‘Republi-cons Quoted – Make Believe It’s Not Just Madness’


(2019 02 06) Make Believe It's Not Just Madness 51371444_297991734249502_6350326128883793920_n‘Republi-cons Quoted – Make Believe It’s Not Just Madness’

(05 Feb 2019)


The ‘Wall’ and Crooked Drumpf’s Shut-down #1 … boasted, then denied.

Drumpfians and Deplorables certainly must be pleased how their leader treats them as pawns in his game of political chicken:

‘There never was an actual ‘Wall’, it is crazy for anyone to ever think that Mexico was going to pay for a ‘Wall’, the ‘Wall’ is only a metaphor for ‘Border Security’.’

– Joe Walsh, R (his radio show, 2 Jan 2019)

‘There are places you can’t build a ‘Wall’.  There are ranchers who own land on the border.  Graham says that the ‘Wall’ is a metaphor.  We can’t know what the ‘Wall’ means day-by-day.’

– Meghan McCain R (ABC ‘View’, 3 Jan 2018)

‘The Senate will not waste its time considering a Democratic bill.  It will not pass this chamber.  The President will not sign it.’

– Sen Mitch McConnell, R-Ky (speech to the Senate, ABC News, 3 Jan 2019)

‘President talked about sending troops to the border as a national emergency.  You can’t create a false narrative.  It’s a policy crisis, children separated.  This is self-created.  You don’t have 10.000 terrorists at the border.’

‘It’s Congress’ job to fund government.  President is dug in.  Republikans are more dug in.  There is no middle.  People think federal government is just Washington, it’s not, it’s in every state.  The ‘Wall’ is the President’s fight, not McConnell’s.  The entire Senate voted without funding the ‘Wall’.  Trump’s numbers are factually incorrect, just in his head.’

– PBS ‘Washington Week in Review’ (4 Jan 2019)

‘Democrats support border security.  The President is not fighting for the ‘Wall’.  He wants the ‘Wall’.  He means what he says.  You can’t pass the buck.  We Republikans have to fix the immigration system.’

– Sarah Huckabee Sanders, R, Press Secretary (Fox News, 6 Jan 2019)

‘There are no terrorists coming across our southern border.  They are being stopt at airports.  Trump has given up on the concrete ‘Wall’.

– Chris Wallace, R (Fox News, 6 Jan 2019)

‘Don’t build the Wall.  Americans don’t want the Wall.  The President doesn’t want the Wall; he wants to talk about the Wall.’

– Matthew Dowd, R (ABC ‘This Week’, 6 Jan 2019)

‘Guh’mint shutdowns are normal.’

– ABC ‘This Week’ (6 Jan 2019)

‘President Trump will issue a State of Emergency.  That is an abuse of power.  I abhor his abuse of power.  My audience, Rush’s audience, Hannity’s audience – we are for the ‘Wall’.  Americans are against the ‘Wall’, against the State of Emergency.’

– Joe Walsh, R (his radio show, 7 Jan 2018)

‘Federal employees’ bills are stacking up.  Trump is ready to call his ‘Wall’ something else.  President will find support from the Republi-cons’ side of the aisle. Federal employees will make adjustments.  Some workers and contractors will never see back pay.  Republi-cons side of the aisle supports the Emergency Declaration.  It’s getting petty.  How can Congress say ‘NO!’ to a few billion Dollars.’

– Pat Robertson, R (CBN ‘700 Club’, 8 Jan 2019)

‘We’re pushing for a National Emergency.’

– Alex Jones, R (his radio show, 8 Jan 2019)

‘Trump is using the 800.000 furloughed federal government employees as his leverage to get $5 billion for his ‘Wall’.  Trump will veto any legislation that comes from Democrats in the House of Representatives.’

– Pat Robertson, R (his CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 9 Jan 2019)

‘Federal government employees agree with what I’m doing.’

– Drumpf (ABC News, 11 Jan 2019)


Packing the Federal Courts.

‘Democrats can’t take away from Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and generations of 5-4 Supreme Court decisions.  Supreme Court is so Left-wing over the edge partisans.’

– Pat Robertson, R (CBN ‘700 Club’, 3 Jan 2019)


Are You Winning in Crooked Drump’s Economy?

