‘The Whole World Is Watching’


(15 Feb 17)
‘The Whole World Is Watching’

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Joe Walsh, R (8 Feb 17, his radio show):

  •  ‘Senator Mitch McConnnell shut down Elizabeth Warren giving a speech on the Senate floor. C’mon, McConnell. Let her speak.’

Senator Elizabeth Warren was, in fact, reading a letter from Coretta Scott King, widow of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.  Widow King presented her statement to the US Congress 30-some years ago when she and others – Democrats and Republicans alike – massed against the nomination of Sessions for a federal judgeship.  In essence, then, Warren was reading from the 1986 Congressional Record and that was cause for your Republicans of 2017 to silence a fellow US Senator.

How’s that, all you Trumpsters, that ‘change’ thingy you voted for?  Suppression of a speech presented by an elected member of the US Senate on the floor of that august body – these Republicans violated her 1st Amendment and imposed their repression against the citizens of Massachusetts – another act of American Republican Party Fascism.


Let’s re-visit this gem of a quote from Richard Dawson (‘The Match Game’, 15 Mar 1978; courtesy of BUZZR TV, 16 Feb 2017):

  • ‘The KKK.  Put all their minds together and you get a half-wit.’

Problem is, that ‘half-wit’ is deadly dangerous both to individuals and to this nation.

I watched ‘Editor and the Dragon’ (PBS World – Friday, 8 Feb 17) about KKK of the Carolinas throughout the 1900s.

PBS ‘Editor and the Dragon’:

  • ‘Klan is the personification of Fascism and NAZI-ism – of fear and hate – everything outside the law.’
  • Klan ‘vigilantes see themselves cleansing society’, claim the ‘law and order’ mantle, declare ‘tradition’ and ‘morality’.

To quote the KKK:

  • ‘The Klan will control politics’,
  • ‘Blood will flow in the streets’.

‘Shrub’ Bush boasted he was leading this nation to their ‘permanent Republican majority’. These ‘all good, White, Christian people’ – criminals, all.

This political platform of Trump and Republicans in their 2016 campaign is the same as that of the Klan – vehement opposition to:

  • the press,
  • the federal government,
  • public schools,
  • integration and racial equality,
  • women’s rights.

Fascism, just the same.

PBS ‘American Experience:  Oklahoma City’ followed.

Quotes from PBS ‘American Experience’:

  • ‘Americans engaged in war against America’,
  • ‘McVeigh was part of this movement of White Supremicists and Neo-NAZIs.  The attack against the American people’.

Said White Supremicist Tim McVeigh:

  • ‘You have to have a body count.  It was me.’

Both PBS programs are chilling!

Both programs remind us how Republicans evolved to what they are today – right-wing Christian Conservative terrorists whose current persona found their renewal thanks to:

  • Reagan:  ‘Guh’mint is the problem!’
  • ‘Papa’ Bush:  ‘New World Order.’
  • ‘Shrub’ Bush:  ‘I hafta repeat mahself to propel the propaganda.  It’s all about oil.’

If only these two programs ran last year before the election – people would have heard Trump’s words copy those of his Kluxer predecessors.

This information from these two PBS documentary programs adds to spirit friend Cara’s recent blog proving the Fascism of Trump and his Republican Party.

Please read her post again.


Art imitates life?

Or life imitates art?

Also in current showing on broadcast television is ‘Wiseguy’, the 1987 ‘Pilgrims of Promise’ arc (re-playing on Heroes and Icons digital TV network – daily 2pm EST – continuing through the next week).

This arc’s shows are about an evangelical Christian Conservative hawker (Knox Pooley could as well be the Trumpman himself) who, as you will see through the end of this multi-episode mini-series, has no morals, no values.  He is nothing more than a ‘salesman’.  Forever planting his smile on his face, Pooley sells with a touch of self-innocence, influence, and double-meaning through his speeches.  Pooley sells anything for a price to anyone stupid enough to buy his pigs in a poke in the name of whatever is their extremist ideology or dumb enough to buy that proverbial condominium in the Florida swampland.  Huh, real life ‘TV reality star’ Trump the Orangeman in character as Pooley.

Here with his ‘Pilgrims of Promise’ Christian Conservative movement, Pooley is selling right-wing Christian Conservative fundamentalist terrorism packaged as American patriotism.  To make it happen, he recruits thugs, criminals, and ‘half-wits’; dupes who commit various hard crimes of violence (armed robberies, hit-and-run killings, arms merchandising, assassination murders) for his benefit at their loss all in the name of this Christian Conservative ideology for sale.

