‘Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, Happy New Year, Peace, and Goodwill’


‘Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, Happy New Year, Peace, and Goodwill’

(26 Dec 17)

*(1970 06) Slim - Crater Lake (walking - portrait)

The message of the holiday season this time of the year is supposed to be peace and goodwill to all.

How do you, Dear Reader, express peace and good wishes to all for this holiday season?

Happy Holidays
Seasons Greetings
Happy Hanukah
Merry Christmas
Kala Hristougena
Sookl Sanr Wanm Khith Maatf
Mele Kalikimaka
Feliz Navidad
Happy New Year
Hronia Polla
Sahwdee Piee Mai
Feliz Ano Nuevo

Peace and Goodwill to all.

So let’s not get picky at minor topics.  It matters more your message expressing your good sentiment rather than whether you transliterate your spelling ‘correctly’ from one alphabet to another.


‘Christians, the reign of peace would have broken out.  Forgive me, I do not see peace.  Jesus would not have been the Messiah.  Look at your world.  There are wars.  There is suffering.’

  • Nachmanides (Barcelona Disputations, 23 Jul 1263)



There is little ‘peace’ and goodwill today.

The problem for current Christians is that Jesus your Messiah came 2000 years ago, but you did not change your world as Jesus admonished you to do.  Neither did Islam, your Abrahamic religion’s successor, nor your subsequent prophet Mohamed 1300 years ago.

You, Christians tell us that Jesus, your ‘Prince of Peace’, came to bring world ‘peace’.

You, Muslims, tell us that your prophet Mohamed came to bring world ‘peace’.

Where is your ‘peace’?

We instead hear your self-admitted Christian Con-servative Amerikan Taliban Crooked Drumpf beating his sounds of world war while his Republi-con cohorts oppress the common people in favour of their wealthy friends and corporations.

We experience the over-flow of Islamic violence and murder from the conflicts among Shia, Sunni, ISIS, and so many Islamic sects, with their folly of martyrdom to fullfill their misogynist desire for ’72 virgins’.

Christmas Day news reported that Pope Francis called for ‘peace’ and co-operation among religions in the Middle East.  A lotta good that meant.  News sources reported that Muslims in Israel have murdered at least 24 Christians and Jews during the past 10 days and that ISIS slaughtered another 20 non-Muslim people at Kabul.

Christian and Muslim are not the only religions that this Editor notices their hypocrisy of ‘peace’.  We of the world community are also witness to Myanmar Buddhists committing their genocide against the Rohingya Muslims of their nation.


Muslims claim that ‘Islam’ is their word for ‘peace’; this Editor hears the same Muslims say that ‘Islam’ is their word for ‘submission’.



What follows is Islamic ‘peace’ and ‘submission’ as they profess it in today’s world:

‘Mesopotamia was the birthplace of mathematics, writing, agriculture, and recently the scene of battles against ISIS.

Mar Behnam Monestary was occupied and defaced by ISIS.  ISIS Muslims want to destroy everything Christian.  They want to delete history.  To say there were no Christians, nothing before Islam.

Mar Behnam Monastery was sacred to both Christians and Muslims in Medieval times.  It amassed a collection of manuscripts dating to the 12th Century.  That collection of precious hand-written books, including Bibles and scientific works written centuries ago, was one thing that could not be replaced if destroyed by ISIS’s occupation.

More than 500 works are now protected in Erbil, Kurdistan.  One find is a copy of a 7th Century mandate from the Prophet Mohamed that says Christians will be protected by Muslims and allowed to practice their relligion.  The whole Middle East was once characterised by pluralism of different peoples, different religions co-existing.

Christian monks are working to protect these very documents that ISIS is working to destroy.  There’s a real war over these books.  ISIS in Northern Iraq caused Christians and Yazidis to flee in desperation.  Qaraqosh was attacked, 50.000 were driven out on foot in days. They and the monks carrying these books raced to the safety of Kurdistan as ISIS chased them.

