*(2018 11 20) TDOR 46507397_879600825710112_6982345843688865792_n


(20 Nov 18)




Dear Reader:

We come here today to commemorate and memorialise those who walked this path, prepared this path for us.


Why we remember

Trans people have been beheaded, gunned down and stoned to death, according to a new report.

It highlights the 368 trans, non-binary and gender-variant people, at least, who were murdered in the 12 months from 1 October 2017 to 30 September 2018.

28 of the trans murder victims were reported to be teenagers, with some as young as 16.

‘We cannot estimate a number, but indeed what we can register is just a small fraction,’ Lukas Berredo, from Transrespect vs Transphobia Worldwide, told Gay Star News.

The list makes for difficult reading.(2018 11 20) TDOR 46634922_1840746069367942_3361891629538476032_n

These are just a few names and faces of a list that can only begin to imagine the scope of transphobic murders that happen worldwide every year.

Trans people run the risk of losing their lives just for being who they are.

Berredo added: ‘Trans Day of Remembrance is a date in which we remember and honour the trans and gender-diverse people whose lives has been taken away from us.

‘It is a mourning day, and it is also a day to be together with our communities, to keep existing and resisting.’

– Gay Star News


























*(2018 11 20) TDOR 46508548_323870395095598_1777534724403625984_n

Thank you to the resources who contribute to this page.

Please visit those references when I add them to these essays.  The contributors work hard and tirelessly to bring about sense from the non-sense.


They – each and every one – were as we are.  They had family and friends, goals and aspirations, hopes and dreams, lives and loves.

Thank you for honouring them!


Eventually, this will hit each of us.

Especially for we of a certain age and the Viet Nam War Memorial Wall, eventually everyone is affected – you know someone on that Wall.

Likewise, TDOR . Eventually we all will know someone – no longer limited among the Trans Community, but dispersed throughout society.  By then, maybe that will be the wake-up call for more people to rise and take action.

For now, it seems that only the Trans Community is aware of the daily slaughter.  Others remain oblivious.  Others persist their hostilities un-contested and disregarded by society.

I take TDOR seriously and personally.   I repeat my back-story for you who may be new to this web-site:

  • (2017 11 10) Police Report 23600837_1767634360204088_93538629_oMy family murdered my Uncle Frank and his wife in 1970 during his Transition. They made it appear as double suicide; the local police were more than eager to close the books on that case.
  • A few months later, in a very bad row, my dad nearly killed me. I was age 14.
  • One year ago, I again almost became a statistic.  It was at a grocery store with people all around, observing, witnessing, doing nothing to come to my aid as a stranger beat me.  Phoenix PD considered that my destroyed PC had more value than me being beaten.  Hit twice at the back of my head and once at the base of my neck, I still suffer from head-aches, forgetfullness, mental confusion, ringing in my ears.  Making it worse, the city PD and Prosecutor told me that they will not investigate, will not prosecute.


Thank you for visiting.

More to come.

Check back in a few.



One thought on “‘STOP!!!  JUST STOP!!!’

  1. Sharon, I remember last year so well. You were texting me from the store. I felt so helpless being so far away, but I still felt like I was a witness to your assault. And a few days later I was bullied in another store, thankfully not physically. I know you have not fully recovered from being hit but I am just thankful it wasn’t worse. Hugs my sister!

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