‘The Arizona State Supreme Court Effectively Establishes Arizona As A Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalist Theocracy‘


‘The Arizona State Supreme Court Effectively Establishes Arizona As A Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalist Theocracy‘

(16 Sep 2019)


Ah, Yes!


Making Amerika Great Again!

Christian Con-servatives assert that they alone are superior to all other segment of Amerikan law and society.  They are Amerikan Taliban.

They have their Supreme Court decision to prove it.

As I wrote in my essay the other day, this is you who boast that you are Right-wing Republi-con, Drumpfian,  Deplorable.  You can’t be my family or my ‘friend’ when you espouse your bigotry and prejudice against me, when you deny my Constitutional Rights to me, when you deny my Human Rights to me.  You can choose to remain Right-wing Republi-con, Drumpfian, Deplorable, Christian Con-servative, Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Amerikan Taliban Theocrats.  Not likely you will exercise your own belief of your God-given Free Will to chose otherwise – to step back from the brink from your one-way journey into darkness.

Hey, you!  Kathy, Bev, Jack.  How can you call me ‘Wack’, ‘Fucked-up mind’, ‘Monster’!

This Arizona State Supreme Court ruling could be a test decision for the US Republi-con Supreme Leader’s Court come October 2019.

This Arizona Supreme Court effectively establishes Arizona as a Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalist Theocracy.

Only the US Supreme Court can overturn this Arizona Supreme Court ruling.  That can’t happen with Crooked Drumpf’s Supreme Court.

This is a deceitful Arizona State Supreme Court decision.  Claiming that they decided only on this case, this instance, and this reason is outrageous.  It will require each future LGBT plaintiff to file their own claim against such a Right-wing Republi-con Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalist ‘artist’ to test this Court’s statement.  The Arizona State Supreme Court will continue using this case as their precedent case, they will continue ruling in favour of subsequent Right-wing Republi-con Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalist ‘artists’.

Let’s see what happens.  Arizona business claims that they are for the Free Enterprise system.  Yeh?  How well can business be conducted with blatant discrimination and bigotry?

Log Cabin Republi-cons and TERFs LOVE Crooked Drumpf!

Log Cabin Republi-cons and TERFs HATE Trans persons, especially Trans POC!

Of course, none of this is a big deal if you have no interest keeping your Civil Rights, Human Rights, Constitutional Rights.  You just go right ahead, disconnect from reality, ignore reality, stick your head in the sand, and live in your imagination.  

 – ‘Pretend is the luxury of Privilege.’

As you can see, this ‘business’ (Brush & Nib Studio) began about one year before they filed their lawsuit against the City of Phoenix:


According to learned analysis: this ‘corporation’ was founded with the sole intent of acting as a front for Alliance Defending Freedom to sue the City. They are not otherwise conducting any actual business.

Niemohller, where are you today?


From Brianna Westbrook’s Facebook page:

‘An Arizona Supreme Court decision that now opens the door for other bigoted owners to outright discriminate against LGBTQ people for who we are and who we love. A business owner can now post on their website or place a sign on their front door stating “heterosexuals only.”’


Arizona’s Republi-con Governor ‘AC’ Ducey has been packing his State Supreme Court with ringers who now prove that his investment will reap rewards for the Republi-con Party and Christian Con-servatives, eh Jeffrey.

From the Arizona Republic article:


Phoenix artists don’t have to make LGBTQ wedding invitations, Arizona Supreme Court rules

Jessica Boehm   | Arizona Republic

Phoenix mayor responds after court rules on LGBT wedding invitation case

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego speaks at City Hall on Sept. 16, 2019, after the Arizona Supreme Court ruled in the LGBTQ wedding invitation case

A Phoenix ordinance that protects lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination cannot be used to force artists to create custom wedding invitations for same-sex couples, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Monday. 

The high court’s decision overturns multiple lower-court decisions that protected the portion of Phoenix’s nondiscrimination ordinance that applies to the LGBTQ community. 

