‘Left-overs From Last Year’

(Daft draft)

( – 02-Jan-17 – )

‘Left-overs From Last Year’


We discussed North Carolina at a Spectrum meeting last month, but no one knew the complete, late details.  I saw nothing on broadcast network news all day that day.  PBS ‘Newshour’ had a North Carolina news-spot that I saw on PBS’s ‘World Channel’ over-night re-play (3:00 am local time).

What a mess!  Republicans demanded that Charlotte rescind their pro-LGBT law and state legislature Republicans promised they would remove their HB2 in exchange.  When Charlotte City Council revoked their law, the state Republican super-majority said ‘Sucker!’ and refused to remove HB2.

Charlotte LGBT community protested their city council and warned them to no avail; the protestors knew better but no one would heed their warning.  Now North Carolina has HB2, no Charlotte pro-LGBT ordinance, and Republicans vow no action.

Lesson:  Republicans are liars and can’t ever be trusted.

There is no point retracting that legislation.  Republicans reversing their ant-trans pro-discrimination law makes no sense and credibility.  Of course, when does that matter to Republicans.  If they took it back now, then how do Republi-cons explain passing their monstrosity in the first place?

Maybe those bigoted North Carolina Republicans will fool members of their state’s trans community who don’t pay attention.


CBS News poll reports barely 40% of Trump voters rate him positive, that’s 60% negative from Trumpsters.

CBS News also reported that Trumspters do not want Trump to keep his campaign promises; that’s their disconnect from reality.

Why did Trumpsters vote for Trump, Republican, and their political platform if they don’t want Trump to keep his campaign promises?


Tired of Winter’s cold, snow, blizzards, wind?

Try Bangkok.  Their weather forecast is 35 daytime high and 25 nighttime low, centigrade that is.  Tee-hee.

Will this be the year when you will travel to Bangkok? Maybe you have your date with either of the ‘Big 3’?

  • Chettawut Clinic
  • Suporn Clinic
  • PAI

Avoid jet-lag.  Crash your system to pre-set your body to Bangkok time.  Live on Bangkok time at least one week before your departure and you will experience no jet-lag when you arrive there.

Bangkok is advanced of American time zones:

  • 15 hours from Pacific time,
  • 14 hours from Mountain time,
  • 13 hours from Central time, and
  • 12 hours from Eastern time.

Adjust according to your time zone wherever you reside.

What’s Thai for ‘Good morning’? – I gotta look it up – ‘Sahwdee khaf’.

I am browsing my US State Department’s ‘Foreign Language Institute’ Thai language instruction) as used by females ‘to convey politeness’.  Communications are different for women (khaf) and men (krah):

  • ‘khah’ is used at the end of a question,
  • ‘khaf’ is used at the end of a sentence,
  • either can also be used by female for ‘yes’ / ‘okay’.

FLI shows that ‘Sal watl deem’ is generic Thai greeting of ‘My good blessing to you’, not specifically ‘morning’, ‘evening’, etc.  FLI writes it to be ‘Sal watl deem khaf’, not our ‘Sahwdee khaf’ (or however we say it and spell it as our English language hears it).

  • ‘Sookl sanr wanm khith maatf (merry christmas)
  • ‘Sookl sanr wanm bpem mail (happy new year)
  • ‘Duum laaem dtuaam aehngm duayf nah khaf (please take care of yourself)
  • ‘Khaawr haif luukf chaangh thuukl huayr (I hope you win the lottery)
  • ‘Khaawr haif luukf chaangh daif ngaanm (i hope you get a job)

Try learning Thai before you depart, though your preparations may overwhelm your time.  Most people at Thailand may insist using English rather than letting you learn Thai when you get there.

  • ‘Sal nookl reuur khaf’ (are we having fun yet?).


I’ve had experiences with languages:

  • Our Catholic school 3rd grade teacher spoke Spanish and taught Spanish to select 3rd-graders. The teacher included me among the chosen to attend. I also have one semester of college Spanish. I occasionally watch TV while turning on the Spanish captions.
  • The Jesuit high school required Latin (9th Grade).
  • I learned enough conversational Italian when my dad and I stayed there a few weeks on our way to Greece.
  • I became fluent in Greek and French taking high school classes (10th, 11th, 12th grades) and using them.
  • Students came from around the world, we travelled; add Arabic, Afrikaans, Jugoslavian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, German (I self-studied in 11th Grade, took German at 12th Grade), Dutch (self-studied at 11th Grade), Hungarian, Belgian, Portugese (self-studied).
  • I used my experience to translate Russian documents while employed at Arizona DES.
  • My friend Qian taught some basic Mandarin to me last year.

