‘We Haven’t Had A Show-trial Like This Since Moscow’


‘We Haven’t Had A Show-trial Like This Since Moscow’

(22 Jan 2020)

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Here’s a sampling of last Sunday’s news interview shows today as we head into this first week of the Impeachment Trial of Crooked Drumpf.

Didja notice? 

 – Dershowitz ‘is not involved with the facts’ while he gives legal advice to Crooked Drumpf without reading the indictment against him.

 – Cornyn called Giuliani a ‘grifter’ and a ‘hanger on’.

 – Cohn supports Crooked Drumpf raising taxes on People while reducing taxes on Corporations.


Drumpf’s Impeachment Trial.

‘By these Radical lunatic Democrats I get Impeached.  The Farmers are sticking with Drumpf!’ (Speech to Texas Farmers Convention)

 – Drumpf, R-Drumpf (NBC News and CBS News, 20 Jan 2020)

NBC ‘Meet the Press’

‘Parnas, another person turning on Drumpf.  Rudy’s people are bringing problems for Drumpf.  It’s Abuse of Power.’  (Todd)

 – NBC ‘Meet the Press’ (19 Jan 2020)37B3D043-6418-4AEB-B129-050820A0E3AD

‘Drumpf knew exactly what was going on, he was aware of all my movements.  I wouldn’t do anything without the consent of Giuliani or Drumpf.’

 – Lev Parnas, R (NBC ‘Meet the Press’, 19 Jan 2020)

‘Parnas is turning on Drumpf.  There are photos all over the Internet of Parnas posing with Drumpf at Mar a Lago.  There’s evidence.  Senate Republi-cons want to bring him forward, to hear his evidence.   Bolton will be willing to testify.  Drumpf nurses grudges.  He strikes back.‘  (Rucker)

 – NBC ‘Meet the Press’ (19 Jan 2020)

‘Giuliani is operating as an Uber Secretary of State making money on foreign policy.  Advisors say he made Drumpf vulnerable.  Drumpf is a Presidency of chaos,  less decision-making, surrounded by people who tell him ‘Yes’.  Mulvaney agreed to withhold the aid to Ukraine; GAO reports that’s against the Law.‘  (Loennig)

 – NBC ‘Meet the Press’ (19 Jan 2020)

ABC ‘This Week’

‘Drumpf’s Intelligence Community is afraid of angering Drumpf.’  ‘The House cited Crimes committed.  Drumpf’s position is that he should not be Impeached even if all the evidence is based on fact.  Is it okay for the President to solicit foreign interference in our Election?  Dershowitz will not agree with Drumpf’s Brief.‘  ‘We saw it with Shelby, with others, with Dershowitz.  Republi-con Senators are not willing to say what Drumpf did was wrong, it makes them uncomfortable.  Regardless of right or wrong, Republi-cons are gonna say it’s not Impeachable.  They can’t endorse Russian interference in our Elections.‘  (Stephanopolis)

 – ABC ‘This Week’ (19 Jan 2020)

‘The allegations here are Abusive Conduct, Obstructive Conduct.  I have a limited role in the Impeachment case, I’m not involved with the facts.  Talk about the greatest nightmare – Congress has too much power – who has the most votes.  The Constitutional Framers didn’t want Abuse of Power in the Constitution as an Impeachable Offence.   I didn’t see Drumpf’s Brief.  Americans should not collude with a foreign power in an effort to enhance his candidacy.  That’s a factor.  I did not read Drumpf’s brief.  It’s whatever the Senate decides.  If witnesses are permitted, it will delay the trial, Drumpf will invoke Executive Privilege against Bolton, it will go to the Court before the Impeachment Trial continues.’

 – Alan Dershowitz, R-Drumpf (ABC ‘This Week’, 19 Jan 2020)

‘The consequential historical moment is profound.  Founders of our country envisioned a President who might abuse power.  It’s why they made Checks and Balances and Impeachment.  The Founders never envisioned the Senate would abdicate their responsibility in an impartial way to hold the President accountable.  Republi-cons are the reason why there are no witnesses and documents now.  The Constitution says a trial, not a rubber-stamp.’