An attorney for Phoenix insisted that the ruling was narrow and did not strike down the city law. Rather, the court ruled that “one company” could refuse to make “one type of product” for LGBTQ couples, he said. 

“Today’s decision is not a win, but it is not a loss. It means we will continue to have a debate over equality in this community,” Mayor Kate Gallego said. 

However, LGBTQ community advocates fear that the decision, however narrow, creates a pathway for other lawsuits.

“This decision opens the door for other bigoted owners to outright discriminate against LGBTQ people for who we are and who we love,” Brianna Westbrook, vice-chair of the Arizona Democratic Party, tweeted after the ruling. 

The legal battle began in 2016 when Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski, owners of Brush & Nib Studio, sued Phoenix — arguing that the ordinance violates their First Amendment and Arizona constitutional rights to free speech and religion.

Duka and Koski create invitations and other handmade artwork for weddings and events. The women — who hold the religious belief that marriage should only be between one man and one woman — do not want to design invitations or other custom artwork for LGBTQ couples because they believe it would be the equivalent of endorsing the marriage.

The women are represented by Scottsdale-based Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative legal group challenging similar laws across the country. 

Recently, the group represented a Colorado baker facing penalty under that state’s anti-discrimination law. The case landed before the U.S. Supreme Court in 2018, but the justices punted on the key issues of the case.

Legal experts say it’s a matter of time until a similar challenge comes back before the U.S. Supreme Court. And given the Arizona Supreme Court’s decision, it could be this case. 

What’s the case about?

The case boils down to a balance between protecting free speech and preventing discrimination.

During oral arguments in January, Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Jonathan Scruggs argued that the studio is not refusing to design invitations for same-sex couples because of their sexual orientation, but rather because of the message an invitation conveys.

In other words, designing their wedding invitations would be the equivalent of celebrating the marriage, which is a message the women do not want to express, he argued.

Scruggs said the women happily would sell their premade invitations to a same-sex couple, or help a same-sex couple design a custom art piece for their home. They just don’t want to create materials that will be used in the celebration of a practice they don’t condone. 

He equated his argument to a Muslim designer declining to make Easter decorations, but still serving Christian customers with other services. He said business owners can serve all members of the community without celebrating things they disagree with.

Phoenix’s attorney, Eric M. Fraser, argued that it’s not the message, but the customer that the women really take issue with. 

Phoenix’s nondiscrimination ordinance has been on the books since 1964, but the City Council expanded it to protect against sexual orientation and gender identity bias in 2013. 

He said Phoenix’s law only requires businesses to provide the same services to all classes of people. Therefore, if the women would provide an invitation to an opposite-sex couple, it must produce an identical invitation for a same-sex couple.

Changing the names to two male names or two female names does not constitute a change in message, Fraser argued. 

He said that if someone calls the studio and asks the women to design an invitation for his or her wedding, and the women have to ask the sexes of the individuals getting married before consenting to provide the invitations, “that’s not about the message, that’s about who the person is.” 

Reach the reporter at jessica.boehm@gannett.com or 480-694-1823. Follow her on Twitter @jboehm_NEWS. 


This article should provide insight into the motivation of Crooked Drumpfian Right-wing Republ-con Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalists:


challenging religious privilege in public life

American Theocracy

Trump theocrats claim abuses against women and LGBT people are Christian values

By Rmuse | 3 August 2018

Daily Kos

(Credit: The Associated Press)

If Americans are the least bit doubtful that the Trump theocrats are on a White House-sanctioned global crusade to spread their savage version of Christianity, a recent announcement at the State Department should disabuse their reservations.

It is not a revelation that evangelical extremists yearn for an executive order from Trump asserting that punishing women for making their own reproductive choice is exercising religious freedom, and legal. It is also common knowledge among cognizant Americans that part and parcel of the religious right’s definition of religious freedom is brutalizing the LGBTQ community according to their Christian values. Now it is an official policy of the Trump administration intent on imposing the evangelical extremists’ style of religious freedom around the world; and any opposition to that imposition of religious freedom is officially religious persecution.

