‘Not So Funny Sunday Funnies’



‘Not So Funny Sunday Funnies’


(18 Dec 17)


Let’s take a read at what passed for political dialogue this past Sunday.

Not so funny – Republi-cons prove they are really messed up.



‘They’re spending millions and millions of Dollars.  I have nothing to do with Russia.’  ‘It’s a witch-hunt, a Democratic hoax.’  ‘The FBI is in tatters.’

  • Donald Trump, R (ABC ‘This Week’, 17 Dec 17)

‘Mueller has obtained thousands of e-mails from Trump’s transition.’  ‘Trump has a new line of attack against Mueller.  Trump is accusing the GSA of breaking the law handing over to the Special Counsel his e-mails, lap-tops, cell phones.  The President is looking for a pretext to fire Mueller.  Putin called Trump to thank him for a CIA tip to foil a terrorist plot.’

‘Who benefits from Trump’s ‘tax cuts’?  The bill slashes the corporate taxes, a win for corporations.  Americans making $75.000 or less per year will be paying more in taxes during the next decade.  Corporate tax cuts are permanent.’

‘Trick Palin was arrested again on charges of domestic violence, felony burglary, assault, and criminal property damage.  Palin was also arrested last year – punching and kicking his girlfriend.  Sarah Palin suggests her son suffers from PTSD after coming back from Iraq,’

  • ABC News (17 Dec 17)

‘The mid-term map favours Republikans.  GOP sees the ‘tax reform’ bill as their insurance policy.  But big winners from the bill are corporations and the wealthy.  It is among the most unpopular in years.  Last-minute tax breaks slipt in could bring millions of Dollars to Trump and others through real estate LLCs.  It’s an un-conscienable windfall.  Why was it included in the last minute?’   ‘Republikans want to repeal the Obama-care mandate.’  ‘How does this Republikan ‘tax reform’ personally benefit Trump?’  ‘Republikan Congressional districts are protected by Gerrymandering.’

  • ABC ‘This Week’ (17 Dec 17)

‘This is the first ‘tax reform’ in 30 years.  It’s a thousand-page bill.’

  • Senator John Cornyn, R (ABC ‘This Week’, 17 Dec 17)

‘There was no economic growth following the Reagan 1986 tax bill.’  ‘Republikans have a Trump problem in regard to harassment and sexual assault against women.’

  • John Dowd, R (ABC ‘This Week’, 17 Dec 17)

‘It’s not a perfect bill.  There are provisions that shouldn’t be in there.’  ‘Trump’s support for Moore was calculated.  Moore denied his allegations.  Trump denies his allegations.  Trump had to support Moore, otherwise he admits allegations against him are true.  These sexual harassment allegations are a PR head-ache.’

  • Sara Fagen, R (ABC ‘This Week’, 17 Dec 17)

>() Republicans Do Lie


‘There’s not much for the Middle Class in Trump’s ‘tax reform’ bill.  The stock market isn’t wages.  How soon will we see wages going up?  Trump’s economic advisor says not in 10 years.  This benefit of wages going up is being sold as a Christmas present – ‘Happy days are here again!’.  Trump campaigned on ‘draining the swamp’.  More than half the Washington lobbyists worked on Trump’s ‘tax reform’ bill.  The hedge fund loophole is still in there.’  ‘Tax breaks will expire for individual tax payers while they are made permanent for corporations, that’s the way Washington works.  Republikans say there will be automatic cuts for MediCare.’  ‘Corker opposed the Senate ‘tax reform’ bill because it increases the debt, now he supports it.’  ‘This tax bill is gonna pass, gonna get signed by Trump.  Polling for this Republikan tax bill is not good.  Trump ran against Wall Street and now talks about the health of Wall Street.’  ‘Let’s not over-read Alabama.  ‘

  • John Dickerson, R (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 17 Dec 17)

‘From a truth-in-advertising standpoint it would have been a lot simpler to acknowledge the reality that this tax bill is fundamentally a corporate tax reduction and restructuring bill.’

  • Mark Sanford, R (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 17 Dec 17)

‘This is a historic event,  The biggest change to fix a broken tax system.  We’re gonna bring in trillions of Dollars and you’re gonna see wages going up.  The stock market is at record highs.  Trump likes the bill, it effects real estate developers.’

  • Steve Mnuchin, R (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 17 Dec 17)

‘Big winners in ‘tax reform’ are corporations.  Tax cuts for personal taxes are temporary.  Some personal taxes may be more right away.  Tax code is complicated because the world is complicated.  Trump’s campaign promises got jettisoned as they met reality.  His desire was to just pass something.  Trump pushed his promises aside.  Republikans who opposed Trump’s ‘tax reform’ now are voting for it just because it’s something to vote for going into the elections even though it is unpopular among Republikans.  Corporate lobbyists have been pushing for lower tax rates; they are really happy with Trump getting it done.’

