‘Another Week In The Books’


(11 Mar 17)

‘Another Week In The Books’


Sahwdee khaf.  Welcome, Dear Reader.

Let’s do another round of quotes by the Republi-cons, Christian Conservatives, alt-right, neo-cons, and other American Fascists, and the news sources that report their misbehaviours.

Where are you, you Republi-con visitors who post your few straggling comments?  Defend your Republi-con position, your Republi-con Congressional ‘tyranny of the majority’, your Republi-con Trump.  I’ll accept your comments.


PBS ‘Nightly Business Report’ (7 Mar 17):

  • ‘Trump pledged infra-structure spending that will ripple through the equipment industry.’  ‘It could be a trillion Dollar investment.’  ‘It’s gotta pass then be funded.  They have passed but not funded it.’  ‘Hope for infra-structure spending is being off-set by concern over a border tax and a trade war.’  ‘Business depends on foreign trade.  The border tax and trade war would be devastating for business.  American business sources engines overseas.’  ‘Business bosses are confused by Washington.  Be carefull about trade.  Customers who are farmers who export crops to China, and Canada, and Mexico; if a trade war hurts farmers, it hurts business, it hurts everybody.’

ABC News (9 Mar 17):

  • ‘Tax increases are necessary to fix America’s infrastructure.’

That was an extended PBS news story about Trump’s trillion Dollar federal budget for infra-structure.  Obama proposed ‘shovel-ready’ infrastructure projects in his budget that the Republikan majority in Congress refused to pass for eight years but now are eager to support with Republikan Trump as president.  Congressional Republikans refused to ever pass any Obama ‘shovel-ready’ infra-structure bill solely because it was Obama’s presentation – Obama a Democratic Party president.

All those federal Dollars could have grown the American economy during Obama’s eight years.  But Republikans said ‘NO!’  Hell NO!’.  Remember?  Those were the repeated words from that other Orange man – the Boehner himself.  Republikan intransigence toward the Democratic Party president – partisanship that Republikans place their party superior to our American national concerns – is Fascism defined.

That PBS news spot showed delayed concern by the very corporate structure that voted for Trump.  Now that Trump’s reality is hitting home, those staid, conservative American businesses are expressing regret for this Trump administration.  Trump and his policies will hurt American business and, in turn, hurt American consumers – ‘everybody’.  It’s like lining up the dominoes, Trump is ready to knock them down one after the other.  The American economy is a chain of inter-acting parties: manufacturing, retail, consumers, banking, government, transportation.  When one succeeds, ‘everybody’ succeeds, when one fails, ‘everybody’ fails.  That same goes for the world, America intertwined among all other national economies – when one succeeds, ‘everybody’ succeeds, when one fails, ‘everybody’ fails.

Of course, Trump is proud to boast that he paid no federal income taxes on his claims of billions of Dollars of income at least for 19 years.  Why should anyone pay federal taxes?  Why should anyone expect federal funding to repair and maintain our national infrastructure?  Let our roads, bridges, rails, water supply deteriorate under Republikan authority!

Trump is poised to render failure for ‘everybody’.

How’s that for Trump’s ‘change’ thingy and what it’s doin’ for ya?

Disconnect from reality – by American businesses, by American consumers – who voted Trump.


Michael ‘savage’ Weiner (7 Mar 17, his radio show):

  • ‘Accusation without evidence – that’s Stalinism!’

Senator John McCain, R (9 Mar 17, ABC News):

  • ‘He should come forward with evidence.’

CBS News (9 Mar 17):

  • ‘President Trump has been holed up in the White House avoiding contact regarding his accusation that Obama wire-tapped his Trump Tower.’

ABC News (10 Mar 17):

  • ‘Where’s the proof that Obama wire-tapped Trump Tower?  Trump made his allegation without any proof.  Comey has urged the Justice Department to confirm the wire-tapping did not happen.  Russia was meddling in the election.  Resigned National Security Advisor Flynn was fired for conversations with the Russian ambassador.  At the height of the 2016 campaign, Flynn was receiving money from foreign governments as he was sitting in on intelligence briefings.  Flynn was hired by a Turkey security company while he was an advisor to Trump during the campaign.  He was paid $530.000.  Flynn was working as a foreign agent as Trump appointed Flynn as National Security Advisor.  Today, Flynn filed as a foreign agent for his work as a representative for a foreign nation during the campaign.’

CBS News (10 Mar 17):

  • ‘The president said a lot of controversial things – that Obama wire-tapped his phones.  When Trump said incendiary things on Twitter, he has been fact-checked.  Trump has embedded his claim – an incendiary charge.  Congress will be rendering their verdict on Trump’s credibility based on his Saturday morning whim.’

