‘West Virginia’s Republi-con Primary Election – Vote Early, Vote Often


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‘West Virginia’s Republi-con Primary Election – Vote Early, Vote Often
(6 May 18)


Bear with me, Dear Reader.

This coming Tuesday will be Primary Election Day at West Virginia.

Republi-cons have three major choices for US Senator. Their expected winner will be a coal mine operator who spent time on prison convicted for actions leading to the deaths of at least 29 miners. His mining operations create pollution that lead to the deaths of hundreds, thousands of Americans each year.

Yep, that is the candidate whom Republi-cons favour. He is the love of the life of Cousin Nancy,

Why am I interested in this Senate race where I am not a resident?

Well, one of the Republi-con candidates is not a resident of West Virginia. So why not?

Regardless, US Senators debate and vote on federal legislation that affects all Americans. I may not have a vote in this election, but my 1st Amendment protects my right to have my say.


I address three commentors (see below):


Douglas Lacey

Yep – perfect excuse from a Drumpfian Deplorable.

Blame the victim:

– those miners chose to create un-safe work conditions,

– poor Billionaire Don, he has so many lucrative businesses that he can’t keep track and that he has no idea that his mines are deadly,

– those miners chose to kill themselves in that mine explosion.

Too bad that those miners reside in destitute conditions. Too bad that those miners were desperate for work no matter how lethal.

And when the employer ignores safety regulations, well, hey, elect Republi-cons to vote away work-place safety regulations. As for the miners, you are on your own, employees. Tough luck!.


Aaron Hardway

Did you read what you wrote?

Do you comprehend what you wrote?

Crooked Drumpf and his Republi-cons ARE ‘ the Washington establishment’. Have you failed to recognise that Republi-cons have been the majority party since Reagan?

Do you not comprehend why ‘we are hurting bad and no one seems to have the answers to the seemingly insurmountable economic issues we face as a state’? Ya think Crooked Drumpf has your ‘answers’? He made his wealth scamming contractors, refusing to pay his bills, filing numerous bankruptcies, fending off lawsuits, paying $ hundreds of millions in fines and penalties. Ya really like that for President? Look to your ‘state’ for ‘answers’ to your state’s problems, NOT crying at the public federal trough. Ain’t that what you Republi-cons always say?

Don’t complain about ‘Our roads are in the worst shape’, ‘bridges are unsafe and falling apart’. Taxes buy roads and bridges. When no one pays taxes, then no one gets the enjoyment of roads and bridges. When your tax rate for wealthy income and corporations are too low, then you low-wage employees and consumers are stuck paying the tab – an oppressive burden.

‘Jobs are here are few and far between and pay next to nothing’. And you expect Billionaire Don to pay better wages? He made himself wealthy by employing saps who work for peanuts in deadly conditions. So you keep sitting inside your hovel begging for his crumbs.

‘Our kids and young people are dying by the hundreds every single day due to opioid overdose’. Gee? And what are you doing about it? Crooked Drumpf’s own physician, ‘The Candy Man’, is known for distributing drugs. The stink starts at the top and tinkles, er, trickles, down.

‘Towns are in virtual ruins and once thriving businesses are boarded up and gone, house after house sits abandoned with FOR SALE signs on the lawns’. This will continue as long as you continue voting the same politicians and supporting the same crooked corporate bosses.

‘Our schools consistently score well below the national average on the yearly assessment tests’. Yep, there again, failure to support your public schools, refusing to pay your school taxes, your absence from your local school’s meetings to participate actively.

‘Our elderly and our veterans are being all but ignored and hopelessness’. How soon you forget that Crooked Drumpf’s Republi-con budget sets in motion to privatise Social Security, MediCare. His budget is a fiscal boon to high-end corporate bosses, a pittance for middle- and low-income, Veterans’ services? Hah! Crooked Drumpf and his Republi-cons cut that, too. Remember when Baby Bush refused to sign that GI Bill when Democrats passed legislation during early 2000s?

‘What will you do to help to remedy some of these issues? Can you promise myself and others who are undecided that you will make it your mission to help our state emerge from the ashes of economic ruin it has become? What is your plan to work toward correcting some of these issues that are only getting worse by the day?’ Ain’t it that you Republi-cons always blather to look to doing it yourself, not Big Guh’mint? Pick yourselves up by your own bootstraps! Quit mooching of the tax system! Quit whining! Do something!

Republi-cons have been controlling American government – all three branches and most every state – for the past 30-some years. So you keep right on electing Republi-cons. As the saying goes, doing the same thing over and over again and demanding different results is the definition of ‘insanity’.


Carla Spray

You made a few good points, just don’t hold your breath.

‘Show a list of campaign donations donors’ – Do you really expect that from a Republi-con?

‘Putting the money back in the social security system that was taken out for uses other than social security payments to people who paid in to it or funding it instead of sending aid to other countries?’ – Republi-cons stole your Social Security and Medicare. How can you expect them to pay it back? Crooked Drumpf’s Republi-con ‘tax cut’ budget set in motion their scam to privatise Social Security and Medicare, for his corporate bosses to steal the $trillions in our Social Security Trust Fund.

‘Food taxes … making our seniors and veterans tax exempt’ – Crooked Drumpf’s Republi-con budget increases taxes. Food taxes, however, are a state and local issue more than federal. US Senators will have minimal direct effect imposing or reducing food tax.

‘Seniors haven’t had a reasonable raise in 20 years’ – Republi-cons have been blocking Democratic Party efforts to pass increases in Social Security retirement pay, veterans’ pay, and the Minimum Wage. Congressional Republi-cons blocked each effort, Bush refused to sign any legislation.

‘Making politician jobs ,elected volunteer only with very limited expense accounts, and 4 year term limits on all’ – This requires a Constitutional amendment. Please recall that Republi-cons ran on such a platform – ‘ Contract on America’ in 1992, 1994, 1996. Every Republi-con signed their pledge – not one held to their pledge. Why do you think Republi-cons would now suddenly do any different?

Please – everyone – read the Constitution – it’s a quick 15 minutes. Another 15 minutes for the Bill of Rights and Amendments.

Be that ‘Informed Electorate’!


Here is a sampling of the ‘Comment’ section from this candidate’s Facebook page (3 May 18).


Don Blankenship

Patty Casey Go donnie!!!

Frankie Reinkopfs You have my vote and yes you are the one to beat Manchin!

James Benson Go Mr. Blankenship!

Julie Church I read yesterday that Mountain Families PAC out of Arlington Va had spent a fortune to keep you from being nominated. $1.3 million to be exact. They’re terrified you are going to break up their alliances and their buddy system. The swamp is surely deep in West Virginia and people are finally starting to realize this.

Anne Lieberman Mountain Families PAC is Mitch McConnell’s doing. Outrageous to spend like that against fellow Republicans.

Bill Hunclebuncle and to think that an outside entity tried to influence an election!

Beth Thaxton Praying that the folks will vote for you like they did Trump, because I know you’re the right one for the job.

Frankie Reinkopfs I’m praying also!

Olga Sarbinowska Power of the Prayer.

Patric Oesterheld Can we pray the lives of the 29 miners Don killed back to life? I guess not.

Ross Bailey And then there is this…

Frankie Reinkopfs Ok let’s just wait and see what women come out and say BLANKENSHIP touched them! LOL OH I FORGOT HE DOES HAVE AN EX WIFE!

Frankie Reinkopfs I don’t think the President has endorsed anyone yet! BLANKENSHIP will be the help President needs to Drain the swamp starting with Turtle Mitch!

Ross Bailey I doubt he and his son will differ on their opinion, Give it a few days…

Andrey Hladki Frankie Reinkopfs Trump endorsed Jenkins and Morrisey

Janet Hicks-armstrong Beginning to think Blankenship has to be the elected one

Olga Sarbinowska The best form of The Revolution is your VOTE!!!

