’Welcome To Amerika’


’Welcome To Amerika’

(3 Jun 2020)

(2019 06 09) Slimand Me (Thassos -February 1973) 50091091_2252905174984063_633501676090687488_n*

Dear Reader:

On the Anniversary of the Chinese Fascist dictatorship crushing the Peoples’ Democracy movement.

(2019 06 04) Business Insider Trump Power of Strength 62191427_644983389352261_4786477894450806784_nCrooked DrumpFuhrer, instead, praises the Chinese Fascist dictatorship for the slaughter in the streets of Beijing.

Coronavirus was Crooked DrumpFuhrer’s prelude distraction by his shiny object, to keep you frightened, indoors, off the streets, un-employed, and financially desperate while he moved his military into place.


We are Amerika, now in martial law status.

There will be no mutiny, no saving the Constitution by Mattis or by the military.

There will be no mutiny to dispatch Crooked DrumpFuhrer to the dustbin of world history where he belongs.

27097AAC-4320-42CB-9AE7-22DCCA58360AThe USA military prove themselves loyal to Crooked DrumpFuhrer, NOT to the Constitution, NOT to their Oath of Office.

Crooked DrumpFuhrer has all his generals lined up on his side, scared to fulfill their Oath of Office to defend the Constitution from ALL enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.

There is little that can be said or be done by Mattis or by any other current or former military officer or Cabinet Secretary.

As did Hitler, Crooked DrumpFuhrer did this one step at a time, cunningly developed through decades of plotting and scheming; Crooked DrumpFuhrer as both a Republi-con and a Christian Con-servative whose constituent members have been fully supportive.

4BBCB2E2-25E0-4B9C-9DED-22EF08DD2BACEnough of Amerika went for it, going along for the ride while the getting was good.  It’s too late, you are still riding out this proverbial tiger and you can no longer let go of its tail.

I perceived Crooked DrumpFuhrer as the con that he is since the 1970s when I first heard of him.  Any time his name came up for conversation or debate, I made my say.  Some people accepted my warnings, some people told me that I was completely twisted, some people now Gaslight me.

Crooked DrumpFuhrer issued his National Emergency.  That in itself gives him authoritarian powers when either branch of Congress or the Supreme Court conspire with him.  Moscow McConnell proved that this complicit Senate fully supports Crooked DrumpFuhrer’s dictatorship.  The five Republi-con Supreme Court justices and the panoply of the federal judiciary are fully subservient to Crooked DrumpFuhrer’s command.

The American experiment in Civilian self-governance was cool while it lasted.

(2019 06 04) CBS News 12 Helicopter 62372233_382458269142437_1207114757702680576_nI sit on my back patio and watch the steady stream of police helicopters and high-altitude surveillance aircraft flying over my home.  Mind you, when I bought my home, I deliberately chose here because it is not under any designated flight paths; my overhead skies are supposed to be free of all aircraft.  Now it is Grand Central Station, curfew at 8pm (20.00 hours).  Reminds me of that infamous helicopter scene in ‘Missing’.

This is now Crooked DrumpFuhrer’s Amerika 

Welcome to it.


In the Fascist world, you either are Fascist (loyal to The State) or are Anti-Fascist (an enemy of The State).

Guess where Crooked DrumpFuhrer is:

‘Drumpf calls Anti-Fascism protesters terrorists.’

‘Drumpf Security Forces surrounding the area cleared the protesters with tear gas.  Drumpf stood for a photo while holding a Bible.’

 – PBS Newshour (1 Jun 2020)


‘General Mattis has accused Drumpf of ‘stoking division’ in the country.’

‘Hong Kong police ban Tiananmen Square candlelight vigils. Organisers still will go ahead. Thousands will be arrested. ‘

– BBC News (4 Jun 2020)


‘All four ex-police are in custody. The family of George Floyd say this is far from over. Attourney General is increasing the charges against Chauvin to 2nd Degree Murder. Detroit Police Chief will not break up peaceful marches defying Curfew. New charges were announced against all four connected to Floyd’s death. All in custody for Aiding and Abetting Murder. A ‘tipping point’ for Justice. The video will make it clear. Protesters chanted ‘We Got All Four!’.  Floyd was not resisting arrest – that’s key. ‘

‘Demonstrations were peaceful against police brutality at events all across the country. Police in Brooklyn charged the crowds when it passed 8pm Curfew. ‘

(2019 06 04) BBC News What were the protets about 62165867_348633282510899_1874887515446444032_n– CBS News (4 Jun 2020)


Thank you to the Resources who contribute to this page.  Acknowledgement and credit goes to those who create their social media content, essays, and images.

Additional Resources:

Tiananmen Square Massacre in words and photographs.


Cops are counter-protesting AntiFa.


Crooked DrumpFuhrer and Barr ordered the tear-gassing and military assault against Saint John’s.   They gassed the priest.



You are educated enough to know where to find more on your own.