This is why I am now trying to learn Thai.

I learned a few years ago that people who do jigsaw puzzles activate the brain’s linguistic functions. I did jigsaw puzzles as a child and recently as an adult.


I was flipping TV channels recently.

‘Live’ was discussing research: sloppy people are ‘smarter’ and ‘more creative’ than neat people.

With that study’s conclusion, I must be a very creative genius.


Weird topic on ‘The Doctors’.

They reported that sinusitis and runny nose are signs of erectile dysfunction.

Are you certain your runny nose is really an allergy?

Yep, we are quite touched.  (sniffle)  Where’d it go?  Tee-hee.


Republicans are repudiating Reagan who continued Carter’s work reducing nukes with Soviets / Russians.

Right-wing radio news (KFNX 1100 AM) reported Putin’s announcement that he will accelerate new nuclear weapons development.  Trump responded that he will match Putin and also add to American nuclear stockpiles.

This is Trump’s grand opportunity for him and his Corporate Cabinet to bleed you, the American taxpayer, dry while enriching his corporate arms merchant buddies.  This is what Mussolini did to Italy during the 1920s.

Arms race here we come – WW 3 here we come – now that it’s January 2017.  Putin and Trump, yeh, two clowns who are poised to destroy our precious Earth.


Our relatives are cruel that way because they know they are, they do it when they get away with it, when we allow them to do it to us.

I would never do – never allow – Kathy to know what I would say during any private counselling session; she’d use it against me.  That’s what they do.  They lack human decency, not so much as ‘guts’.


Lyndsey de Paul’s ‘Sugar Me’ was quite a popular song throughout Europe in 1972; as the terminology goes, that song was in heavy rotation on music radio stations.  She was quite a popular performer, too.

My dad, Kathy, and I travelled by train through Jugoslavia and Austria during Christmas vacation 1972 – 1973.  We stayed at the Bliem’s gasthaus at Saint Johan im Pangau and at an old hotel at Vienna that must have been built perhaps 200 or 300 years ago, at least.  Wow!  Of course, when we stayed there, it was of contemporary standards.  How many grand hotels are here in the USA that are 300 years old?

We saw the Lipezanner horse show.  We managed front row seats.  Photography by the audience is prohibited, but my dad and I each snuck our picture-taking anyway.

We attended a Vienna Boys Choir concert.  My dad took pictures of both Kathy and me each getting autographs from Boys Choir singers.  Here’s the curious follow-up to those pictures.  My dad showed these photographs to relatives who invariably commented pleasure seeing Kathy then asking why my dad took a picture of a girl getting autographs but where was Nick.  Those relatives who knew my for my entire life observed my image as a girl, not as a boy.  My father eventually took outrage; I have not seen my picture at least for the past 40-some years.

Here’s how ‘Sugar Me’ holds a very vivid memory for me – especially that Christmas vacation 1972 – 1973.  My dad, Kathy, and I were drinking warm mulled wine at a small Vienna cafe one evening – a most vivid event – the sights, smells, sounds of that cafe, my family, the season.

Someday I’ll find my cassette tapes with rock music that I recorded from the radio when I resided at Greece and travelled throughout Europe – popular there but unknown here at the USA – and share with my friends.


I’ve never done anything to sort or organizes my e-mails.

My primary e-mail address is at least 20-some years old.  It contains thousands of un-read e-mails , such as political mailings, work up-dates that are currently irrelevant.

My gawd!  I haven’t been to my spam file in weeks.  I don’t open them. I usually empty ‘spam’ but had not been using my PC to check mail since early November.  My Apple iPad does not seem to have a ‘spam’ folder.

Many absolutely goofy subject titles are all gone now, deleted to cyber neverland.


‘Hoo hoo’.  That’s Woodsy Owl as he watched a pack of coyotes feast on Smokey Bear.  ‘Only you can prevent forest rangers’ and wildlife fires.

That’s twisted.


Kapung khaf.  Thank you for reading this.


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