‘Today Is ‘Support The Taliban’ Day’


(20 Mar 2017)

‘Today Is ‘Support The Taliban’ Day’


Sahwdee khaf, my friends.

We are marking the official 30th Anniversary of Reagan’s ‘Support The Taliban’ day. He initially declared it in 1981; he made it legal in 1987 in the very midst of his presidency’s collapse under the weight of his ‘Iran-Contra’ scandal. Reagan’s Taliban begat al Qaeda, whom he also trained, financed, and armed. These are among other impeachable offences that should have been issued against Reagan, but partisan Republikans and feckless Democrats failed the American people. The rest is history.


Let’s begin by going right to the videotape.

Or in this case, this audio intro from a national radio show.

Steve Kates, R (18 Mar 17, opening to his radio show):

  • ‘Our greed for power eclipses our duty to govern. That ends tonight. And tonight I give you the truth. And the truth is this: the American dream has failed you. Work hard, play by the rules, you aren’t guaranteed success. Your children will not have a better life than you did. Ten million of you can’t even get a job even though you desperately want one. We’ve been crippled by Social Security, MediCare, MedicAid, by welfare, by entitlements. And that is the root of the problem: entitlements. Let me be clear. You are entitled to nothing. YOU ARE ENTITLED TO NOTHING! The homeless problem however is worse now than ever according to a new report which says that nearly 115 thousand people went homeless last year including nearly 40 thousand children. Let us be clear. We are here tonight because the President continues to conduct an illegal program. We are not collecting information of fraud. We are not collecting information of terrorists. We are collecting all American citizen’s records all of the time. People are being evicted from their homes. Police brutality is on the rise. Surveillance is at an all-time high. The Constitution is being violated every day.’

Swiss America (20 Mar 17, TV advertisement on CBN, voice-over by Pat Boone):

  • ‘Are you concerned about keeping control of your own money? Are you shocked by the lack of morality in America? Are you uneasy about how big the American guh’mint has become? Well millions of Americans, including me, Pat Boone, are troubled by these same questions. A new book explains how to take back our country from the machine – a powerful ELITE who are sucking the lifeblood from our society. This machine wants to globalise everything by robbing citizens of their buying power. You need to discover how bad money has driven out good morals creating a downward economic and morals spiral. This book offers a simple plan to restore our nation’s crumbling foundation and preserve your wealth. Visit Swiss America. Remember, the destiny of a currency determines the destiny of a nation.’

CBS News (16 Mar17):

  • ‘Trump’s allegation being wiretapt by the former administration is denied by Congressional leaders of both parties. ‘False’ is what the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee called Trump’s accusation. House Speaker Paul Ryan reached the same conculsion, ‘No such wiretapping existed.’ The President has not asked for evidence from the Intelligence community. There is more evidence of financial ties between Flynn and the Kremlin. Flynn travelled to Moscow to attend a gala and was seated right next to Putin. Checks, e-mails, and invoices show Flynn was paid by RT TV America, whose primary objective is to engage in ‘a Kremlin-directed campaign to undermine faith in the U.S. Government’. Flynn lied about his conversations he had with the Russian ambassador. Flynn had a $600 thousand lobbying contract with ties to the Turkish government. Flynn was paid from Kaspersky Labs, the well-known cyber security company with ties to Russian officials.’

NBC News (16 Mar 17):

  • ‘The US Senate says there is no proof of wiretapping. Spicer accuses news reports. There is no evidence to back-up the President’s claim.’ ‘Trump’s $1.15 trillion budget proposal is his blueprint how he plans to govern, it is what’s not being funded that is making news. He is adding nearly $60 billion to military spending, but he is also making deep, unprecedented cuts: the State Department slashed by 29%, the Environmental Protection Agency sliced by 31% including programs to combat climate change, the National Institutes of Health cut by $6 billion. Low-income Americans will be the hardest hit; sweeping cuts in affordable housing, job training, eliminating ‘Meals on Wheels’ – a godsend to those most in need. Also on the chopping block – the arts and Public Broadcasting – which would be totally eliminated.’

PBS ‘Nightly Business Report’ (16 Mar 17)

  • ‘The Trump rally – this magic elixer of tax cuts and infra-structure spending that has been the driver of this rally. The market has already discounted the full effect of Trump’s proposed policy plans.

CBS News (17 Mar 17):

  • ‘Trump is under fire. He faces criticism from his own Party. His budget proposal is being shot down by fellow Republicans.’ ‘Conservatives want deeper cuts to MedicAid.’ ‘GOP leaders agree there is no evidence to support his claim that his New York sky-scraper was wiretapped.’

