’The State Of Being Transgender in 2018, in 2020’


’The State Of Being Transgender in 2018, in 2020’

(5 Mar 2020)

(2019 06 09) Slimand Me (Thassos -February 1973) 50091091_2252905174984063_633501676090687488_n*

Dear Reader:

A Memory from two years ago remains an unfulfilled Hope of a safer life today.

I submit that many of us endure the hardships discussed in Karen’s essay (follows).  I also submit that there are many among our ranks who continue to hold their last fraying thread connecting them to their Male Privilege sufficiently oblivious to cloud what sets in front of them.

Here’s where I take Karen’s message personally.

– My mother’s younger brother Frank was in M-F Transition during the 1960s.  The only specific memory that I have of Uncle Frank is seeing him at our front door presenting as a woman and arguing with my father.  Uncle Frank travelled cross-country to visit us.  Instead, my father called the local police and had him arrested.

– Family had Uncle Frank murdered and made to appear as suicide.  They killed his wife.  The local police were more than happy to agree – just another ‘Tr*nny’ suicide and crazed wife.

– My father and mother repeatedly beat me during my childhood  – my mother more because she was a boozer.  As for my father – he beat me after I attempted suicide, he beat me whenever I wore my sister Kathy’s clothing, he beat me when we were picking cherries – it didn’t much matter.  My father beat me because I presented as the girl I was as a child, he beat me during my Transition as an adult.  The worst beating was late-January 1971 – the fate of Uncle Frank was there as he nearly dislocated my right shoulder in his attack.

– There were at least two times when I clearly, seriously thought that my father abandoned me at locations far from home.  The first time was outside Los Angeles, California, as we drove to Oregon for him to attend Summer Session courses at Southern Oregon College (June 1970).  The other was our last day at Maggana, Greece, when he suddenly drove away that morning without explanation and was gone til late evening, our Greek neighbours even thought that he left without me; he never fully reported what he did that day (June 1973).

– The Utah State Supreme Court confirmed on my Unemployment Insurance case against the Forest Service that the federal government agency exacted six years of a hostile work environment after exposing my personal privacy.   My nearly 20 years subsequent employment with the State of Arizona also went sour when my agency director fired me on his accusation that I am ‘mentally unfit’ to be a State employee – that my being Transsexual, according to his charge, rendered me mentally impaired; never mind that I countered his single claim with nearly 200 charges of documented corruption and criminal activity.

– The last time when I saw my mother was 1992; it did not end well.  She drove cross-country to visit with me for a couple weeks.  We spoke very little.  Well, I had to rise early to go to work all day, I was tired when I arrived home early evening.  We’d sit on the sofa and watch TV in mostly silence.  I admit that I really had no idea what to say to her.  Anyway, on her last day, she opened her purse and pulled out her semi-automatic pistol.  She meant to threaten me with it – that she still held life-and-death power over me.

– I was nearly killed in a car crash (December 1999).  The EMTs at the scene abused me, an ER doctor denied administering pain medicine and refused to set a broken bone, the nurses maltreated me while I was in-patient, out-patient follow-up care was indifferent to my suffering.  The police at the scene were involved in a cover-up, they wrongly charged me with the cause of the collision that prevented me from filing legal action for compensation for my injuries and losses; the news exposed this conspiracy two years later.

2C702001-7578-49BE-A9BB-A399E90FBB4B – I have written how I have been intimidated, threatened, attacked by strangers who used their anti-Trans slurs against me.  These assaults occurred at public places with numerous witnesses, yet no one came to my defence.  Bear in mind that I was not doing anything openly Trans, not waving the Trans flag in anyone’s face, but merely minding my own private business in my own personal privacy.  Not once have any police agency filed criminal charges against the perpetrators.

My family rates me as a pariah.  I have had no meaningful correspondence or conversation with any family member since at least 1993.  Even now, I know enough to expect nothing.  After all, every one of my family are Drumpfian and Deplorable Republi-cons eager for my demise.  My sister Kathy, a Registered Nurse, denies the existence of my being both Transsexual and Inter-sex; she perceives that I am a bald, beer-bellied old man who prances about wearing dresses.






