‘Republi-cons – Let’s Go To The Videotape’


‘Republi-cons – Let’s Go To The Videotape’

(3 May 2020)

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Dear Reader:


Here’s my latest political ramblings.

First, a few spots of political commentary.


Right-wing Republi-con talk radio and TV has been pushing another con.  They are telling their audience to lie to pollsters – to report themselves voting for the Democratic Party.  This action skews the results and gives Democratic candidates that false sense of security.

Look at 2016 and 2018.  It worked quite well.  Polls appeared to show Clinton defeating Drumpf in a landslide.  Democrats got complacent, didn’t conduct their 50 States Strategy, and lost the Electoral College.

This election year?  Right-wing Republi-con talk made a bigger boast.  Joe Walsh predicts that Crooked Drumpf will win another Electoral College landslide while losing the popular vote by five million less votes than the Democratic Party nomination.


Coronavirus is Crooked Drumpf’s shiny object distraction from other crimes that he has been committing.

When you are paying attention to Crooked Drumpf’s Coronavirus shiny object, then you are not paying attention to his overthrow of the Constitution.


The Republi-con Party has been Fascist since Hoover, when he met with Mussolini to declare their eternal alliance between Hoover’s Republi-con Party and Mussolini’s Fascist Party.

Declarations of Fascism.


‘Fascism is Capitalism plus murder.’

 – Upton Sinclair (‘The Jungle’)

And now:

‘We’ll make Obama’s Waterloo.  We want Obama to fail and our country to fail.  Our Party comes first.  We will break you, N****r.’ 

 – Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R (speech, 1 Jan 10)

‘I’m a T-party supporter 100%.  The voters have short memories.  T-party Republicans are strong enough.  It’s Darwinian Politics!  One-Party-Rule all across the country!’ 

 – Lou Dobbs, R (talk show, 27 Sep 10)

For example – The Great Depression, The Cold War, Invasion of Granada, Iran-Contra, Gulf War, ‘9 / 11’, Afghanistan and Iraq Wars – started by Amerikan Fascists, profits to Amerikan Capitalists.

Crooked Drumpf issued his National Emergency based on his own appellation of a ‘Hoax’.

 – Thus, Crooked Drumpf suspends American Constitutional Rights based on what he himself asserts is a fraud. 

 – Thus Crooked Drumpf’s National Emergency is a fraud.

Crooked Drumpf has overthrown our Constitution same as Hitler seized Germany.

Not a whimper from you Republi-cons.


The House of Representatives holds the absolute Right of oversight of the Executive Branch.  It’s there in the Constitution.

I submit that Fauci lacks the cajones to tell the truth to the House of Representatives.  He is more concerned about his self-preservation than stepping on Crooked Drumpf’s toes, er, bone spurs.

Other questions to ask:

 – How do the Republi-cons feel about Crooked Drumpf’s lack of empathy when it is their own family member or friend who died from Coronavirus?

 – How eager are these Republi-cons to continue to support Crooked Drumpf?  Vote for Crooked Drumpf and pro-Drumpf Republi-cons who are equally cold?


Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer, accuses Biden of a sexual assault that she asserts occurred 27 years ago.  Reade claims that she filed a report with a Congressional personnel office, but that her report did not explicitly accuse Biden of either ‘sexual assault’ or ‘harassment’.  

Here’s how Reade described her issues with Biden:

 – ‘The main word I used – and I know I didn’t use sexual harassment – I used ‘uncomfortable.’

More likely, Reade had a crush on Biden.  Reade chose to retaliate against Biden when he rebuffed her.



Here are some random transcriptions from today’s Sunday morning news interview shows.

The topics were about Crooked Drumpf, Coronavirus, Crooked Drumpf’s bailouts of his Corporate sycophants, Crooked Drumpf using his campaign surrogates to besmirch Biden.


