aired 17 May 16) was about how Bush’s invasion of Iraq has given global terrorism to this world.  Bush planned to steal Iraq oil wealth; remember, Bush gave us ‘OIL’ – Operation Iraq Liberation.  Bush’s invasion and occupation begat international death.

This PBS ‘Frontline’ episode describes how al Qaeda morphed into ISIS / ISIL in Iraq following Bush’s invasion and occupation and how Bush’s arrangement with his Iraq puppet regime required Obama to withdraw American forces in 2011.

  •  Bush advisor: ‘We created chaos. We created ISIS’.

Thus, that ISIS ‘chaos’ came to fruition and influenced world opinion against Obama who was put in that no-win circumstance fabricated by Bush.

ISIS ‘chaos’ also led to Syria’s Assad and Russia’s Putin to destroy Syrian Kurds and rebels.  Recall that when McCain called for ‘arming the rebels’, that those ‘rebels’ he demanded that Obama ‘arm’ was ISIS, not the Kurd rebels or Western-supported Syrian rebels who sought to depose dictator Assad (PBS:  ‘Syrian rebels were secular moderates.’).

President Bush and General Petreus could have eliminated al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Islamic extremists if they were honest.  But nope.  They were part of the subterfuge allowing al Qaeda / ISIS to go underground and be poised to resurrect later during Obama’s administration after Bush’s treaty required Obama to remove American support from Iraq.  Now Trump appoints the same Petreus to his administration.

  •  ‘Those who fail to learn lessons of history are doomed to repeat its failures.’

You who do not remember these events will be doomed to repeat this history.  Trump and Putin are buddies.  You who voted for Trump and Republicans will get more of the same.

Where’s your ‘change’ thingy?


A PBS ‘Newshour’ segment (‘Deadly Work’, 16 Dec 16) reported the conflict among coal mining corporations, coal workers, unions, communities where coal is king, and government agencies trying to provide help to coal-workers and coal communities.

The report described how Appalachian coal workers willingly accept mining corporations that are destroying their health and their communities.  These miners and their families embrace the mining corporation that destroys their lives while expressing hate toward ‘guh’mint’.

Miners and their families do perceive the mining corporations are murdering them, plundering their environment, and destroying their communities.  But in their desperation, these families live and work under constant fear of corporate retaliation, they deny their unions who want to fight for their welfare and they besmirch their government that offers programs to come to their aid.

Of course much will come with Trump and his ‘change’ thingy:  his pro-corporate, anti-worker, anti-environment, anti-government policies.

Cousin Nancy, my self-affirmed ‘Deplorable’ cousin from West Virginia, is among those coal mining families.  Her father, uncle, and grandfather all worked the mines, they all died from the mines, her community lays destroyed by the mines.

There are two other people in that photograph of me from 1976 that was taken at her home.  Her father and her uncle stood beside me to my right.  Her uncle appears frail, aged, and ravaged by illness caused from his work in the coal mines.

Yet there you have it, my Dear Cousin Nancy.

  •  You who are among the most-loyal of Trumpsters, a true-believer.
  •  You who oppose coal-worker unions, employee safety and protections, and federal health and insurance.

As I wrote before, this is an example of disconnect from reality.

(PS to Corpus Christi:  Do you not comprehend this is your fate unless you do something to make your own ‘change’ thingy?)


An earlier PBS ‘Newshour’ ran a good news-spot (‘The Trump Agenda’) exposing Trump’s elitism and cronyism.

William Cohan (the interviewee) wrote extensive exposés about Trump’s corruption.

Trump and his gang are ‘elite’ – ‘the .001% of the 1%’ – not ‘populist’ common folk.  Trump’s business model is to not pay his bills and his lenders.  Ahh! bankruptcy, the ‘American way!’ for wealthy people to become more wealthy at your expence.


Good news:

Obama grew a spine.

Army Corps of Engineers rejected DAPL’s route under a pristine lake located at reservation territory.  DAPL would have leaked into that water and poisoned all the tens of millions of users – locally and down-stream.

Trump is a major investor in that pipeline.

Bad news:

Trump cronyism is at work.

Trump appointed Dr. Ben Carson to his cabinet.

Carson said last week that he is not qualified for government – a man who ran as Republican candidate for president now boasts his lack of qualifications.  Unqualified appointees – good enough for Trump.


Here’s how at least one of Trump’s appointees has his hands in urban gentrification – profiteering at taxpayer expence.  In other words:

  •  he buys residential property rented by low-income people,
  •  he raises rents paid by low-income residents to exorbitant rates,
  •  he evicts those low-income residents into homelessness,
  •  he gets his friends at city government to declare his new purchase ‘condmened’ through eminent domain,
  •  he re-rents this new property to wealthy clients at high rates,
  •  he pockets massive profits at the expence of low-income residents.

This process aligns among Trump’s own real estate business.

How much you wanna bet?

  •  Trump and his appointees will use the power and budget of the federal government to enrich themselves – your tax money at work.
  •  Trump will do these acts at the expence of low-income citizens – the very people he snookered to vote for him.


Trump’s choice for EPA is currently under lawsuit by EPA.

How much ya wanna bet that lawsuit goes away in his favour when Senate Republi-cons con-firm him?


Andrew Puzder, Trump’s own nominee for Secretary of Labor, is CEO to two national fast-food burger joints and their corporate umbrella.

Puzder is a staunch opponent of minimum wage because paying it it cuts into his own executive pay and stockholder profits.  He also opposes overtime pay, workers’ safety, and workers’ rights.

Puzder opposes all regulation that would interfere with his executive corporate profiteering at workers’ expence.

Puzder is so far in right-field extremism that Mike ‘savage’ Weiner decried Trump’s selection of Puzder (8 Dec 16, his radio show).


You wanna see America’s future?  Watch what is transpiring at South Korea and China.


South Korea’s Parliament impeached their President Park for her insider cronyism and massive corruption schemes favouring her business partners.

Charges against Park read the same as Trump’s own misbehaviours.  The problem is that American Republi-cons will never impeach Trump and Pence.  Republi-cons are not the ‘check-and-balance’ that is now saving South Korea.  The American electorate votes against those Constitutional ‘checks-and-balances’.


Remember Argentina and Chile?  Now it is China that is ‘disappearing’ civil rights defendants and their attourneys.

This is the same China where:

  •  Trump, Romney, McCain are major corporate investors,
  •  they and their corporate cohorts move American jobs to enrich themselves at the expence of American workers,
  •  Trump’s Ambassador to China is buddy with China’s elite,
  •  the people vote blindly for Trump and Republi-cons these many elections through this latest cycle.


Read ‘It Can’t Happen Here’.

It’s too late.

It’s Trump.

It’s Fascism.

It’s here.



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