‘Eighteen Years And Counting’


‘Eighteen Years And Counting’

(11 Sep 2019)


As you wake up this morning on the anniversary of the ‘9 / 11’ event, you can read my perspective about what happened.

I was still at home the morning of that day – 11 Sep 2001 – awake since 4am local time (7am NYC time).

I was routinely recording the morning TV news broadcast on my bedroom VCR.  I watched as the station switched to the emergency network news reporting caused by the event.   I watched events as they would unfold ‘live’ on the TV that morning.  

My two VCRs (adding the VCR in the living room) recorded the TV coverage the entire time before I went to work, then while I was at work that day, that evening when I returned home from work, and continued that night.  My VCRs were working overtime for the next few days.

I flipt through the channels for a variety of news coverage from one broadcaster to another and local stations versus national networks.

I saw it ‘live’ as the news station went from the mundane of routine early morning reporting to the news alert cut-in about the first plane crash.  Then I saw ‘live’ what appeared to be the second plane crash into the World Trade Center tower.  But was either crash an actual event that we saw?  Or was there an exaggeration presented to the TV audience?

I do not accept the common fable presented by Baby Bush.

We know that Baby Bush was itching for a reason to invade Iraq, overthrow Hussein, and steal their oil.  Bush boasted earlier in 2001:

 – ‘It’s all about the oil.  Saddam tried to kill my daddy.’

Don’t tell me that the Afghanistan Taliban concocted the entire ‘attack’.  That’s a bogus assertion.  Republi-cons have been tied to the Afghanistan Taliban since Reagan in 1980.  Reagan supported, financed, trained, armed Afghanistan Taliban.  Reagan declared 21 Mar 1983 as ‘Afghanistan Day’ to annually honour and support the Taliban and al Qaeda, his buddies.  Today there are complaints about Crooked Drumpf inviting the Taliban to Camp David.  Not one Republi-con complained when Reagan hosted their Taliban and al Qaeda cohorts to spend many days at Camp David during Reagan’s terms.

See my essay about Reagan and his Taliban connections:


 – ‘The Taliban are terrible people.  You do not sit down with them and expect anything good.  Taliban are thugs.  You can’t believe anything they say.’

 – – Pat Robertson, R (his CBN TV ‘700 Club’ show, 11 Sep 2019)

Looks like Robertson disagrees with Reagan.  And Papa Bush.  And Baby Bush.  And Crooked Drumpf.  And Robertson’s own Republi-con Party.

Baby Bush had been using Powell as Bag Man delivering briefcases filled with millions of Dollars in cash to the Taliban Theocracy government of Afghanistan.  The latest was August 2001.

Powell would later be infamous for his presentation to the United Nations – showing a Baby Bush map of Iraq oil fields in preparation for their invasion.

Baby Bush’s name for the invasion was ‘Operation Iraq Liberation’ – OIL for those who need help.

Comparing the size of the World Trade Center towers to the size of the jet planes does not appear accurate to me.  Those passenger jets would be much larger than the planes shown to have hit the Towers.

The hole in the ground at Pennsylvania left no evidence of a plane crash – no debris, no luggage, no human remains.  How can that be?  That Jet Blue crash into the Florida marsh left remnants of the plane, the luggage, the human deceased.

If these Afghan Taliban ‘terrorists’ really wanted to create ‘terror’, then they would have waited a couple more hours for maximum ‘terror’ value – to do this at 10am or 11am NYC time when those World Trade Center towers would have been packed with 30.000 people each, not during the 8am hour when there were barely 5.000 people present at both towers.  The New York City metropolitan business day begins about 10am.  That 8am time when this happened was when only a relatively small number of early bird people were at work, the majority of New Yorkers were still at home in bed or beginning their commute to work.

 – ‘The towers, rather than falling over, collapsed.’

 – – Pat Robertson, R (his CBN TV ‘700 Club’ show, 11 Sep 2019)

I produced a film about the demolition of Salt Lake City’s Hotel Newhouse in 1983.  I was the last civilian on the scene within the perimeter before the demolition.  I watched the demolition.  I filmed the demolition.  High rise and skyscraper demolition occur in an orderly, not random, collapse.  The World Trade Center towers collapsed orderly.  This tells me that something was set in those Towers – charges to effect the orderly collapse.  I’m not alone, professionals have established far more than I have any expertise to describe here.

