‘Who Is Julie?’


‘Who Is Julie?’

(15 Feb 2020)

*(2019 06 09) Slimand Me (Thassos -February 1973) 50091091_2252905174984063_633501676090687488_n

Tonight’s Saturday Music will be limited to one artist, one LP, one 45rpm.


When I was a child, as young as age 3, my parents allowed me to play records on our record player – I took good care of them, knew how to handle them, even our 78s – I never broke a record.  I’d wake up early in the pre-dawn morning and quietly play them in our front parlour where we kept our stereo and record collection.  I spent my mornings reading the notes on the back, watching each record go around on the turntable – especially that Capital rainbow.

My mother had dancing charts with dance steps for various music styles.  I’d practise those dance steps.  Sometimes, my mother would join and teach me as we listened to her records.  Other times, she played songs for me on her Baby Grand piano in our front parlour.

My mother gave several of her phonograph records to me when I was little, maybe age 6 when custody changed from our mother to our father.

BB41D014-CFC2-46BC-8C47-84FEE0C74F78Among my favourite 45s from my mother was of Rene Touzet:

 – Julie is her Name


 – Stormy Weather 


My mother was a SAG / AFTRA actress from the 1950s into the 1990s – mostly lesser roles in TV and cinema; major roles on stage in Phoenix, Kentucky, New Orleans, Florida; TV and radio commercials.

She also worked at KUPD AM 1060 during the 1950s and the 1960s – the time when that radio station was MOR / Easy Listening; they went to the Rock format on Easter weekend 1971.  She routinely brought me to her work at the radio station rather than dump me with daycare.

There was a real Julie in my mother’s life, I do remember vaguely her telling me something about her, but I was quite young, I forgot the details.  

34E384F1-A4E6-4BA4-BB61-18B48E021970I shall forever wonder, absent clarity, who was Julie.  

 – Maybe another actress from one of her performances?  

 – Maybe one of her roles?  

 – Maybe someone from the radio station?  

This is why this song means so much to me – it’s a personal memory of a kind moment of sharing between my mother and me, few they were.


I went browsing at Goodwill half-price Saturday.

I didn’t know what I’d buy.

I need a cutting board, a kitchen knife, a knife sharpener, tableware, maybe towels or bed linen, a chair.  I have plenty of clothes, though I can use a jumper – they are easy to wear. 

I frequently look for old records.  I never expect to replace every LP, 45, and 78 that was stolen from me several years ago.  At least I can find a few friendly replacements.

Oh My Gawd!!!FEE81BE2-2A07-49B2-8B25-CF6C5E1E5CDE

I was walking from one department to another through the furniture department.  There lying on a coffee table I found this LP:


It is this album that includes the two songs from the 45rpm that my mother gave to me decades ago.

Of course I bought it!

Going to Goodwill was worth it!

Playing this actual record will need to wait – my record player is in storage.

Meanwhile, I listened to that album on the walk home from the bus stop.  It’s a good album – lotsa Cha Cha Cha. 

I passed the automobile repair shop on the walk home – the guard dogs barking, as usual.  I played Julie on my smart-phone to the two dogs.  One dog kept barking, the other was more curious at the light from smart-phone and the music playing from it.  Soon, the first dog became quiet.  They rubbed against the chain link fence and allowed me to pet them.

Maybe Kathy or some other family member (Gail, Carole) will read this and tell me about Julie.


Thank you, Dear Friend and Reader, for coming here.

Thank you to the Resources who contribute to this page.

(I shall post applicable pictures in a short while.)



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