CBS ‘Face the Nation’ (3 May 2020) Drumpf’s economy under Coronavirus:


BBDAE8AB-7F43-4164-B506-5853C3C4DCE8‘Drumpf predicts a significant comeback for the economy.  But Fed Chairman Jay Powell was blunt.  Powell urged Drumpf and Congress to take action.  Powell’s is a bleak assessment.  Thirty million Americans filed for Unemployment.  Are we headed for Depression?  May could be ‘make or break’ for many businesses, it’s about staying solvent.  The Fed is watching the mortgage market, so many Americans have had to put off their payments.  The Fed will buy more debt of local government, to lend more money.  It’s up to Congress to do something. 

 – Margaret Brennan (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 3 May 2020)

‘The depth and duration of Drumpf’s economic downturn are extremely uncertain.  Those who are least able to bear it are the ones losing their job. 

 – Jay Powell, R-Federal Reserve (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 3 May 2020)

‘We knew Coronavirus was going to do damage to the economy.  We knew the jobless numbers will be bad.  Our aim is to provide relief.  Call businesses, talk about relief, talk to policymakers.  We know businesses and families don’t have six, eight months savings.  Those savings are not gonna be there.  It’s not in our interest for bankruptcies.  African-Americans are being hit harder by Coronavirus.  We’re gonna urge policymakers. 

 – Raphael Bostic, Federal Reserve Bank (Atlanta) (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 3 May 2020)

‘Drumpf can’t run on a strong economy.  Voters are saying they are seeing Drumpf too much.  ’

 – Ed O’Keefe (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 3 May 2020)


‘Air travel plummeted 96%, half the US fleet is grounded, the planes average 17 passengers per domestic flight.  Congress gave to industry $50 billion.  The four biggest carriers reported massive 1st Quarter losses.  This is worse than after ‘9 / 11’.  Southwest took $2 billion in federal aid.  Southwest will become a smaller airline. 

 – Margaret Brennan (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 3 May 2020)

‘I don’t think the risk on airplanes are greater than anywhere else.  It’s a safe environment.  We’ve got a lotta cash, a great business model.  We’re getting better.  We raised $6 billion last week.  We will seek another government loan.  We have to downsize.  We are well-prepared. 

 – Gary Kelly, Southwest Air (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 3 May 2020)


‘Biden publicly denied he assaulted former aid Reade in 1993.  This story opens up Drumpf and accusations from more than 20 women about sexual harassment and abuse.  Does it hurt Biden?  We’ll see. 

 – Margaret Brennan (CBS ‘Face the Nation’, 3 May 2020)


ABC ‘This Week’ (3 May 2020) – Drumpf, Coronavirus, Campaign:

‘How does Drumpf talk about his economy when there’s so many people unemployed, there is such a crisis!  Drumpf blames China for Coronavirus.  Drumpf says Biden is soft on China.  

 – Martha Radditz, R-Drumpf (ABC ‘This Week’, 3 May 2020)

‘Drumpf’s people believe his messaging.  Drumpf praises China.  Drumpf hasn’t tied Biden to China.  That’s problematic. 

– Rick Klein (ABC ‘This Week’, 3 May 2020)

‘Drumpf’s problem he has is his low approval, even with his great economy pre-Coronavirus.  He was in a very dicey situation.  How did Drumpf handle this Coronavirus crisis and the economy?  It’s a fool’s errand.  Problematic.  

 – Matthew Dowd, R-Drumpf (ABC ‘This Week’, 3 May 2020)

‘The polling was historically inaccurate in the 2016 race.  Everyone is rooting for Drumpf.  We want our economy to open.  Drumpf is a strong leader.  He has record approval.  The Media is ignoring Biden because he’s a Democrat. 

 – Ronna McDaniel, R-Drumpf, RNC Chairman (ABC ‘This Week’, 3 May 2020)


‘Fox News Sunday’ (3 May 2020):. Biden versus Flynn.


‘Flynn will be exonerated one way or the other.  He’d be capable of coming back.  He suffered greatly. 

 – Drumpf, -Drumpf (‘Fox News Sunday’, 3 May 2020)

‘FBI talked about catching Flynn in a lie.  Drumpf fired Flynn because he lied to Pence.  Drumpf will bring Flynn back. ‘

 – Chris Wallace, R-Drumpf (‘Fox News Sunday’, 3 May 2020)

‘Flynn did choose to lie to Pence.  He did have shady dealings with Turkey.  He shouldn’t have been picked for National Security Advisor.  It was a chaotic White House.  It doesn’t smell great. 