Then we know that no commercial passenger airliner crashed into the Pentagon.  There was damage to the building, for certain.  But there were no damages at the sides of the entry – damage that should be evident by the wings of that aircraft.  There would have been wings ripped off the fuselage, jet fuel, an explosive ball of jet fuel same as what the fable tells us that happened at the World Trade Center towers.  But there was no ball of jet fuel, no explosion.  There are no wings lying on the ground.  See that WSB TV montage – six rows down, left picture – the Pentagon shows the absence of lateral damage, absence of jet fuel explosion that should have been caused by the wings ripped off of a jetliner.

As for the hijackers.  At least 11 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi, there were no Afghani hijackers.  Why did Baby Bush not invade Saudi Arabia?  The Bush family and the Saudi family are old family friends and oil business pardners from the 1920s.  Of course, the Bush family is also tied to the bin Laden family as well.

 – ‘It’s terror.  Somebody destroyed a couple buildings.’

 – – Pat Robertson, R (his CBN TV ‘700 Club’ show, 11 Sep 2019)

The defining Element of Fascism is ‘Terror upon the population’.  This entire United States ‘War on Terror’ has been a boon to the Military-Industrial-Government Complex.  War profiteering is at its greatest.  Cheney’s Halliburton has grown to a multi-billion Dollar pot o’ gold money-making machine.  Politically, this created a definitive shift to Fascism in Amerika.  Baby Bush and his War Hawk administration declared martial laws.  Our local police are armed and operated as a military unit, not as a civilian government agency; suspects are treated as ‘terrorists’.  Baby Bush’s Patriot Acts is a testament to the honour of Hitler’s Enabling Acts.

 – ‘The dust was said to be safe.  Instead, it contains thousands of toxins.’

   – Pat Robertson, R (his CBN TV ‘700 Club’ show, 11 Sep 2019)

Remember when Republi-con Mayor Smoochie Giuliani assured all those First Responders working at Ground Zero?  Of course, Mayor Smoochie wore his face mask.  Meanwhile, he guaranteed that the air was safe, the debris was not hazardous.  We all knew better.  Instead, the air and debris contained those ‘thousands of toxins’.  First Responders, local employees, nearby residents, school children are riddled with disease and illness caused by those ‘thousands of toxins’.  Meanwhile, Congressional Republi-cons and Crooked Drumpf staunchly oppose medical care and compensation for the hundreds of thousands (dare I say millions) of citizens and residents and visitors and tourists, all whose health was destroyed by this event.

As with any event, those of us with skepticism are not required to present every minutiae of facts to dispute that common narrative, but only to cast legitimate reasonable doubt to that common narrative.  In the method as I studied and wrote about the Kennedy / Oswald assassinations, here I presented that reasoned doubt about that ‘9 / 11’ fable.

The events of ‘9 / 11’ and the respect for the loss of life are tainted by the lies of this common narrative.

I am a skeptic about what actually happened and why.

It’s interesting how Pat Robertson, staunch Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalist, loyal Republi-con, admirer of Crooked Drumpf, makes my case.

There are people who find solace in the religion of their choice.  Then there are elements of religion that is obviously fraught with hate, bigotry, prejudice.

Here at Arizona, a Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalist went on a shooting spree days after the ‘9 / 11’ event.  He targeted anyone who did not appear ‘Amerikan’, he sought to kill Moslems.  Instead, he murdered Sikhs because the men wore their turban.  Those Sikh men were minding their own lives, conducting business among the community.

I’m not blind.  I read about Moslem Theocrats and Sikh separatists attacking and killing people of other religions

Here at my nation, I fear White Right-wing Republi-con Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalists and White supremacists and kluxers and Amerikan NAZIs far more than I fear Moslems, or Sikhs, or Atheists.  The former are actively committing murder here, are working to destroy Constitutional Rights for everyone but themselves while Crooked Drumpf calls them ‘fine people’.


Additional Resources:

(Pending.  As if you need me to refer you to other source material after all these years!)


Thank you, Dear Reader, for bearing with my theory.


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