’A Century Of A World On Fire’


’A Century Of A World On Fire’

(27 Apr 2020)

(2019 06 09) Slimand Me (Thassos -February 1973) 50091091_2252905174984063_633501676090687488_n*

Dear Reader:

Bear with this lengthy composition in three parts, in reverse chronological order.  I shall tie together the connection between the Armenian Genocides of a century ago (Part 3), the Hitler Holocaust of eight decades ago (Part 2), and Crooked Drumpf and his Coronavirus Genocide today (Part 1).



Part 1.  Crooked Drumpf and his Coronavirus Genocide


First, a brief commentary.

Then the connection – those who fail to heed the past are doomed to repeat it.



These Congressional Recovery bailouts are the Republi-cons’ way to steal $4 trillion from we taxpayers and give it to Corporate sponsors.  Curious how Crooked Drumpf and Moscow McConnell find $4 trillion in their seat cushions, but can’t find one thin dime for low income people and mom-and-pop businesses.  DACA students find themselves on the poor side – DeVos refuses to pay school Recovery assistance to DACA students.

16B42D30-D260-4290-ABB8-0FD2561FBB9CChristian Con-servatism is a Prosperity Christianity scam, a con.  News reports that several Prosperity Christianity preachers are dead from Coronavirus.  Don’t believe it!  These are loyal members of the Christian Con-servative Elite Amerika.  Those preachers are no more dead than Kenny boy Lay and Paederast Epstein.  They are catching rays and sipping daiquiris on their holiday island where they are safe; Barr will never conduct federal prosecution against them.  They evade state Attourney-General authorities, District Attourneys, local prosecutors who have been going after them on charges of financial scams.  Look up Baptist Foundation of Amerika.

BD459C1F-A199-4C31-92CE-D18F37692C42I quite eagerly await the instant when Crooked Drumpf leaves office!  Hopefully, he will go to prison for the rest of his miserable existence!  Better yet, he and his gang be tried for Treason, convicted on all counts, and hanged at dawn.

America is in the midst of Coronavirus conspiracy.  Look how much Crooked Drumpf manipulates us, how we comply as sheeple.

 – He orders us to stay indoors, don’t socialise with family and neighbours, be afraid of others that they might be infected,  be afraid that you might be infected; so we comply, we stay indoors, we isolate ourselves from the outside world, we limit our lives and education by rumours and gossip on social media.

 – He orders us to this new term Social Distancing – keeping our distance from others at six feet – when he allows us to shop for groceries, or wait in the food line; we comply without question. 

 – We might be duped.  His minions – Christian Con-servative preachers, protest organisers, campaigners – are out in public activities one day, then told that they died from Coronavirus the next day.  How do we really know that they are dead?  That they are pulling another Con to manipulate the American public into easy compliance?  It’s fear – Fascism operates by fear:

‘Fear precedes anger.  I see real opportunities for us.’ Sen. John Cornyn, R (T-party Reform Campaign Rally speech, 6 Aug 09)

05D23295-F938-4F69-B387-B43909FBFC60– He commands our employer that they are required to close, when they may re-open, who may come to work, who must work from home, who is denied work (denied their paycheck), who is eligible to claim Coronavirus to receive Unemployment Insurance, who can be denied Unemployment Insurance.

These are ways Fascism brings itself upon a nation – small incremental steps, each step unnoticeable on its own, too late to reverse when it becomes recognised in full.  Crooked Drumpf makes us his proverbial frog in the pot of water.

There are many ways that this is a real health calamity, in many ways that ‘Hoax’ exactly as Crooked Drumpf boasted.

You’re not surprised if you’ve been paying attention.

 – Who’s paying attention to Crooked Drumpf’s shiny object? 

 – Who’s paying attention to reality?

For example, Crooked Drumpf’s priorities include unilaterally changing laws by his Executive Order.  One is to allow medical providers declare themselves morally superior by their Christian Con-servative religion, to refuse to treat Trans people, to let us die. 

You – Drumpfians, Deplorables, Republi-cons – who boast that Crooked Drumpf is great can’t be much of a friend – to allies of Our Trans Community, to members of Our Trans Community, to me.

You supporting the monstrosity known as Crooked Drumpf is your clear support denying Constitutional Rights to my friends and to me. 

 – Proof that you do not value human life.  

 – Proof that you are a liar, that you are NOT ‘Pro-Life’. 

 – Proof that you are ‘Pro-Death’.  

