Kleinfelter’s – Female-Style


Kleinfelter’s – Female-Style

(25 Sep 18)


Dear Reader:

Thank you for your patience putting up with my old essays these past few months.

As you know, Arizona gets hot during the Summer – 110, 115 in the shade.

My humble abode lacks air conditioning, lacks any cooling.  As such, I can’t use my PC without it over-heating.  Without my PC, there is no posting to this web-site.

I can go to the Public Library as I had been prior Summers.  It did not happen this Summer.  I came to the Public Library a few times, but not long enough to assemble and post a decent essay.

Here I am trying today.

Please accept this is a copy of a recent essay that I posted to my Facebook page 23 Sep 18.  This will be for you who do not have or use Facebook.

Now that the weather is expected to cool – forecast is for 90-degree highs next week – I shall be able to work from home again.  I have plenty of drafts of new goodies for this web-site as well as postings from my Facebook page to share here.



Last week, I went from being just a plain, ordinary Inter-sex Transsexual who very well was a common everyday Cis female whose anatomy was disrupted by excess T during gestation.

Now I learn a diagnosis that could place me very well unique. At least to say, my unique.

To be certain, we are all unique in our own way – Cis, Trans, Inter-sex, Fluid, everyone.


I got up this past Thursday then had a bad thought.

I thought – gonna ditch today, get groceries and go to the Public Library on Saturday. Just that moment later, I totally forgot my mandatory blood draw for next week’s endocrinology appointment. It is what I do every six months. Natural to every fibre of my being.

Totally forgot!

That was how quick I can forget even the most vital tasks. That is one residual from that creep that assaulted me last November.

I showered, dressed. My first bus came right as I arrived at the stop.

I arrived at the Clinic.

My first destination was to Medical Records to request my file from my last appointments, then do the blood draw, then return to Medical Records to collect my paperwork.

After I completed my tasks at the Clinic, I grabbed a couple burritos at Taco Bell before going anywhere else.

I first perused the information in my medical record. It is frequently routine. That is good news because I am generally in good health.


One entry hit me. I stopt everything. There it is – the first time when I read the actual, specific diagnosis in writing.

There – in the latest medical records.(2018 07 03) Female Kleinfeler's Diagnosis 42420183_1108754152622353_7471458433049296896_n


I am crying – joy!!!

I previously paid minimal notice about specific Inter-sex diagnoses because my first doctor never told me specifically and subsequent doctors made little mind about it.

I never got tested because that doctor back in 1982 told me that the DNA karyotype test cost $10.000 – cash, no insurance. My annual Forest Service income was $15.000.  The price was irrelevant. The result would change nothing. I was persistent to continue going through Transition. I had my first surgery that next May 1983. I was done!

Now that I know my specific diagnosis, I needed to learn about Kleinfelter’s.

I started reading legitimate on-line web-sites there at Taco Bell.

I felt confused.

Web-sites say that Kleinfelter’s is only a ‘male’ condition, but I never had male anatomy – no internal prostate or glands, no external penis or scrotum.

I have a natural vagina.

I likely had a uterus, possibly under-developed, that was removed during my 1982 exploratory surgery. Removal is typical to protect the patient from developing cancer. My medical record documents that I have a ‘vaginal cuff’ which indicates hysterectomy – separating the uterus from the cervix.(2018 07 03) Pap Smear Results 42608088_268226860688710_2874895544226938880_n

Both my last two Gynecologists verified and confirmed the presence of my cervix; both did Pap smears.

These Internet articles say testes, but my Primary confirmed to me three years ago that I have ovaries. The experienced GCS / SRS surgeon who removed them three years ago wholly excluded testes as his first conclusion during the course of our e-mail exchange on this specific topic.

Maybe I am on an extreme end of the diagnosis? Like XY CAI who can get pregnant? Or an Inter-sex variant in XX who can be fully male phenotype?

This really changes other things.

Especially that I spent my lifetime since 1982 on the diagnosis that I am female. I really liked that. It fit my identity. Now I am not female? Ouch! That is something that I need to figure out.

Of course, as I told the doctors in 1982, recently sharing this with local friends, pondering the implications these past few days – this diagnosis changes nothing. You still have Sharon to deal with. Nick made me Sharon, I appreciate him very much, but he is NOT coming back.

Sharon is here to stay.

Yep. I am still who I always have been. I retain my identity as Sharon, a woman, now age 62 as far as this goes.

Reading from these legitimate medical web-sites is a mixed bag. Nothing says that I must be everything. I do fit many of the descriptions yet I fail attaining other symptoms.

This is this doctor’s diagnosis. It is as reasoned as my doctor in 1982. Or even going all the way back to my birth room doctor in 1956.

I am euphoric about the fact that at last I do have a medical statement in writing. It’s a current disappointment that these sources identify me as ‘male’.

But looking at the really cool thing is the greater issue about sex, gender, identity – here I am, a male who in reality is a female – sexual reversal. I am female with the Y chromosome. How cool is that!

I remember that video that I watched many times. Dr. Paul MacDonald lectured to the University of Arizona Medical School about the three primary lines of Inter-sex (1974). I came upon the video of his presentation in 1985 during my self-studies at the UA Medical School. I made a VHS copy to watch and learn at home.

Dr. MacDonald was concluding his presentation. He described the XX variations and the extreme end where an XX female is a functional male – ‘Complete sexual reversal’ he said, his words in his drawl reverberate through my memory.

Maybe that’s me on the XX side. That is very rare. I am more than the one-in-100 Inter-sex. Maybe one-in-who-knows-how-many, that is a kinda cool thought, and I can live with that.