Thank you, Karen!

Thank you, Jessika!

Please read this speech.  Please forward Karen’s transcript to trusted family, friends, associates.

You are affected by anti-Trans violence – personally or someone you know.





KarenAdell Scott

(5 Mar 2018):

The State Of Being Transgender in 2018

Tonight I will be speaking at the Democratic Women In Action group and giving my take on the challenges faced by Transgender Americans in 2018. For those of you who will not be there, here is my speech. If you have people in your lives who do not understand what is faced by those who are transgender in America, please share these data with them.

The State of Being Transgender in the United States in 2018

An Update March 2018

–Karen Adell Scot, TransCare.


2018 has continued to follow the trend of rising violence against transgender people with the violent murder of 6 already this year and 28 transgender people last year. The growing violence has a known cause to its terrible effect. Transgender people are purposefully targeted with absolutely no concern about hurting, endangering or the resulting taking of our lives due to the attacker’s actions. Fundamentalist and Conservative politicians have found they can motivate their fearful conservative base voters by causing them to fear transgender people.

Since Donald Trump won the election, conservative Republicans have been viciously using the “Transgender Danger” issue to pump up fear in their base so evangelical Fundamentalists will stay involved and active in any election. Politicians have been writing and pushing Anti-Transgender legislation in 16 states. The bathroom bill problem was enlarged as a political ploy to keep fundamentalist power in states and the nation for Republicans. It has obviously been successful. In fact, this ploy has been successful in many elections. Even if a Conservative proposing a transgender bathroom bill fails to enact the legislation, they are seen by their base as “courageous” and “righteous warriors for God” literally guaranteeing reelection.

A conservative can bash transgender people to the cheers of their base voters while doing nothing to help anyone.

Demonizing a Transgender person is politically “safe” as our numbers are so small we have great difficulty fighting back against the huge number of fundamentalists seeking to isolate and exclude us from every aspect of society. The complete mythology and falsehood of any transgender attacker in a bathroom or in a school as a possibility does not matter.

The overall national tone, and the pervasive believed paradigm, that Transgender people are “false, liars, deceivers, sick, warped, perverts, molesters, and potential rapists” is caused by the false pushing of this politically motivated lie. The huge, perpetuated lie has made the tone in the nation even more dangerous for transgender people who were already facing tremendous danger.

Transgender people are seen to be “bad people” and bad people “deserve anything they get,” even being murdered violently if it is discovered that they are transgender by men who are with them. Transgender people are kicked out of churches after coming out and are told they are “sinful abominations” and “in rebellion toward God” by “denying the Divine Gender Binary” supposedly founded in the Garden of Eden. All of these are false dogmas not found in the Bible, but that does not stop those saying them to believe they are truths.

Many media personalities and Conservative media organizations continuously promote the lie that “There is no such thing as a Transgender Person.”

Those who deny and refuse to even consider the science that proves we are born are “Transgender Reality Deniers” or “TuRD’s.”

A great example of a pure-bred and papered TuRD is Fox New’s Tucker Carlson. He regularly attacks the reality of transgender people, and uses his show to inflame his audience against transgender people, portraying us as liars and creations of a “Liberal-think” gay agenda that seeks to destroy America.

Anti-Transgender theologians pull phony mistranslation rabbits out of the theological attack hat,  declaring transgender people as “followers of the sin of Gnosticism” (which is basically denying their body exists) and of being “unable to inherit heaven” due to being “effeminate men.”

The Trump administration has tried to move to ban all transgender people from serving in the military, condemning us to being third class citizens, “Unfit for any military service.” It is said we will cost the military too much money due to transition costs, but it is never said that the cost of providing viagra to military personnel is ten times that potential cost.

So, none of those supposed reasons are at all true.

