‘Subjecting Your Health Care To The Whims Of Someone Else’s Constitutionally-Protected Deeply-Held Religious Beliefs’


‘Subjecting Your Health Care To The Whims Of Someone Else’s Constitutionally-Protected Deeply-Held Religious Beliefs’

(21 Jun 2019)

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Dear Reader:

Allow me to present information and action from contributing resources.


From this originating post in social media:

Isabelle Amelia Clayton
(23 May 2019, 9:13 am)

For those of you in America who have the OPINION that transgender medical care shouldn’t be considered medically necessary, have YOU ever been in the scenario where you had to(for whatever reason) had to lie, or put on an act(play the role of) of someone, something you’re not?

If not, please do us a favour and try and imagine what that would be like for YOU if you had to.

What if YOU had to pretend to be straight, a man, a woman, nice to someone you wanna knock their fuckin’ lights out, a “believer” in whatever religion your parents raised you into, whatever example you use.


Now, imagine how you would feel, for example, if YOU were a woman, or man, in your heart and soul, yet part of your country’s community is so addicted to hate, that their endless game of “Pin the hate on the (insert demographic here)”, that they’ve arrived at YOU.

Telling YOU who YOU are and aren’t, as if you needed someone’s help to ascertain who YOU are as a person, your WHOLE life.

It would be kinda maddening, wouldn’t it?

Speaking from experience, it IS.

You should try being human and think about the fact that the medical community, the WORLD OVER, is unanimous in the conclusion that being transgender IS something that NEEDS to be dealt with correctly.

And that solution usually comes in the way of transitioning to the persons authentic self.

You don’t get to argue with doctors, and medical facts.

Unless you happen to have a doctorate as well, and even then, you can only debate your opinion against established medical know how.


Thank you, Jarvis Brodie.


There is an original article from the federal government – HHS – their announced request for public comment on federal policy.

You can go to either web-site:

I posted my Comment through the ProtectTransHealth.org site so that it doesn’t fall into the dark hole of the HHS web-site.  Crooked Drump’s HHS could claim that no one from Our Community sent any Comment.  The Share site will have an independent record of our comments.

You are contributing to history; later generations will read your words.  Write a few draft versions and let them rest til you have your Comment as best as you can.

I could list plenty of my own bad experiences:

  • interference and denial seeking Transition medical care during the 1970s,
  • insurance exclusions since childhood,
  • denied medical services when I first moved to Utah (no physician accepted me to continue my hormones, I had to travel to California),
  • my Tucson Internist dropt me without any advance notice or explanation (2001) and it took til 2011 when MIHS began treating me – a decade of denial from a string of physicians state-wide,
  • of course my collision maltreatment (1999).


From Levi Alter in social media.

Protect Trans Health

Take Action

Why are we fighting?


Action Alert

This action alert is written in such a way that you can just cut and paste it to send to allies to get their public comments. We have only a 60 day window to make this happen:

Let’s stand up to injustice and save lives!

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) wants to revise what’s known as “Section 1557,” the nondiscrimination protection in health care. Most people think that LGBT people are protected legally from discrimination. Wrong. One in three transgender people experienced discrimination in health care in the past year, such as refusal of treatment (being kicked out of the emergency room with a broken arm). Now the administration wants to make it EXPLICIT that we ARE NOT COVERED by laws against sex discrimination in denial of health care.

One transgender woman was having her appendix removed when the surgeon noted that she was transgender. The anesthesiologist turned off her oxygen and she nearly died on the operating table. Another transgender woman was hit by a car. When the ambulance arrived and they discovered she was transgender, they refused to treat her or take her to the hospital. She bled to death at the scene pleading for help while they taunted her.

The administration wants to make discrimination like this perfectly legal and business as usual. Can you believe it? Believe it, they are literally changing the rule to make it crystal clear that sex discrimination does not cover people being discriminated against like this because we are transgender. Why not just line us all up in front of a firing squad? It would be faster than killing us one by one when we are denied health care in an emergency. You have a chance to advocate for transgender people who could be denied health care for an injury or illness just because we are easy targets for discrimination.

Go to this Public Comment website and speak up to the administration as an ally for fairness: https://protecttranshealth.org/ and remember, as soon as they are finished attacking us, they are coming for you next, and will take away your health care too. Today it’s transgender people. Tomorrow it will be you. I wish this was an exaggeration, a misunderstanding, a mistake or even a joke in bad taste, but it’s not. It’s real, but you can stop it.


From the attached article:




The Trump-Pence Administration is trying to undermine the Health Care Rights Law, a lifesaving law that helps transgender people access the health care they need without discrimination from health care providers or insurers. Now, the Department if Health and Human Services is proposing regulation that falsely says discrimination against transgender people is legal.

While they can’t change the law, this new regulation would confuse patients, providers, and insurers, and make it much harder for many transgender people to access life-saving care.


23% of transgender people avoided going to a doctor when sick or injured out of fear of discrimination in the past year.

33% of transgender people who saw a health care provider in the past year were harassed, denied care, or even assaulted.

Data from the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey







Tell the Trump administration that no one deserves to be denied access to care because of who they are!

Use the form below to submit a comment to the Department of Health and Human Services to tell them why you oppose the new rule and share your story. Not sure what to say? See the “Tips” section on the right.


1. Briefly introduce yourself (‘My name is ______ and I am against this proposed rule”)

2. State why you oppose the new rule (e.g. “I am against this proposed rule because it will make it harder for transgender people to obtain life-saving care”) and why it is important to you that transgender people can access health care without discrimination.

3. Share a time you or a loved one faced discrimination from a provider or insurer. Your story matters!

Please note that all comments will be submitted to and posted online by the Department of Health and Human Services. Each comment entered through this site may also be used by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the Transgender Law Center in our advocacy for equality. You can choose to comment without sharing your name publicly. Your information will never be shared by us with third-party advertisers.


As a Black trans woman, I have been denied treatment. I’ve had a health care provider who refused to see me. I’ve ended up in the emergency room for liver problems caused by HIV medications and hormones I got off the black market because I had no other option. I was treated in an inhumane way and I still can remember the impact. I felt less than human.

The Affordable Care Act changed everything. Now I have follow-up visits, checkups, and ongoing, affirming health care. The ACA and Health Care Rights Law allow me to access health care, to survive, and to thrive.


A few years ago, after being admitted to the emergency room, the doctor found out I was transgender. A few minutes later, I was told that there had been a mistake, that there was no longer a room for me, and that I had to be transferred to another hospital. They put me in an ambulance to the other hospital, which was over 150 miles away, and billed me thousands of dollars that my insurance refuses to cover. I know I’m not the only transgender person who’s faced discrimination like this.


I’ve had trouble finding doctors who understand what it means to be trans, and even though I’m a public health student, I’ve avoided getting some kinds of preventive care because I’m worried that I’ll face discrimination from the health care provider. It’s already happened to me once.  Thankfully, I’m now able to get the care I need because of a supportive provider and because of the Health Care Rights Law. I know there are lots more folks out there who don’t have the resources, connections, and education that I have, and they still have trouble getting the care they need. If the Trump administration rolls back the Health Care Rights Law, that will only put more barriers in their way.


Protect Trans Health is a collaboration between:

And our partners



Additional Resources:













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Dear Reader:

Thank you for visiting today.

Thank you for bearing with my personal reminiscences.

Thank you to the resources.

Be nice to one another. Keep your words and actions kind and decent; no insults, we are better people.

Please return for another essay.


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