In yet another move legitimizing the evangelical rights’ bigotry and hatred, the Trump administration sent a clear signal that Christian America will no longer denounce countries that punish LGBT citizens or women for making their own reproductive health choices. In fact, going forward, nations that embrace religious-driven hatred leading to imprisonment and/or death of LGBTQ people, and abuse targeting women, will be rewarded by Christian America; because Christian-inspired hatred and bigotry exemplify Christian values according to Trump’s theocrats.

During an atrocity in a secular nation in Washington D.C., the Christian Values proclamation came during the State Department’s Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom. The Trump theocrat honored to tell the world that Christian bigotry and hatred epitomize America’s Christian values was the director of Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney.

Mulvaney’s announcement entailed attacking the Obama Administration for threatening to withhold foreign aid to countries that punish women and members of the LGBTQ community. The evangelical right’s war on women and gays is now a global crusade sponsored by the Trump theocrats’ pushing a brutal version of religious freedom according to evangelical extremists.

Mulvaney said the theocrats in Trump’s administration will no longer encourage countries to abandon their draconian and deadly anti-LGBT and anti-women’s choice laws. Instead, Mulvaney defended criminalizing and punishing homosexuality as an American religious freedom issue, and that abusing and discriminating against women and gays embodies Christian values. According to Mulvaney and evangelical zealots, it is a disgrace that President Obama dared represent America as promoting women’s and LGBTQ rights.

As part of his remarks to the State Department’s Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, Mulvaney said:

Our US taxpayer dollars are used to discourage Christian values in other countries. It was stunning to me that my government under a previous administration would say, ‘We know that you have a law against abortion, but if you enforce that law, you’re not going to get any of our money. We know you have a law against homosexuality, but if you enforce that law, we’re not going to give you any money.’

That is a type of religious persecution that I never expected to see.

I never expected to see that as an American Christian, that we would be doing that to other folks.

I am here to let you know there a lot of people in this government who want to see things done differently. They want to do something.

What that means is that in the Trump theocracy denying women access to reproductive health care and criminalizing homosexuality indicates Christian values; while opposing discrimination against women and homophobia is religious persecution.

As Zack Ford at ThinkProgress noted, “Mulvaney’s implication that the Trump administration would turn a blind eye to anti-gay persecution around the world is consistent with actions it has already taken.”

As part of the religious freedom crusade promoting Christian Values globally, Trump already rejected a United Nations resolution condemning the use of the death penalty to target LGBTQ people. The Trump theocrats gave some lame excuse about not opposing the proper use of the death penalty, but it is noteworthy that Trump has mentioned that according to the head of domestic policy, Mike “preacher” Pence, proper use of the death penalty would be hanging all gays based on the Christian bible’s Old Testament rules.

It is also noteworthy that another Trump theocrat, Attorney General J. Beauregard Sessions proclaimed earlier this summer that America has ceased granting asylum to people who are victims of violence and abuse, and that America would be adding many new barriers to the asylum process. That includes new policies targeting LGBTQ people fleeing persecution to make it impossible for them to escape the brutal Christian values cult Trump’s theocrats are defending as part of their global religious freedom crusade.

It should be painfully obvious now that in America under Trump’s theocracy, Christian Values include criminalizing anything the evangelical extremist cult deems ungodly. And it is significant that the religious right supporting Trump’s theocrats are self-appointed authorities on what is ungodly, such as women’s reproductive rights and homosexuality. Further, anything resembling opposition to or non-compliance with those Christian Values is religious persecution. It is something that has been happening in America for a decade, at least, but it was never an official policy position until now.

Most Americans keeping abreast of the GOP’s crusade towards theocracy were already aware of what evangelical zealots considered religious persecution, but it has never been proclaimed publicly at the State Department by a high-ranking government official. However, it is now official and Americans should shudder at the revelation. It is a damn frightening prospect that anyone opposing the evangelicals’ brutal Christian values faces being accused of religious persecution; especially in an evangelical theocracy in the midst of an honest-to-dog religious crusade.

