”Workers of the World, Unite!’ – And Other Topics’


(01 May 17)

”Workers of the World, Unite!’ – And Other Topics’


(2013 10 06) Obama Same As HitlerToday is ‘May Day’.  We celebrate the workers of the world today, not the bosses, not the corporate.

In true Fascist Republikan fashion, Trumple Thumple declared today ‘Loyalty Day’:  loyalty to the almighty corporate Amerika, to the military, to give praise to the flag and the Pledge of Allegiance phrase ‘One nation under god’.

Can’t get much more anti-Commie pink-o than that, eh.  Pure anti-worker filth from the Trump Tower of Babel.

Sadly, in this New World Order nation of Trump Amerika, he and his corporate bosses celebrate their Fascist seizing this nation’s government all to themselves:

  • ‘We Republicans have it all:  I’m the President, we have Congress, we have the Supreme Court.’  Donald Trump campaign speech, CBS News, 29 and 30 April 17.
  • ‘We Republicans hold the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court.’  Hugh Hewitt, NBC News, 30 Apr 17.

Amerikan Republikan politicians once exclaimed outrage at such absolutist one-party rule as tyranny.  Now they revel in it and call it Amerikan ‘democracy’.  Other free nations around the world recognise it confirming the Fascism of the Republikan Party.  American May Day worker’s and women’s rights parades and protests were met with Republikan SWAT police.

  • ‘Totalitarian leaders can be helpfull to Trump.’  Press Secretary Sean Spicer, press briefing, 1 May 17
  • ‘I would absolutely negotiate with North Korean President Kim Jong Un.’  President Trump, his tweet, radio interview, Bloomberg News, CBS News, 1 May 17
  • ‘What Trump doesn’t know surprises him.’  CBS News, 1 May 17

Trumple Thinskin’s official foreign policy no longer places human rights issues as a top priority.  He announced that his foreign policy endears himself to autocrats. oligarchs, and plutocrats of the corporate priority:

  • ‘North Korean President Kim Jong Un joins a list of authoritarian leaders that Trump has spoken highly about.’  CBS News, 1 May 17
  • ‘I would be honoured to meet President Un.   He assumed power at a very young age.  He is a pretty smart cookie.’  President Trump, his tweet, radio interview, Bloomberg News, CBS News, 1 May 17
  • ‘Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is very, very popular.  He has a high approval rating.  Yes, I look forward to meeting him.’  President Trump, CBS News 1 May 17
  • ‘We are very much behind Iraq President Abdel Fatah Al-sisi.’  President Trump, CBS News, 3 Apr 17, 1 May 17
  • ‘Got a lotta killers.  Russian President Vladimir Putin’s a killer.  Do you think our country is so innocent?’  President Trump, interviewed by Bill O’Reilly, Feb 17; CBS News, 1 May 17
  • ‘Tin soldiers of Nixon coming … Four dead in Ohio.’  ‘Ohio’, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

None of the four murdered Kent State students were part of that day’s student protest against Nixon’s criminal, un-Constitutional invasion of Cambodia; they were at the knoll on their way to class:

  • Allison B. Krause – 19 years old, gunshot to her chest at 343 feet
  • Jeffrey Glenn Miller – 20 years old, gunshot to his mouth at 265 feet
  • Sandra Lee Scheuer- 20 years old, gunshot to her neck at 390 feet
  • William Knox Schroeder – 19 years old, gunshot to his chest at 382 feet

To those spatially-diminished, the football field is 300 feet long.

Turkey’s President Erdogan is another of those dictators who suppresses public assemblies, stifles free speech, imprisons political opponents and the press.  Turkey’s recent constitutional vote was replete with terrorism committed against the citizens of the ‘No’ vote.  Erdogan declared it illegal:

  • for all opposition ‘No’ vote campaigners to hold public rallies,
  • to advertise support for the ‘No’ vote,
  • to post banners or billboards supporting the ‘No’ vote,
  • for all public display of ‘No’ vote support at minority regions of the nation (such as at Kurdish territory).

The Turkey ‘Yes’ vote passed with barely more than the 50% threshhold; all opposition parties are now banned as ‘terrorist’ groups.  Trump the Orange is bringing those measures to an Amerikan poll near you.  ‘It Can’t Happen Here’ – it is here exactly as predicted.

  • ‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.’  ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’, The Who

Our American younger generations have been deprived of the education of Democracy these past 30+ years since Reagan because Republikans have removed those school subjects from the education system.  We of our Baby Boom generation must pass on the ideals of true free Democracy to the younger generations; if not, then Trump Amerika will prevail and our legacy of free American Democracy will wither for many generations to come – Republikans will suppress free American Democracy as ‘terrorism’.

  • ‘We can change the world. re-arrange the world, if you believe in justice, if you believe in freedom.’  ‘Chicago’, Graham Nash

Don’t get me wrong.  There are many ‘bad hombres’ out there in this world and our nation must stand to our self-defence.

On the other hand, our nation made peace with:

  • Germany and Japan after the resolution of World War 2
  • Viet Nam since the conclusion of the Viet Nam War.

Why can’t we attempt to make peace with North Korea?  Remember, former President Bill Clinton travelled to North Korea during President George Bush’s term and made overtures to their former President.  If Trumplethinskin really wants to do something good, then maybe he can advance the Clinton – Bush initiative toward North Korea rather than persist his war-mongering saber-rattling.  Let our nation employ our world stature for well, not ill.

Some of my retirement days here are quiet – snoozing on-and-off, lying half awake.  Amazing, I thought that I was sleeping for hours, but I looked at the clock and noticed barely 15 minutes elapsed from the time I fell asleep.  I should sleep for the next four years, but then I might miss powerfull reaction when ‘We the People’ rise up against the totalitarian regime of the Orange Donald Two-Two.

  • ‘Got to revolution!’.  ‘Volunteers’, Jefferson Airplane

Rip Van Winkle slept for 20 years.  Imagine what he missed!  Twenty-five years on:

  •  ‘April 29th, Florence at Normandie!’.  ‘Anger’, Downset.

Give a listen:


Jenner:  What A Waste!

Trans celebrity of the moment Caitlyn Jenner is making her TV and talk show rounds hawking her book and strutting around as if transsexual began with her and as if we all owe our entire lives to her gracious revelation.

Give me a break!

Fair enough – she went through transition same as all of us.  Yet her transition was in the comforts of her high-rise penthouse while we hoi polloi work in our trenches and face real-life obstacles.  She presents having no idea, no grasp.

Jenner has no regret about Trump and Republi-cons.  She herself is a proud and loud self-described ‘Deplorable’ Republi-con con.  She lives her world of male privilege celebrity – now wearing a woman’s dress this past year or so rather than her man’s suit – hawking her book and taking your hard-earned money is her priority.  She has no regard for you struggling to get by on minimum wage – which will be gone in short order now that her Republikan cohorts are planning its demise.2015-xx-xx-dreamy-morning-front

Jenner’d be better reading real books by real trans persons for a change:

  • Jorgensen’s book,
  • Denise’s book,
  • Richards’ book.

Read Alana’s book for all its reality and grit – 60-some years of honesty.

Jenner is a johnny-come-lately soaking up all the adoration to herself without acknowledging those (my predecessors, your predecessors, her predecessors) who paved her primrose path.  Jenner – no guts, all glory.

For all the money that Jenner spent on FFS, she could not buy good looks; that money for her surgeons gave her facial skin pocked from bad procedures.  Maybe she should have left her appearance to her hormone cocktail.  Maybe she is evading further action (such as Ye-son – sorry, I hear Bruce, not Caitlyn).  Transition is what we all share, and in that spirit I make my criticism in shared respect.

Speaking of money, Jenner wants you to spend money on her.  Yep, she wants you to send money to her ‘charity’ so that she can get all the credit for ‘helping’ the community.  Ha!  My Dear Reader, better that you find someone’s funding web-page and donate directly rather than ‘donating’ to the Jenner ‘fund’ and letting her skim 20%, 30%, hey, maybe 40% off the top.  Donate to your friend’s campaign; 100% of your money will go to her.  I shared with others and have a better, warm and fuzzy feeling for it.

I planned to write more about Jenner.  Nah!  She already is over-hyped as it is; her 15 minutes of fame is now in over-time at its 16th minute and long past its due.  Maybe I’ll add an up-date at a later date or to a later post, but not now.  This is probably too much as it is.


