‘That Was The Week That Was’


(3 Feb 17)

‘That Was The Week That Was’


Chuck Todd (29 Jan 17, NBC ‘Today’):

  • ‘Congressional Republicans are concerned about executive over-reach.’

Todd added how these ‘Congressional Republicans’ who once decried Obama are now openly longing for the good ol’ days of Roosevelt (as in FDR), ‘Shrub’ Bush, and Obama.

I doubt that I ever expected ‘Congressional Republicans’ to positively invoke those three names in one sentence – especially them raving their support for FDR of all – one of this nation’s most Liberal of all presidents.  Nowadays, among the dozen or so national right-wing Republican talkers whom I hear in any given week, there is virtually no mention of Papa Bush and rare of either ‘Shrub’ Bush or Reagan.  Ingraham and one guest were doing another of their ’10 years ago’ out-of-their-hats, whining and complaining that this nation was all in one big mess and it was all Obama’s fault since ’10 years ago’.  Must be they are still using ‘Shrub’s’ ‘fuzzy math’; their complaints were, in fact, about ‘Shrub’ whom they did not even name yet was their god throughout his eight years.

Read on, Dear Reader.  Trump is not even one month into his term and his own Republicans are already in revolt, though they respond compliant as baby sheeple to His Orange High Trumple the Thinskin.


You know we are into Nixonianism when Republicans assert their love for law and order while desecrating the Constitution.

The three broadcast network news reported that family members of people who voted Trump are caught in this Trump immigration entry ban – they are now fuming angry, no longer support Trump, and regret voting Trump and Republican.  One whom Trump denied entry is an Iraq general.  Well, why not?  El Jefe Trump blathered how he ‘knows more than all the generals combined’.

KPHO TV (Phoenix, Arizona) reported a survey of Trump’s current support status, rather lack of support, here at ‘solid red state’ Arizona:

  • 31% approve Trump (that’s nearly 70% who oppose Trump, for those challenged by Bush’s ‘fuzzy math’)
  • 57% oppose the Trump border tax on Mexican goods.

Ha-ha-ha to those Trumpsters.  Suckers – all!  They were warned!

Not so funny, we heard from one Trump officer that she wants to invoke another Kent State assault against the immigration protestors.  That is Trump’s idea of law and order, for sure, good buddy.  For those too young to remember, all four dead students were actual Kent State students not involved in any of the actual protest events.  Nixon accused those students as  unsympathetic ‘outside agitators’.  Do their families still vote Republican?  Why???


Thank you, Maddy, for your timely post identifying the Points of Fascism:

  • ‘Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism’ (By Dr. Lawrence Britt)

Thank you, Cara, for adding to this timely topic of conversation.

As you read today’s essay, open Maddy’s checklist and count the ways Trump and his Republicans are Fascists.

Let’s begin with an easy item – Point #6.  Fascists declare their nation’s Press is their ‘opposition’ when they can’t control it.  Control of media – Propaganda – is among the essence of Fascism.

  • ‘Shrub’ Bush blathered how he had to ‘repeat myself to propel the propaganda’.
  • Trump now bloviates, ‘The Media is the opposition party!’.

‘Shrub’ Bush praised ‘fake news’ of his administration, Bush’s words shocked the American public, yet no Republicans gasped at his boast.  Today, Trumpsters are similarly blase about their Orangeness’ crowing.

Prince Bannon of Boot Lick Tower of Babel, the master of ‘fake news’ propaganda, condemns real news.  This is where Trumple the Almighty and his entourage despise public truth.

Justice Department will not defend Trump’s ban.  Trump’s first Attourney General Yates asserted that Trump’s immigration declaration is un-Constitutional and that she can’t defend it in a court of law.  Governor Pence (R, Indiana) called Trump’s executive action ‘un-Constitutional’; oops, he said that before he became Trump’s Vice President.  Trumpster press officer Spicer told Pence and others to either ‘Get with the program!’ or resign from office.  Pence fell in line exactly as the wuss that he is.

Republican Senator Sessions grilled Yates during her confirmation hearing how she would handle a president who issued un-Constitutional directives.  She asserted that she stood for defending the Constitution, not the president.  Now, Sessions being under his own confirmation scrutiny, demands that the Attourney General hup-to to Trump’s every wish.  Constitutionality and oath of office be damned says Sessions!

