‘Welcome To Our Nightmare (Part 2)’


(22 Jan 17)

‘Welcome To Our Nightmare (Part 2)’


How’s this for that Hollywood dig.

ABC ’20 / 20′:

  •  ‘Trump’s act is pure Hollywood – hyperbole – pitchman.’

This was exactly how Republican’s own network news readers described Trump and his coming administration.

As I wrote last year, when these Republicans chide Democrats and call them ‘Hollywood’ then you need to put in perspective that it is coming from psychopathic projecteurs – Trump himself among the greatest narcissist, applying words of his own ‘hyperbole’.


Did you hear / watch Trump’s inauguration speech?

Nearly every inhaled breath sounded as if he were snorting another line of coke, or crack, or maybe crank.

Was he really on something?

Do we have four years of his crack-head antics?

Then this hyperbole.

Trump (21 Jan 17 speech to CIA, NBC News):

  • ‘There were millions of my people all the way to the Washington Monument.  At least 250 thousand.’

Huh?  To Trump’s fuzzy math, ‘millions’ equals ‘250 thousand’.  Where’d he learn that?  Apparently from private school for billionaires.  Was he still on something when he said that?  Aerial news photography as Trumplestiltskin spoke proves there were bare, sparse gatherings along the Mall nowhere near to halfway to the Washington Monument.

I heard multiple broadcast network news sources report ‘sparse attendance’ – that there were less than 400 thousand people gathered at the inauguration area of Washington. Those pro-Republican sources conceded that their counts were not exclusively Trumpsters – those numbers also included the ‘hundreds of thousands of protesters’. If there were that many protesters, then there were less Trumpsters than protesters. As with the popular vote against Trump, the protesters far out-numbered Trumpsters in attendance.

Where’d all those Trumpsters go? Lazy bums? Couldn’t get out of bed?

Obama had 1.8 million actual supporters at his first inauguration (2009) and more than one million to his second (2013).

Reporters counted barely 400 thousand to ‘Shrub’ Bush’s first inauguration (2001) and less than 200 thousand to his second inauguration (2005).

Doth we perceive the pattern yet?  Millions support the Democratic president, barely a few hundred thousand support the Republican president.  Something is very wrong in a nation when supporters of the out-of-office party far out-number supporters of the office-holder’s party.

Both ABC and NBC broadcast network news already agree by Saturday (21 Jan 17) – Trump’s first full day in office – that they are both already well tired of Trump’s hyperbole and that these news resources are prepared to ignore his statements for the next four years as little more than Trumplestiltskin’s tall tales to be ignored.

Did you hear or watch the negative combative attitude of Kellyanne Conway on today’s NBC ‘Meet the Press’?  Ya mean we gotta put up with her antics for another four years?



Trumpsters are ‘goofs’.

‘Goof’ comes from Dennis Farina’s cop character on the 1980s TV show ‘Crime Story’.  The character called any and all a ‘goof’:

  • crook,
  • thief,
  • con artist,
  • charlatan,
  • fast talker,
  • swindler,
  • low-life,
  • ne’er do well
  • bat squeeze,
  • sole scrape,
  •  etc.

And, as Clinton called them, ‘Deplorables’.

Trumpster Republican con-servative Steve Cates has been running his anti-Obama opening to his radio talk show (KFNX 1100 AM).  You gotta listen to Cates’ intro – probably at either his site or KFNX’s site.

He ran that same intro this past Saturday (21 Jan 17) when his show started at 1:00 pm.

Does this now mean that his Idolness the Orange Trumpman and Republi-cons are Cates’ enemy as was Obama?   That ‘make Amerika great again’ era and ‘change’ thingy didn’t last long, eh.

How can Cates continue blaming Obama and Democrats when Cates, Trump, and Republicans themselves brag how they control all government at all levels!  Read their boasts that I quote on other pages here (such as: ‘Republicans (Part 4): Sore Winners And Their Long Con’, 23 Nov 2016).