 – Matthew Dowd, R-Bush (ABC ‘This Week’, 19 Jan 2020)

CBS ‘Face the Nation’ 

There was this first interview:26C0E2BA-00B3-4050-9AE2-BCB9789ACE7B

‘You say there will be additional witnesses.  Will you Republi-cons block that vote for more witnesses to be heard?’  (Brennan)

‘The House heard testimony from 17 witnesses and 100 hours of testimony.  The Senate can vote to subpoena those witnesses.’  (Cornyn)

‘You said you’re interested in hearing from Bolton. Will you subpoena to compel him?’  (Brennan)

‘The House can vote on additional Articles of Impeachment.’  (Cornyn)

‘You control the caucus to limit witnesses.  You reject the GAO watchdog report that says Drumpf violated the law.  It’s central to the question that Drumpf withheld aid for personal gain.’  (Brennan)

‘Drumpf is charged with Abuse of Power.  Those events never occurred.’  (Cornyn)

‘Parnas’ letter from Giuliani says that Giuliani himself was acting with the approval and knowledge of Drumpf reaching out to Zelensky.’  (Brennan)

‘That Letter should not be admissible.  I  would be careful about the veracity of Giuliani’s letter.  About someone indicted.  About someone asking for leniency.  About someone who has ties to Russian Oligarchs and their dis-Information campaigns.’  (Cornyn)

 ‘Russian Oligarchs are Russian Mafia.  Doesn’t it trouble you that Parnas and Giuliani were working on Drumpf’s behalf?’  (Brennan)

‘There are grifters and hangers on with Drumpf.  This is not the issue the Senate will decide.  Russian Oligarchs are proxies for Putin.’  (Cornyn)

‘Do you have questions for Giuliani?’  (Brennan)

‘He’s not relative to the Impeachment.  Giuliani is not relevant.’  (Cornyn)

 – Interview between CBS’s Margaret Brennan and Sen John Cornyn, R-Tex (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 19 Jan 2020)

Then these comments:

‘Dershowitz and Starr bring their own baggage.  Drumpf thinks his trial will make great TV for the people back home.  Republi-cons are bringing in more campaign money.  Parnas has receipts – a whole collection that tells the story of two men who know each other over the years.’

 – Weija Jiang (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 19 Jan 2020)

‘Bolton testifying would make great TV.  Not getting to Bolton’s testimony is McConnell’s top goal.’

– Gerald Seib, R-WSJ (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 19 Jan 2020)

‘Roberts’ challenge at the Impeachment Trial is that he’s a judge above the politics.’  

 – Jan Crawford (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 19 Jan 2020)

‘The House Impeachment finding documents that Drumpf withheld military aid to Ukraine and tried to conceal that effort from Congress.  Drumpf’s lawyers do not deny those facts.’

 – PBS Newshour (20 Jan 2020)

‘Ukraine is caught in the cross-hairs between Russia and the US.  Five years ago, an anti-corruption protest led to the election of Poreshenko, a powerful Oligarch.  Ukraine relies on assistance from the West.  Current President Zelensky is an actor on TV.  The conflict is with Russia and Putin, but Zelensky must handle the pressure from Drumpf and his demand to get information on Biden.  Russia knows that American assistance to Ukraine isn’t guaranteed 100%.  Besides the end of hostilities, Ukraine wants a prisoner exchange and their territory returned.  That is getting harder to achieve.  The conflict is un-resolved.  Russia is opposed to pro-Western government in Ukraine.  Ukrainians living in Russian-occupied Ukraine live without status.  Russia’s occupation puts pressure on Ukraine that strains Ukrainian Identity.  This is why we have the Impeachment.  Ukraine must balance the whims of Drumpf with their own interests.’

 – PBS Newshour (19 Jan 2020)

‘Drumpf defence will be that Drumpf’s Abuse of Power withholding millions of Dollars of aid is not an Impeachable Offence.’

 – NBC News (20 Jan 2020)

‘Senate Republi-cons are confident they can acquit Drumpf in as little as two weeks.  Drumpf’s formal responce to his Impeachment summons was a short six pages filled with contempt.  The 111-page House Impeachment Memo calls Drumpf ‘The Framer’s Worst Nightmare’.  Republi-con Senators are defending Drumpf.’