Donald Trump (12 Mar 17, Fox News Sunday)

  • ‘ General Flynn is a wonderfull man!’

Chris Wallace (12 Mar 17, Fox News Sunday):

  • ‘Flynn was paid to work for the Turkish government during the presidential campaign.  He registered as a foreign agent.  Trump was told about this – that Flynn was moonlighting.  Flynn was working for another country as he was working on the Trump campaign.’  ‘Trump refusing to answer any questions on Russia after accusing Obama of wire-tapping Trump Tower; Trump will have no more comments on his charge.  There is no evidence for Trump against Obama.  It’s put up or shut up time for this president.’

Weiner must have been accusing Trump of Stalinism.  Weiner must have been talking about all this Trumpmaster diversion – Trump’s ‘accusation’ that Obama directly wire-tapped his entire ‘Trump Tower’.  Trump has been blathering incessantly his ‘accusation without evidence’ these past days enough to mis-direct the news media from his actual connections to Putin and Russia that have been dogging him for months.  ‘Evidence’ of Trump’s deep connections exists to Putin and Russia – that news story is exposing Trump.


Weiner instead was trying to work his way to support Trump’s own ‘accusation without evidence’ – to support Trump’s own acts of ‘Stalinism’.  Weiner was concocting his anti-Obama odd-ball scheme rendering his own ‘accusation without evidence’.  Seems we have both Trump and Weiner practising their own self-admitted ‘Stalinism’.

Crazy.  Trump has been spending his days on Twitter condemning American news media – ‘the enemy’.  Now all of a sudden, Trump is charming himself to that same ‘enemy’ media concerning his own ‘accusation without evidence’.  Flip-flop.  Duplicity.  Hypocrisy.

Let’s go back to this Trump ‘accusation without evidence’.  ‘Shrub’ Bush and his Republikans created their Patriot Acts with FISA Courts to wire-tap Americans against our will – Bush committed those ‘investigations’ against innocent Americans ‘without evidence’.  Don’t you remember all that ruckus that ensued?  Republikans were fine wire-tapping fellow citizens – especially their political ‘enemies’ – to fullfill their national security state.  But then Obama was elected president and suddenly those same Republikans sought to dismantle FISA Courts and take the teeth from Patriot Acts.  That was their own Republikan over-reach.  Obama set requirements for a government agency to wire-tap ‘terror’ suspects.  ‘Evidence’ had to be presented to the FISA Court by a duly registered officer of that Court.  There is no way Obama could have committed what Trump accuses.

Curious then.  In this instance, Trump, as other Republikans, sometimes apply Nixon as the ‘crook’ that he is when Republikans go for general public consumption – Republikans gotta make themselves look good to that unwary public.  Trump besmirched Obama with his ‘accusations without evidence’ equating Obama to Nixon, Watergate, Firefighters, and Plumbers.  Then there are the majority of times when Republikans act among themselves praising Nixon using their dog whistle code-speak. Nixon worked his ‘enemies’ lists since his Congressional days; he put them to full use once he got the presidency.  Republikans praise Nixon, his enemies lists, his McCarthyism.  Republikans bemoan how Nixon was forced to resign the presidency under his cloud of evidence.  Republikans praise Ford who granted that controversial full and complete pardon for all the multitude of crimes he committed as president.  Flip-flop.  Hypocrisy.  Duplicity.  ‘Change’ thingy.

Then-Senator Sessions was all for investigating Obama on all sorts of specious claims ‘without evidence’ – ‘Stalinism’ – but has no inclination to investigate fellow Republikan Trump with plenty of evidence already against Trump.

Maybe if Trump truly is under FISA Court wire-tapping orders, then that means there is sufficient ‘evidence’ – ‘probable cause’ as the Constitution requires – to render ‘accusations’ against Trump’s involvement with Putin and Russia.  If not for his Putin and Russia conflicts, then Trump is under FISA Court probable cause suspicions for other unlawfull acts.  Those acts must lead to Congressional responces: the impeachment and conviction of both Trump and Pence for conspiracy with foreign governments, violating the Magnitsky Acts, and usurping the American election process of 2016 – their deliberate misconduct against these United States.

Trump fails to grasp the seriousness of Flynn’s misbehaviour, this massive conflict of interest among Trump and his advisors, Flynn acting as a foreign agent while working as an advisor to Trump and his own 2016 presidential campaign.  Trump boasts that he knows everything; Trump had to know what Flynn was doing.  To not have known means that Trump is a total ‘LOSER!’.

