‘The Armenian Genocide: The ‘Never Forget’ Before ‘Never Forget’ That Too Many People Do Not Know’



(24 Apr 17)

‘The Armenian Genocide:  The ‘Never Forget’ Before ‘Never Forget’ That Too Many People Do Not Know’


Sahwdee Khaf, Dear Reader.  Today is time for you to take a history lesson and do your research.

Today is the Commemoration Day of the Armenian Genocide committed against them by the Turks.  It began 102 years ago.  Turkey remains in denial to this day as does our American government, but not We The People.IMG_0420

If you seem comforted by the recent Turkish elections securing President Erdogan his new title of Fascist Dictator for Life, then you have much to learn.

Remember, Hitler boasted that no one would remember the slaughter of the Armenians, therefore, he decided that he could slaughter millions and the world would stay silent.  Hitler was totally correct – the world stood silent to the mass murder of at least 15 million of our citizens of the world:  Jews, Roma, Communists, Unionists, Gays / Lesbians, the mentally and physically ill.


I bear witness both as a ‘student of the Shoah’ having seen the aftermath of Dachau and having the opportunity to have been a student of a college course taught by Elie Wiesel.

I also bear witness to the Armenia Genocide.  The school campus where I attended 10th Grade and 11th Grade (Anatolia College) was among the targets of the Turk’s slaughter when it was previously located at Turkey.

IMG_0398Genocide persists through the years.  We are witnessing it at Syria, Turkey (still), Sudan, Nigeria.  We had it here in the good ol’ U. S. of A.  Eh.  Pick a place, many places, and you will find genocide without a response from the ‘developed’ world.  Some ‘developed’ world!

Look here at home, America.  Obama campaigned to do something – anything – he followed the Constitution.  Congressional Republikans led by Ryan and McConnell denied the vote in Congress and denied the expenditure of taxpayer money to help the people of Syria.  Why did Republikans oppose Obama’s efforts?  Because those Republikans are siding with Assad / Syria and Putin / Russia.  People 50 years from now will look back and condemn you who stood by and did nothing.IMG_0408

Remember, too, that McCain’s call to ‘arm the rebels’ was to arm ISIS, not the civilians of Syria whom Assad and Putin have been murdering with impunity – and continue to this day with Trumpman’s duplicitous complicities.

Don’t be fooled by Donald Two-Two’s ‘bombing’ of the Syrian airfield.  Trump alerted Putin that those bombs were a-coming – Putin alerted Assad and, bingo!, Trump’s bombs hit nothing but dirt.  All for show from the ‘showman’ Republi-con to his gullible flock.


These pictures are from today’s memorial service.


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