 – Proof of your true attitude that you place your life above the lives of allies and members of Our Trans Community, rather than consider us equals in humanity.

I can’t be friends with anyone who is so selfish as to place the value of their own lives superior to other lives.

Your selfishness is your sorry excuse to legalise bigotry, to commit discrimination against my friends and against me.

Kinda reminiscent when your ideology asserted that entire ethnicities of us are sub-human, are ‘Savages’.  You Constitutionally assessed a political value of us as three-fifths human.  You deny our Constitutional Rights.

Yep, using your own Christian Con-servative appellation, you are as ‘evil’ as Hitler enacting these – his Three Stages to Genocide:

 – You have no Rights 

 – You have no Rights to live among us

 – You have no Rights to live.

Face facts.  This is who you are.  This is what you are.  You are the one who is quite certainly on the wrong side of history, on the wrong end of the long arc of justice.  



Now I connect some dots.

I’ve been watching ‘World on Fire’ when it began last month.  The latest episode (26 Apr 2020) was especially on target regarding multiple plot lines applicable to current American political issues.

Whom do you recognise from these in your personal life, here among social media?

 – A pregnant woman and her baby’s father seek medical care at the hospital in France.  They fear disclosing that they are Jewish.  ‘They shouldn’t be here.  They know the rules.’ declares the physician to his nurse.  In solidarity with the pregnant woman and her family, the nurse who treats them later discloses to the attending physician that she, too, is Jewish.

 – The American news reporter argues with her supervisor.  ‘What shall I call the Mercy Killings?  Life unworthy of life?  Involuntary euthanasia?  Child murder?  The American public understands State Murder!  Euthanasia is NAZI Party policy.’

 – A Gay couple return home one evening to find a slaughtered pig at their front door, a NAZI swastika painted with the blood of the pig.  ‘Fascists know where I live.  I’ll never be safe anywhere in this world.  People have got plenty of choice, they hate me.’

 – A father arrives home hiding his NAZI swastika lapel pin.  His wife discovers this, an argument ensues.  The husband explains that their family will remain safe from NAZI persecution as long as he goes along with the NAZI Party, as long as he wears that lapel pin – ‘I know it, we all know it.  The NAZIs are going to win.  The only thing that keeps any one of us safe is if we are on their side.’.  Dejected, the wife says, ‘NAZI ideas will win.  NAZIs will win.  Their idea is to kill children.’.

 – A British woman concedes her indifference to politics, as if politics has no affect upon her life, that Churchill and Hitler are one and the same ideology – ‘Churchill?  A man can we all get behind?  I don’t care enough about politics to be offended by opinion.  Hitler?  Any difference with him?’

Hmm!  How many of us can apply these representations from eight decades ago to current American life under the authoritarian rule of Amerikan NAZI Fuhrer Crooked Drumpf and among the issues debated regarding the coming 2020 Election?



World on Fire is an adrenalized, emotionally gripping and resonant World War II drama that follows the intertwining fates of ordinary people in five countries as they grapple with the effects of the war on their everyday lives. Watch the series Sundays at 9/8c now through May 17, 2020. You can also see all seven episodes now when you watch with PBS Passport, an added member benefit.

Set in Britain, Poland, France, Germany and the United States, the events of the seven-hour series take place during the first year of the war. The stellar cast includes Academy Award®-winner Helen Hunt (As Good As it Gets, Mad About You), Sean Bean (Game of Thrones), Academy Award®-nominee Lesley Manville (Phantom Thread), Jonah Hauer-King (Little Women on MASTERPIECE, Howard’s End) and Blake Harrison (A Very English Scandal).

The Plot of World on Fire

World on Fire follows the lives of ordinary people coping with the greatest war in human history. Set in Britain, Poland, France, and Germany—on the frontlines and the home front—World on Fire traces the interweaved fates of several families in 1939 and 1940, from the Nazi invasion of Poland, to the near debacle at Dunkirk, to the fall of Paris and beyond.

In Manchester, England, Douglas Bennett (Sean Bean) is fighting a losing battle for pacifism as his country spirals into war. His lawbreaking son, Tom (Ewan Mitchell), is given the choice of prison or the military. His daughter, Lois (Julia Brown), is a factory worker and talented singer, involved in a romance with upper class translator Harry Chase (Jonah Hauer-King)—much to the dismay of Harry’s aloof mother, Robina (Lesley Manville).