  • Richard Rubin, R (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 17 Dec 17)

‘This ‘tax reform’ takes a pretty bad year for Trump and makes it to a not-so-bad year.  This tax bill is a legislative victory.  It’s not popular with America.  There’s his tweeting, his race-baiting.  Trump has a learning curve how to behave as president.  There’s no guarantee he is learning.’

  • Jeffrey Goldberg, R (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 17 Dec 17)

‘The economy is doing well, but it is not translating into voter approval for Trump and the Republikan Party in power.  Are they focusing on the President’s temperment?  His behaviour?  Trump’s policies are out-of-step with mainstream – environment, labor standards, you can go down the list.  Conservatives should be happy.  Rolling back Obama.  Reluctant Trump voters are souring on Trump.  They are not energised to Trump.’

  • Amy Walter, R (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 17 Dec 17)

‘Republikans are confident on this measure.  Trump’s tax bill is unpopular.  Their taxes will actually go up, not down.  Democrats will be wanting to talk about getting this president – getting him out of office.  Look what Trump gave to corporations.  Trump offers his voters a circus.  He delivers on the entertainment to his voters, without delivering on his Populist promises.  You see it with his tax bill.’  ‘Republikans worried that if Moore got in, there would be no way to get rid of him.  Moore was a politician no one liked but he could have won.  Moore was a con-servative candidate.’

  • Ben Domenech, R (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 17 Dec 17)

‘Trump is crying foul that Mueller is breaking the law through the GSA.  That the Special Counsel has used unlawfull materials and e-mails in question.  Trump is poised to act to fire Mueller.’

‘Biggest winners of the tax bill are the corporations, the wealthy.  It is politically important for Trump to have a victory.  The only meaningfull piece of legislation in 2017, but unpopular.’

‘CHIP funds run out in January.  But Republikans can’t agree to fund it, that current funding it is too high.’

  • CBS News (17 Dec 17)

(a)  ‘Too Big To Prosecute’:

‘A disturbing story of Washington at its worst – the opioid addiction crisis, the inside story about the DEA case against McKesson, a company too big to prosecute.

Investigators built a powerfull case against McKesson but investigators hit a brick wall when they tried to hold McKesson accountable.  McKesson had made billions from the distribution of opioids.  This is a national problem and no one wants to deal with it.

McKesson agreed to pay $2.3 million in fines in 2008 and promised to do a better job.  Now investigators caught McKesson shipping to fronts for criminal gangs and organised crime that are killing people for their financial gain.  McKesson was turning a blind eye to the opioid problem.  No order was ever suspicious.  McKesson rigged the system distributing addictive opioids.  McKesson supplied controlled substances to pharmacies in support of criminal activities.

DEA wanted to fine McKesson and put McKesson executives behind bars.  But DEA retreated going againt McKesson lawyers because the case would take time and effort.  DEA was scared and intimidated by McKesson.  DEA and Congress were bending to the pharmaceutical industry – wanting to take a softer approach to the pharmaceutical industry.  Instead of billion Dollar fines that DEA wanted, only a $150 million fine.  McKesson was getting special treatment from DEA lawyers who refused to go to court.

That $150 million fine was little more than McKesson CEO Hammergren’s pay; McKesson makes $100 million profits every week.  DEA attourneys went easy on McKesson.  This year, McKesson voted to award a $1.1 million performance bonus to CEO Hammergren based on his ethics and accountablilty.’

(b)  ‘An American Terrorist’:

‘White supremicists see ‘diversity’ as code for ‘White genocide’.’

‘The mind-set and tactics of White supremicists with shaved heads and swastika tattoos decided to grow their hair, get jobs in law enforcement, join the military to get training and recruit there.  Which is why it was hard to spot them at Charlottesville.  Now they look like White kids with polo shirts and khakis – a fraternity scene.  But they’re holding tiki torches and talking about how Jews are responsible for the ills in our society.  They are racists, anti-immigrant, misogynist.  They look like our kids, but they are the face of hate in our country.

White supremicists are responsible for 74% of terrorist attacks and killings in the last 10 years.  The most notorious White supremicist of our time was Dylan Roof who murdered nine members of a Bible study.  The movement puts all the blame on Jewish people.’