They are all ‘goofs’.


Who among those Republi-cons has read our Constitution?  Actually, really read it?

Then you know there is no such line in the Oath of Office as ‘so help me god’.  And you also ought to know there is no rhyme or reason to employ any Bible on which to place your hand and swear your oath.  These public servants are obligated to take their oath to the Constitution, not to their religion.

Nope, Dear Reader.  The Constitution has no validity for religion in this first job duty.

Then we got this bit of bat dribble from the queen of losers herself.

Laura Ingraham (21 Jan 17, her radio show):

  • ‘Trump was acting like an autocrat at his first press conference.  The press had this entitlement attitude like they are entitled to be there to interview Trump.  Where is it written the press has any right to be there? It’s not written in stone.  Trump can do what he wants.  He doesn’t have to answer anyone’s questions!’

So Trump gets to be an ‘autocrat’?   Say your farewell’s to American Democracy under these guys.  Recall to a mere few days ago that Orange Trumpman started a feud and refused to answer press questions at his very first presidential news conference – from his own Republican-biased news outlet, no less.  Trump boasted that he will refuse to answer any question he decides to ignore.  How far do your think Obama would have gotten had he pulled that stunt?  Or Clinton had she been elected (oh, wait, she was elected by three million more votes of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’).  Would Ingraham have been so quick to defend Obama as she does Trump?  Don’t hold your breath!

Then that Ingraham squeal about where it is written.  This proves again that Ingraham demeans the Constitution.  It is written in the Constitution – ‘in stone’ as a matter of fact – the right and ‘entitlement’ of the free press to be there, to grill the political class such as now Trump is, to demand answers on behalf of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’.  Nowhere in this Constitution does it allow Trump to act as an ‘autocrat’.

This is another Trumpster ‘change’ thingy.  How’s that doin’ for ya?  Are you happy yet?  Or are you longing for ‘change’ back to the way it was under Obama?  Hey, Trump even makes Republicans long for the good ol’ days of the ‘Shrub’.  Too bad, you got four long years of this monstrosity.


‘Decades’ TV was running all the televised inauguration speeches – Truman through Obama (19 and 20 Jan 17).

It was good to watch Kennedy, Johnson, and Carter again.

My dad bought the Kennedy memorial phonograph record; I wore it out listening to it and memorising all Kennedy’s speeches.


Thom Hartmann interviewed Seth Abramson (19 Jan 17) about his current Huffington Post article in which he identifies Trump, Giuliani, and other Republican cronies pushing FBI’s Comey to do his last-minute October ‘more e-mails!’ surprise attack against Clinton.

Gee, Seth, nice to see you are johnny-on-the-spot.  Or are you johnny-come-lately?  Little ol’ me – a nobody blog here at WordPress – talked about that ‘October Surprise’ since at least 2015 and wrote of it here since at least July 2016.

Where were you, Seth?  Your stronger voice was absent til now when it is too late.

Rob Johnson apparently was with me on this Russian thingy last July 2016.


Phoenix area news was worse than circumspect about advance reporting the plans for local protests – either Inauguration Day or subsequent Women’s March day.

I heard nothing from any broadcast local news station about any protest marches on Inauguration Day, only brief comment that there would be protests on Saturday – but no specifics as to time and place Saturday.

I wanted to go to the Inauguration Day protest once I heard there would be something – that it was to have continued till mid-afternoon; I would join mid-day after I got my computer repaired.  Then Tess texted to me that that protest was little more than a dozen people hanging around Arizona’s Capitol Mall.


I heard Trump’s speech on KPHX’s Thom Hartmann replay that afternoon.

It sounded as though Trump was snorting another line every time that goof inhaled.

What is the antidote for a coke-snorting Trumplestiltskin?  Another look and listen to JFK’s Inauguration speech (‘Decades’ TV).