God and guns – all the allegiances of your friendly right-wing Republican Christian Conservative fanatical terrorists same as those who now run this nation.

Respect for police and ‘law and order’?  Not hardly!  This ‘Pilgrims of Promise’ rag-tag collection of ‘half-wits’ (‘none with so much as a high school diploma among them’, ‘career nuts’, ‘a bunch of losers not smart enough to operate a can opener’) include murdering police officers, a Liberal talk show host (an Alan Berg-like character) and civil rights activists whom they identify as ‘mud people’.  It’s Pooley and his followers’ form of ‘affirmative action’.  Nice.  Today’s ‘Deplorables’.

Pooley’s followers listen to recordings of Hitler’s speeches.  He conducts mass gatherings that include KKK chanting, adoration of the Confederate flag, and cross-burnings.  He sells:

  • anti-racial equality,
  • anti-Jewish,
  • anti-government,
  • anti-press,
  • anti-women

Anti-Democracy.  Same as Trump and today’s Republikans.

As one dupe confessed, ‘I thought I was doing something good’.  Instead, Pooley’s lieutenant took him on a crime spree including armed robbery and cold-blooded murder of a rent-a-cop nightwatch officer – murdered solely because he is ‘mud people’.  Bullets are now easier than rope lynchings.

Sure, this CBS network series from the 1980s is fictional.  Yet this arc is so very much prescient about its story-line and actual events now un-folding in this nation.  Pooley gives speeches to his surrogates similar as Trump gives to his minions – the same talking points.

Pooley’s very telling quotes are as much what Trump himself says in his speeches nowadays and lead to what we know as the inevitable ending of this ‘Wiseguy’ arc:

  • ‘People are starting to pay attention to our cause.  We can’t do anything that would cost us our momentum.’
  •  ‘Young men are our future.  The fertile mind triumphs.’
  • ‘I’m gonna have these Marxist ninnies on a cracker.  Pilgrims of Promise is all about love.  Love for the way things used to be, the way they’re supposed to be.’
  • ‘I am striving to warn the men who wore the blue-collar so proudly.  They need to take back the jobs and the neighbourhoods that are rightfully theirs.  Your limp-wristed social experiment disrupted an entire neighbourhood by putting undesirable elements into public housing.  I am encouraging folks to have pride in themselves.  To take charge of their own lives.  The man’s giving them a show.  Business – that’s all.  He’s got his routine, I’ve got mine.  I got ‘800’ numbers  to harvest.  And I think I’ll find myself a big slice of banana cream pie.’
  • ‘The only reason you need guns is to rob people.  These folks are giving us money.’
  • ‘Do you have any idea what I’ve accomplished?  I tapped into a whole new market.  If you arm us, we’re gonna start looking like a lunatic fringe.’
  • ‘The cash register is ringing.  Purification?  To hell with purification!  To hell with the Pilgrims of Promise!  You’re coat-holders; you have to live through somebody else to find out who you are.’
  • ‘I didn’t cheat anybody.  I didn’t kill anybody.  I’m a businessman.  I had a good thing going here – the best.  No way I’m gonna tarnish the mother lode with a murder.  I had an audience handing me money faster than I could count it.  All I had to do to get it was blame somebody for their troubles.  These suckers were as happy as goats in garbage.  It was the con I’d been dreaming about all my life.  Welcome to the real world.’
  • ‘I’m just a practitioner of the free enterprise system.  I’m a richer man for it.  Now it’s time to move on.  Since when has fairness been a concern?  All you care about is making sure the ‘mud people’ don’t get ahead of you in the chow line.  Get yourself some help.  It was just one more thing to sell.  That’s all.  Nothing personal.  I’ve been selling since I was 11 or 12.  I remember this neighbour of ours down in Georgia came by one day.  I wound up selling him an old porch swing – he didn’t even have a porch.  Well, right then, it was like the clouds opened up so the Good Lord could look down and say, ‘Knox Pooley, you are a salesman’.  And I’ve been one ever since.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s fish, tires, or ladies underwear.  With me, it’s never the noun, it’s always the verb – ‘sell’.’

With his Pilgrims of Promise behind him, Pooley moved to his next ‘sell’:

  • ‘Live in high style in one of Florida’s most beautifull ocean view areas.  The condominium development that I’m representing would be perfect for you or your lovely mother.  It’s a chance to enjoy life that your deserve.  We have both one- and two-bedroom condos with every possible amenity: wall-to-wall carpeting, air conditioning, custom kitchens.  A little sip of Manischewitz.  I want you to judge for yourself just how wonderfull this is.  You know, if it’s one thing I’ve always said, ‘The person who does the best sales job is the one who’s got to do the buying’.’