NBC News (17 Mar 17):

  • ‘Cyber espionage, computer hacking, fraud, and Russian spies charged. A specific charge from the dark web – hacking blamed on Russian agents. Hackers advertise on the dark web. An imminent threat to 13 thousand telecom, power, water, and American utilities. Growing concern in ransom attacks; it happens to hospitals, police departments, and libraries.’

BBC News (17 Mar 17):

  • ‘Trump alleges that Obama used British spy agencies (GCHQ) to spy on him. The links between Trump and Russia – allegedly. It’s far too dangerous for political reasons. Can you imagine the fall-out! If Trump’s ties to Russia are stronger than he is saying, then is it irresponsible for agencies not to be spying on him? It will bring a breakdown among allied communities. A massive negative.’

Senator John McCain, R (17 Mar 17, ABC News)

  • ‘Trump has one of two choices: either retract or to provide the information that the American people deserve.’

ABC News (17 Mar 17):

  • ‘President Trump’s budget cuts: 21% to Agriculture Department, 13% to Department of Housing and Urban Development, 14% to Education Department, 21% to Labor Department. When you look behind those cuts are these specific programs: ‘Women, Infants, and Children’, ‘Nutritional Assistance’, ‘Meals on Wheels’, teacher training, before and after school programs, food safety, job training for seniors. Trump is cutting the State Department, which is all about diplomacy, so that, as General Mattis says, ‘We can buy more bullets’. Trump says ‘You don’t need to feed a child before school to do better’.’

CBS News / KPHO TV, Phoenix (17 Mar 17):

  • ‘Trump is cutting ‘Meals on Wheels’ funding by $3 billion. Less funding will be less people that ‘Meals on Wheels’ can help.’

CBS News (18 Mar 17):

  • ‘Trump repeated his unproven claim that Obama tapped his phones. Trump joked about Obama’s NSA saying they tapped Merkel’s phones. He points to a Fox News analyst that Obama used a British intelligence agency to spy on him. The NSA calls Trump’s claim. ‘Nonsense!’.’ ‘The House Republican healthcare bill will be more in line with their conservative vision: 14 million more un-insured Americans by 2018, 24 million more Americans will be un-insured by 2026, states will have the opportunity to use MedicAid money for any other purpose they choose. Trumpcare will affect MedicAid substantially. Obamacare expanded MedicAid to poor and low-income who had no option to get health insurance. Obamacare expanded MedicAid to cover those people. Trump’s bill will wind-back that federal funding that made that expansion possible. States, in the face of Trump’s cuts, will decide to stop covering the people that were added by Obama’s program. Only 35% of registered voters approve of Trump’s handling of healthcare; only 22% of Americans are dis-satisfied with the quality of their healthcare since Obamacare. Republican governors are unhappy with that un-winding and Trump supporters of Republican states would be affected by Trump’s changes. There have been very large increases in health insurance among people who didn’t have options before in Republican states. People have dis-proportionally fallen into Republican states that have expanded MedicAid. Hundreds of thousands of people signed up for Obamacare. If that funding goes away, then a lot of those people will return to being un-insured. The Obamacare markets are stable in the long run and the CBO says that, too.’

ABC News / KNXV TV, Phoenix (17 Mar 17):

  • ‘Trump’s border wall will be 30 feet tall and cost $21 billion. It’s design will be ‘anti-climbing’ and ‘anti-digging’.’

ABC News (18 Mar 17):

  • ‘Trump claims Obama bugged his phones at Trump Tower even if it embarrasses American allies. Trump joked. Trump cites Fox News as his source of his claim. Trump, ‘We cite a certain very talented legal mind. Talk to Fox.’ Fox News is distancing itself from Trump and Napolitano. The Justice Department has handed over all evidence and no proof to corroborate Trump’s claim. Trump is getting a real lesson in American politics. This topic muddies the waters around Trump’s ties to Russia meddling into our election. It is embarrassing Trump and keeps a bad moment in foreign policy.’ ‘Republican governors in Republican states that helpt Trump win the presidency have come out in opposition to the elimination of MedicAid expansion.’ ‘Trump’s budget could hurt the same people who voted for Trump. Trump’s budget cuts an awful lot of programs that are pretty popular with the people back home in their districts.’

Fox News (18 Mar 17):

  • ‘Fox News was never able to back up Trump’s claims. Fox News cannot confirm Napolitano’s commentary. Fox News knows of no evidence of any kind that Trump was surveilled at any time in any way.’