  • CBS ’60 Minutes’ (17 Dec 17)

>() Feed The Poor - Heal The Sick


‘A lot of employees will be paying higher taxes than their bosses, than business owners.  The GOP tax plan makes the system more complicated to deal with.  The Republikan tax plan adds $1 trillion to the debt.  Trump says 6% GDP growth.  Trump is looking for a trade war with China.  Two week budget extensions.  Is this any way to run a guh’mint?’  ‘Trump’s economy is doing pretty well.  We got stock market growth.’

  • Chris Wallace, R (Fox News Sunday, 17 Dec 17)

‘This pass-through legislation fixes a broken tax system.  There will always be people who complain losing on the tax breaks.  Americans will no longer have thousands of pages of tax forms to fill out.  There’s a trillion and a half of tax cuts.  We could have 6% GDP growth.  We seen it in the stock market at record highs.  Trump’s ‘tax reform’ is fixing a broken tax system.’

  • Steve Mnuchin, R (Fox News Sunday, 17 Dec 17)

‘People will pay more and it will not work out.  ‘Tax reform’ was all a one-party debate.’

  • Brian Kilmeade, R (Fox News Sunday, 17 Dec 17)



‘Trump cheerleads tax cuts.  He boasts that the economy grows on his watch.  Republikans sitting on the fence are now all for ‘tax reform’.  Republikans took every unpopular provision and restored them; they didn’t pay for them, the math doesn’t work.’

‘The Democratic enthusiasm is higher than Republikan.  The Alabama candidate was accused of child molestation; Republikans were less than enthusiastic.  It hit New Jersey, Virginia, Alabama.’

‘Now we have Trump e-mails.  Trump is trying to lay the groundwork to de-legitimise the Mueller investigation.  They have yet to dis-credit the investigation with disputed claims or exculpatory evidence.  Trump can only imply innuendo.  He hasn’t disputed any facts, disputed any conclusions.  Trump has only his base and his media organ.’

‘Mueller is widely respected.  Trump says that he has no plans to fire Mueller.’

  • NBC News (17 Dec 17)

‘People of Alabama are relieved Moore is gone.  Trump’s tax bill is supported by only Republikans.  Democrats hold a double-digit lead over Republikans.  Just 48% of Alabama supports Trump.  Republikans blame Moore.’  ‘If Trump’s tax bill is so good for the Middle Class. then why s it so unpopular?  Trump made promises to ‘tax reform’ that he can’t keep.  His promises were not true.  He benefits from ‘tax reform’.  The singular benefit is corporate tax relief.  Ryan wants ‘entitlement reform’.  Republikans sought to cut Obama-care and MedicAid.’  ‘Would Republikans say the same of Moore had he won?  Republikans are very quick to point out Moore’s flaws.’  ‘The Republikans have an effort to de-legitimise the Mueller investigation.  Republikans say this thing is rigged.  They don’t have any facts.’

  • Chuck Todd, R (NBC ‘Meet the Press’, 17 Dec 17)

‘The corporate tax rate needed to come down.  My concern is the debt.  It will not pay for itself.  The debt slows the economy down.’  ‘I’m always proud to be Republikan.  Some in the Party are angry, small, turning off Millenials, Dreamers, DACA, eliminating Obama-care.  We are small, narrow.’  ‘Trump is carried away with bluster and nuclear war.  It is not right, not correct foreign policy.  We’ve not put pressure on China and North Korea.’

  • Governor John Kasich, R-Ohio (NBC ‘Meet the Press’, 17 Dec 17)

‘Self-interest is in American politics.  Trump’s base is enthusiastic for him.  Bannon failed, but Moore came close.’  ‘Republikans took a 70 thousand page tax code and made it more complicated.  Corporate taxes are zero – they are passed on to employees and customers.  The whole thing here is ‘Pass this thing’.’  ‘Independent Counsel is a bad idea.’

  • George Will, R (NBC ‘Meet the Press’, 17 Dec 17)

‘Flawed candidates are too much in our history.  Alabama was an anomaly.’  ‘We got to be a big believer in corporate ‘tax reform’.  We got a long way to go.’  ‘Manafort is suspect.  Two pled guilty.  Mueller’s indictments have been on point.  Republikans are undermining our basics of Democracy.’

  • Al Cardenas, R (NBC ‘Meet the Press’, 17 Dec 17)

‘Trump provides corporate tax relief.  Senate rules are arcane.  This is real ‘tax reform’ since 1986.’  ‘Moore was a deeply flawed candidate.’  ‘There’s no way Trump will fire Mueller.’

  • Marc Short, R (NBC ‘Meet the Press’, 17 Dec 17)



‘Gen X is a fluorchemical manufactured in Nortth Carolina.  It has been discharged as a wastewater into the Cape Fear River since 1980 and not til this year did North Carolina residents learn about it.  A front page news story caused an uproar.