Fade, bring up theme, show closing credits.

Pooley, Trump.  Pure theatre, ‘giving them a show’.  No difference.  It is just ‘sell’.  People are ‘business’ commodities to them.  ‘Blame somebody for their troubles’.  No morals.  No values.  His ‘love of money’, er, his art of the ‘deal’, ‘is the root of his evil’.

Pooley’s ‘blue collar’, ‘lunatic fringe’, ‘coat-holders’, ‘suckers’, ‘goats in garbage’; Trump’s ‘Deplorables’.  No difference.  Some vague nostalgic lifestyle at the center of their closed-minded reality never was sweet to the outside world they cripple.

It’s all a ‘show’.

Our series’ hero Vinnie Terranova countered:

  • ‘Live and let live. It’s a lot better than hating and dying; there’s too much bleeding.’

But real life does not conclude as tidy endings of an episodic TV drama.  Our nation will have quite a Trump ‘mess’ to clean up four years from now because too many people were duped by ‘salesman’ Trump, the Fast-talking Carnival Barker who will be leaving the rest of us who knew better among their ravages.

Gawd forbid eight years if that comes to pass.  You are seeing it here, Dear Reader, that Trump and his Republikans have already submitted his 2020 presidential campaign papers.  His patsies were filing his re-election papers while the Trumpmaster himself was taking the oath of office, before the ink was dry on his first presidential signature on Inauguration Day – the act of a pure narcissist.

Spake Trump the Orange Donald:

  • ‘The media is my enemy!”

Trump routinely talks of that hated ‘the media’ as his ‘enemy’ – ‘the opposition’ of his ‘people’.  Yet that same ‘the media’ are firmly in his pocket.  They do his bidding.  They are silent, withholding this fact of his re-election filing these past four weeks.  What else, what more consequential, is this same press hiding from ‘WE the People’ at Trumple’s demands?:

  • How much are ‘the media’ hiding Trump’s connections to Russia?
  • Why are ‘the media’ failing to press Trump to release his financial papers as required by law of all presidents?
  • What is Trump hiding about his clothing sweat-shops with China?
  • What laws is Trump using to enable him to evade paying any federal income taxes for 18 years?
  • Why are Trump’s numerous bankruptcies being hidden?
  • Why are the multitude of lawsuits against Trump suddenly being put in the background?

Nope, ‘the media’ is doing favours for Trump rather than their Coonstitutional obligation of providing the truth to ‘WE the People’.

Up-date (5 Jul 2020):

The YouTube URLs previously listed no longer work.

Here are URLs that I found for Season 2:

“Wiseguy” – Pilgrims of Promise

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

See Crooked Drumpf portray Knox Pooley portrayed by infamous Republi-con himself Fred Thompson.


Up-date (1 Jan 2021):

The URLs for the YouTube videos seem to frequently change.  These are the current references as of this morning.

Search YouTube for:

‘Wiseguy’ – ‘Full episodes’ from FilmWise.

‘Pilgrims of Promise’ arc:

Episode #1: ‘Going home’

Episode #2: ‘School of hard Knox’

Episode #3: ‘Revenge of the mud people’

Episode #4: ‘Last of the true believers’


Then again, Trumpsters were more enamoured by their mis-direction to Clinton’s e-mails.  These same Trumpsters are not the least bit phased that evidence documents Trump colluded with Russian spies throughout his presidential campaign.  Read on.

KFNX AM (15 Feb 17, their local insert newscast):

  • ‘Senator John McCain is concerned about Trump violating the law with communications with Russia.

Right-wing radio network news (as carried by KFNX AM, Phoenix, Arizona) reported the news story that Trump and his campaign advisors consulted with Russian ‘intelligence’ agencies (14 Feb 17).  How do we know?  This KFNX news report confirmed that it was Obama’s NSA; they routinely recorded all telephone calls and correspondences to Russian ‘intelligence’ (meaning Russian spies).  That meant that Obama’s NSA caught Trump and his campaign advisors corresponding with Russian spies.  Those transcripts now document and prove Trump’s prospective treason.

New York Times (15 Feb 17):

  •  ‘Trump had repeated contact with Russian intelligence.’

CBS News (15 Feb 17):

  • ‘Trump associates were co-ordinating with Russia during the campaign.  Trump is in turmoil.  The Trump campaign has repeated contact with Russian officials.  It includes the recording of their contact.’