It is true that all Americans claiming Christianity do not embrace Christian values focusing on punishing homosexuality and criminalizing a woman’s right to self determination regarding her reproductive choices, but those Christians are not running the government. They are also not screaming in the streets that Trump and his theocrats do not represent Christian values. And why should they?

After all, they embrace the same Christian bible that the vicious evangelical extremist sect asserts gives them religious freedom to abuse women and gays – what they claim expresses their Christian values. And anyone opposing the imposition of Christian values is committing religious persecution. It is not a new policy by any means, but it is now the official position of America under Trump’s theocracy and it began in earnest the day of Trump’s poorly attended inauguration.

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Comments (21)

Deryl · 43 weeks ago

He really thinks people in their right mind believe this horse dung? He needs a new place of residence with padded walls and door.

Tracy0p · 42 weeks ago

If only it were that easy. Unfortunately, bigotry, hatred, and stupidity are handed down, all the same. 

If it were me, I’d be more concerned with the model I show my children and the kindness I can show before I’d be contemplating the lives of others when it is none of my business. Hello? Golden rule? MYOB? More need to practice keeping their thoughts focused on their own family’s & lives.

Angie · 42 weeks ago

All the more reason to tax religion out of existence and mock its believers into silence. 

There is no room for Christianity in the modern world. It’s a fake, it’s a fraud, it’s a violent and destructive cult. 

I despise it.

Mitchell Marsen · 39 weeks ago

Totally Agree Angie.


Hal Wheeler · 39 weeks ago

Your problem with Christianity (and not only yours $ is that TRUE Christians are so far outnumbered in our country. I believe that Jesus totally disapproves of “fake Christians” who live, act and think totally opposite from his teachings and his example.Too many people regard the title of “Christian” a membership in a “club”! Not so. You are right to disrespect these CINOs. (Christians in Name only))

Brien Doyle · 5 weeks ago

What rot! 

There are no gods…

Heather · 5 days ago

Did Jesus ever preach the laws of Deuteronomy and Leviticus, or just Mosaic law (the ten commandments)? I recall he argued with the Pharisees about the law

Anita · 2 weeks ago

No Christianity is not a fake or a fraud, however, when people do not or choose not to rightly divide the word of Truth then we have a problem. As a Christian, I can honestly say he is totally way off base in what he’s saying. He couldn’t find a biblical scripture to back up his foolishness if he spent 10 years searching for it. The problem is that people (1) never take the time to examine stuff for themselves. Every person running from God has an issue with Him because of what someone else did, not recognizing and understanding that God gave them freedom of choice just as He gave it to you. (2) People like this moron forget what Jesus said, what He taught and how He conducted himself. Jesus is a loving God, who does not force himself upon anyone and if you don’t want to believe in Him you don’t have to. There are serious consequences if you don’t but it’s still your choice. And if you say you don’t believe then hey what do you have to worry about. My point is God is not going to condone this clown or anyone else who terrorizes another human being just because they decide to practice same sex relationships, take birth control or have an abortion. He will deal with these people in his own way and don’t ask me how cause I ain’t God and I’m sure I don’t know. But I am sure of this, they will be treated no worse than the liar, the whoremonger, the adulterers, the murderers, the bigots, the gossipers and anyone else spewing hatred among the people. The Bible specifically says this, ” Six things doth the Lord hate, yea seven is an abomination, A proud look, A lying tongue, (that kills Trump and his crew right there), hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked imaginations, feet that are swift in running to mischief, a false witness that speaketh lies and he that soweth discord among the brethren. Proverbs 6:16-19 Y’all be blessed now.

Dick Cooper · 2 weeks ago

Fortunately religion is on it’s last legs and Trump’s madness will ensure it’s departure.