Being transgender in America is so very difficult. Transgender people are terribly persecuted for being who they were born. In a recent study 50% of transgender students said they had been punched, kicked, or injured with some sort of weapon by another student. We come out and are discarded, causing a gigantic homeless rate. We are over 43 times more likely to have HIV than any other LGBT group, and much more likely to resort to the need to act in performing survival sex to keep getting food, or to keep under a roof. We have tremendous trouble getting proper healthcare, and our illness rates are much higher than other citizens. Doctors dodge caring for transgender patients, afraid of being seen with them in their waiting rooms. Medical professionals fear the loss of the larger numbers of transphobic patients who may see them. Transgender children who come out are despised, shunned and cast out from their parent’s homes, resulting in 17% of all homeless teens being transgender with a frightening average age of 13 years old. Most of these resort to behaviors that are destructive to survive or cope. We have a four times higher chance of living in poverty and of having an income of around $10K a year.  We are three times more likely to be unemployed. 25% of transgender people have lost a job due to obvious transmalevolent discrimination. We are the first fired and the last hired. In most states it is still completely legal to fire a worker who comes out as transgender for no reason. 9/10 transgender mates are dumped by their spouse when they come out. We have a terrible time in nearly every part of the living condition. The hopelessness and despair that occurs in the transgender community due to the terrible way we are treated results in a 41% suicide attempt rate; the highest of any group in America.

The worst thing we face are tremendously horrific violence and murder rates.

Transgender people are more likely to be murdered than any other group. Transgender women are four times more likely to be murdered than nontransgender women, even though there are 150M nontrans female targets compared to only 700K or so out transgender female targets. We are physically attacked bodily, are strangled, stabbed, bludgeoned, shot, drowned, cast from vehicles, stoned to death, and lit on fire alive. Some Hospitals refuse service to transgender people even if we are showing injuries. Transgender people have been ejected from hospitals and labs when their transgender reality is discovered, even though last year there were 28 verified transgender people who were violently killed or murdered. There is, however, a tremendously larger number who are actually killed. Transgender women are statistically highly likely to be murdered, with a 1/10 average chance of being violently murdered if transgender and female, and a 1/6 average chance of being violently murdered if a transgender woman of color.

Nearly 70% of all LGBT victims of murder are transgender but transgender people make up only 2/3rds of 1% of the population. 50% of all crimes against LGBT people are committed against transgender people. That means transgender people have a nearly 14 to 18 times higher rate of crime committed against them than all other LGB people put together.

Transgender people make up only around 1.5M people actually out, of 10M LGBT people. Out of those, the statistics show that approximately 300 American transgender people were almost killed in 2017 but survived due to rapid and timely medical care. So, ten times the murdered transgender people nearly die but survive. The rate of homicidal attack on transgender people is over ten times what is seen in the murder rates. The number of transgender murder victims would be over ten times the actual murders if there was a lesser medical system. In countries like Brazil, the higher numbers of the murdered have poorer medical care as a contributing factor.

In America the number of the transgender who are murdered is drastically understated due to purposeful police misgendering, accidental police misgendering, accidental family misgendering, purposeful family misgendering or lack of any witness or proper gender identification.

Transgender people who have made calls for police service reported continual indifference, transmalevolent hostility and negative police behavior in their dealings with police. After police arrival on a call and they recognize the person’s transgender status, 33% of transgender people reported verbal abuse, 16% experienced physical violence and 8% experienced police using slurs or biased language. 3% experienced sexual violence. (I have experienced sexual assault from a law enforcement official.) Transgender people are often accused falsely by police for being sex workers and experience harassment often dealing with the pseudo-crime of, “walking at night while transgender.”

Transgender people report that their calls for service in many cities and counties go unanswered when their status is known by previous call, including possible sexual assault calls, rape calls and even attempted murder calls. Transgender people have found out that law enforcement is not interested in responding to them equally as they do with non-transgender people. (I personally have had a potential attempted murder report blown off and not followed up on by police.)

Because of the learned truth by transgender people who know we won’t get a proper call for service or that there will be the problems listed I have stated, 50% of crimes against transgender people go unreported. These crimes include robberies, burglaries, batteries, domestic violence, sexual assault and rape. So, much of the problem with transgender people being targets for crime is caused by the unequal police treatment making us give up on reporting.