CBS News (15 Feb 17, KPHO TV noon newscast):

  • ‘Trump has ties to Russia.’

Jedidiah Bilah, R (15 Feb 17, ABC ‘The View’):

  • ‘We have wire-tapping.  We know what was said.  It was collusion.’

It all comes back to bite you, eh, Trump.  Those NSA wire-taps are courtesy of ‘Shrub’ Bush’s ‘Patriot Acts’ domestic data collection legislation.

How’s that for your ‘change’ thingy?   Your Republican President Trump colluding with a belligerent nation.

What is damning is that Republicans and right-wing talkers are not demanding investigations and action against Trump and his advisors.  Nope.  It’s their ‘kill the messenger’ approach.  They are condemning the press; they are accusing the news for ‘leaking’ this information.  Well, those ‘leaks’ came from someone in Trump’s presidential office, not ‘the media’.

Joe Walsh, R (15 Feb 17, his radio show):

  • ‘Chaos. Dysfunction.’

Well, not really.  At least to write, it is not Trump in ‘chaos’ and ‘dysfunction’.  No, Trump is well planned and deliberate in his schemes.   Walsh actually went on to rant that Democrats and ‘the media’ are totally to blame for Trump’s supposed ‘chaos’ and ‘dysfunction’.  Walsh spent an hour whining how Dems and ‘dem media’ have held Washington by the ‘dangley male bits’ (no, not his words, but Cara’s – kapung khaf) for ‘the past 50 years’.  Walsh must be enamoured by that Bush ‘Fuzzy Math’ again.  His own Republicans have held sway with American government ‘the past 50 years.

  • Republicans have controlled the Presidency more than Democrats
  • Republicans have controlled the US Congress more than the Democrats – especially since Reagan
  • Republicans have controlled the US Supreme Court more than Democrats – Democratic presidents have nominated only four Supreme Court justices during this time (the present minority of four).

Walsh blamed Executive Branch rank-and-file federal Civil Service employees – the ‘bureaucrats’ – for Trump’s ‘chaos’ and ‘dysfunction’.  Another Walsh failure.  Lowly federal employees hold no position of authority; every school child knows that one.  Organisational authority begins at the highest level in the chain of command – Trump – who makes all the decisions and issues them to be enacted by his delegated authority to his presidential appointees (the ‘Cabinet’).  Senior Executive Service employees, federal agency managers, and federal agency supervisors adhere to the directives of Trump and his Cabinet officers who oversee their respective federal agencies.

Federal Civil Service laws mandate that this rank-and-file ‘bureaucracy’ are hired through competitive exams and rankings based only upon their knowledges, skills, and abilities to perform their federal assignments; non-work-related elements are those pesky little things such as race, religion, ethnicity, sex, orientation, identity, political persuasion, etc. In fact, it is this non-partisan rank-and-file who are the most non-partisan throughout all levels of federal ‘bureaucracy’.

They do the work of the federal government through thick and thin, equally through every Republican president as every Democratic president.

They abide by, and are subject to, the US Constitution and all the laws that follow – unlike elected and appointed officers as Trump and his Cabinet and members of Congress and the Courts.

These rank-and-file ‘bureaucrats’ are the only class of federal employees who are absolutely prohibited from all political activity – including many private political activities the rest of the American population takes for granted. These rank-and-file ‘bureaucrats’:

  • are prohibited from participating in a political party other than voter registration to a political party
  • are prohibited from participating in all political campaign activities in all ways.
  • are all ‘competitive service’ non-partisan employees protected by law from partisanship soliciting for campaign bribes, er, ‘contributions’ – whether imposed from their immediate supervisor all the way up that chain-of-command to federal political appointees.

Any violation committed against a non-partisan employee by a federal officer is subject to both swift removal from their federal employment and criminal prosecution of that officer.

Not one rank-and-file Civil Service employee hired under ‘competitive service’ laws, rules, and regulations holds any federal authority.  If Walsh does not know this, then he was one defective US Representative; if he knows it, then he told you one big whopping LIE.  I know federal personnel laws, rules, and regulations in detail from having worked in the federal ‘bureaucracy’ for more than seven years – more than six and one-half years specifically in personnel management with detailed expertise in federal government structure and delegated authority (Department of the Army and the USDA Forest Service).