I planned joining in Saturday’s ‘Women’s March’ though I did not know what time or place; I did not know any details.  I expected that it would be downtown Phoenix at the Capitol Mall sometime during the morning to afternoon.  There is a local web-site that had all the details, but, as among the millions of low-income Americans, I lack home wi-fi to check those specifics.  I relied on local Saturday morning TV news as a news resource item.

Those locals reduced my expectations lower than they were.

Okay, I can’t swear that I saw and heard every second of every Saturday morning local TV broadcast.  I attest here and now that I flipt through the stations and only heard one brief, vague tease that there would be a gathering at the Capitol Mall at 10:00 am – but nothing else.  ‘Stay tuned’ was their tag line.  They had no other comment through the remainder of their morning TV newscast – figures.


I wanted to take pictures and video of the Saturday ‘Women’s March’.  I needed to clear my camera SD cards and eat breakfast before heading downtown to the rally.

Tragedy!  I went through all – ALL! – my photography files Saturday morning and must now conclusively state that all but a few of my early digital photography is gone.  Nowhere to be found.  Not in any computer hard drive folder.  Not in any USB drive.  Dunno where they went.

I salvaged an old Tienamen Square selfie from this web-site’s front page, otherwise that would also be gone forever.

While it is the PC, that is not the culprit.  I suspect and I now realise what happened.  I saved all my SD card photography files to the computer and to USB drives, took more pictures, saved those to the computer and the same USB again, and so forth.  I did not realise that the camera default file name (a number) assigned to the first group would be lost / overwritten when I loaded subsequent files from subsequent downloads.  No wonder I can’t find my early digital pictures.  My prized initiation video is gone forever.

Lesson learned, Dear Reader:  re-name all files or use a different drive that does not over-write earlier picture files.

I need to name all my picture files before I can begin moving any camera files.  It was at this point that it became obvious – I was now too late to get ready and go downtown to Phoenix’s protest rally.

I missed both the Friday protest and the Saturday protest.  What was meant to be was meant to be.

I saw what I saw on TV news.

NBC News (21 Jan 17):

  • ‘Hundreds of thousands of protesters turning out for ‘Women’s Day’.  Men, women, children.  Under Trump, their rights are being threatened.  Overseas all protesting Trump.  The demonstrations have been peacefull.  Inspired by a movement.  Trump is a gift to Russia.  Putin will call to congratulate Trump.  The Trump ‘feel-good’.’

KPNX TV / NBC News (21 Jan 17):

  • ‘Record breaking attendance.  Women’s rights are under attack.  Thousands making their voices heard.  A strong message.  A peacefull rally.  A half a million filled the national mall in Washington.  The word echoed from the crowds.  Women and men here.  There were hundreds of sister marches all across the country.’

KPHO TV / CBS News (21 Jan 17):

  • ‘The CIA is still investigating Trump’s involvement with Russia and the elections.  Trump denies being upset at the Media.’

If only these same protesters bothered to vote Clinton rather than Trumplestiltskin the Orange.


More post-inauguration Republi-con quotes.

Ben Stein, R (22 Jan 17, CBS ‘Sunday Morning’):

  • ‘Trump can’t keep his promises.’

Gee.  This latest wisdom from the same guy who repeatedly proclaimed as a regular commentator (2007 – 2008, CBS ‘Sunday Morning’) that the American economy was the best it ever could be.  He made his statements in the midst of ‘Shrub’ Bush giving to this nation the worst economic condition since the Republican Great Depression.  Bush’s legacy is what is called the Republican Great Recession, as if that makes it more palatable than calling it as it is, The Second Republican Great Depression.  Bush’s approval rating was 22% when he left office compared to Obama’s 62% (CBS News).  BTW, Trump’s approval rating taking office dipt to 35%.  Where are those other 10 percentage points of the American electorate who voted for Trump but now dis-approve of that same candidate they whole-heartedly supported mere weeks ago?

Kellyanne Conway, R: (22 Jan 17, CBS ‘Face the Nation’):

  • ‘The Democrats control the Senate.’