NBC News (18 Mar 17):

  • ‘Republicans may not have enough votes to pass their major campaign promise to repeal Obamacare. Town hall reactions boil over. Trump’s plan to cut billions of Dollars of federal funding from medical and scientific research is causing alarm in that community. That funding saves lives. NIHS is on Trump’s chopping block. Trump’s budget would gut research programs, but offers no specifics. NIHS research transformed AIDS from a death sentence to a manageable chronic condition. Hepatitis B vaccine and numerous advances in the fight against cancer is a future made possible by federally-funded science.’

Right-wing Republican radio news (19 Mar 18, KFNX AM 1100):

  • ‘Americans aided Russians meddling in last year’s election.’

George Will, R (19 Mar 17, NBC ‘Meet the Press’)

  • ‘Trump was standing there next to Merkel and taking his wiretapping accusation as a joke.’

Fox News (19 Mar 17):

  • ‘Gusifer is a front for Russian intelligence.’

PBS ‘Rick Steves’ Europe’ (19 Mar 17, episode ‘Great German Cities’):

  • ‘Hitler’s promises were trumped up – they led to war.’

Reverend Pat Robertson (20 Mar 17, CBN ‘700 Club’):

  • ‘Trump is ‘God’s Chaos Candidate’.’

Jedidiah Bila, R (20 Mar 17, ABC ‘The View’):

  • ‘The Constitution guarantees the right of privacy. If you are a Conservative and you believe in limited guh’mint, then why did you vote for Trump? He doesn’t stand for any of that. Trump is a ‘Big Guh’mint’ guy. If you listen to what Trump said before, if you listen to what he said before he got elected he was a ‘Big Guh’mint’ guy. They should have been listening before and now. If you’re advocating for limited guh’mint, nothing Trump said before this campaign was limited guh’mint and nothing he’s doing now is limited guh’mint.’



I hope you read those news quotes. They lead to this post’s opinion and analysis.


Dear Visitor, you read Kates’ accusatory radio show opening segment of that extremely fanatical, right-wing, T-bag, Christian Conservative Republican.

I referred to this in an earlier post. Allow me to run it here in a timely demonstration of the hideous behaviour of Trumpsters and their ilk.

Commentator Steve Kates has been doing his radio show for more than 10 years using his opening quoted above. Using Bush’s ‘Fuzzy Math’:

  • Kates created his program and intro to condemn Clinton; we can understand from his political antipathies against that President.
  • Kates can’t count that 10 years prior to now is ‘Shrub’ Bush. Why did Kates continue during ‘Shrub’s’ terms that Bush was all that same evil according to his presentation? Why did Kates vote for Bush? Support Bush? Support the Bush political agenda of the Republikan ‘Patriot Acts’? Support his Republikanism that brought about that very economical collapse, those loss of millions of jobs, the homelessness of millions of Americans? The wanton murder of citizens by bigoted police?
  • Kates now imagines that all these disasters remain upon Obama’s head though he is no longer in office. How silly! Did not Trump campaign and spew during his inauguration boast and tweet incessantly that all would change on Day One? We are two months into his term and he has nothing to show. Or shall we say, there is much evidence of Trump’s lack of action. Not one piece of specific legislation has been passed by his Republicans. Not one piece of specific legislation that Trump signed. The best that Trump has to show for his first two months are his bilking the American taxpayers of billions of their hard-earned tax Dollars for his repeated trips to his infamous Trump Tower of Babel and his seaside Florida castle where he does little more than play golf on four-day weekends. Talk about waste, fraud, and abuse! Trump has already exceeded his Republican predecessors; Trump should be charged and convicted of official malfeasance.

But wait. Kates is a die-hard Trumpster. Why does he ascribe all these sins on Trump? Maybe Kates is a plain old goof? Maybe Kates demonstrates his lack of comprehension? Maybe Kates can’t add?

Maybe Kates must admit the truth: Bush then as Trump now are dangerous to our ‘America dream’ of our life, liberty, and pursuit of our happiness.

‘Crippled by … entitlements’? NOT Hardly! The definition of an ‘entitlement’ is something that one earns. You, the American citizen, taxpayer, resident who have been paying your taxes have indeed earned your rights to each and every ‘entitlement’ no matter that these Trumpsters and Republikans are currently scheming, stealing your hard earned-Dollars, denying them to you while garnishing them upon their corporate sponsors who bribe them, er offer campaign contributions to them. The greatest investment plan for any business in this America is neither stocks, nor bonds, nor liens, nor investment housing, nor insurance, nor dividends. Nope the greatest way to wealth, or rather to excessive wealth, is to bribe, er contribute to, a right-wing Christian Conservative Republikan political candidate. Republikans and their corporations bribe, er contribute to, their Republikan candidates for maybe a few thousand Dollars during the campaign season and collect millions to billions of tax benefits and government subsidies in return through ALEC legislation – whether at federal, state, or local levels.