The monks were not able to save all their books.  ISIS  burned what was left behind in Qaraqosh – 40.000 books in the Library.  ISIS torched them all.

Among the books rescued is a fragment of the New Testament written about the year 500 written in Old Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ.

Some of those rescued books are purely history that tell us about political events.  It’s the history of every aspect of life.  Including a tax receipt from the Roman Empire in 222 for the purchase of military equipment.

The Library at the University of Mosul – once among the finest in the Middle East – was reduced to rubble.  Totally devastated.  ISIS did their damage, burned their books, destroyed the building.  This Library used to hold a million books and a collection of ancient maps and manuscripts.

In this Age of Intolerance, there are very few Christians left in Iraq.  They fled to Qaraqosh.  What will always remain – thanks to the works of Father Columba and Father Najeeb – is a written record of their history and heritage.’

  • CBS ’60 Minutes’ (‘Delivered From Evil’, 24 Dec 17)



That report says quite a bit about Islamic religious hatred and the deliberate full-scale efforts to destroy history by Islamic fanatics and extremists.

Islamic ISIS has been destroying world history and education from their own environment in an obvious way.  How can you assert that you are followers of your Prophet Mohamed?  You are going against your own Prophet Mohamed’s mandate; you are hypocrites when you murder Jews and Christians and you destroy your holy books and learned books of history and science kept in your libraries.

Reagan and now Crooked Drumpf and his right-wing Republi-con Christian Con-servative evangelical fundamentalist Amerikan Taliban have been slowly, deviously destroying our American educational system by removing history and government from our public school systems, by buying book publishing corporations and slowly changing the content of books and texts to suit their small-minded religious and political doctrine.

Remember, Republi-cons hold blood on their hands.  Reagan used American finance, training, arms to support the Taliban throughout his presidency.  Senator John McCain’s call to ‘Arm the rebels!’ of Syria was his demand that President Obama arm ISIS; Obama refused that demand.

There will come a day under Crooked Drumpf or his successor when we Liberals shall be called to rescue our American nation’s libraries from the clutches of the right-wing Republi-con Christian Con-servative evangelical fundamentalist Amerikan Taliban much the same as did Father Columba and Father Najeeb Michaeel rescue their libraries from ISIS.


A retrospective quote from this past Summer relating to ‘peace’.

‘Every political assassination done in America has been by a Liberal.  There was John Wilkes Boothe.’

  • Lars Larsen, R (23 Jun 17, his radio show)



Well, of ‘every assassination’ that Larsen asserted, he could only identify Boothe assassinating Lincoln.  Of course, every school child knows better than Larsen.  Boothe and his conspirators were Southern Confederate Cessessionists, bigots, prejudicial against the Negro population whom they held in captive slavery.  Hardly ‘Liberal’, more like Conservative to the extreme con-servtive; ‘Libertarian’ and right-wing ‘sovereign citizen’ types in today’s definition.

How about actual right-wing assassins within our recent lifetimes:

  • 1960s Freedom Riders were attacked and some assassinated by White supremist right-wing Southern Segregationists.
  • President John Kennedy was assassinated by right-wing CIA and mafioso.
  • Malcolm X was assassinated by White right-wing Southern segregationists.
  • Rev Martin Luther King was assassinated by a White Supremist.
  • Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated by an anti-Jewish right-wing Arab Islamic extremist.
  • The assassination attempt on Rep Gabbi Giffords and resulting mass murder was committed by a man influenced by Christian Con-servative nright-wing radio hate speech.
  • Mass murders in the USA are committed by White supremists, Christian Conservatives, Islamic fundamentalists.
  • ‘White supremicists are responsible for 74% of terrorist attacks and killings in the last 10 years.’  (CBS ’60 Minutes’ , 17 Dec 17).

Not a ‘Liberal’ killer in that bunch, but plenty of Liberals murdered by White Supremicists, Neo-NAZIs, Alt-right, Christian Con-servative evangelical fundamentalist Amerikan Taliban, Southern segregationists – Republikans all -and their Islamic fanatical counterparts.