Gen X is un-regulated, not tested in drinking water.  The Sweeney Treatment Center downriver does not filter out Gen X from the drinking water.  North Carolina sued Chemours for failing to disclose what they were dumping in their wasterwater.

Since 2013, 70 positions at North Carolina’s Department of Environmental Quality have been eliminated.

Residents downstream from Chemours learned that Gen X is in their drinking water.  Residents accuse Chemours that Gen X is causing thyroid disease.  Researchers found a probable link between PFOA and multiple diseases.  But the ‘goals’ to limit these chemicals is un-enforceable.  Two months ago one spill discharged at the Chemours plant caused levels of Gen X to spike to five times the state’s goals; Chemours did not report the spill.

Government intervention does not usually appeal to one conservative who now sounds like an environmentalist:

‘Hold the polluters responsible.  Your perspective changes when you can’t drink the water.’ (Mike Waters)’

  • PBS Newshour Weekend (17 Dec 17)

‘Trump is at historically low approval numbers.  Republikans should be concerned.  Moore was vulnerable.  Republikans nominated five fringe candidates that lost in recent elections.  Trump lost a seat that he campaigned for.  Yet Republikans are posed to pass tax legislation.  The commitment of Republikans to ‘tax cuts’ is so strong.  This tax bill doesn’t make sense, but is their core belief, it is causing massive changes, and is unpopular.’  ‘Trump has his drum beat with Fox saying that Mueller is corrupt, that the process is corrupt, Mueller can’t be trusted.’

  • Commentary:  Jeff Greenfield, R (PBS Newshour Weekend, 17 Dec 17)



Always remember what Republi-con Brooks said more than a decade ago:

  • ‘We Republikans are good for only two things:  cutting our taxes and blaming Democrats.’

Crooked Drumpf ran against Wall Street, yet here we have him cheering the Wall Street bubble that his fake economy is creating.  Big corporations,  stockholders, and millionaires will be collecting on a huge tax give-away averaging $35 thousand per year, a combined $31 billion.  More than one-third of American business’ stock shares are owned by foreign stockholders; foreigners will reap the benefits of Crooked Drump’s ‘tax reform’.  Hedge fund managers retain their pass-through loopholes that Crooked Drumpf campaigned against but now supports.  This ‘tax reform’ bill adds tax cuts for real estate developers, gee, that includes windfalls for Crooked Drumpf.  It’s all in their ‘self-interest’.  What a co-incidence!() Great News For Elderly Parents

Meanwhile, tax increases for the rest of us – Americans who opposed Crooked Drumpf as well as all his Deplorable and Drumpfian suckers and saps.

Crooked Drumpf and Republi-cons tell the American people that they are cutting regulations from law.  Yeh?  Then why are they adding that ‘thousand page’ ‘tax reform’ bill?  Oh, yeh, because those new ‘complicated’ regulations will give massive tax cuts to their corporate and wealthy sponsors.  As for you low and middle income Americans who will be ‘paying more than their bosses’, aw, get over it, you are just ‘complaining’.  You wanna really ‘complain’? Just you wait!  Republi-cons are posed to cut your Social Security retirement and disability, MediCare, MedicAid, Food Stamps, and other safety net programs next year.  But you won’t be able to vote them out of office because they will take away your right to vote.  Drumpfians, Deplorables – suckers all!

Con-gressional Republi-cons admit that their ‘tax reform’ bill includes ‘not popular’ clauses that ‘shouldn’t be in there’, yet they are voting for them.  Crooked Drumpf is jettisoning his campaign promises to ‘just pass anything’.  How’s that change thingy doin’ for ya now?

Republi-cons are already calling for ‘entitlement reform’.  Republi-con ‘tax reform’ will cut $1.5 trillion from MediCare, MedicAid (five million Americans will be dropt from MedicAid coverage) next year.  Thirteen million people will lose their Obama-care insurance next year.  Nine million ‘CHIP’ children will lose their coverage next year.  Republi-con ‘tax reform’ will cut Social Security next year.  Republi-con ‘tax reform’ calculates those budget cuts and dropt coverage to arrive at their $1.5 trillion calculation.  Democrats are standing firm to protect those programs, Republi-cons seek their demise.

Where do you place yourself, Dear Reader?

The clear majority of Americans polled say Crooked Drumpf’s Republi-con ‘tax reform is a bad plan, a trillion Dollar plunder of our treasury, not good for the American nation.  The Republi-con political campaign donor class want these special interest tax cut breaks for themselves.  Crooked Drumpf claims a personal wealth in the billions of Dollars, he refuses to release his tax returns for public scrutiny, and he will reap windfalls from his own ‘tax reform’ plan.

