‘United by Liberals We Stand, Divided By Republi-cons We Fall’





(17 Jun 17)


‘United by Liberals We Stand, Divided By Republi-cons We Fall’


Dear Reader:

This is a two-fer day.  I had been writing and expected to split one post into two topics:  politics and procedures.  Instead. I have written enough to separate each topic to its own post.

Enjoy whichever or both – as you choose.

This first one is politics.  What follows is procedure.


We celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Loving court case that led to the demise of laws prohibiting inter-racial marriage.

How did this American nation devise such a sinister law?

It began in slavery 300 years ago.  Elite Caucasian Christian land-owing men owned people under terms of slavery – whether the slave be Caucasian or Negro.  The purpose of those original laws was to keep the slaves divided – to keep whites separated from blacks, to keep them under the concept of division. one against the other.

And so it came to persist that poor whites perceived poor blacks as lesser people, lesser than human, as part of this enculturated division, even after the Civil War and after the Amendments abolishing slavery.  Republi-cons persist pushing division as their political, social, cultural platform to this day.

Note through the many decades how Republi-cons push division – especially between white versus black – poor white versus poor black.

This division is one basis for Trump and Republi-cons winning the last election.


PBS World broadcast an episode of ‘America Reframed’ last week:  ‘Broken Heart Land’.  This episode is about LGBT rights and the suicide of a Gay high school student at Norman, Oklahoma.

The anti-LGBT crowd are quite cold-hearted toward the boy who committed suicide after enduring bullying by his school-mates and others of his community.


BBC reported that the Episcopal Church of Scotland voted to approve marriage equality.

Do you suppose Scotsmen will wear white kilts to their weddings?


CBS News reported (6 Jun 17) that Russia ‘fake news’ created that phony story about Qatar that is now leading to an international crisis among the Arab Persian Gulf states – Trump boasts credit for this situation – he boasts planting ‘fake news’.


We witnessed that shooting the other day – the gun assault against Republikans at a baseball practise field.

In responce, Congressional voices shed alligator tears for our ‘divided’ nation.  Voices asserted that divisiveness was promoted from both sides of the aisle – their Republi-con false equivalency.  That was their lie.  Republi-cons want – demand – this division.  It is the basis of their political platform.

On this day of efforts by some – mostly on the Left – to end division, we heard this standard-bearer Republikan, among others of their cacaphony, proudly pushing more division and more violence.

Joe Walsh, R (14 Jun 17, his radio show):

  • ‘Fox News abandoned ‘Fair and Balanced’.  You were never ‘fair and balanced’.  You are a Republican network.  Be honest, show your bias.  Nobody is honest, nobody is ‘fair and balanced’!  Yes, Fox News is not ‘fair and balanced’!  Deal with it!  O’Reillly – bull crap!  O’Reilly spinned every day.  Republicans spin.  I have a bias, everybody has a bias.  I never once believed Fox was ‘fair and balanced’!  I’m a conservative.  I am aligned with Fox News, but they are NOT ‘fair and balanced’!   This dishonest media helpt get Trump elected.  ‘Fake news’ worked for Trump.  The media is not honest with you, from Fox to CNN.  There is this war in America – between conservatives and liberals.  ‘Fair and balanced’ is a joke, Fox News is Team Republican – always has been – never admitted it – obvious – clear.  We support Trump here, we support the Republican Party.  We are a divided nation!  We are at war!  We are in the 3rd American revolution.  Pick your side.  I believe in revolution.  I believe in the fight!  I’d rather be divided!’

Walsh later bloviated:

  • ‘I do  NOT believe in unity.   I would rather move to Indiana, build a fence around the state, and live with my own kind.’

Republi-conos seem to take pleasure building walls, eh.


Poor Joe Walsh.  He is whining that only Librrrls are ‘intolerant’ toward other opinions.  His sole example is a North Carolina LGBT group holding a ‘gay parade’ but refusing to allow Gay Trumpsters.

Walsh fails to grasp that that parade is a private enterprise and that the US Supreme Court held that a private parade has every right to decide who marches.  I was associated with feminist groups who lost their case at the Supreme Court when it ruled that the Mummers’ Parade can refuse a pro-ERA entry in their parade (1980’s).


There you have it, Dear Reader.  Straight from his own voice.  Walsh is proud to present his bias:  favouring Trump, Fox News, ‘fake news’, Republi-con media, dishonesty, Republikans, conservatism, divided nation, revolution, violence, war.  He said it himself.

Violence?  Look to Walsh for their ingrained Republi-con violence.  His radio show’s promos and intro predominantly include locking and loading, the cocking of a rifle as it takes aim at Republikan opposition of whatever persuasion.

Walsh is merely one among many who push this agenda of violence and division.  That is the side that he chose.

Walsh makes me proud to be Leftie, Liberal, Green.  We support the ideal of a unified America.  We support peace.  We live honestly.

Walsh exhorts you to pick sides.  Pick your side, Dear Reader:

  • his Republi-con conservative side of division and violence, or
  • our Liberal, Leftie side of unity and peace.


I uncovered Forest Service’ GSC Director’s corruption as well as favouritism (for some select employees, against others) that led to FS GSC management violating laws to enact their favouritism.  I used my inside experience to counter their antagonism against me.