<*>() Jesus Love Gays

As an old-timer who transitioned during the 1970s, this Editor recalls that laws were detrimental to married couples whose partner was Trans.

This Editor was not active with Trans support groups til 2015.  I have no personal experience with Trans persons being subjected to those antiquated laws before Marriage Equality.  I suspect that anti-Equality laws were a major obstacle, an obstacle that has been lifted from married couples who can better focus on their personal advancement.

The old laws specified that marriage was only between one man and one woman.  ‘Gay marriage’ was illegal.

State laws varied.  Extreme laws prohibited any transition until the partners divorced, less severe were laws that prohibited various degrees of transition advancement or surgery until proof of divorce.  If I recall correctly, Stanford’s California guidelines required patients to present divorce papers before surgery.

Republi-cons and Christian Con-servatives who proclaim themselves the ‘family’ party, who decry ‘Big Guh’mint’, are the ones who duplicitously imposed these anti-Equality laws – laws that imposed divorce upon Trans marriages, laws that divided and destroyed Trans families.

Marriage Equality has been a boon for Trans families.  We in the Trans community need to be aware how much the Marriage Equality decision has brought to our benefit.

Right-wing Republi-con Christian Con-servative ‘Big Guh’mint’ imposing their divorce laws is no longer an issue.  Married couples who have a Trans partner remain married, families remain intact.  Trans persons are getting married.

Not for long!

‘Elections have consequences.’  Your vote in these elections have consequences affecting your life – now and in the decades to come.

Crooked Drumpf and his Merry Band of Republi-con Senators have been packing federal courts with their right-wing Republi-con Christian Con-servative evangelical fundamentalist Amerikan Taliban.  They are doing it in record numbers.  Those appointees are refusing to abide by Marriage Equality laws – they are blatantly denying Constitutional Rights to Trans families.  Too late for you to do anything about it.  You voted for Republi-cons in 2016.  You voted for Crooked Drumpf in 2016.  You allowed Crooked Drumpf to appoint judges who will continue churning out their anti-Trans, anti-LGBT decisions for the next 40 years.

All is not well, tweaking remains, but not likely in our political climate.  For one, Arizona law denies the married partners the opportunity to change their name on their Marriage Certificate.  Instead, the married partners must pursue a divorce decree then re-marry under the new name.  This complication seems to be more a money-making scheme for the State and the lawyers who practice marital law rather than for the simplicity of the results.  Birth Certificates can be changed, DMV licences can be changed, business licences can be changed.  Why the obstacle for Marriage licences?

How is your state?  How is it at your nation if you do not reside in the USA?  What can you do to resolve discrimination?

Okay, I have never been married, not even close.  That does not mean that I lack my own concept of marriage.  To me, marriage is a monogamous commitment with another person.  We love the other person for whom they are – not their physical shell – be they cis, trans, inter-sex, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-, Pan-.  Marital intimacy?  Well, the partners will find their own.  It is no one else’s business!  They do not need religious and political fanatics intruding into their private personal lives as right-wing Christian Con-servative and Islamic evangelical fundamentalist Amerikan Taliban are wont to do.

<*>(2016 01 10) IMG_0093

Allow this episode’s present wrapt in a bow.

Thank you, Dear Reader, for visiting today.

Enjoy your holiday season – whatever you call it:  ‘Peace be with you.’

Please return next time (next year) for more excitement.


Meanwhile, Pat Robertson can celebrate that the ‘War against Christmas’ is ended!

Let there be parades with Miss Whatever, kids riding in steel drums,  fire trucks decked in tinsel and colored light bulbs while Robertson presents a stocking decorated with snowflakes – all perfect Christian symbols of Jesus Christ, his Messiah, whom he ignores the teachings of peace.

*(2012 12 10) Tis-the-season-for-christian-conservative-whining



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