Reagan attempted to restore the ‘spoils system’.  I was there.  It was part of the reasons why the Forest Service fired me from my federal personnel management job.  I repeatedly advised my agency’s Director that what he was doing – evading those pesky competitive service personnel laws when he sought to hire his buddies to ‘personal services contracts’ – violated federal personnel laws and subjected him to federal prosecution; he did it anyway.  Reagan’s own Republican-packed Supreme Court ruled Reagan and the Grace Commission absolutely un-Constitutional in 1986; my director and numerous other Reaganites who conducted these ‘personal services contracts’ eventually got their hands slapt while I collected my vindication.

As usual, the Trump / Republican cover-up is becoming more notable than the crime itself.


CBS News reported that 68% of Obama-care enrollees reside at states that voted for Trump.

Those Trump voters are due for a rude awakening when their Congressional Republicans repeal it – six years on and Republicans still have no replacement.


I had a political idea that will go absolutely nowhere with Trump and Republicans in charge of American government from top to bottom.  I propose a federal law mandating that every governmental office at all levels (federal, state, local) and at all locations must have at least one officer on duty at all times during all business hours whose official duties include the assignment to accept applications and to issue legal identification and simultaneously issue voter registration.  Further, that all schools automatically issue legal identification to all students, teachers, employees, and issue voter registration to all those students at or nearing legal age.

Such laws will facilitate legal residents and citizens obtaining their FREE legal ID and make it routine to be concurrently registered to vote.

This will never happen under Trump and Republicans, but it is worth it for Democrats to push it differentiating them from Republicans.

Are you a supporter of Paul Weyrich?  He was the Reagan counsel who opposed universal suffrage.  He pushed that voting required an un-Constitutional test – voters must be White, Christian, and Republican.  Whereas, our Constitution presents only one requirement – that a voter in a federal election must be a citizen.  States establish voter laws; this is how states deny voting to Negroes.  They also use it to deny voting to poor people who lack the wherewithal to afford long distance travel to limited state offices with restricted hours constricting where they are eligible to obtain their legal ID and voter registration.

Remember all the millions of voters whom Bush and Republicans kicked off the roles?  They imposed undue burdens that federal appeals courts ruled un-Constitutional; but those states dragged their feet until they got that Republican-dominated Supreme Court ruling voiding the Voting Rights Act that resulted in free reign for Republicans to ‘legally’ remove even more millions of actual legal voters – again, mostly Negro and poor who are likely Democratic voters.

Meanwhile, there are better, pro-Democracy states that include providing voting rights to non-citizen legal residents for other than federal elections – school boards, city councils, legislatures.  Those states and jurisdictions seek the greatest know-how from their electorate pool by including non-citizen legal tax-paying residents to participate in their government.

Social Security Administration already issues Social Security accounts to all newborns.  Issuing legal ID to them that follows their needs for legal ID should not be infringed – especially to counter obligations that Republicans impose against them.

Whom would you deny their right to vote?  Would you eagerly champion the denial of your own right to vote?  Maybe all trans persons would be denied – maybe denied on grounds of mental disability?

It is beginning now – now that Sessions is Trump’s Attourney General and Republicans have been waiting to pass their Congressional legislation without Obama’s veto

Must all people vote?  ‘Choosing not to vote is still a choice’.  Some nations impose criminal penalties for not voting.  I do not agree.  Yes, for true representative government, all eligible electors ‘should’ vote; but freedom includes the choice when, where, whether to vote.  Voting will be gone for millions now that Republican Congress is set to consider voting prohibitions issued by new Attourney General Sessions and awaiting Trump’s presidential approval to deny choice to the American electorate.

Republicans have been pushing to eliminate voting rights to anyone who receives public assistance – MediCare, MedicAid, Food Stamps, Social Security, AFDC, Section 8 Housing, etc.  This will happen now with Trump no longer a presidential veto.  Curious that these Republicans will deny voting by a poor citizen receiving a few hundred dollars per month on the accusation of ‘conflict of interest’, yet have no objection to corporate officers and management who collect hundreds of billions of taxpayer Dollars to subsudise themselves and their corporations as ‘conflict of interest’.


Trump the Orange has held two recent press conferences; neither Fox nor CBS News bothered to cover them.

  • Fox, the Republican Party’s propaganda arm, apparently can’t stomach Trump and does not want to promote him.
  • CBS News simply refuses to submit to Trump’s antics – he is not news-worthy. How’s that – a pathetic president.

Listening to the Trumpman is disgusting with his continued snorting with each inhale.  Gawd!  He must be getting high or doing something.   What substance is he using?  His words are sloppy.  He has no track of logic – just rambling on, saying the same answer to different questions.

Hey, Trumpsters, thank you for your ‘change’ thingy and what it’s doin’ for ya!


Thank you for reading, Dear Friend.


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