”Sookl Sanr Wanm Khith Maatf’: ‘Merry Christmas’ From Thailand’


(30 Dec 16)


”Sookl Sanr Wanm Khith Maatf’:  ‘Merry Christmas’ From Thailand’


Ain’t it like me to post my essays in mixed-up chronological order, eh?  Actually, I had this partly written but not as well as I preferred.  I had the option of posting the New Years blog first.  As the saying goes, when you get to the fork in the road, take it.   I took that one first.

Here follows is the other fork.


How was your Christmas this year?

  •  Where were you celebrating Christmas?
  •  How do you celebrate Christmas though you are not Christian?
  •  Are you Christian and do not celebrate it?
  •  Do you recognise the Christmas theme of ‘Peace on Earth, goodwill toward all’?

It seems that ‘Peace’ should apply no matter what religion or no religion.

I hereby convey my ‘peace and goodwill’ toward all whom I have met throughout my past, during this year, and in the coming year.


I watched a 1960 episode of ‘Have Gun Will Travel’ (METV, 24 Dec 16).

The story was familiar while brought to current.

Our hero Paladin was eating dinner at a Texas saloon one crisp Winter’s eve.  The beer was flowing, cowhands were getting rowdy, women were dancing.

Along entered one stranger – frightened.  He asked the bartender for a room for the night.  The barkeep said ‘No!’ and brusquely tossed that man out the door.

Paladin, not one for inhospitalities, went outside to invite the stranger back into the establishment.  He got a surprise.  Sitting in the wagon he observed this stranger’s bride – ‘about to give birth’.

The three entered the saloon.  Paladin addressed the keeper – give this couple a room for the night.  Another ‘No!’.  Paladin would not have that second denial.  He took command and brought the couple into the store-room and made a bed from the stock available.

Amid shouts and jeers, Paladin persuaded one of the recalcitrant dancing girls to come to the aid of the young woman inside the store-room.  ‘Surely you know how she feels.’

Paladin commanded the keeper to bring in towels and warm water.

Soon enough, a newborn infant’s faint cry could be heard by the rowdy gang in the saloon.  Suddenly, a hush fell upon the cowboys.  A few minutes later and the barkeep entered with his hat filled with cash as their gift to the new family.

As Paladin rode off into the sunrise, he noticed the name of this dreary Texas town – Bethlehem.


As I wrote at the beginning of this blog, ’tis the season for ‘goodwill’.  This does not obligate one be Christian or Catholic.  Merely recognise the needs of another human and help fullfill them to your capacity.  Maybe you can’t offer a ‘room at the inn’; perhaps you can:

  •  donate for meals for the indigent,
  •  give a ride to someone who needs a ride,
  •  donate blood to your local blood bank,
  •  give food to that homeless man who is panhandling at the traffic intersection.

None of those actions should crimp your lifestyle.  Come on now, you’re educated, you can think of something.

There are many ways of expressing the seasonal sentiment.  The ‘Golden’ Rule’ transcends most every religion:

  •  ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.’

One need not be altruistic.  Even the most selfish can accomplish this mere posit.


Next comes ‘New Year’.

There are many ‘New Year’ celebrations to enjoy. Which ‘New Year’ do you celebrate?

  •  ‘Western’ New Year of January.  That is a mere days away.  How well have you succeeded in 2016 resolutions and are you ready for 2017’s?
  •  Maybe ‘Lunar New Year’. This year has been the Year of the Monkey.  Hey, I’ve done plenty of monkeying around all year, I’m ready for the next new year – the Year of the Chicken.  Start crowing.


Thank you for reading.


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