This is Trump’s chief advisor.  She can’t even tell a straight fact.  She repeated her same lie on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’, as if repeating it made it true (well, repetition does make it true if your are are a NAZI or Fascist).  Democrats have no control of the Senate.  Her own Republican Party hold the majority and can do anything and everything they choose without any Democratic support.  Four years of this Conway tripe?  How can this nation improve with an administration represented by Conway?

Senator Lindsey Graham, R (22 Jan 17,CBS ‘Face the Nation’):

  • ‘The Russians interfered with our elections.  If we don’t punish Russia, then Iran can be next.  The Baltic States live in the shadow of Russian expansionism.  This is an invitation for more Russian aggression.’

Yeh?  So what!  His admission that Russia (nay, Trump’s friend Putin) caused havoc to our national electoral process and begat this Trumplestiltskin (see my above reference to Rob Johnson’s article at ‘Politicususa’).  Republicans who control Congress refused to act against Putin when he invaded Ukraine; remember, only Congress holds the authority to declare international action against an aggressor nation, not the president.  How do you, Dear Reader, expect Putin’s Puppet, Trump himself, to speak against that Russian aggression when his own Republicans as much applaud it?  Iran?  Hah!  Republicans love Iran.  They and their crony corporations conduct surreptitious business dealings with the ayatollahs and Iran.  How soon Graham wants people to ignore Reagan’s legacy of sending American arms to Iran as a reward for holding +50 American ambassadorial personnel hostage for 444 long days.

Frank Luntz, R (22 Jan 17, CBS ‘Face the Nation’):

  • ‘No one knows about Trump.  There’s more doubt what he is gonna do.  More Americans believe that Socialism is better than Capitalism as a solution to our national economy.  Republicans just wanna get rid of Obamacare, no replacement.’

Trump has already made clear his intended actions.  He has campaigned for at least the last 18 months of the election cycle telling his minions what he wants to do.  How can that be ‘doubt’?  So it is curious how this Republican himself, and a Trumpster, declared that the very people who voted for crony capitalist Trump want him to employ Socialism to ‘change’ America.  If only!  Trump filled his administration with billionaires, international bankers, global corporate executives.  Not one Socialist among them.  Not one effort to ‘replace’ as what they babbled on for these past several years.


Real life trumps Trumplestiltskin.

I must deal with real issues that hit me Saturday:

  • (1)  I had not eaten a square meal in more than 10 days other than Tuesday at Souper Salad with Alana.  My micro-wave oven blew the circuit breaker twice – it is old and, I suspect, worn out.  Both replacement microwave ovens are blowing their circuit breaker; my home is 1940s era with old wiring and 15 amp circuits that can’t take much load (I can’t afford to re-wire).  I got out my slow-cooker and made chorizo and pork ribs with quinoa, barley, rice, garlic, ginger, cumin, tumeric, mustard, and Thai sriracha sauce for Saturday’s first home-cooked meal in a while.  YUM!
  • (2)  I need to name all my picture files before I can begin moving any camera SD files.  That is hundreds.


PC rules!

Instead of my Apple iPad, I’m now enjoying using my PC again.

It multi-tasks.  I can listen to my music playing from an audio file while using any other application.  Apple did not do that.

What was I listening to?

  • ‘Lovely Ladies’ by Norrie Paramor and John Sbarra.  The featured song is ‘Sharon’ – my theme song when I had my part-time DJ job at ‘Beautiful KBWA’ (1979 – 1980).  Maybe you can find ‘Sharon’ on YouTube and tell me what you think; I can’t find it there.  This site provides the user to up-load an audio file; I have only the free basic plan, audio files are not part of that package.
  • ‘Wonderwall’ by George Harrison.  Yeh pretty wild sitar playing.  It’s a great album; one of my favourite Beatles albums.  I used ‘Cowboy Music’ as music bed for my KBWA PSAs, Promos, and IDs.