Posted to the British embassy in Warsaw, Harry forgets Lois when he falls in love with local waitress Kasia Tomaszeski (Zofia Wichlacz), becoming close to her family, including her studious little brother, Jan (Eryk Biedunkiewicz). Harry also befriends Nancy Campbell (Helen Hunt), an American radio reporter trying to uncover the truth about the Nazi regime. She gives Harry a momentous piece of advice as Nazi troops converge on the city. Meanwhile, Nancy’s nephew Webster O’Connor (Brian J. Smith) is pursuing his career in Europe as it plunges into chaos.

All over Europe, no one can quite believe that their normal lives, their everyday pleasures and worries, are about to be demolished. World War II encompassed millions of people and millions of individuals’ stories. World on Fire makes this wholesale tragedy achingly personal and, at times, heroic.

“World On Fire is a drama about World War II, told from a multinational perspective,” said World on Fire writer Peter Bowker. “I wanted to write a drama where we invested in a Polish family, a French family, just as much as we emotionally invested in a British one. The design of the show is such that there are connections between these families scattered across the world, but sometimes only the audience knows what those connections are.”

Season 1: Episode 1

When war breaks out, young translator Harry (Jonah Hauer-King) vows to help his Polish girlfriend Kasia (Zofia Wichłacz) flee Warsaw. How will he explain this to his sweetheart Lois (Julia Brown), waiting for him at home in Manchester?

Season 1: Episode 2

A month into war and with Warsaw destroyed, Harry is desperate for news. Kasia joins the Polish resistance.

Season 1: Episode 3

Tom faces the fight of his life aboard HMS Exeter, while Harry and Lois have a more personal battle to fight at home.

Season 1: Episode 4

Harry’s courage is tested at Louvain, while Kasia’s resistance activity in Warsaw intensifies.

Season 1: Episode 5

Harry and his unit reach Dunkirk, with the odds stacked against them.

Season 1: Episode 6

Paris falls to the Nazis, and Webster and Albert’s lives are turned upside down.

Season 1: Episode 7

Harry has a second chance at saving Kasia from Warsaw. In Manchester, could Lois be set for happiness at last?

©2020 WGBH Educational Foundation



Additional Resources for Part 1:

Crooked Drumpf could soon allow doctors to discriminate against LGBTQ people effective in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Crooked Drumpf is in the rulemaking process to rescind non-discrimination under Section 1557 of ACA Obama-Care.  It’s not finalised yet, but it’s about to be.  Yes, it can affect Trans Coronavirus patients, it’s ongoing.  Even in the midst of Coronavirus, Crooked Drumpf is spending his time working on taking away healthcare from Our Trans Community.


‘They’re hunting us’:  Two killed in Puerto Rico were trans women hunted by anti-Trans, anti-LGBT terrorists.


Trans woman Paloma Salas Jiménez was found by police stabbed 20 times.  Her eye had been hollowed out, her throat slit and her body stabbed 20 times, targeted by local gangs who, in killing her, made a clear intention on the part of the perpetrator, not only to kill her, but also by a high level of violence to send a message of rejection to the trans community of what the victim represents.


Crooked Drumpf’s attack on the LGBTQ community to appease the religious right base – to redefine the word ‘gender’, to write Trans people out of Civil Rights laws, out f the Constitution.


Poland’s strict Catholic government is leading a Christian Con-servative revival that worries minorities and LGBT.


Russians seek to eliminate LGBT from society.


British lawmaker efforts to criminalise Transition and Transition services by and for minor children.


The billionaires who are funding Crooked Drumpf protests to re-open the American economy.


Crooked Drumpf scams to continue illegal Executive Branch appointments.


DeVos denies Recovery assistance to DACA students.


Videos of Crooked Drumpf advising Americans to ‘inject disinfectant’ and to put UV light inside their body to cure Coronavirus.






Crooked Drumpf’s ridiculous defense of his comments about ‘injecting disinfectants’.


Anderson Cooper shreds Crooked Drumpf’s suggestion that Americans should ‘inject disinfectant’ or expose UV light inside themselves as a cure for Coronavirus.


Australia’s Chief Medical Officer laughs at Crooked Drumpf’s instructions to Americans to ‘inject disinfectant’.


Mrs. Betty Bowers sings ‘Do Nothing Donald’ (#DoNothingDonald)



What will happen if Crooked Drumpf loses the Election and refuses to leave office?




