‘Never Again!’

‘Never Again!’
(1 Sep 2019)

Dear Reader:

Never Again!

Or never again?

Sunday marks a somber anniversary.

Not a beginning.

Not an ending.

But a date along a continuum.

This brief statement is but one more insignificant comment to you who observe, grieve, commemorate.

This statement is pointless to you who are deniers.

Either way, people of greater importance have their position to make their declarations.

I am humbled at their presence.

I became a Student of the Shoah when I lived at Greece during high school (1971 – 1973).

My father and I came to witness Maribor, Dachau, innumerable other sites, and countless cemeteries.

My Jewish Friends at Dasahori taught me their personal side of Shoah.

I continued my education in college coursework:

– especially a course taught by Elie Wiesel at the University of Utah and

– an advanced studies course at Grand Canyon University.


Additional Resources:

This is barely a start. You can find plenty on your own.











Thank you for visiting today.

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