Trump’s immediate impulse is exactly what his bad business practices foretold what he will do here.  We witnessed His High-and-Mighty’s reaction shot – his own Nixonian ‘Saturday Night Massacre’.   Trumple dispatched with all expediency (‘You’re fired!’) his non-compliant Attourney General and installed his wuss minion (‘You’re hired!’) – he replaced Yates with a Mindless Myrmidon to do his Trumple the Thinskin’s un-Constitutional bidding.  Autocrats and dictators resort to firing their underlings who refuse to go along with criminal actions – it is so NOT law and order.

The federal judge who stood tall against Trumple the Orange was not your ‘leftist pink-o Commie’.   No sir-ee-bob!  He is a ‘Shrub’ appointee.

This is not merely what that Orangeman’s ‘change’ thingy is doin’ for ya.  His minions are unleashing their Frankenstein’s monster upon the American nation.  Critics of his TV show accurately denounced His Orangeness’s poor management style.  The Orange Trumpman is plainly mentally erratic.  His dark cloud is now descended upon America.  Only the next ‘fresh wind that blows against the empire’ will restore our nation to its sanity.


Mike Weiner (1 Feb 17, his radio show):

  • ‘Not all ‘mooz slims’ are terrorists; not all ‘mooz slims’ are the same.  Just as not all Catholics are the same.  Not all White people are the same.’

Even Trump’s #1 cheerleader came out opposing Trump’s mixed-up, confused, glopped-together executive order banning entry to all ‘mooz slims’.  The US District Court ordered Trump to provide a list of each and every traveller Trump’s officers and agents detained and / or refused entry since he issued his ban.  As yet, one week into this ban, Trump refuses to release the names or identification of the estimated tens of thousands of international travellers.  The federal appeals court declared Trump’s executive order un-Constitutional by week’s end.  How’s that for swift justice?  How’s this for that Trump ‘change’ thingy?  Trump’s ‘change thingy – how he claims his difference to Obama – is that Obama issued Constitutional executive orders while his Trumpness decrees un-Constitutional demands.

Mike Weiner (2 Feb 17, his radio show):

  • ‘These people are all amateurs, not a professional in the bunch!  Absolute power corrupts absolutely!’


Wait a minute!  Did not you Trumpsters and proud Deporables deliberately vote for ‘amateur’?  Against that ‘political class’?  This is your Trump ‘change’ thingy.  ‘Drain the swamp’, said he, but you unleashed your own swamp monster against America.

Weiner was still weining against Trump, now he was complaining about the way ‘amateur’ Trump managed, er, mismanaged, his SEAL team invasion into Yemen’s al Qaeda camp.  Obama had a cursory invasion idea that he passed to Trump – from one out-going president to the in-coming president.  ‘Trump the Amateur’ bit like a hungry fish eager for that shiney lure – that bite was far too much more than he could chew – he was hooked, lined, and sunk.  Trump’s invasion began in disaster, devised in disaster, and ended in disaster.

Republicans are incessantly talking about dropping bombs.  Why not have dropt a bomb on the camp rather than this Trump ‘boots on the ground’ attack that led to the GI’s death?  One clean kill strike from an un-seen drone bomber.

Here’s the irony of ironies.  As you know of me, I have been describing for decades that the Bay of Pigs Invasion was Nixon’s plot to damage and destroy a naive Kennedy in his new presidency.  That is, of course, exactly what happened.  I repeat myself here. Nixon was set to be elected president in 1960 with this Bay invasion prepared upon his inauguration.  One glitch in that giddyup – Nixon lost.  One way he retaliated against his embarrassment was to foist his alternative failed invasion plot to the new Kennedy under the guise of fighting those evil pink-o Commies.  Kennedy bit.  Only problem was that Nixon gave faulty plans to an all-to-eager Kennedy who unknowingly complied amidst the fog of the Cold War.  Nixon’s plan to Kennedy was designed for failure.  Blam-o!  Oh, certainly, had Nixon been elected, that Invasion would have been a ‘success’ – would have overthrown Castro and restored the corrupt Batista mafioso ‘government’.