Don Trump Jr. is irrelevant. and he doesn’t posses the same optical instincts like his father, President Trump….See More

Shannon Stacy Roberts It’s time them two school boys go back home to mommy and play video games. That was exactly what they acted like the other night on the debate. Ridiculous! Then people want to continue to have that as leadership! I have a 9 year old grandson, I’m sure he could do just as well. Can’t wait to cast my vote.

Todd Deffet Remember the 29

Randall Kirk Remember the cause

Robin Armstrong Don Blankenship WILL be our next
US senator👍👍

Penny Renee Lewis Loving me some Mr. Blankenship!!!!!!!

Carmen Holmes After watching the debate I changed my mind from Jenkins to you Don Blankenship – YOU will have my vote

Andrey Hladki Please, don’t.

Carmen Holmes Andrey Hladki when you can vote in WV let me know

Bill Hunclebuncle Andrey Hladki …..is that your only source of information?…..If you knew how to keep vigilance over government, you would be showing the people your investigating reports, not some one else’s tweets, Twitt!

Carmen Holmes Bill Hunclebuncle he doesn’t even live in America – another paid Russian troll


Jay Blevins Blankenship is a murderer

Teddy McCoy Prove it

Tonya Saunders Compliment The courts did, or do you not believe in our jury system of justice?

Jay Blevins Teddy McCoy what she said👆👆…lol idiot…

Fred Joseph Tonya Saunders Compliment you are so wrong ,and you are spreading fake news. Mr. Blankenship was charged with a misdemenior for a letter he did not write. You are free to oppose someone but as a true American you should not lie.

Bill Hunclebuncle Ask Manchin about Bob Andrews! How did Bob Andrews clean up his own suicide in the car wash?

Brenda Aliff Jay Blevins is that satanic symbols and satanism on your Facebook page?


Randall Kirk Tonya Saunders Compliment the courts did not find him guilty of any felonies. Do you understand the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor? Look it up your statements are wrong. The courts and jury said no he did not have any culpability in the deaths.

Andrey Hladki WOW

Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, called on Republicans to OPPOSE controversial former coal executive Don Blankenship in next week’s West Virginia Senate primary as Republicans worry his win could jeopardize chances of keeping the seat.

In his message, he referenced last year’s Alabama Senate special election, where Republicans — including the White House — stuck with Republican nominee Roy Moore despite allegations of sexual misconduct, including a sexual encounter with a minor.


Carmen Holmes Take 2 midol and go to bed

Roger Stacy One of those dead possums along I-79 can beat Joe Manchin in this election.


Brenda Aliff Minsk, Belarus, Russia is your home, Comrade Hladki. Are you attempting to interfere in an American elections? I think what you are doing is against the law.

Mary McSweeney Lanese Your recent ad is horrendous. I hope West Virginians realize how good Manchin is for them, compared to a beast like you.

Joe Hamrick Well I hate to be the bad guy, but most of you bragging on Mr Blank, obviously don’t know his past … He is a liar, a murderer, and a thief… He should have stayed in jail!!! DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Andrey Hladki Exactly. That’s why the President and his son support Jenkins and Morrisey

Teddy McCoy Show the proof of him being a murderer. Never was convicted of murder

DeweySueann Maynard Teddy McCoy yeah I’d like to see that proof also

Brenda Aliff Andrey Hladki aren’t you living in Minsk, Belarus, Russia?

Eric Hillier Bigot

Brandi Miller That’s funny because Blankenship contributed money to Manchin’s gubernatorial race. Wonder what has changed?Blankenship also poisoned his home town’s water supply and had a separate water line running to his house. This guy has proved he’s only in the race for power and personal profit. #Disgusting

Steve Hovatter Trump donated to the Clintons too. So what’s your point.if you watched the debate, Blankenship was the only one to not dance around the questions without bashing the other candidates.

Clarice Shaver Manchin was a good governor but Washington changed him.

Bill Hunclebuncle Clarice Shaver Manchin was a miscreant governor!….Then he tried to rub elbows with Obama, and then he wanted to run for Governor again, and he just fell by the way for Jeff Kessler, the ” liar for hire ” from GlenDale who use to be a state Senator….Poss on that whole group of people!…..There’s way more about these people than you could comprehend, about their wicked ways!….

Edward Rudder What is he doing for the family of the 29

Teddy McCoy What is MSHA doing for them?

DeweySueann Maynard Teddy McCoy exactly!!!!

Suzie Childers Edward, he’s doing nothing because he’s a coward. He never could even give those families an apology. It’s disgusting to say the least.

Byron Billings Go Don!

Tommy Bevins If I lived in w. Va you would have my vote.

Missy Wernstrom Hi! Could not help but notice that you used to be part of the establishment that kept people out of office. And in mines. Where they died in mine accidents. Didn’t you do some time for that? Why in god’s name would anyone trust you?

Bill Hunclebuncle Because you don’t have a say so in our state elections….and you worry about Russian collusion!….What do you think you’re doing by running your mouth?

Diane Estep-Dotson Sending my best, hope all that want a much needed change, cast a vote, your way!

David Fonzie New No he did not win go read Mr Blankenship won that by a land slide

Douglas Wagner David Fonzie New , your opinion.

Julie Church Douglas Wagner He was boo’d by everyone in the crowd at one point. I attended the debated. He nor Jenkins did very well at all speaking for themselves.

David Fonzie New I never heard him being booed. I heard people laughing when he ducked for McConnell if anyone supported. Him

James Shaver Maybe we have a President who was not a politician and things are moving pretty fast despite the left and and haters are trying to make things tough for him. Maybe we can have a non politician run things in various government positions. Time will tell.

Randy Mick I. Sure hope so

Jean Vance As a West Virginian whose soul is black as coal, we do not accept you ✌🏻

David Fonzie New Jean Vance u will wish hi had in time

Darfane Ramsey Not u

Randall Kirk Say what you will, Don gave viable ideas about what needs to be done. Politicans say generically what they have done or will do, only one person has done what he said he would do. Trump is abusiness man that has to get things done or he loses his own m…See Rosalee Hager Very well stated and true Mr. Kirk

Shannon Westerman Your winning this election will help All West Virginians in every aspect as you help us to be who & what we are.


James Randy Blevins 29292929292929292929

Michael Reynolds People died in your mines too.

Dewey Dewman Rankin Think I’ll vote for you

Shan Navaratnam Racism is a mental illness. Did you make fun on the Majority Senate Leader? shame on you. I am sure great people of West Virginia are very smart and will not elect an ignorant like you. Have a great day !

Tammy Lequire Hager Don will win this race! He can and will do great things for WVa.

Jay Blevins Fools….

Tammy Lequire Hager Jay Blevins excuse me Jay, plz don’t refer to me as a Fool, as the Bible says YOU are in danger of HELLS FIRE for calling ppl fools. Ya might wanna check into that, i would bet my life it’s true… Have a nice day.

John Shorey The Republican Party doesn’t want you.

Barry Jewell And you call Obama a classy guy ! Crawl back under your rock you fake republican !

John Shorey Ditch Mitch!

Mark Hrutkay Looks like Trump Jr came out against you…. not nice at all

Mike Donahoe Sr. Donald Trump jr. Is telling ppl not to vote for you bc of splitting up the vote…. if you can beat the other candidates in the primary why wouldn’t you have a good chance in the general? It makes no sense, go Don.

Robert Ramieh II Oh look, the murderer is talking about more deaths he can probably prove some ties to. If he’d done his job other miners wouldn’t have been hurt & wouldn’t need opiates.