  • Michele Polnareff.  I have a wide selection of his music from the 1960s and 1970s.  Remember, as I posted otherwise here at this site, that Polnareff’s ‘Amie Caline’ was my theme song for Slim on KBWA.




RIP Phoenix TG-Harmony.

It was nice knowing you and all the great people:

  • JJ
  • Alana
  • Stephanie
  • Lynn
  • Kim
  • Sandi
  • Kristina
  • Alexis

Pardon me for those I forgot.  You did not attend often enough for us to get to know each other.


Thank you, Dear Reader, for visiting this site.

Please come again.


Addendum (dateline 26 Jan 17):

Joe Walsh, R (23 Jan 17, his radio show):

  • ‘Trump brought up that size matters. He lied.  His press secretary lied.’

Trump spent his entire weekend whining about how many people attended his inauguration rather than more important national business. Here Walsh was also agreeing with we on the left – that Trump is such a ‘Trumple Thinskin’ (kapung khaf to Cara – https://lizdaybyday.wordpress.com/2017/01/07/happy-new-year/) that he can’t help his narcissistic obsession. We got four years of this orange goof.

PBS ‘Nightly Business Report’ (23 Jan 17):

  • ‘Trump wants to spend trillions and cut taxes to 15%.  That will increase the deficit and cause inflation.’

Republican Santa Claus is in charge now. His policies will reduce federal income but yet he will spend more. That’s called debt, for those Trumpsters who can’t understand basic finance. You spent the past eight years complaining about Obama trying to resolve Bush’s massive debt caused by those ‘Shrub’ tax cuts. How long will it take you to complain about Trump accumulating trillions of Dollars of more Republican federal debt? You were not worried that Trump himself bragged he paid no federal taxes for 18 years.

PBS ‘Newshour’ (23 Jan 17):

  • ‘The Trump effect overseas.  How right-wing movements are hoping to ride the global wave to the polls.  They’re deepening Europe’s division.’
  • ‘Republican control of the House and Senate offers Trump an opportunity to deliver his campaign promises.’

Remember, Austria led the way in their national elections late last year reputiating this ‘Trump effect’.  Other nations’ voters are a bit smarter than American voters.  They do not want Trump politics.


Let Trump’s McCarthyism begin.

A Texarkana, Texas, radio station banned Madonna from their play-list because ‘she shows un-American sentiments’.

What was her ‘un-American’ crime?  Madonna spoke against Trump the Orangeman at a Saturday ‘Women’s March’ rally.

Who will Trumpsters attack next as ‘un-American’?


Trump the Prez says:

  • ‘Torture works!’

Expect American enemies to add torture of Americans to their own repertoire as they did in responce when ‘Shrub’ Bush did it.

Methinks Trump’s intrusive existance is torture throughout this nation, eh.


Trump is the consummate definition of ‘flip flop’ –

  • lie,
  • cheat,
  • say whatever it takes to get elected,
  • the end justifies the means.

For example:

  • Trump (regularly asserted throughout his 2016 campaign): ‘NATO is obsolete!’
  • Trump (press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May, 27 Jan 17): ‘I support NATO 100%!’

Which is the real Trump? Both. He speaks from both sides of his fork-tongued mouth as the snake in the grass that he is.


Curious now that Trump wants to ‘build that dang wall’.  ‘Shrub’ Bush ordered that wall early in his term; never did his own Congressional Republican majority ever pass any legislation to fund that wall.  Likewise, never did those same pro-wall Republican majorities pass any funding legislation during Obama’s term.

That ‘wall’ currently extends about one-half of the distance of the Mexico – USA border; the price-tag to complete the remaining one-half of this ‘wall’ will be $40 billion (CBS News). Are you prepared to pay the taxes to build this ‘wall’ and endure the economic losses derived from it?

KPHO TV (25 Jan 17):

  • ‘The wall could sour relationships between USA and Mexico’
  • ‘The wall will harm the Arizona economy’.