 – CBS News (20 Jan 2020)

‘McConnell keeps his Republi-con Senators together.  He knows the outcome that he wants it to be.  Republi-con Senators went over to the Drumpf Counsel, there was a lot of shaking hands, smiles, and pats on the back.’

 – CBS News (21 Jan 2020)0860FB73-485A-4028-B7A1-040AC04E38AF


Additional topics:


The unwavering position of Alan Dershowitz as his older comments about Impeachment now haunt him, expose his duplicity, prove his hypocrisy.

Thank you, Stephen Colbert.


‘You needed proof of an actual crime.  It needn’t be a statutory crime.  It has to be criminal behaviour, criminal in nature.’

 – Alan Dershowitz, R-Drumpf (ABC ‘This Week’, 19 Jan 2020)

‘It certainly doesn’t have to be a crime.  If you have somebody who completely corrupts the Office of President, and who abuses trust, and who poses great danger to our Liberty, you don’t need a technical crime.’

 – Alan Dershowitz, R-Drumpf (CNN, 24 Aug 1998)

‘I’m not happy seeing Richard Nixon’s gang being tried by blacks and liberals in the District of Columbia.  (sic)’

 – Alan Dershowitz, R-Drumpf (21 Nov 1974)


More fall-out about the Iran shoot-down of the Ukrainian-bound passenger airliner:

‘Ayatollah Khamenei defended shooting down the Ukraine passenger plane.  He hasn’t changed much.  His loyalists project strength.  Shooting down the Ukraine plane with Iranians on board brought trouble with angry crowds.  When Iran and America fight, it’s Iraq who blink.  Tehran’s power in Iraq is facing pressure.  Neither Iran nor America are welcomed in Iraq.  Iraq is fast losing patience with both Amerika and Iran.’

 – BBC News (17 Jan 2020)

‘The Ukraine airliner was shot down, now Iran admitted, by anti-aircraft fire.  Zelensky got Iran to accept Ukrainian investigators, to take responsibility and pay compensation.’

 – PBS Newshour (19 Jan 2020)

Three more protestors were killed today, more than 500 so far, seeking an end to corruption.  Protestors are calling for new elections.  Young Iraqis just want an end to Amerikan and Iranian interference in their country and sweep away the Old Guard.  They are united in fierce opposition – Sunni, Shia, Christian, rich and poor.  They want a life like Europe, not government supported by Iran, Saudi Arabia, or United States.  They are sick of Iran and the United States fighting their battles on Iraq soil.  Iraq has to many martyrs killed wanting Iraq without corruption.  Iranian religious power lies in the shadow.  Blasts from three rockets have been felt in the Green Zone.’

 – BBC News (20 Jan 2020)


Amerikan NAZIs on the attack – Manson’s ‘Healter Skelter’ Race War lives again:

13DBEB0B-285E-4665-84B1-BCD0C73B3C83‘You had very fine people on both sides.’  Crooked Drumpf declared while repeatedly showing his Amerikan NAZI ‘White Power’ hand signal to assure his Biker Boys

– (https://youtu.be/JmaZR8E12bs)

‘The Gun Rights Rally in Richmond, Virginia, has everyone on edge.  Seven members of the NAZI group ‘The Base’ were arrested, they had plans to attend the Rally to start Racial War.’

 – ABC News (19 Jan 2020)

‘Police in Richmond are on high alert.  Virginia’s Governor is trying to avoid a repeat of Charlottesville.  The NAZIs named themselves ‘The Base’ for Al Qaeda, the English translation is ‘The Base’.  Tomorrow is expected to be tense.’

 – NBC News (19 Jan 2020)

10F9001F-ED84-452D-917E-9E8D494D5241‘Groups from the violent fringe saw this as an opportunity to incite violence and spark a Race War.  We’re seeing rising White supremist extremism, Far Right extremism, White supremist propaganda, Hate Crime.  This is growing as justification for anti-government sentiment, anti-elitism sentiment in this polarised climate.  The Governor’s call for a State of Emergency is a model responce.  People are too far down to radicalisation to turn them back.’

