‘Paranoid Malignancy on Facebook’


‘Paranoid Malignancy on Facebook’
(01 Jan 2018)


Dear Reader:

G’bye to 2018 – it’s gone.

Sa Wan Dee Pie Mai!
Happy New Year!
Boldog Uj Évet Kívánok (B.ú.é.k.)
Χρόνια Πολλά!
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

Hello to 2019!


What is wrong with people!

I submit that there are those who abuse whatever is Facebook’s system – they are ‘spooky’ people who abuse it by targeting people of innocent means.

I mostly post as public, rather than restrict the audience.

My on-line posts and essays are usually Left-wing politics or Trans issues.  I post almost entirely as public.  I rarely post limited; I shall do so if the topic is something critical that requires a restricted audience.

It seems to me that people who post public are equally open. Otherwise, post to a privacy setting.

I act cautiously on every Facebook ‘Friends’ request.

Problem with ‘L’ – she intruded into my Facebook account and page, she sent a ‘poke’ to me; I have no idea what that means and she refused to explain what she meant. I never submitted a ‘Friends’ request to her. I never invited her un-requested texts from her, never accepted a ‘Friends’ request from her.

Here are my suspicions.

‘L’ is not on my Facebook ‘Friends’ list. ‘L’ ‘poked’ me a few months ago.

I consider myself a friendly sort, seeking to learn, wanting to be respectful. I do not go where I am not wanted. If someone does not want me to visit their Facebook page, fine.

I sent a reply text message asking her what she meant and what was I supposed to do. She made no reply. I did not submit a ‘Friend’ request to her; she did not submit a ‘Friend’ request to me.

Skip to a couple weeks ago. Apparently, one of her public posts landed among the Facebook feed that arrives when Facebook refreshes.

Friendly as I am, I read most everything that comes to my Facebook feed, I read the comments; I may comment if I have something to contribute. My perspective is that I read what others write as a fair exchange of social etiquette if I post something expecting other people to read what I wrote or when we exchange emojis.

I may not be an expert, but I enjoy sharing topics such as:  science, music, history.  I played piano, acoustic guitar, and drums, til I lost my Muse during the early-1980s.  My tendency is non-fiction rather than fiction.  I rarely post about gaming and fantasy.


Being social and accommodating, at least in my definition, means acknowledging others, validating others, whether we agree, disagree, anything. We do this during in person conversation by nodding our head, saying such things as ‘okay’ or ‘uh-huh’, looking people in the eyes, sharing expressions.

Seems to me the way Facebook works is that people post to someone’s feed because they want them to read their post, comment to their post, leave an emoji to their post or comments from others, do something to acknowledge their effort.

Seems in contemporary social media that we do this interaction by ‘Comment’ or emoji because we lack face-to-face context.

I do click plenty of Facebook ‘Like’ as my way to respectfully acknowledge the interests of the person who posts even if those interests are not my interests.

No, not ‘L’. Again, she is someone not on my ‘Friends’ list, I don’t know who she is.

She sent another unsolicited text to me. Friendly me, I generally read people’s unsolicited text messages to me. She told me that she considers me ‘spooky’ for whatever her reasons.

This morning I awoke to a Facebook notice that they are suspending me in some way.

‘L’ – you unsolicited your ‘poke’ to me, you sent your unsolicited texts to me. I declined.

‘L’ – if you did this Facebook suspension, then you prove yourself to be ‘spooky’. You don’t want me to read your posts, comment to your posts, emoji to your posts and comments? Fine. Mutually agreed. Block me. That way you will prevent me from ever seeing your posts and comments. No point having your posts loading into my feed, infesting it, wasting my time.

Same for each of your ‘Friends’. If you are on the ‘L’ ‘Friends’ list, and you don’t want me to read your posts, comment to your posts, emoji your posts and comments, then block me. I don’t need your aggravation either.

All ‘L’ needed to do was Block me so that her posts do not infest my Facebook feed.

Same can be said to anyone else. Let’s open this new year with a fresh beginning. If you truly do not want me to read your posts or comments here at Facebook, do not want my comments or emoji, then you are free to block me and un-‘Friend’ me. This way, I know who are Friends versus who are superficial ‘friends’ on this platform.

If you (or whomever) filed a complaint to Facebook leading to the current situation, then you clearly do not know me, you are not a Friend, what you did is ‘spooky’.

My guess is that ‘L’ is a type of user who fabricates complaints against other users because she and trolls as her have nothing better to do than cause trouble. She did no better than that 400-pound loser eating cheese doodles in his mother’s basement, staring at his computer all hours of the day and night,

Welcoming my true Friends and ‘Friends’, cleaning away the detritus – this is how Facebook begins my 2019.

Maybe better, I can move to other venues where ‘spooky’ people can’t disrupt social interaction. I control access at my web-site. ‘L’ and people (trolls) as her have no access to my web-site.


Kapung Khaf.  Thank you, Dear Reader, for visiting today.

Please return for the next essay.


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