How noble. 

#justiceforbreonnaTaylor #justiceforgeorgeFloyd

Update: this happened in two cities. This picture is from Columbus, Ohio. 

Tweet: https://twitter.com/_jordynkiera/status/1267224844392898564?s=21

The links have video of the same thing happening in Louisville, KY. 





Matthew Desmond 

(31 May 2020)

This needs to go viral. Police and national guard are patrolling neighborhoods in Minneapolis, shooting at people in their own yards.



copied & shared from a comrade:

If you’re not following the Swann Street siege story this morning, it’s incredible.

Yesterday evening, D.C. police forced a large group of peaceful protesters and demonstrators into a residential neighborhood in a tactic known as “kettling.”

Kettling is a military technique to encircle people, to box them in on all sides, into a smaller and smaller and smaller space where they can’t retreat or escape from. In American protests, it’s often accompanied by police forces taking advantage of the fact that protesters can’t retreat to inflict maximum harm with teargas, batons, and other weapons for an extended period before doing mass arrests.

(2019 06 04) CBS News 1 Students face-to-face with police 62372394_430087597813827_4210267495791067136_nIt’s not a dispersement technique, it’s the complete opposite — it’s a technique of intense aggression, and it’s controversial because it’s seldom used in good faith and often results in intense prolonged violence, with the intention of also cutting everyone caught in the kettle off from medics, aid, food, water, the ability to leave, etc.

Last night, D.C. police pushed demonstrators into a residential neighborhood in an attempt to kettle them. But residents of the neighborhood had been watching, and threw open their front doors to protesters, including a first-generation Indian-American man named Rahul Dubey.

Rahul and his neighbors sheltered a hundred people or more, between them, for eight hours last night, including having teargas fired at their homes and having the police try to enter their private property several times through various methods. They were rebuked and dispelled every time.

Rahul and his neighbors orchestrated food, medical aid, and lawyers during the siege, including ensuring protesters had safe escorts this morning.

You can read the first-person accounts from the people who were trapped there:

Allison Lane: https://twitter.com/allieblablah

Meka from the 307: 


And you can read Marcella Robertson’s coverage on her timeline here, including Rahul’s speech to media this morning: 



Here’s this Commentary.


Step by step, Trump has paralleled Hitler’s rise to power.  Now he’s setting the stage to declare martial law nationwide:

[Full article is as follows]

“Exclusive: President Trump Moves Military Forces to Near-Wartime Alert Level in Washington D.C


The Pentagon has ordered forces and bases in the Washington D.C. area to “Force Protection Condition Charlie,” a threat condition that indicates “likely” targeting of military forces and or terrorist action and the second highest alert level available.

The state of higher alert was ordered as of 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning for the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. The order follows a rapidly moving and confusing set of statements and threats coming out of the White House in the previous 24 hours. During this period, President Donald Trump has threatened state governors with federal intervention, and appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark Milley as the commander of federal forces—a legally questionable order. Under the law, the chairman serves as the principal military adviser to the president, not a military commander.

(2019 06 04) CBS News 11 Armed soldiers of PLA 62339348_2182329565190440_4897211488600588288_n“The role of the U.S. military in domestic U.S. law enforcement is limited by law,” Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said in a statement Tuesday. “It must not be used in violation of those limits and I see little evidence that President Trump understands this fundamental premise.”

“I remain gravely concerned about President Trump’s seemingly autocratic rule and how it affects the judgment of our military leadership,” Rep. Smith says.

As a further measure Monday, the president quietly federalized the District of Columbia National Guard, the first National Guard troops to be federalized in response to the outbreak of national protests responding to the death of George Floyd.

The D.C.-area troops fall under a little known command—Joint Task Force National Capital Region (JTF-NCR), which was originally activated in March to implement secret continuity of government and other emergency plans in response to coronavirus.

The Joint Task Force is commanded by Army Maj. Gen. Omar Jones. He reports to the “combatant commander” for North America, Air Force Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaunghnessy, the commander of U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM), headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO. And Gen. O’Shaunghnessy reports to the president, through the secretary of defense.

In addition to federalizing the D.C. National Guard, additional National Guard units from adjoining states and West Virginia were also brought into the capital region Monday night, also under federal orders.

And right after midnight Tuesday morning, transport aircraft from Ft. Drum, New York, and Ft. Riley, Kansas, arrived at Andrews Air Force Base in southern Maryland and disembarked active-duty military police and infantry soldiers to take on the military defense of federal buildings and bases. Some 250 active duty military police from Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, had already been staged at military bases inside the district by midnight.

(2019 06 04) CBS News 21 PLA soldiers leap the fence 62177562_424131565073871_2371255945247326208_n“I am mobilizing all available federal resources, civilian and military,” President Trump said Monday, referring to “thousands and thousands” of military and federal civilian forces at his disposal. Last night, law enforcement officers of 10 federal agencies took up positions in the D.C. area, most around the White House and Capitol building as well as federal offices and monuments. This includes the FBI, ATF, Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Marshals and Bureau of Prisons officers of the Department of Justice, and Customs and Border Protection, ICE, the Secret Service and Coast Guard officer of the Department of Homeland Security.