Ann · 1 week ago

Wow, very tolerant of you. You were accusing someone else of intolerance? Lol. You’re so concerned with the rights of others but apparently not of unborn children. People like you say a woman has a right to do what she wants with her body, none of you seem to notice or care the baby has a body also. What about it’s right not to have it’s body sucked out and destroyed? You are just as bad and intolerant as Trump. As the article said all Christians don’t agree with him and I do believe abortion should be allowed in certain circumstances such as rape, incest or if the mother’s life is in danger. But people who have one just because a child would be inconvenient? Take some responsibility and if you don’t want a child don’t have sex until your ready to handle the consequences or get your tubes tied. I also certainly don’t think people should be tortured or beaten or killed for being gay.

Jayne · 2 days ago

At the time of an abortion a fetus has no body! It’s about 2 cm and looks like a tadpole. Everyone woman should have the right to choose. You cannot walk in anyone shoes or know how hard the decision might be. If you don’t believe in abortion, then don’t have one,but you do not have the right to tell others what they can and cannot do. Even God gives us freedom of choice and it is to him we must answer,not to you!

Karen · 41 weeks ago

This is NEVER about faith, or Christ. This is always about money made from fear mongering. Jim Bakker telling people their kids and grandkids will die if they don’t buy his “end of the world” pancake mix for sixty bucks. Taking advantage of ignorant, frightened people.

Chuck · 39 weeks ago

Separation of church and state, extolled by the founding fathers, upheld by the Supreme Court, and still a battle ground after 250 years. Opposed only by totalitarian evangelical con men and women. It is time to enforce 901 (c) (3) rules against political activity or pay tax. Did you ever see a list of the net worth of those Evangelical minister? It would make your hear spin. That list also includes that convicted crook Jim Bakker. They are this periods snake oil pitchmen.

william toth · 39 weeks ago

When I was 12 years old, I was”saved” while attending a summer camp run but a Baptist minister. I have lived almost all of my life in the mddle west and the southland, most of it in North Carolina, in the very heart of the Bible Belt. Thus I am quite familiar with the myopic view of “reality” by evangelicals. As a Catholic, living in these regions and being a definite minority, I was assured, many a time, that I would surely burn in the lake of fire because I belonged to the “apostate” church. A little girl who grew up in the house next to mine asked me if Catholics were Christians because her evangelical father told her we were not. Now that girl is an evangelical missionary in Romania with six children or her own and a 7th on the way. They’ve invited me to visit them next summer but given the political and extreme religiosity loose in this country and the attitude I hear about in Europe, I am reluctant to visit them. I am not a member of the LBGT community and I’ve long thought abortion was not a good thing. But those are MY views. Neither I nor the evangelical community have a right to impose our views or our values on anyone. Even Jesus didn’t do that, ie his discussion with the rich young man on achieving eternal life. He didn’t judge or condemn the young man, threaten him with damnation; He left the choice up to him. Gandhi once said “I like your christ but I do not like your christians because they are so unlike your christ.”

Gerri Cannon · 39 weeks ago

I’m a Transgender Christian and a highly thought of person in the United Church of Christ. I live by the rule to love my neighbors as I would myself. That rule says nothing about rejecting someone because of their sexuality, gender, beliefs or anything else. 

Our forefathers left their homelands to come to the New Land of America to escape religious persecution. The same persecution we are seeing and experiencing today! It’s time that we stood up and separated religion from our Government!

Kim Cooper · 39 weeks ago

Someone needs to lead these Christians back to Christ. They have been corrupted. 

They think Jesus’ two big issues were abortions and gays — when he didn’t say anything about either one. It’s clearly political.

Brien Doyle35p · 21 weeks ago

You forgot to prove a god exists – so any debate about a jesus is silly…

Barbara · 11 weeks ago

Christian = follower of Christ who loved and respected everyone. This guy is no christian.