Transgender people need equal protection under the law, but equal protection is now only a fantasy. Political change has occurred and no transgender advancement seems possible for the next four and maybe eight years.  Even with many court cases in lower courts defending our supposition of equality, the Supreme Court has not codified a guarantee into law that protects transgender people as equal.

Many states will not allow birth certificate changes or not allow gender markers to be changed on driver’s licenses. They then push bathroom bills based upon the wrong gender on those unchangeable documents.

So where are we? We are in an unprecedented era of violence, terror, lack of help, family disdain, joblessness, and general vehemence toward transgender people. Things are getting worse and worse for us. I am hopeful, however, this is actually a bottom of sorts.

Transgender equal rights are still a hope for many, but they are a hope nevertheless. Transgender citizens need to stand up with courage, help each other, work to gain allies, speak out and show America that we are born, correct and truly authentic as people. We are not faking anything but are a normal and rare birth difference in the human condition. We are really real.

2018 is proving to be another record breaking, difficult and tough year.

Transgender people are born.

We are a rare birth difference, found in only 2/3 of one percent of human beings.

Transgender boys are caused by an unexpected androgen washing of a girl body brain in the second trimester of development causing a transgender boy. Transgender girls are caused by a non-washing of a boy body brain with androgens, leaving it wonderfully female. Gender fluid kids are partially washed in varying degrees creating non-binary kids. There are over 140 scientific studies in peer reviewed journals demonstrating these data.

Transgender people are born. We deserve the same kindness, dignity, respect and equality as any other American. We deserve to have our life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness.

Please help us gain safety and equality.

It is my honor to address your fine group today. I hope I have helped you to have a greater understanding of the challenges your fellow transgender citizens face.

Thank you for listening.

Karen Adell Scot, TransCare

I care,

You care,

We care,




Bonus commentary.


4DA8E08B-0178-4A0C-8FE3-6D6BB15C4BFDMy experience of a hostile family during my times of surgery.

I moved to Utah to finish my Transition (1980), other family lived elsewhere far away.

I had my first of three surgeries in November 1982 without telling anyone.  My father came to visit for Christmas vacation.  Right from the start, he questioned me when he saw some of my hospital paraphernalia.  Not questions of interest or concern, but of intimidation and abuse – same as in the past.   I was in no mood to get into arguments or fights as we did since my childhood; I did not feel safe inside my own home with my father and his history of abuse.  I refused to tell anything to him.

I had my second surgery six months later (May 1983).  Again, I told no one.  Post-op, I travelled to visit family at Colorado hoping to share my good news, but the conversation didn’t go well enough to say something.  A few years later (1985), Cousin Nancy began sending anti-Trans literature to me that was published by her Seventh Day Adventist church.  Last time when I contacted Cousin Nancy (2015), she wrote back that she doesn’t know me anymore.

I travelled to Thailand for my third surgery (January 2016).  This time, I told both local Cousin Bev and my sister Kathy who lives at California, among others.  I hoped for experiences better than the preceding two.  Local Cousin Bev assured me that she really wanted to see me off at the airport.  Kathy  assured me that she would likewise spend time with me at my Los Angeles stopover.  Last minute, each called to tell me that they would not visit me:

– Bev claimed she had to work late, a plausible excuse.

– Kathy claimed that a bad rain storm kept her away.  Curious.  I flew over her area – no rain.  Why did she resort to obvious lies?  It was not worth the argument.  I knew better than to deal with her on my return trip.

Bottom line, don’t bother if you have hostile family.  They are NOT your support.  I had a great time travelling through Asia during my trip to Dr. Chettawut.

Chettawut Clinic patients live together at their recovery residence (I stayed at Baan Siri).  Everyone helps everyone else, no patient companion required.  They became my trusted friends better than anyone else in my family.



You can read theoretical debate about this topic at other web-sites – about Trans persons using public restrooms.  Allow me to present practical considerations.


Too many people who are uneducated about Trans issues fail to grasp practicalities.