Across the country, at least 26 states and the District of Columbia have now mobilized over 20,000 guardsmen and women to “protect life and property; and preserve peace, order and public safety,” according to Air Force Gen. Joseph Lengyel, chief of the National Guard Bureau.

The 26 states that have activated National Guard troops are: Arizona, Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. The Guard units in the states continue to serve under “state active duty” and the command of each state governor.

On the ground, FBI and other federal law enforcement officers have joined local police.

And up in the air, federal surveillance aircraft—most belonging to the CBP, but also FBI and military aircraft and helicopters—flew surveillance missions Monday over Buffalo, NY; Chicago, IL; Washington, DC; Detroit, MI; El Paso, TX; Miami, Florida; and San Diego, CA

(2019 06 04) CBS News 29 PLA tanks guard Chang'an Avenue 62190478_819897755048878_3304264657463672832_nPresident Trump, in stating yesterday that his goal was “to stop the rioting and looting, to end the destruction and arson, and to protect the rights of law-abiding Americans, including your Second Amendment rights,” used language that some analysts say could be a step in the direction of invoking the Enforcement of the Laws to Restore Public Order Act—commonly known The Insurrection Act—that would allow him to deploy military troops within the United States to suppress civil disorder, insurrection and rebellion.

President Trump said he would take action in cases where governors “refuse” to enforce the law or protect the civil rights of their citizens. This is considered to be a possible trigger for the White House to invoke the Insurrection Act without the agreement of an individual governor.

Both Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Gen. Milley were at the White House Monday as the national security principals of the administration discussed the federal response and the escalation of the National Guard to involve federal active duty forces. Esper also took part in the presidential conference call with state governors. In that call, Esper referred to the streets of America as “battlespace” to be dominated, an expression that the president has now repeated numerous times.

As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Milley is the considered the senior military officer of the U.S. military and is formally the principal military adviser to the president. But he is not in command of any military forces, nor is he in the chain of command.

Two Pentagon sources with knowledge of the White House discussions tell Newsweek that neither Secretary Esper nor Gen. Milley have questioned the usefulness, propriety or legality of President Trump’s moves to involve federal military forces in the current civil unrest.

In announcing that he was putting Gen. Milley in charge, President Trump said that Milley “hates the way it’s being handled in the various states,” but neither Milley nor the Pentagon has made any official announcement regarding his views or his new role. Last night Milley was seen walking the streets of the District of Columbia after curfew to view the scene.

Esper and Milley—wearing a combat camouflage uniform—also accompanied President Trump in his photo op yesterday at St. John’s Episcopal Church across from the White House.”


Here’s something attributed to the Washington Post.


Washington Post

(3 Jun 2020):

“Anyone concerned about the state of America’s democracy ought to have been troubled Monday at the sight of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark A. Milley, striding behind Donald Trump during his presidential show of force at Lafayette Square. Dressed in combat fatigues and walking with Attorney General William P. Barr, national security adviser Robert O’Brien and others, the nation’s highest-ranking military officer did more than make himself part of the tableau of Trump’s photo op and campaign commercial. Milley gave tangible meaning to the president’s threat to deploy the U.S. military to put down “domestic terror” in the United States. His presence also raised questions about the military’s role as the country heads toward November and what the president has already declared could be “the greatest Rigged Election in history.”

“The president’s call for military deployments against protesters was not some random Trumpian effusion. He and his advisers and supporters are building a legal justification for deploying troops on American streets. Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper advised the nation’s governors to “dominate the battlespace,” by which he meant American cities. Prominent Republican Sen. Tom Cotton (Ark.), a close Trump ally and presidential aspirant, called for deploying “the 10th Mountain, 82nd Airborne, 1st Cav, 3rd Infantry — whatever it takes,” against the “insurrectionists,” a deliberate reference to the Insurrection Act of 1807, which gives the president broad powers to deploy federal troops. Trump tweeted that Cotton’s suggestions were “100% Correct.” This is the context in which Milley appeared with the president in his battle fatigues. It is the context in which a U.S. Army helicopter descended to rooftop level in Washington’s Chinatown hours later, frightening and scattering protesters in a “show of force” that snapped trees and nearly injured the fleeing civilians.”

(2019 11 19) Total Resistance (Hans von Dach Bern) 74906659_2194014064232780_5110046243606757376_n“Dictators rule by controlling the “power ministries”: the domestic police and intelligence services, foreign intelligence services, and armed forces. U.S. democracy has been sustained by a strong tradition of ensuring that the power ministries serve the Constitution and the broader interests of the American people, not the political and personal interests of the individual in the White House.”


Thank you for visiting yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


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