Republikans want all these scandals to just ‘go away’, but it is hard to dismiss any of them; Trump himself created them.  Fox News – the Republikan Party’s self-described propaganda arm – itself asserts ‘there is no there there’ – no evidence against Obama – therefore Trump can’t blame any other person for his problems – only himself.  Trump has no credibility.  He’s the boy who cried wolf too many times.

All this is a bit too much for Trumpsters and ‘Deplorables’ to comprehend.  To quote Trump himself:  ‘Sad!  Really sad!’.

As Trump, Flynn, and others railed, it’s time to ‘Lock him up!’ to Trump, Flynn, and their cohorts.


CBS News (7 Mar 17):

  • ‘The FBI is investigating the theft of alleged CIA documents and their posting on Wikileaks – 8.000 pages.  Valuable information has been stolen.  Why did Wikileaks publish this information?  Wikileaks released sensitive data.  Why did Wikileaks publish this information?  It appears to be timed to events to damage the intelligence community’s ability to protect America and that they jeopardise US personnel and operations.  Wikileaks disclosures highlight another breach in the intelligence community.  Investigators assessed with high confidence that Wikileaks conspired with Russia to release damaging Democratic Party e-mails.’

Mike ‘savage’ Weiner (8 Mar 17, his radio show):

  • ‘Assange and Wikileaks are the only reason Hillary lost the election.  It was the e-mails.’

NBC News (9 Mar 17):

  • ‘Assange is taunting the CIA.  Assange got his documents from a former contractor working for the CIA.  Contractors face less grueling background checks.’

Donald Trump, R (9 Mar 17, ABC News):

  • ‘Wikileaks.  I really love Wikileaks!’

Michael ‘savage’ Weiner, R (9 Mar 17, his radio show):

  • ‘Something is terribly wrong with Assange!  He’s garbage!  He wants Trump to issue him asylum.’

Trump claimed he never met Assange; Trump lied.  ABC News ran an extended report documenting Trump’s long-term associations with Assange.  There, on the TV screen, were multiple pictures of both Trump and Assange laughing while dining on a fancy meal at a high-scale restaurant.

Trump had no concern when Assange, co-conspiring with Russia, was publishing America’s state secrets on his Wikileaks site to embarrass Obama and ‘damage’ Clinton’s candidacy.  Weiner made his 8 Mar 17 boast of praise for Assange as his own expressed fact for his buddy Trump and his Republikan Party’s perspective.  There you have it, Dear Reader, words of their own of that foreign hostile nation interfering with our American electoral process and facilitating Trump’s election by illegal means – I submit that Trump committed impeachable offences.

Assange comes back to bite Trump.  Assange now is exposing Trump; Assange is continuing to prove his Wikileaks are a danger to this nation regardless of who is president.

How quickly Weiner flip-flopt on his buddy Assange to call him ‘garbage’ the next day.  Or was Weiner’s ‘garbage’ reference meant as Weiner’s praise for Assange’s ‘garbage’ – fake news – leaking America’s state secrets to embarrass Obama and to ‘damage’ Clinton?

Could be that some day Ecuador will expel Assange from their embassy.  He can’t reside in that condition for the rest of his living days.  That nation will tire of his antics.  Where will Assange go?  Trump only further implicates himself in his conspiracy with Assange if he grants asylum to Assange.

Trump and his Republikan Party want to privatise American government from federal, to state, to local levels.  This is a tough example of what Trump’s personal services contracts are doing to American national security.  Republkans, the party that claims to be ‘the best’ securing our nation is actually the worst – proven by Trump and his conspiring with Putin and Russia.  Contractors lack the vital loyalty to the American federal government and ‘We the People’ as deep as actual, loyal, ‘competitive’ civil servants who commit their service to the American people.  Remember, I was there fighting against Reagan when he instituted an era of personal service contracts that the US Supreme Court eventually ruled were un-Constitutional.  Here we go again!

Of course Trump would rather post cheap Twitters denying his connections (‘without evidence’) with Putin and Russia.