Donnalie Hope keep strong

Carl Lester State and Federal Mine Inspectors was more responsable for the 29 Miners Death than Don. If Don bought off the State and Federal Safety Over seeing the Mines They all should go to jail Too And Ole Jay was our Governor and Cheif of Federal Regulators of our State. Did you see any CEO from Car Companies go to Jail for the Thousands of deaths caused by Faulty Exuipment that Caused their Death Don was like Oliver North he was A Scapt Coat

Jerry Campbell Amen Carl,,

Donald Keech Lots of people changed their mind after the debate.

Jean Regenwether China People??? Cocain Mitch. What is wrong with you. Were’nt you responsible for the deaths of miners. You are despicable

Bill Hunclebuncle Before you call people despicable….do you know anything about under ground mining?

Brenda Aliff Jean Regenwether West Virginians are Appalachian people. That is not a slur. It is a fact. I don’t understand why China people is a slur. How about Canadian people or South American people or Alaskan people? West Virginians do speak Appalachian Englis…See Brenda Aliff Jean Regenwether West Virginians are Appalachian people. That is not a slur. It is a fact. I don’t understand why China people is a slur. How about Canadian people or South American people or Alaskan people? West Virginians do speak Appalachian English. Some people refer to us as hillbillies. Since you live in Iowa it is possible you may not know this. Appalachian English comes from the Old English. The thing I love about most is it’s ‘plain talk and easy understood’. So, as a West Virginia person to an Iowan person no slur is intended when a West Virginian refers to another person as a person.

Randall Kirk No he wasn’t. Jury of his peers after reviewing the evidence could not find him guilty of the deaths. Why do you people have trouble understanding this. He was found NOT GUILTY OF ANY FELONY!

Marie Raines Goodwin The debate was great. Prayers for you.

Jay Blevins Prayers for you, you silly fool

Trudy Conover I’m voting for you, expecting you to work wt the President …. you both are smart businessmen and I expect you both to show a “profit” for the country and state of WV ….. at least get America strong again.Build that wall wt welfare people doing the job in lew of their welfare money …Make finger print/face qualifications to vote.If you are not a citizen, no freebees…none, babies born here to non citizens get no benifits….we all know that’s misuse of our good nature which I’d like you to have monitored much closer…Leave Soc. Sec. Alone, We worked abd paid in, me for over 65 years ….stop using it for what it was not intended…

John Byrd I’m voting for Mr Blankenship. Best choice ….and hopefully he can defeat Mr Manchin.

James Gillman Don Blankenship will help West Virginia, with the many on going problems in the state. The other two candidates are politicians.

Michael Moore Don Blankenship is a politician. It said right here on his page.

Bill Hunclebuncle Michael Moore …..you pretty much have to say that if you register your canddesy!

Karen McDowell Don Blankenship is the worst person in the United States. You may think there are other contenders, but keep in mind that other nominees have to clear these hurdles:Killed at least 30 people.Forced coal miners to not just ignore, but actively defeat, safety regulations.Bribed a state supreme court judge with a trip to the Riviera that included hookers.

Tammy Lequire Hager Excuse me, could you provide proof of your comments? I’d like to know how you know this to b a fact, and show me some proof.

Karen McDowell Tammy Lequire Hager Google is your friend

Gerald Hatfield Karen McDowell, I worked for the man. He did not “kill 30 people MSHA did. Do not question my integrity, I worked for him during that time, had dealings with him almost on a daily basis. I would not have nor will I work for a person that would intentionally kill people. Mr Blankenship is a very intelligent man, not only would the actions you say he took be immoral but strictly from a business point of view it would be a bad decision. The company would stand to lose more in the way of fines and lawsuits than it would gain from unsafe practices. Mr Blankenship initiated many safety procedures and innovations in the mining industry that actually went above and beyond the regulations and standard practices. BTW google is not my best friend, I have the intelligence and capacity to do my own research.

Tammy Lequire Hager Gerald Hatfield Yes Gerald I worked for him also, he’s all about safety! All these ppl who thinks they know him needs to work for him then they may see and learn, he goes by safety regulations and above!

Brenda Aliff Karen McDowell Are you from Detroit, Michigan? So many out of staters and out of the country folks have a huge interest in the outcome of WV’s senatorial race? Why?

Mary Anne Cary Congratulations!!! You are officially now on a list of the “BIGGEST AND SHAMEFUL IDIOTS” in our country!!! Way to go!!!

Brenda Aliff Mary Anne Cary Wow! I did not know that persons in Maine would be interested in a WV senate race. Why would that be?

Larry Baisden I’m not sure how anyone that has been in jail can run for a public office. This is horrendous and I will not vote for a money hungry murderer!

Edwin Hurley Your state deserves him.

Gary Russell Hurley, what would make you say that? What’s WV done to you? That’s one of the silliest things I’ve read online. Is it because the states voters backed Trump?

Edwin Hurley It’s not the election it’s the fact that WV is a third world shithole that contributes nothing to the union and only brings shame on the country because it’s populated by uneducated dullards.

Larry Baisden Uneducated?? At least we were smart enough not to vote for a liberal.

I can tell u that many out of state tourists come into our state and 4 wheel ride the mountains here. I can tell u that they love it here and speak highly about how we are very friendly and helpful ppl. I’ve been to many states and I can tell u that many ppl in these other states are not the same way. U can look at someone and nod your head or wave at them and they turn their heads. They must be a dickhead like u

Edwin Hurley You were dumb enough to vote a reality tv star who repeatedly ranted about how he wants to have sex with own daughter; I guess most west virginians can relate to that.

Larry Baisden Go ask your mom

Edwin Hurley Blankenship will win because most west viriginians have no coherent beliefs: just a nihilistic hatred of liberals. You’ve provided an example of the culture of ignorance in your state which has reduced WV to a third world hellhole and created an environment in which people like Blankenship can win elections.

Larry Baisden Edwin Hurley you and your kind are immortal I suppose??
And I guess drugs are only in WV, now who is so educated

Edwin Hurley Take a look around you Larry: strip mining ravaged environment, no prospects for your kids, your state is run like a third world colony and you have an opioid worse than the crack epidemic of the80s

Opioid crisis costs W.Va. more than $8.72 billion in one year

Larry Baisden Strip mining has turned many areas into beautiful environments that produce huge whitetail like this here. I agree drugs are bad here but the drugs are all over the US.

Edwin Hurley You really are as stupid as you look: west virginians deserve Blankenship.

Edwin Hurley And you’ll probably wind up voting for him too.

Michael Saporito Edwin Hurley me no understand your big shiny words…
Be gone troll…

Gerald Hatfield Hurley is a troll, looks like a fake profile, Pic is a cartoon, hasn’t been updated in a long while, no friends list, wants to put down WV but wont say where he is from

Lisa Yates Starkey

Dick Swiger Edwin Hurley your real brave on Facebook you want to come to West Virginia and repeat that you ignorant libtard

Krista L Jewell Wow what an idiot! I bet Edwin voted for Obama too 😂 you really are clueless! A reality TV star? Lol you realize Trump has been in the spotlight since the early 80s because he is a stealth business tycoon? TV reality star 😂 go back to your bowl of Tide pods douchebag! I wouldn’t waste my time on you but you don’t talk to my friends that way!

Thomas Smith Traitor Joe has to go, but not replaced by you!

Pat Johns How many of those “dying West Virginians” did you kill?

Tammy Lequire Hager Oh my such uneducated ignorant ppl stating things as IF they were facts, when in fact,it’s so far from the truth it’s pathetic! MSHA is responsible for the explosion at UBB. It’s called RESEARCH IT !! You’ll find Don is innocent of those charges.

John Monaco You got my vote Don! All the idiots that smear you with false accusations are part of the swamp and voting democrap anyway. Don’t worry you got this one!