I was flipping TV channels between commercials and landed on a gossip show as they said the word ‘stealth’.


That word – ‘stealth’ – it caught my innocent attention.  Were they talking about our transsexual community?


Someone in transition ‘stealth’?  Who now?

Dammit! The larger society won’t let us live in peace.

People outside our community stole our term and put their nefarious definition to it.  They define ‘stealth as:  a male secretly removing his condom to either infect or impregnate his female partner.

This act of ‘stealth’ is a crime, as far as I’m concerned and as the law books assert.  There are laws that specify that anyone who has any social disease and transmits their disease through sexual contact is committing a crime.  Impregnating a female against her will is also a crime, rape among them.

My Obama-phone Internet resulted in multiple URLs from a web search of ‘stealth’.  Try this one for starters:


‘No good deed goes un-punished.’

IMG_0298Communication is a two-way street.  All parties must share the give-and-take.   At least that is how I have been led to it throughout my life.   Tell me where I went wrong.

I have developed many correspondences over the years that are written exchanges because of distance rather than being interpersonal interaction because of close proximity.  The former has its own challenges and requires a matter of trust in the level of the other person’s honesty through that distance; you can’t look ’em in the eyes, you can’t see their expressions or reactions as you can meeting face-to-face.  One person asked me to prove that I am not a ‘troll’; trusting her, I sent personal documents to her to establish my bona fides.  I submit to you that this site is more than enough evidence that my life is as presented here.

As those of you know me from my posting here or if you are in my list, I can do a lot of writing and I can ask many questions.  I want to learn about you.  As you also know, among my points in introduction, is that I shall never ask any question that I myself will not answer, I shall not ask imposing questions without your  approval, and that I apologise if I ask questions you choose to not answer because you take them as an affront too personal to ask.

So it came to frustration recently.  I hoped it was to be the opportunity to meet someone with whom we had been sharing only written correspondences for an extended time.  I asked many questions but received little more than cursory replies.  I tried expanding the conversation using my shared experiences and empathetic comments as a catalyst for more information.  My efforts met with continued silence:

  • I asked for your age, it was more difficult than pulling teeth.
  • I asked you about your careers … (crickets)
  • I asked you to elaborate about how you came into your disability … (crickets)
  • I tried breaking the ice by empathetically reminding you of my similar circumstance … (crickets)
  • I asked you of your recent illness … (crickets)
  • I again tried to share my similar experience to ease you into a reply … (crickets)
  • I praised you for your business card idea and asked you to describe it … (crickets)
  • I asked about your friends – small world … (crickets)
  • I asked about your travels … (crickets)
  • You replied about my travels (you read my web-site here); in deference I deflected back to you and persisted my enquiry of yours wanting to know more of you … (crickets)

We went our ways.(2015 12 21) Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport - Skytram - 1

Shortly thereafter, she told me that she wanted to break off our friendship.  As you wish.  You griped that I was not paying attention to you; if so, then how come I asked many many questions that went un-answered and that I recall these details and more?  I will not otherwise post more that could identify you.  See, Dear Friend, I do listen to you, I do want to know more about you, I do accept you at your pace, I do accept your privacy, I respectfully send you on your way.  Friendship is mutual; it can not be forced when one person withdraws from the possibilities.

Another lesson learned or perhaps re-inforced from the totality.  This skeptic in me tells me that I must again be wary of someone who claims to want to befriend me but refuses to share their personal information with me as I do of myself for them.  Secretive people as her have abused me throughout my life; my sister is one grand example withholding her life from me no matter how much I try to learn hers.  What are secretive people hiding?  I am interested in you, your life, your experiences to know you.

I asked fair questions that I could ask of you, I did it til I was blue in the face; it is your decision that you chose to not share for whatever your reasons – whether good, bad, or indifferent.  I am always open to re-new our friendship; I am sad if you choose to keep it ended.

One of my support groups selected me to work as a facilitator.  I walk that fine line.  I must be personally secure to reveal and discuss the most intimate and vulnerable aspects of my own life if I expect others to do the same; I present my life experiences as a basis for others to feel safe knowing that they can also share their moments rather than present my self as the center of attention.