Part 2.  Yom HaShoah


E34C4A4C-5E7C-411B-BC63-0BC5319BD0A2Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) 2020 in Israel began in the evening of April 20 and ended in the evening of April 21

 – Sharon




What is the meaning of Yom HaShoah?

Yom Hashoah is a day set aside for Jews to remember the Holocaust. The name comes from the Hebrew word ‘shoah’, which means ‘whirlwind’.

Yom Hashoah was established in Israel in 1959 by law. It falls on the 27th of the Jewish month of Nissan, a date chosen because it is the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

Yom Hashoah ceremonies include the lighting of candles for Holocaust victims, and listening to the stories of survivors. Religious ceremonies include prayers such as Kaddish for the dead and the El Maleh Rahamim, a memorial prayer.

FBEBEFDF-58E4-4CE4-896F-502E095E3FDFIn Israel Yom Hashoah is one of the most solemn days of the year. It begins at sunset on 26th Nissan and ends, like all traditional Jewish special days, the following evening. During Yom Hashoah memorial events are held throughout the country, with national ceremonies being held at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. (Yad Vashem is the Jewish people’s memorial to the murdered Six Million.)

On the morning of Yom Hashoah a siren is sounded for 2 minutes throughout Israel and all work and other activity stops while people remember those killed in the Holocaust.

Religions – Judaism: Yom Hashoah – BBC

https://www.bbc.co.uk > yomhashoah





Why is Yom HaShoah in April?

There are a number of Holocaust Memorial Days; though not all on the same day.

Yom Hazikaron laShoah ve-laG’vurah (Hebrew: יום הזיכרון לשואה ולגבורה‎, lit. ‘Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day’), known colloquially in Israel and abroad as Yom HaShoah (יום השואה) and in English as Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Holocaust Day, is observed as Israel’s day of commemoration for the approximately six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust as a result of the actions carried out by Nazi Germany and its collaborators, and for the Jewish resistance in that period. In Israel, it is a national memorial day. The first official commemorations took place in 1951, and the observance of the day was anchored in a law passed by the Knesset in 1959. It is held on the 27th of Nisan (falls in April or May), unless the 27th would be adjacent to the Jewish Sabbath, in which case the date is shifted by a day.

68FD2965-6FA9-45CB-8AF4-CE16B23E623DThe first Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel took place on December 28, 1949, following a decision of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel that an annual memorial should take place on the Tenth of Tevet, a traditional day of mourning and fasting in the Hebrew calendar. The day was marked by the burial in a Jerusalem cemetery of ashes and bones of thousands of Jews brought from the Flossenbürg concentration camp and religious ceremonies held in honor of the victims. A radio program on the Holocaust was broadcast that evening. The following year, in December 1950, the Rabbinate, organizations of former European Jewish communities and the Israel Defense Forces held memorial ceremonies around the country; they mostly involved funerals, in which objects such as desecrated Torah scrolls and the bones and ashes of the dead brought from Europe were interred. 

In 1951, the Knesset began deliberations to choose a date for Holocaust Remembrance Day. On April 12, 1951, after also considering as possibilities the Tenth of Tevet, the 14th of Nisan, which is the day before Passover and the day on which the Warsaw Ghetto uprising (April 19, 1943) began, and September 1, the date on which the Second World War began, the Knesset passed a resolution establishing the 27 Nisan in the Hebrew calendar, a week after Passover, and eight days before Israel Independence Day as the annual Holocaust and Ghetto Uprising Remembrance Day.

On May 3, 1951, the first officially organized Holocaust Remembrance Day event was held at the Chamber of the Holocaust on Mount Zion; the Israel Postal Service issued a special commemorative envelope, and a bronze statue of Mordechai Anielewicz, the leader of the Warsaw Ghetto revolt, was unveiled at Yad Mordechai, a kibbutz named for him. From the following year, the lighting of six beacons in memory of the six million Jews killed by the Nazis became a standard feature of the official commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day.

E5768863-0FBE-46AD-B990-1BDCAACAD437On April 8, 1959, the Knesset officially established the day when it passed the Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day Law with the purpose of instituting an annual “commemoration of the disaster which the Nazis and their collaborators brought upon the Jewish people and the acts of heroism and revolt performed.” The law was signed by the Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, and the President of Israel, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi. It established that the day would be observed by a two-minute silence when all work would come to a halt throughout the country, memorial gatherings and commemorative events in public and educational institutions would be held, flags would be flown at half mast, and programs relevant to the day would be presented on the radio and in places of entertainment. An amendment to the law in 1961 mandated that cafes, restaurants and clubs be closed on the day.