Michael Moore You wouldn’t be saying that if it was your father or your son that died in that mine.

John Monaco Michael Moore I don’t believe that Don was responsible for the mine disaster so yes I am going to vote for him and against the EPA bureaucrats that caused the disaster by over-regulation and under regulation. Believe what you want but the Obama Administration and A James Mansion were in charge of the EPA which reduced the air ventilation in the mine thus causing it to explode.

Dave Nestor You don’t even live in West Virginia.

Billy Jones Only one thing Morons he’s a murdered 29 coal miners!!!!!!

Jerry Southall Traitor Joes gotta go, does whatever that stupid Pelosi says

Rick Nelson Pelosi is a mentally ill old lady that isn’t aware of some things she says, however, she needs to be voted out along with all the CaliPORNia career Democrats.

Max Andersen Yea I’m sure you’d kill to beat Manchin..

Debbie Meadows McPherson I voted for Don Blankenship.

Lois Hunt Januszki I voted Blankenship

Betty A Mckenzie ????

Darnell Gardner Lmao fam I hope you do win, it’ll guarantee a blue seat.

Rich Kubicz You also killed more people then Manchin… you’re way ahead.

Gary Holstein Jr. No I truly doubt that!

Martha Beasley Never. happen jail bird.

Terra Staley Haggerty You also beat him to jail. 😂

Latoya Kirk Know who isn’t dying from opiates? The 29 miners you helped kill. You can’t drain the swamp when you are the swamp monster.

Vickie Morgan Not voting for MANCHIN he has sidled up to obama to many times.

Dino DelGallo Manchun can’t decide who he is. Voted more times with Nancy Nut Case, Chucky Schumer, and Obama. Want to RAISE my taxes – and openly talking about it makes democrats morons.

Cheryl Holcomb That’s usually the way it works,Einstein 😂

Dino DelGallo Cheryl Holcomb thanks. Glad you’re around to tell us what to do.

Mark Hayes Joe has to go no socialist marxist democrats. Greedy swamp rats have to go. TERM LIMITS …Joes been sucking our taxes since forever.

Cheryl Holcomb Are you smoking crack 🤔

Dick Swiger Joe Manchin doesn’t represent West Virginia he is a communist democrat fraud it’s election time he will be on TV shooting his gun then go to Washington and vote with Pelosi to take yours

Charlotte Link Blankenship couldn’t beat a turd!

Randy Stephens I heard blankenship gave the other guys a beat down on Fox debate.

Kristi Beddow He did

Trina Ball Beats lying flip flops career politicians

Paul Estep I vote for he good to work for

Steve Farmer You got my vote Don

Joe Sodder You didn’t take care of your employees, what makes us believe you’ll take care of the rest of West Virginians? Not only were 29 miners killed under your watch, but what about all those others injured because production came before safety? What about th…See Arvil Runyon I Voted for Don

Billy TruMan What a idiot

Debbie Payne-Jones Keep dreaming you POS!!!

CJ Williams Triggered

Shannon Westerman Don has helped needy children for years, has helped when community’s when floods hit, helped many schools with computers, Ball fields, and hired under his watch 1000’s of employees. Put this on your calendar May 8th

Nathan Tennant What about our guns will do you stand

Carla Costa Beverly Will do he stand?

Nathan Tennant Anyone got a answer

Virgil Steele I will Vote for you

Clarice Shaver West Virginia Christians need to keep on praying, God has got this

Debbie Payne-Jones I’m a proud Republican but if it comes down to Blankenship and Manchin I would vote for Manchin!!!! No Doubt!!!

CJ Williams Of course you would

James W Mills Then you’re not a Republican

Rick Wellman I wouldn’t vote for Joe if he was running unopposed

Carla Costa Beverly Our state is the laughing stock to the nation. We are second to last as one of the worst places to retire. We are last in everything except overdose rate. Why do we always have a bunch of crooks running for this state?

Billy TruMan Once again the MORONS making West Virginia the laughing stock of America

Carla Costa Beverly Half of them can’t even spell. Dental Care is at the bottom as well. No joke.

Jerod Cash I don’t believe Joe has murdered 29 people and then fled the U.S. hiding from the feds!!! I don’t agree with Joe but I also don’t support a murder!!!

Penny Johnson I want Joe out and a Republican in but I do not like anything personal or political about Blankenship.

Doug Justice Id vote for him

Melissa Nicholas I will not be voting for you

Chris Allen Got my vote

Mike Black Don Blankenship initiated drug testing to ensure safety years ago and no safety rules were overlooked at all, I was reprimanded for safety glasses and was on probation because of it, so I don’t believe any of the negative propaganda and I believe he was railroaded.

Cami Suzza You should probably consult with one of the jurors in his case. Just saying.

Mike Black Were you one of the jurors? I’m commenting on my personal experience not word of mouth so if you have any personal experience associated with Blankenship please share.

Robert Dodson That’s all we got to choose from?? 🤦‍♂️

Kim Cox Check out Tom Willis…he’s another choice 😉

Richard Underwood I know 29 reasons I wont vote for you.

Denise Henry Morrisey I would never vote for you – you lie

Rick Wellman And Joe doesn’t ?

James Asbury Not if i had the say so

William Clay You must be from out of state

Darren Jackson No chance against that machine, and we need Joe out. I wouldn’t waste my vote.

Turk Hatfield it will be a waste if u dont vote for him just saying

Terry White don’t know yet be vote tomorrow I thinking be Jenkins?

Rick Wellman I’ve known Jenkins for a long time. He’s only interested in getting to the Senate where the money flows freely.

Chris Carrere Generic ballot: republicans +15% Vs. Manchin, but only Blankenship loses to Manchin. Let’s not snatch defeat from the Jaws of Victory, vote for Evan Jenkins.

Marvin Harold You get my vote Don

Buddy Lee Bare Don you got my vote

Sandra Wegman Yes

Mark Hatfield You got my support

Sherry Hudson No to joe

Chris Carrere Generic ballot: republicans +15% Vs. Manchin, but only Blankenship loses to Manchin. Let’s not snatch defeat from the Jaws of Victory, vote for Evan Jenkins.

Marilyn Walton I’m a staunch republican but I will not vote for Jenkins, Morrissey or Blankenship. Think you will find several repubs crossing over in the fall since our party ran 2 crooks and a carpet bagger. Willis was honest but didn’t have the crooked money to compete. Sad state.

Chris Carrere Marilyn Walton your choice, but that is a losers mentality. If your guy couldn’t make the first cut, then that is overwith, move on and help win the end game. Voting for a Democrat is the opposite of what a staunch republican would ever do, so you are either a Democrat troll or you’re high😂

Connie Brewer Don’t vote Jenkins,he’s a liberal just saying

Bob Kulick What people dying from was your stupid coal mines

Turk Hatfield people die every mintie bob not only that he help feed my family for years

Bob Kulick Not in an unsafe coal mine my friend and that’s a fact

Lana Nichols I agree 29 reasons not to vote for him

L.A. Zickafoose Lana Nichols that’s right

John Meachem John Meachem and also he is coming back and explaining all the mud that the other two are throwing at him the other two can’t explain or answer what they’re accused of

Jeanie Comer McPeak I can’t believe people believe the federal government ( the swamp) over a man’s word. Sad

Rick Wellman Jeanie Comer McPeak Joe hated Blankenship and was key in putting him away.

Jim Metcalfe Rose Feltner you’re the one that’s stupid. The EPA had nothing to do with anything at the Upper Big Branch. When you don’t know what you’re talking about it’s best not to talk at all. No one made them reduce the air flow in the mine. The mine is required by law to maintain a safe work environment.