 – Cynthia Miller-Idriss, Author (BBC News, 20 Jan 2020)

‘Anti-Semitism is alive and well in the Halls of Congress. Bible-believing Christians strongly support Israel and the Jewish people. The rise of hate is very much in the present, referring to Omar and Talib and people like that.’

– Gordon Robertson, R-CBN (CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 24 Jan 2020)

‘There’s a rising tide of vile anti-Semitism. We see it result in violence at synagogues at Pittsburgh and Los Angeles and loss of life. We see it in rhetoric. Even in the Halls of Congress we’ve heard anti-Semitic rhetoric that has not been roundly and universally condemned. People and slurs, not being held to account for that.’

– Pence, R-Drumpf (CBN ‘700 Club’ TV show, 24 Jan 2020)


The economy is great for Crooked Drumpf and his wealthy elite:

‘Dairy farmers are having a tough time of it.  Milk prices have fallen 40% in the past year.  Over a thousand family dairy farms have closed in Wisconsin during the past year.  We did all this work with USMCA and China trade deals.’

 – PBS Newshour (18 Jan 2020)

‘There is a political re-alignment.  Drumpf leads with voters who have a high school diploma or less, Democrats have a wide lead with college-educated voters.  The Gender Divide – Women lean Democratic, men lean Republi-con.  It’s a hardening of views along social and economic lines.’  ‘Drumpf doesn’t know the Story of America.‘  (Todd)

 – NBC ‘Meet the Press’ (19 Jan 2020)

Then this second CBS interview:

‘I made a lot of Bankers very good!’

 – Drumpf speech signing the trade deal with China (CBS News)

‘Banks save $32 billion in tax cuts on China trade.  It’s good for Corporations.  It’s good for Business.  It’s not good for the Little Guy.  Drumpf applauds he’s helping Big Banks.’  (Brennan)

‘Our Tax Bill is really working.  We lowered Corporate taxes.’  (Cohn)

‘This country is rigged to benefit the wealthy and disadvantage the poor.  Bloomberg says the tax law only advantages you.’  (Brennan)

‘We make more income taxable, got rid of loopholes.  People are having to pay more taxes.’  (Cohn)

‘Sanders and Warren want to counter income inequality.  They are proposing taxing billionaires.’  (Brennan)

‘Over 50% of Americans don’t pay federal income taxes.  We’re gonna collect more revenue.  We will need to raise taxes, we need to collect more money.’  (Cohn)

‘You reflect upon what Wall Street is voting along what Drumpf does even if you don’t like his behaviour.’  (Brennan)

‘I very much support Drumpf’s economic policy.  Or Drumpf’s de-regulation.  I have no intention to not vote for Drumpf.’  (Cohn)

 ‘You support Drumpf’s China deal and tariffs.’  (Brennan)

‘My support encourages Drumpf and his tariffs.’  (Cohn)

 – Interview between CBS’s Margaret Brennan and Gary Cohn, R-Drumpf (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 19 Jan 2020)


ERA – A-okay!:

‘Virginia became the crucial 38th state to ratify the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment which bars discrimination on the basis of sex.  The state’s House of Delegates and Senate approved the Amendment today.  It needed the backing of three-quarters of the States to add it to the US Constitution.  On-going litigation makes it unclear when, or if, it will be added.’

 – PBS Newshour (15 Jan 2020)

‘Virginia became the 38th state to pass the Equal Rights Amendment setting up a long legal battle.  Supporters held a rally outside the state capitol.  The state governor must sign the Resolution.  The ERA was approved by Congress in 1972 to prohibit discrimination against women.  Final passage in Virginia would mean enough states passed the Amendment to add it to the US Constitution.  The deadline for ratification was 1982.  The issue likely will be decided in the courts.’

 – CBS News (16 Jan 2020)

‘Of course, women should have Equal Rights.  Be treated equally at the workplace.  Have equal access.  Ratifying the ERA ground to a halt because Con-servitive activists were concerned that ERA would enshrine abortion rights in the Constitution.’

 – Jan Crawford (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 19 Jan 2020)



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