 – Guy Benson, R-Drumpf (‘Fox News Sunday’, 3 May 2020)

‘Evidence doesn’t exonerate Flynn.  Flynn lied to Pence, to the FBI.  Flynn is a highly trained military intelligence officer, he’s not a rube, he’s not stupid.  Flynn decided to lie under Oath, Flynn pled guilty to it, that still remains the fact.  There’s nothing in Flynn’s documents that show this is a politically motivated investigation.  Flynn chose to lie about his contacts with foreign governments, including the Russians. 

Marie Harf (‘Fox News Sunday’, 3 May 2020)


Drumpf is clearly now pushing it’s time to start re-opening the country.  But not a single state has met Drumpf’s guidelines of two weeks of steady decline in new cases.  People are more concerned about safety than re-opening.  Republi-con governors pushing to re-open.  There are protests in the street.  Sixty-six thousand died, a million new Coronavirus cases.  Thirty million in the last few weeks lost their job.  Red State governors pushing for re-opening.  It’s a political breakdown. 

– Chris Wallace, R-Drumpf (‘Fox News Sunday’, 3 May 2020)

‘Small business owners did everything right, wondering if they ever can open.  It’s a humanitarian crisis.  When will the American people feel confident? 

 – Guy Benson, R-Drumpf (‘Fox News Sunday’, 3 May 2020)

‘Sixty-six thousand people died alone.  But there’s no doubt the economic impact of Coronavirus is devastating.  There are car lines of six miles for people to get food.  Through no fault of their own they found themselves in this position.  Doctors and nurses are being laid off.  Firefighters, police officers are being laid off.  What a great job they’ve done so far. 

 – Dana Pirino, R-Drumpf (‘Fox News Sunday’, 3 May 2020)


‘Biden flatly denies Reade’s allegation.  Several women made allegations against Drumpf. 

– Chris Wallace, R-Drumpf (‘Fox News Sunday’, 3 May 2020)

‘Biden deserves the presumption of innocence.  I’m not sure the evidence is decisive.  For us to pile on – that’s not fair.  There are inconsistencies in Reade’s stories. ‘

 – Guy Benson, R-Drumpf (‘Fox News Sunday’, 3 May 2020)

‘Biden calls for an investigation.  That’s a level of transparency.  Biden has been vetted.  There is no concrete evidence – at all – of assault. 

Marie Harf (‘Fox News Sunday’, 3 May 2020)


Bonus footage. 

999276FD-456F-412B-AE0B-7B72A48C0FC4‘Michigan Lawmakers say the Michigan Governor has gone too far.  They’re going to court.  Protestors are saying ‘Shutdown the lockdown’ at the state capitol.  The Governor’s scientific data says the state isn’t out of the woods yet.  Men with rifles hailing at the legislators, legislators wearing bullet-proof vests.  Lockdowns continue on.  Shutdowns are bizarre.  Protests will play out in the next few weeks.  We’ll see more and more protests.’

 – Gordon Robertson, -Drumpf (CBN TV ‘700 Club’ show, 1 May 2020)

‘On-line political groups ought to do things.  Express your political points of view.  Don’t masquerade as something you’re not, particularly if you are funded by a definite political agenda.  Be up front if you are political operatives.  Have your speech, tell who you are.  They’re not transparent. 

 – Gordon Robertson, -Drumpf (CBN TV ‘700 Club’ show, 1 May 2020)

Special features.


‘We are at 30 million people on Unemployment; this surpasses the Great Depression.  A lot of people in a lot of pain.  We’re seeing people in food banks completely overwhelmed.  Drumpf’s ego gets in the way.  Fiscal con-servatism will pull ourselves out of this.  Nationally, we have 2000 Coronavirus deaths per day, a staggering number.  There’s bad actors as in Georgia.  Coronavirus is dangerous. 