Here I write a bullet point responce to the items from the medical web-sites.

Reading from the first reference:

  • It says less testosterone. But somehow I had excess testosterone – body hair all over.
  • Okay, breast development began during 9th Grade.
  •  Language difficulty? I remember my maternal grandfather teaching me to read at age 4. There were a small group of us for 3rd Grade who were given Spanish lessons because we excelled in our English class. I spoke several languages when we lived at Greece (10th Grade and 11th Grade from 1971 to 1973). I got A’s and B’s in Latin, French, German, Greek, Spanish during high school and college. Not to mention my additional conversational fluency in Afrikaans, Dutch, Turkish, Romanian, Russian, Jugoslavian, Italian.
  •  There it is at the bottom – quiet, sensitive, unassertive. Yep, that’s me.
  • Lack of muscle and co-ordination. Nope. I began playing baseball / softball at perhaps age 4; I played Little League several years; I played adult city league softball several years. I began playing tennis during 2nd Grade, I played on my high school tennis team, I came in 5th Place at my city’s Team Tennis (1986). I was on my high school basketball team.

I have been browsing the Mayo Clinic reference.

All the information is about how to encourage a male to accept his absence of anatomy.

Nothing about female who is glad she never had that, well, um, as I learned the slang only a few years ago – ‘junk’.

Whether male or female Kleinfelter’s, I gotta say that it is good that I developed a female self-identification. I lacked critical male genitalia; my anatomy never could have been surgically corrected to male. I had no internal anatomy to connect to anything, to function as male.

Externally, I would have been little different than a F-M Trans man.

I am female identity.

If I had been male identity, I would have been living a terrible existence – totally unfunctionable as a physical male. My sincerest empathies to you. Too bad that you can’t join our team.

Okay, dunno what exact internal female anatomy that I do / did have.

Any presence of obstetrical anatomy would make no difference.

My Diethylstilbestrol hormones caused me to have Morning Sickness. Morning Sickness led to night-time dreams of being pregnant. I didn’t want to have children, though I always wanted the experience of pregnancy, lactation.

I discovered my vagina in 1979 and that was the best that happened to me to that time.

In my additional searching for web-sites about Kleinfelter’s, I took a browse using ‘female Kleinfelter’s’ as the search phrase.

I found only one site describing female Kleinfelter’s. A lot of medical-ese, but the screen views seem to highlight the situation.

Another web-site presented one brief statement that only male has Kleinfelter’s. Seems that that site ignores that one strong school of thought that the Y chromosome is not as singular to male as had been identified. That only a piece of the Y eventually creates male; that you get female when that piece fails or is absent from that Y.

My doctors document the presence of female sexual anatomy, which these sources report is absent in the typical ‘male’ Kleinfelter’s.

Maybe my Endocrinologist will explain some of this next week.

I have been making notes for next week’s Endocrinology appointment. I have so many questions to ask. I also have so many details that I need to research on my own to learn about my questions and to comprehend my Endocrinologist’s answers. Gonna do this for the next bit of time.

Gynecologists don’t do complete pelvic exams on Cis male or M-F Transsexual patients.

You can see my latest Pap smear result – no HPV. Duh! No sex.


(Up-date: 25 Sep 18):

I had my endocrinologist appointment today.

My blood test results show severely depressed estrogen level – less than 40.

My SHBG remains high – indicating that my system is unable to process estrogen. Dehydroepiandrosterone causes androgenisation in female.

In English – I am still masculinising. AGH!!!(2018 09 21) Inter-sex - We Don't Need To Be Fixed 42494197_324902114863900_648670894989770752_n

My Endocrinologist increased my estrogen to 6mg per day to try to raise it.

Just more answers that lead to more questions.

This, Friends, is among the realities of my form of Inter-sex.


I had the makings of an idea to reply to Nancy and her creeps who called me a ‘dude’.

I was so over that so quickly.

They called me ‘dude’ because they came to my Facebook page when Cousin Nancy unfriended and blocked me. Her gang wanted to see that I am Transsexual. They meant to demean me about it. Creeps. Un-educated Creeps who demonstrate their refusal to learn.

They are Cousin Nancy and her Right-wing Republi-con Drumpfian Deplorable Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalist Fascist Amerikan Taliban gang. That’s their inherent nature.

Been thinking.

Ya better be careful with Sharon when I start thinking.

Here’s my reply:

You are damned straight that I am a ‘dude’. I am very much a ‘dude’. And then some. I am more ‘dude’ than you dudes will ever be:

  • I am a ‘dude’ who never had need for a penis.
  • I am a ‘dude’ who never had need for testicles.
  • I am a ‘dude’ who never had need for a prostate.
  • I am a dude’ who never had need for glands.
  • I am a ‘dude’ who was born with more than you dude creeps can say about your sorry body. I have my own female genitalia: vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, and clitoris.

This woman doesn’t need you toxic dude creeps in my life. Creeps as you are never getting any.

Not from this proud Lesbian.

Learn something for a change:

  • Common Inter-sex occurs one-in-100. Rare Inter-sex occurs one-in-1000. Rarer Inter-sex occurs one-in-10.000.

My Inter-sex is rarer than any of that. Perhaps one-in-100.000. According to Dr. Paul MacDonald, my Inter-sex could be termed ‘Complete sexual reversal’.

What does the good doctor mean?

  • I am a ‘dude’ who is all woman.


Thank you to the resources who contribute to this page.


Dear Reader, thank you for visiting today.  Please return for another essay.

Meanwhile, enjoy the other compositions.

And enjoy your Autumn or Spring depending upon which side the Equator you reside.



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