Rick · 9 weeks ago

“Religious Freedom” does not mean that you get to shove your version of religion down my throat. However, Trump and his bigoted “religious” followers are trying to force me to support and participate in their religion. The Founding Fathers clearly stated that there was supposed to be a separation between church and state in America. Can someone explain this to Dictator Trump and his followers?

Paul B · 2 weeks ago

All the laws these religious bigots use to justify the rules they make about women’s rights and anti LGBT rules come from Leviticus and my understanding is that these rules pertain to the Jewish faith not the Christian faith but anything that gives the Preachers from the Slaver religion the South Baptist Church and its Prosperity Gospel off shoots they will use to increase their power of the people stupid enough to follow them.

John JP Patterson0p · 1 week ago

Divide & Conquer Dominionism! 

“It is not a revelation that evangelical extremists yearn for an executive order from Trump asserting that punishing women for making their own reproductive choice is exercising religious freedom, and legal. It is also common knowledge among cognizant Americans that part and parcel of the religious right’s definition of religious freedom is brutalizing the LGBTQ community according to their Christian values. 

Now it is an official policy of the Trump administration intent on imposing the evangelical extremists’ style of religious freedom around the world; and any opposition to that imposition of religious freedom is officially religious persecution.”

© 2019 Network for Church Monitoring


Here’s another news article:


Arizona Supreme Court rules business can discriminate against gays & lesbians

The owners of Brush & Nib Studio haven’t been accused of discrimination, they sued to get the state to give them special rights. A hate group represented them in court.

By Bil Browning Monday, September 16, 2019     18 Comments

The Brush & Nib Studio’s owners have won a major LGBTQ discrimination case despite never being accused of discriminating against anyone. Instead, the business preemptively sued for the right to refuse to print wedding invitations for gay and lesbian couples in an attempt to nullify the city of Phoenix’s nondiscrimination law.

The company was represented by the anti-LGBT hate group, Alliance Defending Freedom. The devious group serves as the legal arm of the religious right activist movement and, conveniently enough, they wrote the company’s operating agreement shortly before filing the lawsuit on their behalf.

Related: This mom will be a stand-in at your wedding if your mother won’t attend

In 2016, Brush & Nib sued Phoenix, arguing that the city’s ban on discrimination violated the company’s freedom of speech. Among other services, the newly-formed store wanted to print wedding invitations, but only for straight couples.

Co-owners Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski said that they were “devout Christians” who wanted to overturn the civil rights law before any complaints could be filed against them. The owners also wanted to post a sign saying that they refuse to serve same-sex couples.

Last year, a state court of appeals ruled that Phoenix’s anti-discrimination ordinance does not violate anyone’s free speech, since it advances a legitimate government interest by prohibiting conduct, not speech. The court also rejected the store’s religious freedom argument.

“What appellants cannot do is use their religion as a shield to discriminate against potential customers,” justice Winthrop wrote at the time.

The state Supreme Court, dominated by social conservatives appointed by a far-right Republican governor, disagreed in today’s ruling. The court rejected that logic, ruling that the owner’s beliefs entitle them to an exemption from civil rights law.

“The rights of free speech and free exercise, so precious to this nation since its founding, are not limited to soft murmurings behind the doors of a person’s home or church, or private conversations with like-minded friends and family,” the ruling says. “These guarantees protect the right of every American to express their beliefs in public. This includes the right to create and sell words, paintings, and art that express a person’s sincere religious beliefs.”

“The City of Phoenix cannot apply its Human Relations Ordinance to force Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski, owners of Brush & Nib Studios, to create custom wedding invitations celebrating same-sex wedding ceremonies in violation of their sincerely held religious beliefs.”

The court cautions that their ruling does not extend beyond wedding invitations and not “all of Plaintiff’s business operations.”

The company’s operating principles drawn up by the religious right legal group, says it “is owned solely by Christian artists who operate this entity as an extension of and in accordance with their artistic and religious beliefs.” It does not specify what their beliefs are.