PBS Nightly Business Report (7 Mar 17):

  • ‘Which industries win, which industries lose under the GOP healthcare plan?  Wall Street, Washington, and Main Street were all focused on healthcare to replace the Affordable Care Act.  ACA winners were older and low-income Americans.  High income earners are winners getting tax breaks.  Currently a senior with income of $20.000 gets $13.235 in ACA insurance exchange subsidies.  Under the GOP plan, low-income seniors only get $4.000 in tax credits.  Insurers will charge seniors five times more than under Obamacare.  Insurers will only offer high-deductible plans.  There is not yet the official report how many Americans will lose healthcare.  Fewer people will be buying insurance.  Seniors over age 50 will get less of a credit and charged more for the same coverage – losers – a negative for them.  Insurers are all winners.  Republicans will remove financial support for hospitals.  Low-income will lose their safety net.  The Republican bill repeals a tax on Pharma and doesn’t touch drug pricing – you’ll see cash flowing.  Trump tweeted, ‘Pricing will come way down!’ but offered no specifics.

CBS News (9 Mar 17):

  • ‘The Republican plan is facing resistance from fellow Republicans.  The warning sign that the GOP plan is in trouble comes from Republicans, not Democrats.  Every GOP member has run on their promise of repealing and replacing Obamacare.  It will be an uphill fight in the Senate.’  ‘The House bill should be scrapped.  Congressional Republicans are running up against the fact that healthcare is complicated.’

CBS News (10 Mar 17):

  • ‘Republican senators are pushing back and could kill the bill.  Republican senators do not want to repeal Obamacare.’

Fox News (9 Mar 17):

  • ‘The House Freedom Caucus is mocking the new plan.  It hurts the poor while giving too much power to the insurance industry.’

NBC News (9 Mar 17):

  • ‘Fifteen million Americans will lose Obamacare health insurance coverage under Trump’s Republican plan.  The fight over healthcare is permeating Washington.  The skeptics are inside the Republican Party.  There is a rush to pass this legislation that is now on life-support.’

ABC News (9 Mar 17):

  • ‘Trumpcare is facing mounting opposition – up to 10 million Americans will lose health insurance.  American are afraid of losing their coverage.  This Republican legislation will make American healthcare worse.  Conservative groups are quite critical of this bill.’

Chris Wallace (12 Mar 17, Fox News):

  • ‘Republicans have been promising ‘repeal and replace’ for seven years.   Where is it now from Republicans?   Even if Trumpcare passes, Obama is the big winner here.   Obama has won.’

It was too funny, yet too pathetic.  Trump admitted that both his ‘repeal and replace’ and America’s healthcare system are ‘complicated’ far more than he ever thought of it.  Gee, maybe Trump should have thought better and not have run for president since he can’t perform the ‘complicated’ duties of this political office.  Now we Americans are forced to live under his irrational impulse.

Republikans complained about Obamacare while it was being debated eight years ago.  Republikans had eight years to formulate their ‘repeal and replace’.  Republikans made ‘repeal and replace’ their presidential and political party platform these past eight years.  Now, eight years later, these same Republikans can barely present their Trumpcare with any coherent Trumpcare legislation, they want to force to pass Trumpcare to Trump without regard for all the loss of healthcare at least to 10 or 15 million Americans (‘maybe more’), all the massive premium and price increases it will bring to low-income Americans, all the profiteering windfalls Trumpcare will bring to his partisan buddies at the expence to America.

Trumpcare will create a two-years break between Obamacare and the effective date of ‘repeal and replace’ Trumpcare.  What are Americans to do during those two years?  Dunno.  Republi-cons fail to explain what Americans can do for their health insurance and healthcare.  You are totally on your own flapping in the breeze.

American voters are now looking back fondly at Obamacare and do not want any ‘repeal and replace’.  Yep, Oabama is looking to be the ‘winner’ here, Trump the ‘LOSER!’.  And you Trumpsters who voted overwhelmingly for Trump – White, elderly men and women, low-income – are ‘LOSERS!’ under Trumpcare.

This ‘House Freedom Caucus’ is a far-right-wing conservative Republikan branch of the Repubikan Party.  They oppose this Trumpcare bill as well as Democrats.

That’s some ‘change’ thingy and what Trump is doin’ to ya, eh.


Donald Trump (NBC news file re-released during the 2016 presidential campaign):

  • ‘I grab their pussy.’

ABC News (9 Mar 17):

  • ‘The Marines nude photo scandal may be reaching farther than known before.  The Air Force is looking into the matter.  There are photos from every branch published on porn web-sites.  Marines distribute them through a private Marines Facebook group.’

NBC News (9 Mar 17):

  • ‘Hundreds of naked women photos have been posted condoning sexual assault and rape.  Convictions could bring seven years in prison.’

NBC News (10 Mar 17):

  • ‘The Marine Corps investigation is accelerating with new nude pictures posted without the women’s consent.  It’s a cultural problem within the Marine Corps – male Marines are behind the times.  It’s a cancer from within.