 – Meghan McCain, R-Drumpf (ABC ‘The View’, 1 May 2020)


It’s a fracture of ideology among Republi-cons.

59BE90A9-6BE7-41A9-8207-8247AFB60D70Here at Red State Arizona, Republi-con Governor Acey Ducey issued his quarantine lockdown to continue through May 2020.  Yet there are grumblings amongst his far-Right-wing constituents who have refused to comply with any quarantine whatsoever.

As of Wednesday, 30 Apr 2020, the local Faux Snooze TV news announced that Crooked Drumpf will be coming to Phoenix next week, before the Governor’s quarantine expires.  Crooked Drumpf insists that he will be here expecting at least 25.000 people in attendance.

Notice the Baby Bush Fuzzy Math.

 – ‘Thirty percent want to go back to normal that nothing is wrong.  Then there’s the majority 40% who want to wait.  The stay-at-home order is extended to May 15th.  Coronavirus is not trending down in Arizona.  When will you feel safe?  Restaurants have been without payroll for five weeks.  Governor Ducey reminded everyone that there is fine and jail time for anyone who re-opens. 

 (KSAZ TV Fox 10 News Arizona, 30 Apr 2020)

‘Threaten my constituents with jail is the last straw.  I will be using all options to bring Arizona back into a Constitutional state.  Who is with me?’

 (Representative Kelly Townsend, R; KSAZ TV Fox 10 News Arizona, 30 Apr 2020)

‘I’m going on a trip to Arizona next week.’

 (Crooked Drumpf, KSAZ TV Fox 10 News Arizona, 30 Apr 2020)

B9F227B3-1833-4B52-AF16-AE314043743EThat is leading to their current face-off.  Guv says he will arrest anyone who violates his lockdown.  Meanwhile, his fellow Republi-cons opposed to lockdown are threatening mass revolt.  It will be interesting to see a confrontation amongst Republicans-cons.

Here’s an old quote from the now-Guv, it reflects the split among Republi-cons:

 – ‘We Republicans put this state in the wrong direction.  It’s broken.  It’s a mess.  It needs a new, fresh direction.’ Doug Ducey, R (Campaign statement for Arizona Treasurer, 9 Aug 10)



Please take note of the specific and the random memes and screen print images that may be attached to this article – some ‘Oldies but Goodies’, some new hits.  They add to the essence of this post.

Thank you to the Resources who contribute to this page.  Acknowledgement and credit goes to those who create their social media content, essays, and images.

Additional Resources:

Auschwitz Museum denounces the Drumpfian poster.


Crooked Drumpf has been sending America’s Coronavirus N95 face masks to China.


It’s the authoritarians who have mishandled and misjudged the Covid-19 crisis.  From Trump to Erdoğan, men who behave badly make the worst leaders in a pandemic.


Crooked Drumpf failed the meet his own Coronavirus goals.


CNN’s Jim Acosta calls out Crooked Drumpf’s lies and his accusations that Coronavirus is Obama’s fault.


Mike Pence exposed.


Drumpfians chant that Crooked Drumpf’s lockdown is ‘Slavery’.


Drumpfians protest against Crooked Drumpf’s quarantine.


Tragic results of science denials, religious extremism.


An ex-prosecutor is skeptical about Reade’s sexual assault claim against Biden.


Accusations against Crooked Drumpf.


Tara Reade Admits Lie, ‘There Was No Complaint’


Reade: ‘I didn’t use sexual harassment’ in Biden complaint


Reade’s latest accusation against Biden seems to have con3 from her father’s novel.


Reade’s bizarre writing supports Drumpf and Putin.



Information Emerges Around Biden Sexual Assault Allegation.


Now, as Crooked Drumpf’s re-election nears, the Deplorables are back, but this time they’re gunning for a new moniker: the Discombobulateds.  Crooked Drumpf’s gun-toting supporters are firing blanks.


‘You have a clever way of rejecting god’s law to uphold your own teaching.’

 – Matthew 7:9

The preaching of Jesus the Republi-con.


Carlson throws a tantrum.


‘I Gotta Wash My Hands’.


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