Rose Feltner Jim Metcalfe prayers flowing for you sir and God be with you , just because you went to college dosing make you the smartest in the would. Made you a racist that all .

Mike Blake 29 reasons NOT to vote for Blankenshit

David Cadle Crook

Glenn Greathouse vote jenkins..

Gus Allen also a lot gets killed in the mines

Turk Hatfield people get kill in crashs in car to gus

Greg Britton That’s different. He disregarded the safety regulations and CAUSED the deaths of 29 people. If he had done as he was suppose to, then those 29 people might still be with us.

Jeanie Comer McPeak Greg Britton I can’t believe you trust the federal government’s word.

Rick Wellman Greg Britton I’m not really a fan of Blankenship but I do believe the politicians railroaded him cause he was creating a group they knew they’d have to deal with at some point

William Clay You have my vote!

Mark Huffman F him

Teresa Clayton I will vote for Don. The other two are Democrats in Republican suits!!

Joe Hanley https://politics.theonion.com/new-don-blankenship…

Mark Byrd Well u are not going to wen you are tkakeing votes from one who can can wen

Turk Hatfield he will if u vote for him

Mark Byrd I dnot ser it

Mark Byrd Shoud go for waht u no

Ronnie Kirk West Virginia can do better than Don Blankenshit!!!!!

Kimberly Cantrell I agree

John Meachem Like who we need someone that is not a politician in office

Billie Long Throw lying Joe out. He’s full of it

Mark Byrd And make a chang

Pat LeMaster How with the same old swamp guys? Blankenship is the best choice! Don’t fall for the same things That hurt us all before!!

Mark Byrd I am nota gance him but you no its not going happen i like i no he was screwed but he dose not have the vote

Mark Byrd If i thout he coud wen i wood be there

Sandra Miller He has the right answers but we still remember 29 men

Anita Blessing Obamas laws

Sam Johnson And my vote says he’ll say anything to get elected.

Jacob Coleman Why people are even considering him baffles me. This is why I have little faith left in humanity. His excuse for serving jail time was laughable at best.

Tony Conwell Maybe they’re mad at the China people. 😀

Jacob Coleman I saw that add lol. It was embarrassing! He has to have an alternative motive.

Tony Conwell Morrisey’s “Clinton/Obama liberal” ad about Jenkins isn’t much better.

Billie Long I can’t stand lying Joe

Chris Bailey I’m tired of the same ole people going to Washington and joining the rest of the crooks up there killing our country for there own gain. Do I think Don was responsible for those 29 men loosing there life’s. No I don’t. Did it happen in one of his mines. Yes it did. I won’t express my opinion on this matter. But I will say that he run a successful operation. Did I like a lot of the rules they had. No I didn’t. But the biggest problem was the people he had enforcing them rules and I know that. Lots of them let there job go to there head and used it for there own gain much like our politicians are doing today but on a much bigger scale. I have been very undecided on who to vote for in this election and I said that I wouldn’t vote for Don. Well I can tell ya now that it’s not impossible for me to check the box next to his name on Tuesday. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Phillip Cook It’s time for WV.to stop being lead by the blind. I don’t know one thing that Jenkins,or Manchin has accomplished for our state,other than making themselves rich,and looking down on common people. If they were all I had to vote for,I wouldn’t vote. If you go down the road and can’t get to where you want to go,its time to try a different road.

Danny Carr Nice point

Melisha Nelson I’m voting for you!

Dennis Cook Sr. Not with my vote or any I can turn, plain enough,,,,29

Linda Rosolowski Blough Well you sure as heck will not get my vote! 😡

John Duncan Sr. Blankenship will not win the Republican nomination for the Senate. I believe that Jenkins will.

Ruth Ann Walker-Elliott He is a crook. He doesnt even live here. Hes in Vegas. He deserted WV as fast as he could

Danny Johnson I have my vote !!

Danny Johnson Vote republican in 2018 if u working

Kevin Miller sorry tom willis is a better man

Teresa Workman 29 miners died, that’s true. Did he kill them? No. But let me tell you something I noticed around the area shortly after those deaths,,,, LOTS of expensive new vehicles with remembrance decals on them. It didn’t take those grief stricken folks long to be spending their millions. There you go, that sounds cold and heartless, but it’s a fact! MSHA dropped the ball folks. Not a fan of his, just being realistic

Regina Dillon Very classy. As a family member to Adam Morgan of the 29 UBB miners, you should be ashamed. Compassion…. empathy…. It doesn’t just sound cold and heartless, it IS COLD and HEARTLESS.

Rhonda Gibson Had the Federal government kept their noses out of his business it wouldn’t have happened. They are the ones that made the changes to the ventilation system but he’s the one that got the repercussions of it.

Teresa Workman Regina Dillon truth hurts sometimes, but there were numerous brand new expensive vehicles with memorial stickers n them, missing those loved ones in new escalades. It’s no worse than falsely blaming Don Blankenship of murder!!! You aren’t the only one who lost loved ones there or had loved ones working there

Jack Newbrough Jack for us Senate

Evart Muncy how do you sleep at night

Steve Bowles Sr. pos

Brian Kowalski No thanks. We don’t need another Roy Moore, Todd Akins, etc. Republicans need to smarten up or we are going to lose everything in November. This guy had “loser” written all over him.

Dwight Wilt VOTE FOR TOM WILLIS he’s not a MURDERER !!!

David W. Alderman Neither is Blankenship – educate yourself

Dwight Wilt David W. Alderman really ? He had everything to do with the mine collapse ! Anything for money , even dead miners !!# TOM WILLIS is my man !!!!

David W. Alderman Dwight Wilt Really. You’ve been fed a load of media crap. Read his side of the story, and then decide. But before you go around calling a man a murderer – you might want to get your facts straight. If he was a murderer, why wasn’t he convicted of murder? or even a felony? HMMMM. Read more – repeat less.

Dwight Wilt David W. Alderman He was fined many times for violations ! He didn’t pull the trigger but he didn’t secure his mines of safety violations !!’ I worked in mines I penna. And it is dangerous business . he collected money and did no repairs

Kristi Jeffrey-Crist Dwight Wilt mine collapse? Really? Ya might wanna Ck your facts…..nothing collapsed. Big difference in an explosion and a collapse. So pretty sure you don’t even know what happened ya big key board warrior…..cmon 🤦‍♀️ calling him a murderer and you don’t even know what happened…..geez

Dwight Wilt Kristi Jeffrey-Crist what caused the explosion ????

Kristi Jeffrey-Crist Dwight Wilt natural gas inundation with reduced ventilation on the LW….forced by MSHA 8 hours prior to the explosion.

Dwight Wilt Kristi Jeffrey-Crist and who was hired to monitor the has pressure ??? When I worked in the mines that was an hourly deal !!!!

Kristi Jeffrey-Crist Dwight Wilt pressure? Idk what you are talking about? CFM was cut in half

Dwight Wilt You will never change my mind ! He could of thrown more money into prevention !!!!!!

Kristi Jeffrey-Crist Dwight Wilt i don’t care about your mind…..just don’t be stupid if you are gonna insult somebody on behalf of Tom Willis…..

Kristi Jeffrey-Crist Dwight Wilt I’m not voting for Tom Willis but i do believe he’s honorable.

Dwight Wilt Kristi Jeffrey-Crist You have an amount of gas pressure down in the mine ( you would have to be a mile down to understand ) and some is explosive gas ! Up home we had green gas coming out years later ( what it was I don’t know ) but it made you sick . Blankenship could of done more to protect the miners !!!! Simple as that !!!!#### case closed been there done that!

Dwight Wilt Kristi Jeffrey-Crist and I’m not voting for Blankenship and I think he’s a MURDERER !!! Welcome to America !!!!

