‘The Democratic Party Presidential Debate’


‘The Democratic Party Presidential Debate’

(12 Sep 2019)


Reading a sampling of Comment sections here among social media and  Facebook pages proves the point that our own Trans and LGBT community is our greatest enemy within.

Look at the innumerable essays, posts, Comment sections from Trans and LGBT who are  demeaning the event and the process.  They exhibit no regard for either themselves or any other Trans and LGBT person.

These derisive statements are the attitude from Our LGBT Community members.

They have no shame.

Social Media and Facebook essays, posts, comments may not result in scientific conclusions.  Yet it validates my long-term point.  There is the mathematical statistic that as many as 40% of the LGBT / Trans Community is:

 – hard-core Republi-con,

 – vote straight-ticket Republi-con, 

 – voted for Crooked Drumpf,

 – will vote for Crooked Drumpf in 2020, 

 – will continue to support the Republi-con / Crooked  Drumpf anti-Trans anti-LGBT agenda. 

These Trans and LGBT will slice their own throat as easily as they will everyone else’s.

I’m a Green.  That does not mean that I am not concerned, I simply must wait for the Democratic Party to elect their candidate.

I had not planned to watch the Democratic Party ‘debate’ tonight.  I had expected to watch the evening broadcast network TV news that is on the same time as the ‘debate’ here where I live. 

Then I started watching.  It’s mostly good.  I’m enthused and eager about each candidate, though my favourite remains Warren.  A few of the candidates are saying that they will unify with the others to defeat Crooked Drumpf and Republi-cons.  That’s important.  As a Green, that is where I am.  Health care, gun violence, Climate Disaster, economy, immigration, education – I don’t care what name you apply to your effort in the issue, just join together and get it done.

The focus of the Democratic Party and every candidate up and down the ticket must be unity of purpose – the removal of Republi-con-ism, the defeat of Crooked Drumpf.

The threat to American Constitutional government is again the Republi-con Party.  Republi-con-ism is led by Crooked Drumpf.  These are what we must oppose in the 2020 Election.  Not other Democratic Party or Green Party nominees.

Here’s the URL if you don’t receive it on ABC News on TV:


Or you want to watch it if you missed it.

Or you want to watch it again.



Thank you, Dear Reader, for bearing with me.


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