‘When men make less than women, women don’t want to marry them.  They should.  This causes a drop in marriage, a spike in out-of-wedlock births, more drug and alcohol abuse, higher incarceration, fewer families.  Disaster.’

– Tucker Carlson, R (Fox, 2 Jan 2019)

‘The American economy is linked to China trade.’

– Republi-con Right-wing radio network news (KFNX AM, 3 Jan 2019)

‘If god wants to make you a billionaire, he’ll make you a billionaire.’

– Fly Mackie, R (his bitcoin radio show, 3 Jan 2019)

‘Economic indicators show that Recession is a few months away.’  ‘Corporate profits are going up.  There will be a trade war.’  ‘We trend toward a disappointing slow rate of growth.  Yields have flattened.’  ‘Rise in the stock market is important to the economy – 2018 lost value.  GDP will slow.  It is volatility.  Stocks are lower.  One year ago, all asset prices were high; they are still high.’  ‘People are stuck – unable to move to higher paying jobs because of mortgage interest rates and debt level.  It’s hard to preserve your purchasing power.’  ‘Interest rates are moving up.’

– Consuelo Mack, R (PBS ‘Wealthtrack’, 5 Jan 2018)

‘Slow growth of cell phones by Samsung and Apple is a sign of a slowing world economy.’

– BBC News (8 Jan 2019)

‘The market will go down a long way.  The market is high.  Earnings are coming down.  Company profits went up.  Seventy-eight per cent of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck.  What will they do when the Recession comes?  How can anyone retire in $20.000 per year?  The Fed can’t raise rates or it will blow the economy.  The American consumer is far behind.  This market will crash.  The economy will take the inevitable turn down.’

– Online Trading Acedmy radio show (17 Jan 2019)


What’s wrong with ‘Mission: Accomplished’?  That worked well for Baby Bush.  No?

What’s wrong with ISIS?  McCain demanded that Obama ‘arm the rebels’, those ‘rebels’ being ISIS.

‘ISIS had been defeated. Get the hell out Syria!’

– Michael Weiner, R (his radio show, 20 Dec 2018)

‘You can’t go making the announcement without talking to anyone – our allies, Congress, your Cabinet.  You can’t go around saying ‘Mission: Accomplished’.  What happens next week when ISIS kills an American?’

– Joe Walsh, R (his radio show, 20 Dec 2018)

‘Iran, Russia, Kurds are the players in Syria.  Assad is strong now.  Assad sees the Kurds as terrorists same as the Islamic State.  Trump has rendered the Kurds as pawns and weakened them.’

– BBC News (8 Jan 2019)

‘Turkey is killing the Kurds.  Trump has got to recognise Kurdistan as their homeland and send weapons to them.  Trump does not need Congressional approval.’

– Pat Robertson, R (CBN ‘700 Club’, 8 Jan 2019)


Collusion?  Conspiracy?

‘Trump makes bizarre statements in favour of Russia.  Mattis.  The Saudi issue.  The things he says on foreign policy.  President has crossed the line.’

– PBS ‘Washington Week in Review’ (4 Jan 2019)

‘Cohen’s confession is damning for the President.  Barr, in his confirmation hearing before the Senate committee, that this conduct constitutes an Obstruction charge, Trump hired his own hang man.  Trump can’t stand this scrutiny.  This case is about following the money.  Follow the money from Trump to Russia.’

– BBC News (18 Jan 2019)


And Other Random Statements:

‘Trump treats this country like his reality TV show.  He treats the troops with a lot of respect.  ‘Game of Thrones’ poster – anyone that voted for Trump that’s not gonna be the reason they decide not to vote for Trump.  He was the same guy.  He’s not presidential.’

– Abby Huntsman, R (ABC ‘View’, 3 Jan 2019)

‘Republi-cons have the T-Party far to the Right.  McConnell’s not bringing anything up that won’t have Republi-con votes to pass.  Democrats will investigate tax returns and money laundering.  Subpoena after subpoena.  If we thought the first two years with this White House were chaotic, 2019 will be triple.  It’s gonna get nasty very quickly.’

– Pat Robertson, R (his TBN CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 3 Jan 2019)

‘Trump doesn’t even know that Hawaii is actually a state.’  ‘Democrats have an impressive list of priorities:  Climate Change, Infrastructure, Investigations of the President.’  ‘Trump is polarising.’