Trump boasted during his campaign that he paid no taxes for 18 years. He whined that his exemption from taxes was legal. Exactly my point. He and his Congressional Republikans conspired to pass dubious legislation providing hundreds of billions of Dollars in tax loop-holes available with the sole purpose of benefiting only the connected and very wealthy to make themselves obsessively wealthier.

Notice Trump’s current Republikan budget: massive waste supported by tax breaks for his corporate buddies. Trump seeks to transfer a trillion Dollars from you hard-working tax-paying Americans to Trumpster Republikan non-working greedy business executives and corporate bosses who ship your jobs to slave-wage countries on the other side of the Earth.

Your ‘entitlements’ – Social Security, MediCare, MedicAid, welfare, Food Stamps, AFDC, Meals on Wheels, utility assistance – are yours. You earned them fair and square when you paid your taxes. These entitlements are not subject to Trump and Republikan on-going whims and assaults. Reagan boasted ‘Guh’mint is the problem!’ as does Kates here in his opening statement. Conversely, they – Trump, and other Republikans – want people to believe that Republi-con ‘guh’mint’ is not the ‘problem’ that it actually is when administered by Republikans. Under Trump and Republikans, they assert that no matter how much they impose upon you to pay in taxes, that still ‘YOU ARE ENTITLED TO NOTHING!’ while they Republikans are ‘ENTITLED!’ to all.

Note in that NBR news spot that this Trump ‘rally’ is already a bubble ready to burst. Mere fabrication based upon unrealistic tax cuts and increased spending – two impossible opposites without massive increases in national debt. Trump can’t cut taxes while at the same time post his $1 trillion infra-structure proposal without adding to our national debt.


Boone has been doing his Swiss America TV ad since at least the ‘Shrub’ Bush administration – promoting ‘disaster capitalism’. Actually, Boone was correct during Bush’s term:

  • This nation went on its ‘downward spiral’ with Bush’s greed by corporate globalisation, international wars, theft of oil from sovereign nations
  • The Dollar went into free-fall collapse. It was down to $1.40 to the Euro.
  • The price of gold rose from less than $200 per ounce to more than $1800 per ounce due to Bush’s policies during his administration.
  • The world markets were poised to drop the Dollar as the international premiere currency under Bush.

When Obama was elected, both our domestic economy and the international economies of most of the world began improving.

  • Obama’s policies restored the Dollar to $1.06 per Euro as of the end of his term.
  • Gold dropt to $1100 per ounce as Obama’s term ended.

In actuality, Boone and Swiss America seek to stir their pot and warn you that Trump is the same danger as ‘Shrub’ Bush. How’s that ‘change’ thingy gonna do for you now, Dear Trumpster?


Bigotry ruled during Obama’s years. White Supremicists inflicted their extremist reactionaryism; they targeted anyone who is a minority – especially Negro African-Americans. Trump led that barrage targeting Obama personally, incessantly. We witnessed thousands of Blacks murdered by White cops; those White cops went un-prosecuted by White prosecutors and White judges. Now that Trump is president, anti-Jewish violence ‘is on the rise’ as Trumpmaster Republikans attack and destroy Jewish cemeteries and religious centers. Trump practises ‘projectionism’ – he accuses Obama of spying and ‘wire-tapping’ him and his campaign, yet that is exactly what Trump is doing against his perceived political enemies same as Nixon – look what we got with Nixon. With Trump and Republikans, all out groups are targeted who are not purebred White – these next four, maybe eight years, are ‘open season’ against the common American citizen.

Trump and Republikans make public statements claiming hatred against Islam. In private they embrace the Islamic ‘terrorists’ who help them do harm to this nation:

  • The Bush family has been tight with the Saudi and bin Laden families dating to the 1920s. They enrich themselves on Saudi oil while impoverishing their people.
  • Reagan instituted 20 March as annual ‘Afghanistan Day’ (Proclamation 562) to support Afghan Taliban religius dictators (‘freedom fighters’?) as well as surreptitiously supporting Iranian ayatollahs. This was merely one minor act among Reagan’s blindness of his destructive Cold War rhetoric. Never forget that Reagan made secret deals with Iran as a private citizen candidate for president in 1980 and admitted under oath of conducting his infamous ‘Iran – Contra’ crimes of shipping American-made military weapons to Contra Fascists and funnelling billions of your tax Dollars in cash and more American military weaponry to Iran’s Islamic Taliban-styled leaders.
  • Senator McCain demanded that Pesident Obama ‘arm the rebels’. What McCain demanded of Obama was to ‘arm’ ISIS in Syria. We know that Republikans refused to pass required legislation to finance and ‘arm’ any anti-Assad group fighting in Syria. Republikans did not want to fund American ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria. Now that Trump is president, those same Republikans are invested to pass Trump’s budget within required Congressional legislation that calls for financing and ‘arming’ those ISIS ‘rebels’ and placing tens of thousands of Americans into harm’s way in the Syrian internal war. Hypocrisy? Republikan duplicity!

Reagan’s Afghanistan ‘doctrine’: ‘overt and unashamed American support for the Taliban’. You will not hear much of this now that Trump is de-funding PBS. That means no more ‘Frontline’ (e.g., ‘The Secret History of ISIS’) exposes of Trump, the Bushes, Reagan, Republikans.

Trump’s budget means no more public education funding of secular public schools – the move to Taliban-styled public schools. Taliban summarily execute teachers in front of their students. Taliban burns teachers alive. Taliban beheads teachers. Why? Because Taliban is Fascist; they seek to instill the fear of their Islamic religion’s god into those students and any secular teacher remaining who dares to teach secular education in Afghan Taliban ‘public schools’. Dictators always attack public education and public school teachers. What difference does that make to you here in America?

  • Trump is de-funding your local American public school,
  • Trump is transferring your hard-earned tax-paying Dollars to Taliban-style Christian Conservative religious schools,
  • Those Taliban-styled Christian Conservative schools impose harsh religious-only curriculi on their Trumpster Republikan guise as ‘freedom of choice’, ‘school vouchers’, and other feel-good, brave new world, Orwellian nomenclature.

Within Trump’s first four years, your secular neighbourhood public schools available to your children will be greatly diminished – Trump’s self-fullfilling Republikan prophesy that de-funding public schools makes them fail, therefore total de-funding will completely eradicate ‘failing’ secular public schools. You, my fellow Americans, will be forced to send your children to Taliban-styled Christian Conservative ‘public’ schools whose teachers are required to teach Taliban-styled religion under threat of imprisonment and execution same as Afghan Taliban. It is ‘happening here’!

Ruslan Stoyanov, one of Kaspersky Lab’s top officials, was recently ‘arrested’ and charged with ‘treason’ (‘providing assistance to foreign state’ and ‘furnishing the FBI with information’) as well as Sergei Mikhailov, Russia’s FSB (KGB) division head – charges related to their ‘hacking’ crimes. There is ‘concern that other researchers could be prosecuted’ (25 Jan 17; reported by CBS News, ‘Kommersant’, and ‘Forbes’). ‘America is more vulnerable to cyber espionage with Donald Trump as president’ boasts Kaspersky Lab’s own web-site twitter. These are your Trump friends and allies.

Gusifer (aka, Guccifer 2.0) is an infamous Russian-connected cyber hacking outfit. Fox News, the self-proclaimed Republikan propaganda arm, boasted during the campaign last Summer that Gusifer was hacking into the Democratic Party computers and providing confidential Democratic Party files and documents to Russian intelligence in order to get Russia to manipulate their ill-gotten information to besmirch and demean Democratic Party candidates while they benefited Republikan candidates – especially Trump.


How does that make you feel, Trumpster readers?  You voted this Trump Republi-con ‘change’ thingy last November – the wholesale theft of your ‘American dream’ by Trump and his Republikans and corporate bosses.

The ones ‘violating’ our Constitution are Trump and his Republikans.

Thank you, Cara, for your late-addition:

Hey, I defend Kate’s Constitutional right to spew his filth; he opposes anyone who challenges his lies, his deceptions.  During this live show, he refuses to accept telephone calls from anyone who challenges his positions – the sign of an autocrat who suppresses differing perspectives.  His politics are failures that even he knows he can’t defend to a discerning audience.

This is not all made-up fantasy of one wild writer.  I provided plenty of news quote (above).  You also can find these same factual details in many PBS ‘Frontline’ reports dating to the 1980s (better hurry before Trump de-funds PBS and deletes those broadcasts the same way he deleted the history of federal agency’s during Obama’s administration) and through more recent johnny-come-lately retrospective analyses from such deliberative resources as Politico, Democracy Now, Slate.

Kapung khaf, Dear Reader.

Please join this site for a future post.


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