Would they require a burly Trans man use the female restroom?  Can you imagine a Trans man with a beard, tattoos, muscles walking into the woman’s restroom?

Do they not comprehend that ‘bottom surgery’ can’t be a requirement when only 25% to 30% ever achieve ‘bottom surgery’?  When will the opposition support universal health care for Trans persons who need health care?

Lemme share experiences.

I met a man using the woman’s restroom at the Public Library a couple years ago.  I felt no fear about his presence.  I asked him why he was using the woman’s restroom – he told me that MEN molested him in public men’s restrooms.  Fair enough, I accepted that he was honest with me.

Then this happened two more times.  I talked with each man in the woman’s restroom.  They admitted the same – that a MAN molested them in the men’s restroom.

Maybe we need a law to prohibit MEN from the men’s restroom?

I can also write about all the times when I witness a mom bring her son into the woman’s restroom.  Why?  Because mom fears that a MAN will molest her son while her son uses the men’s restroom.

Seems to be that MEN are the danger, that MEN should be prohibited from using all public restrooms according to reasoning.  Certainly we feel safe with a Trans person because we know no event of a Trans person convicted of molesting anyone in a public restroom but there are daily events of MEN convicted of molesting men in men’s restrooms and MEN molesting women in women’s restrooms.

Do they know that Congress MEN are more likely to commit a lewd crime in the men’s room?  Let’s prohibit Congress MEN from using  all public facilities.

Watch this video from ABC Comedy (1 Mar 2018):

Bathroom laws need to be sorted out quickly, because there are 25 million trans people busting for a piss.

Cassie Workman breaks it down:




015018BF-82CF-46CC-88AE-855A4A9C19ADHere they go again.  Greater hate.  Legislative hostility.

Republi-cons, as Arizona’s Tenney, say ‘science’ and ‘common sense’, but instead have their own dis-information hate agenda.

Arizona Republi-cons are pushing AZ #HB2706 – legislation that will ban Trans girls from participating in school sports as girls.  This legislation passed the Arizona House ‘Committee of the Whole’.  House Legislators amended their Bill to remove hormones or genitalia as relevant considerations when determining the athlete’s sex.  Only her genetic testing is relevant.  There will be one more vote required to pass this Bill at the House and move it to the Senate.


Y chromosome female is not rare.  As a common practise, infants and children are not routinely examined for their karyotype, not until something unusual occurs or ‘normal’ puberty fails.  The Inter-sex and AIS child could go through their adolescence, teens, and to their 20s not knowing that they are not the CisHet ‘normal’.

‘Common Sense’?

Wait until test results for Cis-gender girls with Y chromosomes begin unfolding.  Wait til thousands of teen girls find that they don’t have those perfect, legal XX chromosomes.   Wait til those girls are publicly humiliated and abused when schools expose and publicise their medical privacy.  Wait til those girls are publicly booted and unceremoniously dumpt from girls teams.  You know that many of these Y chromosome girls come from families antagonistic toward Trans and Inter-sex Communities.

What will those girls and their families do then?  Hmm?

High School intrusion into their intimacy is NOT the way to diagnose and disclose such medical information to a child.  Imagine the anguish that the child will experience.  And then being publicly exposed of their intimate medical privacy.

Renee Richards won a federal court case that supposedly abolished genetic testing in sports.  I expect that her case will be presented as precedent when this legislation goes through the Arizona court system.  Another instance of Right-wing Republi-con Christian Con-servative Evangelical Fundamentalists wasting our taxpayer Dollars.

#transgirlsaregirls #TransIsBeautiful


Please view the included meme images and sources.  They add to the essence of this post.

Thank you to the Resources who contribute to this page.  Acknowledgement and credit goes to those who create these social media content, essays, and meme images.

Additional Resources:

Australia:  Five actions necessary for women’s safety:


School Administration expelled a Trans student who attended her high school dance:


A How-to Guide to gender critical activism:


Infamous Republi-con anti-LGBT Representative now admits that he is Gay:



Thank you, Dear Reader, for visiting today.

Please return soon for the next presentation.


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