Kristi Jeffrey-Crist Dwight Wilt again you said collapse…..my point is THATS NOT A COLLAPSE…..just keep your argument valid. You looked stupid at least you know now it wasn’t a collapse. 🤔

Dwight Wilt Kristi Jeffrey-Crist I believe there was an explosion . which in turn makes wall’s and ceiling collapse ! Maybe I’m wrong but 29 miners died and the families were given no real ( real ) compensation . and yes I will check my facts better. But I will and all my people will still VOTE FOR TOM WILLIS !

Kristi Jeffrey-Crist Dwight Wilt that’s all i ask….check the facts, you are absolutely entitled to your own opinion just know the facts…..pretty sure each family got a minimum of $3.2 million but that’s just talk. Stoppings and controls were blown out and the Mine was in bad shape but pillars were intact. No collapse…..

Dwight Wilt Kristi Jeffrey-Crist If pillar were in tact , how did they get trapped? Just want to know

Dwight Wilt I’ve been a mile down , it’s not fun

Kristi Jeffrey-Crist Dwight Wilt they weren’t trapped at UBB…..they were killed instantly. It took a while to confirm and recover them due to the mines ventilation system being destroyed after the explosion. Mine rescue teams confirmed it several days after the explosion when all were accounted for.

Dwight Wilt Kristi Jeffrey-Crist like I said I’ll look into it , just to know , but TOM WILLIS is still the best man for the job !!!! Got to go nite !!! God bless

Kristi Jeffrey-Crist Dwight Wilt i enjoyed my time underground as technical support to the miners however i couldn’t do it every day. Much respect to those that do.

Dwight Wilt Kristi Jeffrey-Crist amen!!

Sue Williams Songer Negative campaign ads aren’t helping any of the candidates!! Quit bashing each other!! Manchin is the only one running that hasn’t been running negative ads. Can’t stand watching all the negative ads. Childish!

Gary Neil Got my vote

Linda Sue Dever-Bergfeld How can you run,when YOU ARE NOT A RESIDENT OF THE STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA? ???

Katherine Cochran Smith ~ Many have a second, third, fourth, or more, home. How many of you West Virginians live in or near town, but have a camp used for a hunting, fishing, or romantic getaway? What about those who live in town (in West Virginia), yet also own a winter home in Florida? ~

Dennis Aaron Walls Hahahahahahaha!!!

Robert Hamrick Thats funny

Rogina Hazelett Wolfe Osborne Don you my vote

Clint Casto I just cannot even begin to fathom how a man who was convicted of a crime that resulted in the death of 29 innocent, hard working men could have the audacity to run for Senate. I would be to ashamed to ever go into public again, let alone try to convince the general public that I was Senate material. You’re not accomplishing anything except making your self look more shameful, Mr. Blankenship. Please spend the rest of your life alone and ashamed of what you did. You don’t need to be a politician, you’ve done enough damage already!

Katherine Cochran Smith ~ Please check your sources. Don wasn’t tried for the deaths of 29 miners. I trust you will contemplate “the truth” before you cast your vote. ~

Clint Casto I didn’t say he was tried for the death of the miners. He was found guilty of conspiracy for basically blatantly ignoring safety standards, which played a VERY large part in the tragedy. Accidents are going to happen, but there are standards set in place to minimize casualties. When those standards are ignored because of greed, there need to be reprocusions.

Kristi Jeffrey-Crist Clint Casto they weren’t allowed to mention the explosion in his trial thus he was not convicted of a misdemeanor that resulted in the death of 29 miners. You are getting the report from Manchin and the trial confused…..report said they had a culture that ignored safety ie dull bits, improper rock dust, etc. the jury said he was of guilty of not stopping personnel at the Mine from telling each other that an inspector was on property.

Helen Gill Got my vote

Mike Zion Humans are not very forgiving or even honest. People use a bad tragedy against you is very sad and dishonest. How could anyone want people to die?

I hope you do well and hope world cheers up. People focus on everything negative and nothing what could become great for humans. We have so much at stake as a human race and our stupidness keeps people from working together.

Steven Hawkings was right to say humans are selfish and we ruin ourselves.

Kevin Roy You got my vote

Frank Robertson none of you self serving elitist are fit for the office

Jason Daniels Mingo needs you !!!we need a change for the good!

JoAnn Scanlon Already voted for Mr Blankenship

Linda Booker Vance Check out Tom Willis

Judy Campanella YOU GOT MY VOTE!!

Bernadette Hall It’s not the any one ones fault but the ones who’s taking the drugs they know better so I’m with Joe Manchin

Bernadette Hall It’s not the any one ones fault but the ones who’s taking the drugs they know better so I’m with Joe Manchin

Mark Parsons This is why we need term limits!

Jason Daniels Thank you for matewans Depot and blackberry senior buildg. And the new church buses at stopover KY this was before all the problems. And you and your family picking up litter in spring and lobatalast w va.!!!!!!!!

Regina Dillon WOW…… Is there any other response to the incredulous realization that people are actually casting a vote for Don Blankenship??? As a family member to a UBB victim, I am amazed and disgusted.

Betty Reed why what about all the other men that were killed in the mines my father was one of them not one man is totally responsible for any mine explosion they have happened since mining started if you want to blame anybody blame the men that worked there why didn’t they say something before it happened

Easter Deberry true

Payne Hunt Money will get you out of anything he is no Count

Kenneth Miller Go Jenkins

Tammie Phelps No way Don or Evan

Nita Ratliff I don’t believe it was Mr Blankenship fault I blame the federal mine inspectors forcing them to change the ventilation plan. I work in mines I know how they force things on mine operators. 8 hours after they implemented this plan, which cut the air force by half, the mine exploded.

Rick Childers Booooo! Go away! If we need a mine disaster we will call you!!

Jeanne Shillingburg Bean I agree, we need someone who can beat Manchin. Who would all of you vote for? I have been reading everything I can find on each of them, and I still don’t know which to vote for. The only thing I know for sure is that I don’t want Manchin to win, he sold us out!

Terri Evans Blankenship is a business man that will get things done!! After that debate the other night, i DO NOT trust Morrisey or Jenkins!! They are nothing more than part of the SWAMP!! MAGA 🇺🇸

Jeanne Shillingburg Bean Terri Evans I saw where he won the debate. I’ll check into him some more. Thank you!

ChrisAmanda Eagle I voted for Tom Willis today

Marsha Napier ChrisAmanda Eagle I like Willis too.

Jeanne Shillingburg Bean ChrisAmanda Eagle I was reading about him, and he sounded pretty good, but I wondered if he has a chance of winning or would it be taking votes from whoever was the top Republican, causing Manchin to win?

Jimbo Carpenter Massey under Don Blankenship had the worst safety record in the coal industry, anybody but Don he had a big hand Ian breaking the United Mine Workers Union paying some his employees $5 an hour buying a position on Supreme Court with Benjamin yes money does count

Jeanne Shillingburg Bean Jimbo Carpenter My husband is a coal miner, so I am not sure about Blankenship. Mine safety is very important. I get the feeling that they are all telling us what they think we want to hear. Thanks for your input.

Robert Shaw Baloney

Cheryl Sabol Two votes from our house.

Terri Evans Ours too!! We both voted Blankenship 100% 🇺🇸

Rich Allen EX Con Trying to Con the people!

Frank Mano I already early voted for you! Good Luck!

Timothy Blevins Jenkins will win.

Terri Evans I hope not!! I DO NOT TRUST HIM!! PERIOD!! Jenkins and Morrisey are liars!!!

Janet Hicks-armstrong No Jenkins, too wishy washy

Donna Riggs He’s a fake Republican

Terri Evans You have my vote and my roommate voted for you Mr. Blankenship!! We are behind you 100%

Mary Marcum I will not vote for you !!!!!!