As for illegal aliens ‘taking American jobs’, that’s not ever happening and Trumplestiltskin and his cronies know that.  It is this nation’s 21st Century form of slavery and ‘involuntary servitude’.  Corporate bosses and CEOs are willfully hiring un-documented aliens – that is a crime.   Maricopa County’s deposed Sheriff ‘Joke’ Arpaio frequently boasted that he would never arrest a corporate officer who committed that crime.  Corporate bosses prefer hiring an illegal employee because those un-documented workers:

  • don’t demand livable wages,
  • don’t know about fair working conditions,
  • don’t understand benefits they should derive from legitimate employment as do American workers.

Yep, Trumpster the Thinskin and his minions are building their own wall – they are surrounding themselves in their Ivory Tower of Trump Babel.

PBS ‘Newshour’ (25 Jan 17) teased their on-line report that affordable potable water will be unavailable to whole swaths of Americans – at least 30% of this land’s population – within five years.  What will our fellow American citizens drink?  Oops, that was straight out of 18th Century French royalty and Marie Antoinette.  Here comes our own ‘Storm the Bastille’ in about five years.

Of course, Trump will build his oil pipelines to pollute our public water.  He is an investor in those pipelines and he profits quite well from them – a true conflict of interest that Republicans will neither challenge nor oppose.

Hey, people of Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania! You of ‘coal country’ – yes, you too, dear Cousin Nancy. Trumpsters who voted for that ‘change’ thingy. Soon you will be drinking coal muck instead of clean, potable water. Trump gave his executive command to allow your
endeared coal mines to pollute your water and turn it into sludge waste.

That’s his ‘change’ thingy. How’s that doin’ for ya?

Oh, I don’t care one whit what he does to himself, let him poison his own water with his own filth and petroleum and coal crude.  I care about the harm he and his Republicans inflict upon we Americans outside his Ivory Tower of Trump Babel who must endure.


PBS ‘Newshour’ (24 Jan 17):

  • ‘Trump pledged to cut taxes. It’s the return of debt and inflation. Prices are moving higher.’
  • ‘Trump’s federal hiring freeze looks good in headlines but does nothing for the economy.’
  • ‘Trump presidency is higher volatility and higher inflation.’

CBS News (24 Jan 17):

  • ‘Trump will spend on infra-structure.’

‘Right Side of the Trade’ (26 Feb 17, KFNX AM 1100):

  • ‘Trump will be inheriting a considerably better economy from Obama in 2017 than what Obama received from Bush in 2009.’

Trump starts at third base and cheers that he got a walk to first base.


CBS News (29 Jan 17):

  • ‘The Koch Brothers’ network plans to spend up to $400 million to influence politics over the next two years.’

So much for Trumple the Orangeman’s ‘change’ thingy to ‘drain the swamp’ of corruption – Trump is corruption defined.

  • Cut taxes – that will cause inflation and increase the federal debt.
  • Freeze the federal workforce – that will cause backlogs of work for the already over-worked federal rank-and-file.
  • Spend on federal infra-structure programs – hey, remember that Obama had shovel-ready projects that Republicans refused to fund. Where does Trump suddenly expect to get federal money that his fellow Republicans preached for the past eight years did not exist?
  • Right-wingers admit that the Obama economy was far better than the Bush economy. Trumpsters are nothing more than whiners when they had it so well under Obama.

‘Influence’ peddling was once a crime until Republicans got their crony courts to rule that bribing a Republican politician is legal (per Citizen’s United).  ‘Two years’?  Why not four?  Or eight?  Do the Kochs figure that Trumpleman will last only two years?

What’s a Trumpman to do?  More of his ‘change’ thingy?

How’s that Trump corruption doin’ for ya?


I watched this week’s PBS ‘Frontline’ about the Orange Trumpman.  His own Republicans call him ‘dangerous’, ‘Third World dictatorial’, and a ‘strongman in an autocratic society’.  As a student of the Shoah, I perceive him whipping up his religioso, skin-head, right-wing Myrmidons frightening me the way Hitler swept up his own crowds into a frenzy.