Third-world autocrats and dictators carve out tax benefits for themselves same as Crooked Drumpf and Republi-cons are doing for themselves in this ‘tax reform’ bill.  Under this Republi-con ‘tax reform’, the more your income, the less tax you will pay.

Republi-con ‘tax reform’ of Reagan’s ‘broken’ ‘tax reform’ is the only success that Crooked Drumpf can claim as a victory, and that victory is limited to corporate ‘people’, not people people.  Certainly, Crooked Drumpf skewers his own Drumpfian and Deplorable dupes.  How many Drumpfians and Deplorables will be ‘souring’ on Crooked Drumpf’s betrayal by November 2018?  Will they still vote for Crooked Drumpf as habit or will they vote Democratic?  That’s a long way in the future.

Crooked Drumpf motivated Democratic voters for these recent elections – Virginia, New Jersey, Alabama – but the real test for them will be the November 2018 election season.  Will they be taken same as they were under Reagan, Baby Bush, Crooked Drumpf?  Or will they vote their energy for Democratic candidates?

Crooked Drumpf voters looked to him to solve their problems.  How’s that change thingy doin’ for you now?  Crooked Drumpf is not finished with his first year yet.  His worst is yet to come during the next three years.

Republi-cons ran Moore in Alabama, one whom they whole-heartedly supported right to Election Day, yet a candidate that his Party openly admits after Election Day was a ‘flawed’ and ‘failed’ candidate.  Loyalty to Party over loyalty to nation – that is Fascism defined.() Supreme Court Guts Voting Rights Act

The Black women’s vote elected Jones in Alabama – they were the clear margin of victory.  But Democrats must not depend solely upon one group, but all groups.  NBC polls show that Millenials and women overwhelmingly prefer Democrats the majority party in Congress.  Fine for polls, but they still vote Republi-con in fact.  Nothing will change until they change their vote.

Nothing will really change hard-core Republi-con voters.  That man in the PBS pollution segment seemed to have no concern to vote Democratic despite his Republi-cons and their corporate sponsors being responsible for chemical companies dumping poisonous waste into his drinking water and cutting dozens of inspectors from his state’s environmental agency who could have prevented that pollution, who could have written laws against polluters, who could have prosecuted the polluters.  He whines to ‘hold the polluters responsible’, yet he’d rather elect more Republi-cons to cut even more government watch-dog employees, he’d rather drink polluted water, he’d rather breath polluted air, than vote Democratic.  Not much different than Alabama Republi-cons who vowed they’d rather vote for Moore the Molester than any

We hear news from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin how her son is touched by PTSD from his assignment at Iraq.  Hmm?  She was all gung-ho sending other American kids to fight specious wars on behalf of Baby Bush, her son went there, she and her Republi-con Party opposed ‘GI bill’ legislation, and now she whines about the results of war and PTSD – that there must be tax money spent to come to the aid of  her veteran son.  Flip-flop.

Impeachment and conviction?  Not as long as Republi-cons control Con-gress.  Those removal actions require absolute majorities of both the House of Representatives and the Senate – Democrats will not win all those seats, those political acts will not happen in the 2018 election.  Crooked Drumof will remain in office through the 2020 elections.  Crooked Drumpf will not leave office unless he is forced out by the results of Special Prosecutor investigations – only by resignation, not one Republi-con will vote him out.

CBS’s John  Dickerson opined how there are as many as 10 times the number of women declaring their candidacy for 2018 Congressional elections as compared to 2016 races – that this as a backlash to Crooked Drumpf, to Moore, and to the sexual harassment scandal.  Don’t look at those numbers and cheer – not quite yet.  Many of those women are Republi-cons who will retain this exact same Crooked Drumpf status quo, they will NOT change one damn result if they are elected, they are as if Republi-con men wearing a dress.  Only electing women who will represent our nation’s needed change from Crooked Drumpf and their Republi-con corrosive policies will newly-elected women have any effect.

Don’t forget.  Republi-cons Gerrymandered Representative Congressional Districts to be solid Republi-con – their entrenched ‘Permanent Republi-con Majority’.  As it is, there are insufficient Districts for any opposition party to win and take majority from them.  This Gerrymandering will continue to 2020’s census and re-drawing.  Republi-con rule will persist til past the 2030 election.  This is how ‘elections have consequences’.() Proud To Be A Liberal


Politics.  The more they change, the more they stay the same.

Thank you, Dear Reader, for visiting today.  Please come again.

Thank you to you resources who provided your insightfull visuals.



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