Donna Riggs That is absolutely correct. Obama an Hillary both wanted to shut down coal

Walter Faye Mounts No vote from me!

Alex Bowman Not you.

Rex Cline U have my vote and my family’s

Fred Harless Tell it like it is Blankenship for us senate get!out and vote we got this

Rex Cline Everyone needs to do their research true research.

Stanley Metz Jr. I dont know if he actully knew about the issues that caused the mine explosion. But his company’s track record shows tbeir lack of commitment to following safty guidelines, and he knew how his company was being run. With that said, its sad that all 3 candidates have dirt on them. Considering he probably didn’t actually know how bad safety was being undercut in his mines, hes probably the best candidate.

Craig Dean He made millions while others starved.

Jo Ann Why is it we have to always vote ..lesser of evils ?

Kim Cox check out Tom Willis… we have another choice! 😉

Mary Miller Stanley Metz Jr., check out Tom Willis, he is a lot better than Blankenship, Morrisey or Jenkins.

Kristi Jeffrey-Crist Craig Dean who starved? Just curious…..

Brad Bankhead The biggest thing is Don is the only one who can beat Manchin! Willis wouldn’t stand a chance.

Lucille Whiting Kim Cox Sadly, he must not have campaigned long enough or had the funds to become widely known. I’ve never heard of him & I get campaign brochures in the mail very frequently! Now he will just split the votes and get that hypocrite Manchin in!!!

Michael Grose i know for a fact he clothed and fed many, way to many to count!!

Chris Rose Find a politician that doesn’t have dirt on them,they are all scumbags that just want to get richer off our backs!

Homer Shelby Jones-Lawrence I just might vote for you Don Donna Blankenship

April Miller You are both crooks

Bette Mallow joe must go…..

John Collett Ppl saying he’s a murderer has not a clue or a brain they hear ppl talking and they make their opion off that go work in the mines you shall see the truck win Don’t win then show how the fed govt is so corrupt you got this and our back and future

Eleanor Arbogast I would not vote for you after what you did to those miners.

Michael Mace #joemustgo

Mike Wade Dump Joe…..

Donna Riggs My vote goes to Don

Eric Dyson Think I’m gonna vote for Blankenship.

Kim Cox My fellow West Virginians… we DO HAVE A BETTER CHOICE!!! Check out TOM WILLIS PLEASE, just see what he has to offer 🇺🇸😉

Lucille Whiting As long as you are anti Manchin and absolutely anti Morrisey, you got my vote!!!

Brad Bankhead Im voting Blankenship!

Randy Mick I will never vote For another Manchin

Pete Laxton not with my vote

Kenneth Burdette Vote jenkins

Leala Gore-Zappia The National Republican Committee is in support of Jenkins. Funded by McConnel (the swamp). :(. :(. I want Blankenship he’s for America).

Robin McKown Simmons Forget it Don! I’d NEVER vote for you! Bo Copley will get my vote!

Leala Gore-Zappia Say something about all the miners being in support of Blankenship !!!!!!!! They know what happened

Luke Wilson Climb n the hole that you left 29 others n

Tommy Eudy Can’t just blame one bud.

Wanda Light Tommy Eudy

Roy Edmonds yes me to

Stephen R Rodocker Vote Tom Willis for Senate

Fred McMellon The whole state is becoming-voting republican. The Dems can’t stand to loose the state.

Sandi Stroup Tom Willis!

Joe Modley Traitor Joe has gotta go!!!!

Buddy Bennett I wouldn’t vote for his dog

Wayne Peterson Hard choice but I’m going with him. When I hear the left call him a racist and bigot that tells me the left doesn’t want him. I’m curious, who are you going with? I’m still trying to decide.

Roberta Oliverio At least you not degrading the dog catchers . Never heard that one ….GOOD ONE…HA HA

Brandon Gray Never hear about roads getting fixed we need tax break for all of our damages once a year!!

Greg Hammond Joe will not go because of the split vote among all candidates

GregCarmen Neil Go Blankenship

Rose Feltner No more Democrat. Vote Don Blankenship he will help save American

Michelle Mckinney Like he saved my dad and 28 others? F~^¥ Don Blankenship!

Michelle Mckinney What makes u think he will help save America? He didn’t save my dad and 28 other slaves!

Frankie Reinkopfs Tragic Accident but MSHA thinks your dad killed themselves by going into a mines they reported was not rock dusted! I don’t think any man would go into a gas mine without it being rock dusted! After an explosion you cannot prove it was not rock dusted….See  Fluharty Once again Charlie Manson will get my vote before this POS!!!!

Chad Fluharty Once again Charlie Manson will get my vote before this POS!!!!

Greg Hammond It’s amazing how people don’t understand the voting strategy…most win by divide and conquer

Jerry Brown Well we can say that ole Joe tried to stand at one of the Presidents speeches till he seen all the dems wouldn’t stand for anything. So ole joe just set down with them. I think he set down on us then to.

James Massey joe must go!

Jason Goldsmith Also the only one to let people die in coal mines as well

Jeannie Keefer Jason miners die and have died in other mines! I’m not sure if this guy had anything to do with their deaths, or if he just took the fall? But u can’t say his mine has been the only one that has had fatalities!

Johnny Workman It was more of a freak accident and tradgety and if anyone is to blame the msha inspector is to blame Don got hit with everything because of his job title

Barbara Gollihue Howard

Lorna Corns Workman Well then Barbara Gollihue Howard you might want to change your password. 🤔

Troy Walker I’m feed up with career politicians, trump is doing an awesome job ….. I think Don may work out ……… I’m not fully decided yet

James Massey Not saying this guy is a model citizen, BUT Blankenship won the debate! He may very well get my vote! Admit I am ill informed about UBB, but there is a change in this country, where does it take us?

Payne Hunt All they won’t is Money they could care less about you and me

Carl Lee Hubbard Jason, obviously your remarks are fueled by the ignorance of the unknowing. You should take the time to do some research on the fact of the matter. Then, you will see the truth. Until then, you will remain in everlasting darkness. Don’t base your opinions and beliefs on the influence of others. Be your own man. Research the facts. You will be a better man for it. The truth will set you free.

Jim Ellis I know that I for one am thankful that you are so intelligent Carl and can beat everyone’s head in to think like you do! … imbecile!

D David Stiles Every word here is subjective speculation at best!

Kenneth Moore Should of got multiple life sentences for what you have done. I can’t be live your still walking around

Doug Gooslin Why is it his fault, let see he was CEO of Massey he had bosses,fire bosses mine superintendents at each location and this accident happened Don the CEO is the one who gets to go to jail, he’s not at this or any one mine on a daily basis but yet he’s the bad guy ??? You seem to forget about the food toys and many other things that he gave people, jobs football fields parks, up keep of roads & bridge’s of all the good things you only remember the bad!!!!

Jordan Lanham Tom Willis seems like a good choice

Stu Richardson Show just a touch of responsibility for your past actions. Just a touch!

Robert P. Lovejoy He’s right .

Vince Day So, Jenkins and Morrisey may not be worthy of your supoort, but this is about the citizens of W.VA. We are the ones that need support and not lip service. We are tired of rino’s and liars. So, I don’t see much of a choice at all.

Mike Welch God bless you Don Blankenship. I am praying you will win

Michelle Mckinney F$ck the man… he murdered my dad!

John Odaniel Got my vote

Mary Morris Dawson No

Shane White – Carl Acord, 52.

– Jason Atkins, 25.

– Christopher Bell, 33.

– Gregory Steven Brock, 47.

– Kenneth Allan Chapman, 53.

– Robert Clark, 41.

– Charles Timothy Davis, 51.