I know you, but, as one person said it, ‘You do not know me!’.


Please.(2017 05 18) Red Cross Donation 72 (1) IMG_0478

Allow me to wave one flag today – donate blood to your local blood bank – Red Cross, United Blood Services, or whatever you choose at your home town hospital.

I always – ALWAYS! – hated needles since my childhood.  I hated vaccination shots.  I hated blood draws.  I still hate needles!

It came to pass that I was cajoled to join the office blood drive in 1979; I gave my first time.


I did not give for another couple years.

When I did resume, it was not totally altruistic. Federal employees get four hours of leave time to donate blood.  Hey, that meant that I could get a free half-day off work every eight weeks.  And so I did.

Then one day I got home and freaked out.  I could no longer take that needle.

More than 10 years passed. It happened at work again – another Red Cross blood drive.  Aww, my co-worker told me to come along and get my blood pressure checked – no blood draw if I did not want to do it.

I registered at the door, presented my Red Cross ID card, took the literature to read, and waited my turn.  The nurse called for me; I told her that I was there at the behest of my co-worker and would only do a blood pressure check to please her.  Well, it was no time at all that I surrendered and went all the way.  Iron test first – ouch.  Then the real deal.  OUCH!!!  The reward was cranberry juice and peanut butter cookies.  YUMMY!!!

I learned to ride that blood donation bicycle as if I never lost a day.  I set small goals: 20 pints, 30 pints, 40 pints.  Hey, I eventually had to make my age in pints a goal that is now long past and in my rear view mirror.  I have since accumulated pints to where I am now set to hit nine gallons.  My immediate next goal is 10 gallons – hey, fill that 10-gallon hat will ya, pardner.  I hope to surpass 100 pints.

(2015 07 22) MVD Licence - ARC - Baby BrigadeI did my last aphoresis a couple years ago – making it a double-dose donation.  Aphoresis puts a metallic taste to your sense of smell and sense of taste.  It also gets the body cool – a curious way to beat the Summer heat.

Dear Reader, go for it!  You are never too old to donate as long as you are in good health.  There are many people in your community who need your blood.  Join the Red Cross ‘Baby Brigade’.  There are those of you who reside where perhaps you endured a weather calamity and your hospital is begging for donors to help the injured.  As I put it nowadays, certainly you can bear 10 minutes of your day once every eight weeks to extend the gift of life to your neighbour who might be in ill health for a lifetime.

Didja notice?  The colours of the Red Cross ‘Baby Brigade’ are the same as those of the trans flag.  Cool!


(2017 04 29) Trans Spectrum Prom TicketTrans Spectrum had our Prom this past Saturday night.

Allow me to say that we all had a good time.

Daniel, Shirley, and I went to eat dinner before the Prom.  Kapung khaf, thank you, Daniel, for the nice meal.

We took pictures of each other dressed up.

We danced to rock, rap, disco music.  I teased the DJ to play Glen Miller; he played ‘Freebird’ instead and I entertained the crowd with air guitar for the entire song.  Whew!

When it ended, we all helpt the clean-up.  A few of the usual gang went looking for a disco after midnight.  They found a gay-friendly bar and made their way.

Allow me to say that we all had a good time.

Thank you, Tess, for the good table conversation.  I shall miss you as you take your sea cruise during the next few months.  I shall welcome you home with open arms and a great big HUG.  Between then, be sure to post your pictures.

Hey, Linda, Jeff, Cecilia, who’d’ve thought this is where you’d be this time last year.  You all have come quite a long journey.  I recall our first day as if it is today.  Tears of joy.

Let’s enjoy another prom – same time next year.  Those of you who could not make it this year will plan to join us next year.


Kapung Khaf, Dear Reader.

Thank you for coming today.

I had to make this a quick posting.  Check back for another visit after I have more Library wi-fi time to add pictures and visuals and fix typos.


I began accumulating news articles regarding LGBT issues in the news.  It is not good.

Coming attractions:

I put this where it belongs.  You LGBT-ers who vote Trumple and Republi-con did this to our community – to us – to yourselves.  I hope that these coming losses of our civil Constitutional rights make you happy.  Your misbehaviour angers me to no end.


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