ABC News (10 Mar 17):

  • ‘The outrage and controversy is spreading to other branches.  Other web pages are popping up with more nude photos.  Women are facing backlash for reporting these violations.’

CBS News (10 Mar 17):

  • ‘The nude photo scandal is a threat to the Marine Corps.  Whistle-blowers are threatened with death threats.  This scandal has spread to all branches of the military.’

PBS Newshour (10 Mar 17):

  • ‘Our American culture plays a role – gang mentality.  They feed off each other.  The mentality from 50 years ago to be dis-respectfull toward women.  They have always been there:  ‘He said it so I can say it.’.’

Hey, Trump the Groper-in-Chief ‘grabs pussy’ and sets the example for his military services, so why not his military services behave with similar misogyny against women in the American military.

Every woman who voted for Trump, every woman in service in the US military, should be outraged at this hostility Trump perpetrates against you who were too stoopid to vote for Trump and Republikans.  But you’re not.  ‘Sad!  Really sad!’

‘Lock him up!’  Trump needs to be served with a criminal indictment, prosecuted, and sentenced to those seven years hard time as an example to his military.


Reverend Gordon Robertson, R (10 Mar 17, TBN ‘700 Club’):

  • ‘French pro-life forces lost the abortion debate long ago.  France legalised abortion in 1975.  It is today one of the most pro-abortion nations in Europe.  More than two-thirds saying in one poll that a woman should be able to have an abortion whenever she wants.  The pro-life movement is seen by the government as denying women their human rights.  The government sees abortion as social progress along with Gay rights and same-sex marriage.  Four million French marched against Gay marriage and Gay adoption.  Planned Parenthood are telling lies about abortion.  Free speech is core to our Democratic society.’

This was a story about abortion rights in France; Robertson meant what is happening at France to apply to the USA.  Notice how his story eases other issues into their same ol’ boogeyman syndrome.  Robertson labels we LGBT as their same enemy as a woman’s right to determine her biological destiny.  Robertson and his Christian Conservatives hold their antipathies of LGBT civil rights same as their antipathies toward a woman’s civil right of medical privacy – whether or not she determines for herself, her well-being to carry her pregnancy to term.  Is not one’s self-determination a civil right held by all?  Or only by those whom the Christian Conservatives agree to allow?

This story was another round of false accusations and deliberately ascribing labels to fit their narrative against we LGBT rather than telling the truth.  Christian Conservatives calling themselves ‘pro-life’ is a con; therefore, Christian Conservatives insinuating we Liberals as ‘anti-life’ is that same con.  Christian Conservatives calling we Liberals ‘pro-abortion’ is a con.  Of course Christian Conservatives are anti-abortion in all cases including rape and incest committed by an adult against a minor child; Christian Conservative oppose prosecuting a man who father’s a child by rape or incest.  All that exemplifies Christian Conservative ‘anti-life’, intrusion by their religion, and their ‘big guh’mint’ into one’s private life; it is all on Christian Conservatives.

You Republikans are absolute hypocrites!

The US Supreme Court’s ‘Roe v Wade’ decision was about the patient’s right to medical privacy – the patient makes their own medical decisions without the intrusion of ‘big guh’mint’ getting in the way of a patient and her medical team.  The fact is that Republi-cons are determined to insert their intrusive ‘big guh’mint’ and their wack religion into your very personal private life – your bedroom, your doctor’s office.  Trumpcare and this American Taliban religion will seal your fate.


Donald Trump (12 Mar 17, Fox News):

  • ‘Dont believe those numbers.  At least 25% maybe even 50%.

Trump made his 2016 campaign speeches slamming Obama’s domestic economics policy.   Trump whined that Obama’s program was bogus that created 250 thousand new jobs each month and dropt the un-employment rate from Bush’s more than 10% to now 4.7%

Well, golly gee!  Residuals of Obama’s economics policies brought our American domestic condition another 250 thousand new jobs and 4.7% un-employment rate for February 2017; Trump now praises it and calls that his own.  That is another ‘LOSER!’ Trump flip-flop.

Remember, Republi-cons blamed Obama for the residuals of Bush’s economics policies – those hundreds of thousands of jobs losses, those 10% un-employment rates for the first year of Obama’s terms as president.  When Republi-cons blame Obama for the bad of Bush, then we must credit Obama for the good that his policies continue.

Flip-flop presidency – lack of credibility – more of Trump’s ‘change’ thingies.


Kapung khaf, Dear Readers, one and all, who come to this site.

Please browse my earlier posts and come again for another visit to my next new post.


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