– Cory Davis, 20.

– Michael Lee Elswick, 56.

– William I. Griffith, 54.

– Steven Harrah, 40.

– Edward Dean Jones, 50.

– Richard K. Lane, 45.

– William Lynch, 59.

-Nicholas Darrell McCroskey, 26.

– Joe Marcum, 57.

– Ronald Lee Maynor, 31.

– James E. Mooney, 50.

Shane White https://www.netflix.com/title/80141231

Douglas Lacey Everyone in that mine should be held accountable, brcause miners have the right to refuse to work in unsafe conditions.

Shane White https://www.gpo.gov/…/pdf/USCOURTS-ca4-16-04193-0.pdf

Aaron Hardway As a registered Republican, Trump-voting, Deplorable I want to make sure my vote goes to the Republican candidate who is best suited to take on the Washington establishment alongside President Trump. Like Trump, you are a businessman and I am confident you and he could work well together and accomplish a lot of good for West Virginia. We are hurting Don, we are hurting bad and no one seems to have the answers to the seemingly insurmountable economic issues we face as a state. Our roads are in the worst shape I can remember, bridges are unsafe and falling apart, what jobs are here are few and far between and pay next to nothing, our kids and young people are dying by the hundreds every single day due to opioid overdose (as well as a host of other hard narcotics) towns are in virtual ruins and once thriving businesses are boarded up and gone, house after house sits abandoned with FOR SALE signs on the lawns, our schools consistently score well below the national average on the yearly assessment tests, our elderly and our veterans are being all but ignored and hopelessness seems to be all many people have to look forward to. What will you do to help to remedy some of these issues? Can you promise myself and others who are undecided that you will make it your mission to help our state emerge from the ashes of economic ruin it has become? What is your plan to work toward correcting some of these issues that are only getting worse by the day?

Kathleen Konya Rose Trump instagram tweat. Don’t vote for Blankenship

Jeannie Keefer Kathleen Konya Rose that was Eric

Josh Sigmon Go back to jail it would do us all a favor.

Eva Cook To late for Manchin, Joe has to go.

L.A. Zickafoose Shame on you LOL


Carolyn Williams No way

Terry Crowl I can give you 29 reasons not to vote for him…..

John Gillman Bad as I hate manchin I’d rather he win.just don’t like you sorry.are there anyone else ?

Susan Ricker We have to help drain the swamp vote republican

Barry Pishoph Every politician can talk a good talk, but until they walk the walk they are just bsers

Benji Starr I’m a fan of mr blankenship he always keep me working safe

Gary W Young That’s great that he kept you safe. There are however 29 miners who are not able to say the same.

Michelle Mckinney My dad for one wasn’t kept safe!

Michelle Mckinney U wouldn’t be a fan of his if he had murdered your dad!

James Bowman Vote Patrick Morrissey

Pat Martin Eliminate wv state tax and then i will vote for you, now granted Joe lost my vote when he crawled up lovin obamas anus.

Everett Perry I’m not and will not even think about voting for this moron just my opinion

Josh Furbee You’re a POS murderer too!

Larry Stout Go Don,

Wayne Butler All of them are LIERS and thieves ,!!!

Cathy Hardman He got to be better than Manchin!!’

Darlene Bowman He caused 29 miners their lives, do to poor environmental conditions in his mine.

Darlene Bowman Manchin just as bad too

Al Laxton Lack of air did that MSHA check it out before you pass judgment

Lucy Marie Gallegos Johnson Jenkins was a democrat turned republican, turned democrat again the. Republican. What does he stand for? JENKINS! Morressy says he’ll fight the epidemic but his wife lobbies for big pharmaceutical…he is already bought and paid for by BIG PHARMA…and go look at their records…Also look at the record of the Obama run justice system and the EPA who reduced regulation for the air in the mines against the pleading of MASSY’s engineers not to for safety reasons. They would have NEVER take the fall for anything just like Hillary, Lois Lerner, James Comey, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch etc…they were all exonerated and never charged with their crimes! Not saying Blankenship is perfect but please look at the facts when making a vote. Don’t vote on fake smiles, lies and false promises! Career politicians have done NOTHING for us! This state is ranked last in everything good and 1st in everything bad! We can do better if we had jobs and leaders who cared about education and our economy! Manchin and his shenanigans and his daughters fake degree and multimillion dollar salary while laying others off and price gouging life saving drugs is a disgrace! Again…study up!!! No blind votes! They don’t serve us well!

Beverly E Brewer VERY WELL SAID

Lucy Marie Gallegos Johnson Beverly E Brewer thanks!

Nancy Adkins Didn’t vote for you!!

Michael Gibson Blankenship is the swamp.

Bonnie McWhorter Kelley We have a few others running that have not made their life in politics. The ones in there now are there for the money not the people or the state and want to move on up the rungs of this ladder in order to get the paycheck for few days of actual work

Bonnie McWhorter Kelley We have a few others running that have not made their life in politics. The ones in there now are there for the money not the people or the state and want to move on up the rungs of this ladder in order to get the paycheck for few days of actual work, several weeks vacation and the government pay for the rest of their lives. Not like the Medicare and social security we have to live on. I am leaning toward Bo or Tom unless I hear something bad about them.

Tim Dean If you’re ready to help Trump then we simply have more thieves and murderers in politics. You, Don Blankenship are responsible for those 29 deaths bc of the almighty dollar. Stay out of WV and gamble where you live with your own.

Anita M Williams Obama’s laws were the problem.

Carrel Baker Yeah and hopefully it’s not you

Bobby Zeek Bahaha!

Lou Williams I would never vote for you Don Blankenship.😡

Anita M Williams This Williams, may.

Phyllis Sizemore If all we have is Don Blankenship and Manchin, I guess my vote will go for Mickey Mouse. I would vote for neither one of them.

Dee Holleran You have no right to run for office. You should be in jail, you murderer.

Anita M Williams You should have turned on Fox for the debate. You would have learned something.

Beverly Hanway Vote BLANKENSHIP, HE WAS RAIL ROAD BY Obama and the crooks of WV

Flawn Cox They are all crooks

Anita M Williams Never once did I draw a conclusion like you suggested.

Bruce Emrick WV has never been republican. Joes gotta go. You must get your info from cnn

Carla Spray Mr. Blankenship, show a list of campaign donations donors, and also what are you feeling on either putting the money back in the social security system that was taken out for uses other than social security payments to people who paid in to it or funding it instead of sending aid to other countries? Also you were able to be a big influence on food taxes, as a senator, if you are elected , what will be your ideas on making our seniors and veterans tax exempt and getting them raises on a regular basis, seniors haven’t had a reasonable raise in 20 years. Also what are you plans on making politician jobs ,elected volunteer only with very limited expense accounts, and 4 year term limits on all?

Linda Saville We have to think of the big picture. Who could beat Manchin. We must elect republicans! Put personnel feelings aside. I believe Morrissey is the only one able to survive democrat attacks. Dems are putting money into Blankenship race because they know he would be destroyed going against Manchin. Think about the best for the country.

Gloria McCormick I-just-dont-know–gotta-think-about-this

Cathy Shrewsbury I agree that the opioid addiction epidemic is out of control in our state. However, drug testing everyone in the state won’t stop it. Drug testing has hurt the work force horribly. Opiates are perscribed by physicians and they pass the test. Cannibus is usually what shows up and it has never killed anyone. I would have likely voted for you until I heard your opinion on drug testing.

Terri Landenberger Coakley Go Trump an anyone who stands with him.


Kapung Khaf. Efharisto. Gracias. Thank you for reading this far, Dear Reader. You are a trooper. You are concerned about the issues. You are commendable!

Please return for another essay at this location at some as yet un-defined date.



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