‘Tardy Quickies’


(13 Jan 17)

‘Tardy Quickies’


Here are a few more random quickies – some with bite – some with bright.


Many people experience ‘flying dreams’.  You who experience them know how exhilarating they can be to freshen one’s perspective.

Dreams also hold our sub-conscious for self-reflection.

I experienced a cool ‘flying dream’ over-night recently.  I was soaring over city streets.  Some streets included luxurious homes in wealthy neighbourhoods, other areas were poor tenements at impoverished parts of the city.

This dream concluded as I was saving children from their upper-floor burning tenament apartment – ‘Super Flying Transwoman’ to the rescue.  One-by-one I brought them safely to the ground, away from harm of the fire.

What does this dream mean?

What plan lies ahead in my future?


A bit of dark humour.

The guitar store at Peoria Avenue here at Phoenix will be having a fire sale

Sadly, there was a fire at a fave major guitar store (6 Dec 16).  Perhaps many guitars and other musical instruments were destroyed – certainly damaged.

The store will be closed for repairs.


My friend from Los Angeles wrote that her studies were concluding and final exams were done 7 Dec 16.


How well did you do?

When do I call you ‘doctor’?

How much more remains?

She wrote that she has a little more to do.  She will graduate next May 2017.  Yippee!  Then the next phase begins.

My best wishes to you and your success.


The question of our generation is:

  •  ‘Where were you this day, 8 Dec 1980?’

Allow me to share.

I usually watched the Monday night football game.  Not that evening.

Instead, I went to bed early because Tuesday was to be an important early day.  I was employed by the USDA Forest Service.  I would be attending a training class that would last for the remainder of the week.  As I wrote elsewhere at this web-site, I was trained and using the 1980 vestiges of what we now know as the Internet at that Forest Service location.

I woke up Tuesday morning, turned on the early ABC network news, and heard the still un-thinkable – a creep murdered John Lennon.

: (

‘Decades’ digital television network commemorated Lennon (8 Dec 16).

Yes, it is sad.

One of the local Salt Lake City area FM rock stations accepted my lending to them of several unique Beatles recordings that they used in their Beatles’ special that following weekend after Lennon’ death.

Lennon represented peace.

The 1980s would have been quite different, better with him alive.  I ponder the prospect that Reagan and what he wrought would have been constrained had Lennon been alive and working to reverse Reagan’s political disasters.


Whet our Bangkok whistle.

You who have your Bangkok experience – up-load your pictures and videos to share – be it your own web-site, Facebook, YouTube, wherever we can live your experience..

Let us know your URLs and how long you will post your goodies.


Yes, one more passing of our time.

Broadcast network news disclosed Astronaut John Glenn’s frail condition (p7 Dec 16).

Broadcast network news then announced Glenn’s death the following afternoon.

Allow me to share.

My dad took me to a travelling exhibit of one of the actual Mercury capsules that came to our community during the early 1960s.  It was quite small even from the perspective of this then-small child.

As I may have mentioned otherwise to this site, my father worked for an aerospace company that contracted with NASA.  He drafted and designed spacecraft during his seven years.  He brought home the company magazines to show his drawings to Kathy and me.

I also recall:

  •  those early days of Mercury flights,
  •  Gemini orbits,
  •  Apollo trips to the Moon,


  •  the eventual space station and space shuttles.

I recall the early Moon trips and Moon landings – watching them on grainy black-and-white TV.  I recall Apollo 13 and how the whole world watched.

Let us take a moment of time to recall those brave people who perished in their effort to advance science.


It was ‘one strange trip’.

The day of 8 Dec 1995 saw the death of Jerry Garcia – hey, Ramblin’ Rosie, ‘one strange trip’ of Casey Jones came truckin’ to its destination.

I only attended one Greatful Dead concert – Roosevelt Park, New Jersey, 1976 – if memory serves me well.  I never smoked pot (nor did any illicit substance) in my entire life, but I saw plenty during that event.  My cousin, her boyfriend, and I sat in a circle with others as they passed their bongs.  No one ever pressed me to toke – not once, not ever – everyone was cool.  We were there for the experience and the jams.

This brought me from boredom to think philosophical – my life, ‘one strange trip’ – but I can’t see that I was destined for ordinary ‘normal’.  Do you ponder the same?  Think, what ‘normal’ person has our trans experiences?  It’s a bit more than a new hair style or painting our nails.  Our ‘normal’ is our ‘normal’, no?  Weird, incomprehensible to some, yet ‘normal’ in our course of life.

I look at my papers, mementos, pictures, videos.  I read Christine Jorgensen and Renee Richards; I am reading Donna Rose.  No novelist could write fiction or devise a plot as real as my life, as real as my experiences – surely the same of those others.

Trans is ‘normal’ to Thai culture.  Trans has been within ‘normal’ in Western cultures, only under attack since Victorian time.

We do work on this, but I can’t always find then words.


The problem about a biography is that it concludes only when the subject dies.

I began writing an autobiography March 2015, then moved to do this web-site instead, more because my life is exactly that, a ‘living’ experience – not static, not finished


Yep, I surely have been trouble.

Please go to YouTube and find ‘Trouble’ by Suzi Quatro.


PS: Message to those who know.

What can you take through airport security?  It depends upon where you travel.

American airport TSA would confiscate burger-and-fries from me as a security risk.

Go figure, China refuses to allow a passenger through security with sealed, un-opened yoghourt.  So eat it in front of them rather than surrender it to them.

Meanwhile, China allows fresh, open salad and dragon fruits from the market.



Gawd, yes, I so miss the food!

I am jonesing for another In-n-Out burger (‘Animal’ with grilled onions) though I really must stay with my beans, rices, grains, and fruits and salads.  The Oriental marketplace at Mesa will do til I go to Thailand for Thai cuisine – yum – especially for dragon fruit – yum!

Of course, it would be fun to devour an In-n-Out grilled onion ‘Animal’ and a dragon fruit in TSA’s presence rather than surrender it to them, ha ha!

Eat well, Dear Reader!  Let’s make it a date at Bangkok in 2017.


Please know that my collision injuries from 17 years ago developed into vision problems that interfere with reading and seeing.  Please know that I lost my ‘stuff’ against my will and that hurts every day.  Yes, I cry in despair every day at all my losses while I cry in joy for all my gains.  I do not know how or why I continue.  I do know that I do want to see what comes next.

I could have never imagined today just two years ago.  I would not have met the people whom I have met.  I would not have done many things that I have done.  I would not have travelled the roads where I have travelled during these past two years of life.

I have another new year to experience more.

I am here for you, stay tough!


My apologies for this being late

  •  lacking home Internet is a drag on timeliness
  •  not enough Internet time at the Public Library limits what I can do when I get there.

Thank you for following these blogs.


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