Roger Stone, Trump Campaign Advisor (PBS ‘Frontline’):

  • ‘This country needs a strongman!’

Such as this list of Republican-backed ‘murderer’s row’, er, um, of ‘strongmen’ (here in no particular order):

  • Idi Amin
  • Manuel Noriega
  • Augusto Pinochet
  • Saddam Hussein
  • Shah Reza Pahlavi
  • Vladamir Putin
  • Bashir Assad
  • Ayatollah Khomeini
  • Mohamar Qadafi
  • Papa Doc Duvalier
  • Benito Mussolini
  • Adolph Hitler

As Stone insists, he would encourage you to add Trumplestiltskin to this ‘murderer’s row’. It IS ‘happening here’!


PBS ‘Frontline’ showed that TV footage from the bus when Trump the Orange boasted that he ‘grabbed pussy’ because he is a ‘star’.

Here came my twisted thoughts:

  • How many times did he ‘grab’ Caitlyn Jenner?
  • Did he know what he was ‘grabbing’? (She is pre-op / non-op. Of course, Trumpsters do not consider Jenner ‘she’ so maybe we should refer to Jenner according to their terms as ‘he’. Gotta problem with that, ‘Mr. Jenner’? Then take it up with your Republican buddies! My apologies to my trans friends; you comprehend where I am coming from and I mean all due respect to our community.)
  • Maybe Trumple ‘grabbed’ Caitlyn when she used the women’s rest room at the Trump Ivory Tower of Babel the way he is accused of perversion and molesting teenage girls?


Think of all the ways that scenario develops.


Then life imitates art.

Was this next item coincidental or planned between PBS and ‘Decades’?

‘Decades’ digital TV network ran the ‘Pilgrims of Promise’ arc from the 1980s series ‘Wiseguy’.

This story is about Christian Conservatives joining forces with other right-wing extremists (skin-heads, kkk, white supremists, gun nuts, etc.) to foment domestic terrorism in the name of religion and patriotism; anyone who dare oppose them was denounced – murdered – as ‘un-American’.  It foretells today’s right-wing Christian-based organised crime cloaking itself in a facade of religion while it perniciously infiltrates American society.

Confederate flags wave throughout Knox Pooley’s campaigning – same as during Trump’s 2016 campaign and presidency.

Pooley is the story’s lead character; he markets his brand of Christian terrorism by manipulating Biblical quotes to please his audience into a mindless frenzy of crime.  Pooley gives his speeches that Trump seems to have at least partly plagerised during his 2016 campaign (apparently Trump made notes in 1987 and expected none of his minions would have the brains to remember that he stole it from ‘Wiseguy’).  The end of this arc concludes with a very revealing quote from Pooley – and nowadays 30-some years later from the ‘Permanent Republican Party Rule’ and Trumplestiltskin.

When this story originally ran (1987), I perceived at that time that Trump is among the real-life rabble-rousers who fit that Pooley description:

  • carnival barker,
  • liar,
  • deceiver,
  • marketer of whatever sells to blind fanatics,
  • whose only god is his greed for the almighty Dollar,
  • who leaves behind a length of devastation and broken people.

Yep, Trump’s 2016 campaign speeches hold much identical to Pooley’s speeches.  Not all quite plagerism, but close.


Kapung khaf. Thank you for reading.


One thought on “‘Welcome To Our Nightmare (Part 2)’

  1. Sharon, I hope at least some of your files will be recovered.

    As for Trump, if he is snorting coke he will need increasing amounts of the powder to handle the stress of his new occupation. And especially at his age he is facing very likely massive heart failure. Of course he could “just say no.”

    I believe that either this administration or the next, Pence, should Trump be booted out will be the fall of the Republican Party. They will destroy themselves from within.

    Anyway I guess we’ll find out!

    Liked by 1 person

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