– PBS ‘Washington Week in Review’ (4 Jan 2019)

‘With Trump in the White House, you already got lack of decorum!  Republi-cons, Trump insults every day.  It’s not ‘M Effer’.  Who gives a damn! Trump picks a fight with someone every day.  Democrat Congressmen want to impeach the President.  They call him Hitler.  They want to raise OUR taxes.’

– Joe Walsh, R (his radio show, 4 Jan 2019)

‘Talk about credibility!  Trump has the lowest of it all.  All of the little stuff he’s gonna go after.  He goes very low.  It comes to hard choices – principles and values.’

– Rina Shah, R (PBS ‘To The Contrary’, 5 Jan 2019)

‘Trump can’t talk about Democrats using language he uses.’

– Fox News (6 Jan 2019)

‘Mitt Romney is for Mitt Romney.  Ninety per cent of Republikans support Trump.’

– John James, R (ABC News, 6 Jan 2019)

‘Saying that you ‘grabbed someone by the pussy’ is not admitting to sexual assault.  There were no witnesses, no one there on the bus, just Billy Bush and the President.’

– Dana Loesch, R (her radio show, 7 Jan 2019)

‘I don’t care about anyone, I don’t care about anything, if it doesn’t affect me.

– Dana Loesch, R (her radio show, 10 Jan 2019)

‘Democrats – hang them all on the White House lawn!  Sell tickets to watch.’

– Charlie Gracey, R (his radio show, 14 Jan 2019)

‘Death penalty.  You abuse a child – death penalty.  You molest a child – death penalty.  You rape a child – death penalty.’

– Dana Loesch, R (her radio show, 17 Jan 2019)


Two Cents from this writer as these issues meander among we of the Trans Community:

One problem, as I have seen it during these four decades of Roe v Wade, is the misunderstanding of that Supreme Court decision.

That Court affirmed the right to medical privacy.  Roe v Wade secures our right to full autonomy – no government or outside authority has any business intruding into our medical care.  We as the individual determine how we want to treat our medical needs – whether getting a tooth cavity filled, a broken arm set, a liver transplant.

Likewise, whether a woman determines to be pregnant or free from such a condition.

For we of the Trans Community, this Court decision meant that we could actually conduct our Transition free from Big Guh’mint intrusion.  I remember quite well in the not too distant past, within my lifetime, when there were states where Transition services were illegal; medical providers could face criminal charges (‘mayhem’ and assault).  Roe v Wade wiped those prohibitions off the books.

Why do we of the Trans Community hurt each other when it comes to politics?

As Jenn Burleton wrote – we of the Transsexual / Transgender / Trans community are as diverse as society in general.  We range from Left to Right, Christian to Atheist, Fascist to Communist.

Though Jenner, Mock, Jennings, others share Transition with me, they are public celebrities whom I do not consider – them or others – as a leader or representative of me.  More so, because their Transition and life experiences are far different from mine.  They are Newbies – recently Transitioned.  I Transitioned four decades ago; I am more in common with the generation of Conway, Richards, and Clark.

Though we of the Trans Community may be majority Progressive, pro-LGBT, there is a solid core of Our Community (perhaps 30% to 40% – similar to the general public) who actually oppose their own political circumstance.  They push for bathroom bills, they march against Constitutional and Civil rights for Trans people, they support laws that discriminate against the Trans population.

Go figure.

People who don’t grasp this opposition – within and among Our Community – will find themselves puzzled til they recognise that.




‘Trump Supporters Deluded Into Believing The President Has Made Them Rich’

(Published 9 Oct 2018)

– Democrats hear Trump’s lies and dismiss them.  But, not the President’s base.  They believe the lies.  Here’s the proof.


‘Trump’s Base:  10 Reasons Why They Continue To Support Him – REVEALED’ (Published 30 Oct 2018)

– Democrats want to know why Trump’s base continues to support him.  We reveal 10 reasons from science, biology, human behavior and decision making.


Trump Trackdown ‘The End of the World’


The Republi-cons did know about Nixon.

– Senator Dirksen and President Johnson are recorded during a famous 1968 telephone call.  Both agreed that Nixon committed treason during that 1968 campaign by colluding with the North Viet Nam government against the American government and Johnson’s administration.



(1970 06) Slim - Crater Lake (sitting - portrait)

‘Dreams of the future: Out A Nazi’


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