My journal as a State of Arizona employee documented nearly 200 crimes that my management committed; I recorded three additional federal felonies that my agency director freely admitted during his testimony at my hearing.

I watched  PBS Newshour detailing Comey’s prepared statement the day before he testified to Congress and to the American people; excellent analyses.

I watched Comey testify live on TV; he really put it back on Trump.

CBS News commented that:

  • (1) even if federal prosecutors refuse to prosecute Trump’s crimes, Trump is now proven to be a serial liar with serious character flaws
  • (2) only the hard-core Trumpsters still see nothing wrong
  •  (3) Congressional Republicans must decide how much to tie their political future to Trump.

ABC ‘The View’ repeated on multiple days that Trump demonstrated criminal intent when he cleared his office to speak to Comey alone.

Jedidiah Bila, R (16 Jun 17, ABC ‘The View’)

  • ‘We talk about impeachment coming to Congress.  A lot of Republicans prefer Pence.  Trump is an impediment to their policy – a distraction.’

Could be that House and Senate Republicans are poised to impeach and convict Trump to elevate Pence to president and get on with their agenda.  Trump can be charged with this instant ‘obstruction of justice’ accusation.

Then we heard KFNX’s right-wing Republi-con radio network news reported that AG Sessions failed to disclose that he met secretly with Russians at least three times that he has not otherwise disclosed as required by law.  One more act of subversion and treason among Trumpsters.

The entirety of this Trump act firing Comey and obstructing the investigation of Trump and his campaign colluding with a hostile government of Russia demonstrates Trump’s wholly bankrupt management style and delinquent corporate mores.  Comey is similar as was my Forest Service and State of Arizona employment:  my agencies offered bribes, demanded my personal loyalty, and imposed penalties against me for standing with the law and ethics.

Please take note.

Yes, Trump can’t be criminally prosecuted for charges of obstruction of justice while he is president; he can be prosecuted for his acts of obstruction of justice and other crimes under the laws or impeachment and conviction through the Congress.  While the criminal standard is high, the Congressional standard is merely the preponderance of the evidence – it is more likely than not – 51% preponderance.  Of course, in my prediction, there will never be any impeachment and conviction while the current Republikan Congress remains in office – this current Congress using ‘tyranny of the majority’ Republikan control.  That, my friend, is Fascism – American Fascism that is happening here.


Check PBS ‘Nightly Business Report’.  They show the daily market commodity closings at about 20 minutes into the show.

I doubt much movement of the Sterling due to the recent British election, regardless who wins – whether from the current results or another election.  Trump is bad news to the markets more than the British prime minister election.

BBC news reported that PM May received only the plurality of votes in their l”atest round of elections – she will need to form a coalition government or else call another election.

The real issue to Brits is their ‘Brexit’ action.  Many Brits cast a protest vote not expecting ‘Brexit’ to pass – big regret.  There might be a vote to repeal ‘Brexit’, especially if Labour Party prevails and forms a government.

Brits compensated for their Brexit mistake with their final vote to deny a majority to PM May; it’s a loss for Trump who campaigned for May.  Pro-Brexit members of Parliament are now the minority.  This could predict a Republi-con loss in American 2018 elections – as long as the American electorate keeps that focus.  Disaffected Republikans will persist voting Republi-con – even though that platform is against them – because that is all they know.


We recently celebrated the anniversary of the publication of ‘1984’.  Too bad that most people mistake its reference – its actual message is anti-Fascism.  The story’s issues are about the elements of Fascism.


Did you watch ABC’s ‘Nightline’ interview of Chelsea Manning?  Excellent!  She endured ill-arranged punishment; she held her position all these years.  Of course, we who are whistle-blowers are our own kind; we comprehend each other.  There is much to learn about Manning.  She is the Ellsberg of our current time; Manning will be seen as her generation’s Ellsberg.  There remain blinded Ellsberg detractors today; there will remain  blinded detractors of Manning 50 years from now.

‘Decades’ digital TV had a special day that must have been co-incidental to ABC’s ‘Nightline’ broadcast of their Chelsea Manning interview the previous night.

First, Decades broadcast an extended interview of Daniel Ellsberg from a past ‘Dick Cavett Show’ episode  – 90 minutes of deep discussion about the Viet Nam War and the ‘Pentagon Papers’.  Then came the movie entitled ‘Pentagon Papers’ (c2003) (James Spader) telling Ellsberg’s story, why he became a whistle-blower, and how he came to publish those reports at both the ‘New York Times’ and ‘Washington Post’.

Also on ABC this past week was their ’20 / 20′ retrospective of Watergate:  ‘Truth and Lies – Watergate’.  Not one Republi-con interviewed for this documentary was the least bit apologetic.  Not one word of remorse for all the turmoil that these Republikans inflicted against the people and the Constitution of this nation.  Each would do it all again.  They are doing it now – they are repeating Nixon’s crimes through Trump – word for word, act for act.  Trumpsters refuse to comprehend they are repeating history.


Kapung khaf. Thank you for visiting.

Please read my following post.  It is about duty, travel, and other issues of one’s personal initiatives.

Please come again.



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