Also called

 Yom Hazikaron laShoah ve-laG’vurah

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Observed by

 State of Israel

many Jews elsewhere


 Jewish (national)


 Commemorating the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust, and the heroism of survivors and rescuers


 Flags lowered to half-mast, public places of entertainment closed; national opening ceremony and closing ceremonies; siren at 10:00 signaling the start of two minutes of silence;


 27th day of Nisan

2020 date

 sunset, April 20 – nightfall, April 21.

2021 date

 sunset, April 8 – nightfall, April 9.

2022 date

 sunset, April 27 – nightfall, April 28.

Yom HaShoah – Wikipedia




Additional Resources for Part 2:

Yom HaShoah in the United States – Time and Date.


‘March of the Living’ at Auschwitz.




Part 3.  Armenian Genocides


0897F3B0-CDEF-4A4F-A910-16AEE0C7F7BASound familiar!

Hitler boasted that he realised his Final Solution ideology based upon the Armenian Massacres.  He recognised that world sentiment made no regard for the mass slaughter of Armenian civilians.  He was correct – subsequently, the world took no notice of the Shoah and since then takes little concern for any other mass slaughter of civilians. 

Crooked Drumpf sees Coronavirus as his opportunity to emulate his hero.  Crooked Drumpf is known to keep Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ at his bedside, regularly reading from it, regularly consulting from it when he seeks advice for his business and now as President.  We’re experiencing Crooked Drumpf’s efforts at Genocide right now with Coronavirus.  As of this writing, Crooked Drumpf’s Coronavirus death toll exceeds 55.000 innocent Americans.  Worldwide deaths are expected to surpass one million people in a short time from now.


Crooked Drumpf seeks to continue to enact Executive Orders giving himself absolute authoritarian governmental powers; Moscow McConnell and his Senate Republi-cons are just fine with Crooked Drumpf as Amerikan Diktator.

The social media censors of a prior location where I published this composition attacked one of the images that I Share here from another source that is not censored.  Images of Genocide are horrible to see, yet must be seen today so that there will be no more to see in the future.

 – Sharon




5BEE1D46-EB20-43C3-B3C8-A716D67FC1C5The Hamidian massacres (Armenian: Համիդյան ջարդեր, Turkish: Hamidiye Katliamı, French: Massacres hamidiens), also referred to as the Armenian Massacres of 1894–1896 and Armenian genocide, were massacres of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire that took place in the mid-1890s. It was estimated casualties ranged from 80,000 to 300,000, resulting in 50,000 orphaned children. The massacres are named after Sultan Abdul Hamid II, who, in his efforts to maintain the imperial domain of the collapsing Ottoman Empire, reasserted Pan-Islamism as a state ideology. Although the massacres were aimed mainly at the Armenians, they turned into indiscriminate anti-Christian pogroms in some cases, such as the Diyarbekir massacre, where, at least according to one contemporary source, up to 25,000 Assyrians were also killed.

7CBF6C43-F60F-46E9-83A5-9A68E347C464The origins of the hostility toward Armenians lay in the increasingly precarious position in which the Ottoman Empire found itself in the last quarter of the 19th century. The end of Ottoman dominion over the Balkans was ushered in by an era of European nationalism and an insistence on self-determination by many territories long held under Ottoman rule. The Armenians of the empire, who were long considered second-class citizens, had begun in the mid-1860s and early 1870s to ask for civil reforms and better treatment from government. They pressed for an end to the usurpation of land, “the looting and murder in Armenian towns by Kurds and Circassians, improprieties during tax collection, criminal behavior by government officials and the refusal to accept Christians as witnesses in trial.” These requests went unheeded by the central government. When a nascent form of nationalism spread among the Armenians of Anatolia, including demands for equal rights and a push for autonomy, the Ottoman leadership believed that the empire’s Islamic character and even its very existence were threatened. 

Turkish historian and Abdul Hamid biographer Osman Nuri observed, “The mere mention of the word ‘reform’ irritated him [Abdul Hamid], inciting his criminal instincts.” Upon hearing of the Armenian delegation’s visit to Berlin in 1878, he bitterly remarked, “Such great impudence…Such great treachery toward religion and state…May they be cursed upon by God.”