Banner McMahon – 21 minutes ago

LGBTQ People need to start arming themselves. Christian Conservatives both in and out of government want to harm and punish LGBTQ People. AR-15’s and AK-47 are still legal. LGBTQ People, minorities, and others need to arm themselves for what is coming.

Niles Silvers – 2 hours ago

This is not even a real company. You cannot sue for something that has never occurred. In a real court, it would be tossed out like yesterday’s garbage.

a (Bi) Child of God – 2 hours ago

This isn’t an issue of freedom of religion, or is it? It is an issue of equal marriage rights. Many LGBTQ couples marry in a religious ceremony (because of religious freedom) yet companies are trying to interfere with the religious expression of same-sex couples who also have invitations, flowers, cakes, and more…

a (Bi) Child of God – 2 hours ago

This isn’t an issue of free speech. The speech is coming from a couple who want their speech published. This company is interfering with their free speech.

Jaimie Hileman – 7 hours ago

This is just a stalking horse to solidify the federal acceptance of choice of religious belief trumping all other civil rights, intended for the extremist right dominated SCOTUS (as HazumuOsaragi said). We’ve had legalized discrimination enshrined in law before by activist rightwing judges, and defeated it (Dred Scott, Plessy vs. Ferguson, women’s suffrage). We LGBTQ will probably lose all our rights here shortly, but we’ll be able to focus on electing politicians who support the Equality Act. The House has the votes, and we can win 4 or 5 Senate seats in ’20, and we’ve got it.

Banner McMahon  Jaimie Hileman – 19 minutes ago

Time to abandon Christianity and this Jesus of fear and hate.

Caitlyn Haiku  Jaimie Hileman – 4 hours ago

Not just religious beliefs trumping all other civil rights, but specifically evangelical and “christian” religious beliefs.

destiny  Caitlyn Haiku – 3 hours ago

To bad evangelicals and christians have no clue their religion is fake. There is a lot of scientific proof that the bible is a lie.

HazumuOsaragi – 8 hours ago

The SCOTUS test case is teed up…

Marcus  HazumuOsaragi – 5 hours ago

Different cases have already been accepted by the US Supreme Court for *this* term.

SentimentalFury – 8 hours ago

How long until their business goes down the drain. Arizona is a strange place, and I can’t wait to leave it. This ruling is really the least of the reasons.

Caitlyn Haiku  SentimentalFury – 4 hours ago edited

Arizona is a rather strange state, as you have enclaves of hate-mongering “christians”, but also cities and towns, such as Tucson, Bisbee and Phoenix, that are decidedly pro-LGBT.

SentimentalFury  Caitlyn Haiku – an hour ago

That’s one thing I’ve never understood about the state. The government tends to be overwhelmingly Republican, but the population in the major cities tends to be highly Democrat, or Republicans who no longer agree with their own party, but vote for them anyway.

Marcus  SentimentalFury – 5 hours ago edited

The opposite occurs. A lot of the Christian businesses benefit from the spotlight. They bring in so much money that they close, go into new careers, or retire altogether. Bigotry is very, very popular.

Consider the pizza shop that said they wouldn’t sell wedding pizzas (!) to gay people, even though no one asked them to. They got like a million dollars from strangers.

Honey Moon – 8 hours ago

A pretty useless ruling, really. It only applies to wedding invitations.

Scott Kochman  Honey Moon – 7 hours ago

But does it only apply to gays and lesbians? If they’re using their religion as an excuse, can’t it also apply to Muslims, atheists and Episcopalians?

Jaimie Hileman  Scott Kochman – 7 hours ago

Curiously, they want to put a sign on the door advertising that they’re bigots. Most christians who hate us don’t want to drive away our straight allies….who are a majority in most places and = $$$.

MakeAJoyfulNoise85  Honey Moon – 8 hours ago

Putting your name on a birth certificate was a pretty useless ruling.

© 2010 – 2019 LGBTQ Nation


Additional Resources:

This first article shows how Fox Snooze reports the case:















Thank You, Dear Reader.


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