Turnabout?  Maybe.  On the other hand, we all know how Trump, ‘amateur’ as he is, is not a naive Kennedy.  This was narcissistic Trump and his over-blown ego that made his own scheme replete with his own disaster written all over it.  Not only did Trumple fail to either capture or kill his most hated enemy of that al Qaeda camp, Trump the Orange – perhaps we shall now name him ‘Trump the Orange Carnage’ – instead killed a reported 30 ‘civilians’ – ‘innocent’ or otherwise.  How’s that for more ‘change’ thingy – His Trumpness likely added to the count the number of ‘mooz slim’ ‘civilians’ who now hold a new grudge against Amerika.  How’s that for ‘making Amerika safe again’.

There is the ROFLing.

But insidiously, Trump fills his advisory circle with billionaire sycophants, er psycho-phants – Republicans who all think one closed mindset – ‘absolute corruption’:

  • Congress is packed with Republicans
  • US federal courts are packed with Republican appointees
  • State governorships are packed with Republicans
  • State legislatures are packed with Republicans
  • State courts are packed with Republican appointees and elected judges
  • City and local governments are packed with Republicans.

No dissension among the ranks from top to bottom – ‘absolutely corrupt’.

You Trumpsters voted for this ‘change’ thingy – you put all these Republicans in charge of American government from top to bottom.  You removed the Constitutional mandate for checks and balances.  You Trumpsters begat this ‘absolute corruption’ – exactly what you wrought upon this American nation.

It ‘happened here’.


ABC News ‘Nightline’ (1 Feb 17, statement from a ‘citizen’ border watcher):

  • ‘A wall won’t stop illegal aliens from crossing into America.’

So here we had this Trumpster himself among his gang of ‘citizen’ border patrol conceding that Trump’s own multi-trillion Dollar ‘wall’ boondoggle is pointless, useless, and a waste of our hard-earned tax Dollars.

Not totally useless.  Trump’s ‘wall’ will enrich his billionaire cronies with those trillions of your taxpayer Dollars.  Not one red cent, not one thin dime from Trump and Co.  He boasts that he pays no taxes.

KNXV TV (Phoenix, Arizona) reported (1 Feb 17) that Arizona’s business community opposes Trump’s anti-Mexico, build-the-dang-wall policy.  They expect him imposing it will be:

  • loss of American jobs,
  • inflation,
  • economic depression.

These same people who voted Trump and Republican now oppose him.

Dis-connect from reality.


PBS Nightly Business Report (2 Feb 17):

  • ‘You know how when a child mis-behaves and you give him a time-out.  Well, Trump needs a time-out.’

Crybaby Trumple Thinskin!

ROFLing again!


Trump and his Republican ‘absolute corruption’ have grown too large for ‘time-out’.  ‘We The People’ voted for Clinton; the Electoral College voted for Trump against the national will of ‘We The People’.  There is no available Constitutional action to correct that Electoral College vote.  They are forcing ‘We The People’ to endure their ‘absolute corruption’ for four years until the next presidential election.  Unless you, the ‘We The People’, vote out those Congressional Republicans in the 2018 elections who can then invoke impeachment and conviction to remove Trump and Pence from their ‘absolute corruption’ against ‘We The People’.

In summary:

CBS News (2 Feb 17):

  • ‘Trump made campaign promises difficult to fullfill.  This is victory for the resistance.  This is what that meant.  Trump is under legal siege facing multiple legal suits meant to stymie his administration.  This is just the tip of the iceberg – mounting opposition – industries of the future forming a united front against his administration.  These corporations will move their jobs out of the United States.  This Trump administration is about to be the most polarised administration.  Trump is not interested in building beyond the 46% who voted for him.’

Certainly ‘difficult’ when courts rule that Trump’s ‘absolute corrupt’ decrees are un-Constitutional and while Trump seeks to only administer his presidency to his minority minions rather than 100% of this nation.

This is how Trump’s ‘absolute corruption’ policies will actually send American jobs to foreign nations rather than bring them home.

This is how Trump will ‘make Amerika great again’.

There’s your ‘change’ thingy!


And so it went this week in Trump’s Amerika.

Thank you for visiting and reading.


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