‘Welcome To Our Nightmare’


(20 Jan 17)

‘Welcome To Our Nightmare’


Dear Reader:(1970 06) Slim - Crater Lake (sitting - portrait)

You are spared my very deliberate essay I had been writing and re-writing to post this date about the Trumplestilksin’s elaborate ‘October Surprise’ and palace coup that I predicted last July 2016.

My Apple iPad encountered a massive failure last evening as I was preparing the final re-write.  All my text documents are lost.  Text files.  The simplest form of computer files.  Gone.  Perhaps forever.

In the past, Apple techies assured me that my files were fine and being saved to their ‘cloud’.  As far as I’m concerned, they lied to me.  My ‘cloud’ is void of my very important files.

I went to the Apple Store this morning.  I spent three hours with them.  They still failed to restore and recover my text files.  They told me that I must go to a data recovery service.  They said to me, in other words, ‘Too bad!’.

The data recovery techies told me that they will need my iPad anywhere from a few days to two weeks to try to recover my files – no guarantees.

I will write for now that we shall bear witness to the Trump ‘three-ring circus’ these next four years.  ‘Trump the barker’ talks about ‘the people’; minions think they mean themselves.  Nope, Dear Myrmidon, Trump’s ‘people’ are his wealthy, connected, billionaire, and Wall Street cronies exemplified by his billionaire buddies whom he anointed to his Cabinet and administration for the next four years of nightmare to we common folk ‘people’ for whom Trumplestilksin has no regard or concern.

IF, and when, the data recovery service happens to restore my now-vacant essay, then I shall post it here.  I may try to recall what I can and add that as the days go by.

My apologies, kapung khaf.


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