 Ottoman Empire




 Armenian, Assyrian and Greek civilians

Attack type

 mass murder, looting





A photograph taken in November 1895 by William Sachtleben of Armenians killed in Erzerum.


An Armenian woman and her children who were refugees of the massacres and sought help from missionaries by walking great distances.


Map of Armenia.






The Armenian genocide was the systematic killing and deportation of Armenians by the Turks of the Ottoman Empire. In 1915, during World War I, leaders of the Turkish government set in motion a plan to expel and massacre Armenians. By the early 1920s, when the massacres and deportations finally ended, between 600,000 and 1.5 million Armenians were dead, with many more forcibly removed from the country. Today, most historians call this event a genocide: a premeditated and systematic campaign to exterminate an entire people. However, the Turkish government still does not acknowledge the scope of these events.

At the end of the 19th century, the despotic Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamid II – obsessed with loyalty above all, and infuriated by the nascent Armenian campaign to win basic civil rights – declared that he would solve the “Armenian question” once and for all.

“I will soon settle those Armenians,” he told a reporter in 1890. “I will give them a box on the ear which will make them…relinquish their revolutionary ambitions.”

On April 24, 1915, the Armenian genocide began. That day, the Turkish government arrested and executed several hundred Armenian intellectuals.

After that, ordinary Armenians were turned out of their homes and sent on death marches through the Mesopotamian desert without food or water.

Frequently, the marchers were stripped naked and forced to walk under the scorching sun until they dropped dead. People who stopped to rest were shot.

At the same time, the Young Turks created a “Special Organization,” which in turn organized “killing squads” or “butcher battalions” to carry out, as one officer put it, “the liquidation of the Christian elements.”

These killing squads were often made up of murderers and other ex-convicts. They drowned people in rivers, threw them off cliffs, crucified them and burned them alive. In short order, the Turkish countryside was littered with Armenian corpses.

Records show that during this “Turkification” campaign, government squads also kidnapped children, converted them to Islam and gave them to Turkish families. In some places, they raped women and forced them to join Turkish “harems” or serve as slaves. Muslim families moved into the homes of deported Armenians and seized their property.





501A4DCE-60A0-4A83-8F6E-2B7B513FFCC8Armenian genocide dispute – 30 October 2019

The mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks during World War One remains a highly sensitive issue.

Turkey has resisted widespread calls for it to recognise the 1915-16 killings as genocide, while historians continue to argue about the events. At the time there were numerous reports of Turkish atrocities committed against the Armenians.

The tragedy is in the news again after the US House of Representatives voted to recognise it as genocide. Turkey condemned the vote as a meaningless political step.

What happened?

There is general agreement that hundreds of thousands of Armenians died when the Ottoman Turks deported them en masse from eastern Anatolia to the Syrian desert and elsewhere in 1915-16. They were killed or died from starvation or disease.

The total number of Armenian dead is disputed. Armenians say 1.5 million died. The Republic of Turkey estimates the total to be 300,000.

5E5CDB1A-282D-4C3B-8661-37C63292CDA5According to the International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS), the death toll was “more than a million”.

In a letter to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2005, the IAGS said “we want to underscore that it is not just Armenians who are affirming the Armenian Genocide but it is the overwhelming opinion of scholars who study genocide”.

What was the political context?

The Young Turks – an officers’ movement that had seized power in 1908 – launched a series of measures against Armenians as the Ottoman Empire was crumbling through military defeats in the war. The Young Turks – calling themselves the Committee of Unity and Progress (CUP) – had entered the war on Germany’s side in 1914.

Turkish propaganda at the time presented the Armenians as saboteurs and a pro-Russian “fifth column”.

Armenians mark the date 24 April 1915 as the start of what they regard as the genocide. That was when the Ottoman government arrested about 50 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders. They were later executed.

Armenians in the Ottoman army were disarmed and killed. Armenian property was confiscated.



Armenian civilians flee Kars after its capture by Turkish forces (en:User:Aivazovsky • Public domain).


Armenians suffering.




2E2ED0B8-7BD3-4518-B07E-0486D4194345Part 4.  Closing


Please take note of the specific and the random memes and screen print images that I shall be attaching to this article.  They add to the essence of this post.

Thank you to the Resources who contribute to this page.  Acknowledgement and credit goes to those who create their social media content, essays, and images.


Thank you, Dear Reader, for visiting today, for bearing with this long-form composition.

Please return for the next essay.



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