’Sunday Sermon’


’Sunday Sermon’

(16 Aug 2020)

(2019 06 09) Slimand Me (Thassos -February 1973) 50091091_2252905174984063_633501676090687488_n*

‘OUR T-party is America’s spiritual revival.’

– Sen Jim DeMint, R (speech, 23 Apr 10)

8BFA924A-061B-47C6-96FC-5D5B1F9E1CBCCrooked Drumpf Republi-con-ism is their religion.  Crooked Drumpf is their deity.

July 2020 was merely the latest.  Both Lindsey Graham and Pat Robertson called  Crooked Drumpf  ‘The Second Coming’.  Then Pillow Guy Lindell called Crooked Drumpf ‘The Chosen One’.



Tom Hilton
(11 Aug 2020)

Just in case you thought racism was just libtard journalism… It is alive and well in the GOP (as if Trump’s racism was still an issue for serious debate). Also, Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican shoo-in for Congress) exemplifies the GOP recipe for success – racist, gun fanatic, and of course, QAnon prosthelytizer.

8DC552CC-A9E6-4C96-AF53-4EBC5DC3BB7DNo, this is not a fluke. According to Media Matters, a left-leaning watchdog group, 20 candidates, 19 Republicans and 1 independent have told constituents they believe and/or support the mythical QAnon conspiracy theory that (a) Democrat big-wigs (led by George Soros) are running an international pedophile White slavery ring (originally out of a Capitol Hill pizza joint’s basement until it was proven that the establishment has no basement), (b) that Trump was chosen by God to lead the crusade to stop the abuse by (c) kicking open the door of the coming apocalypse which will (d) round up and imprison all the libtards and (e) bring “The Rapture” to the Q believers – or variations on that theme. Google “QAnon” for up-to-the-minute news on global conspiracies.🤪


Billy Crystal played Jodie Dallas – originally a M-F Trans person beginning Transition.  ‘Soap’ began airing on ABC in September 1977.  A few months later, my father destroyed our TV set because I was watching the show.  Didn’t matter, I had a radio with TV audio; I’d listen to the show in my bedroom.


There was much controversy because the Jodie Dallas character was M-F Trans, was seeking a Sex Change Operation.

The Catholic Church ran a heavy campaign to remove ‘Soap’ from ABC’s broadcast schedule.  Many ABC stations succumbed to that pressure and refused to broadcast the show.  I moved to the Salt Lake City, Utah, area in October 1980.  The ABC affiliate station only began showing ‘Soap’ there that season – late night after ‘Nightline’ news.

Here’s a URL:



I was taking a quick browse. The content of Jodie as Trans is effectively unmentioned.

This is from the Cast of Characters list:

– ‘Jodie Dallas (Billy Crystal)—The son of Mary Campbell and her first husband Johnny Dallas.  An openly gay man, he shares his mother’s common sense and pleasant temperament. He is first dating a closeted football player but later fathers a daughter (Wendy) with Carol, an attorney who seduces him after meeting at his Aunt Jessica’s murder trial.  After Carol runs off to join the rodeo, Wendy is left with Jodie, triggering a custody battle and a kidnapping.  The series ends with Jodie believing himself to be an old Jewish man, Julius Kassendorf, due to a failed hypnotherapy session.’


That entire first season has Jodie exploring his Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation, realising that Gender is not Orientation.

But, as I frequently comment in my social media and web-site, back then (1970s) the ‘experts’ in Transsexualism and psychology asserted that Gay men in a committed relationship with another Gay man were the best candidates for Transition.

I had to literally fight my counselling to prove that they were wrong.

Many of those same leading psychologists who required Homosexual men eligible for Transition eventually changed by the mid-1980s.

By then, hundreds of Gay men were being counselled for having been mutilated.

Bear in mind the numbers.  As of the end of the 1970s, there were between only 1000 to 3000 Trans people reported amongst the American medical community.


More from the ‘Soap’ URL:

Pre-broadcast protests and controversy

In early March 1977, ABC screened the first two episodes of Soap for the executives of its 195 affiliate stations, many of whom were instantly appalled by the show’s emphasis on sex and infidelity. Two of the affiliates, neither in a major market, privately told ABC that the show was “raunchy” and its subject matter not fit for television.[5]

In June 1977, a Newsweek preview of the fall season written by Harry F. Waters panned the show while mischaracterizing some of its basic plot elements and offering exaggerated reports of its sexual content. Despite having not seen the pilot, Waters called the show a “sex farce” and claimed (erroneously) that the show included a scene of a Catholic priest being seduced in a confessional.[6] Waters also stated:

Soap promises to be the most controversial network series of the coming season, a show so saturated with sex that it could replace violence as the PTA’s Video Enemy No. 1.
— Harry F. Waters[7]

Whether Waters’ errors and misrepresentations were intentional or accidental is unknown.

Within days of the Newsweek report, a number of local and national religious organizations began to quickly mobilize against Soap, despite the fact that they also had not seen the pilot. Among these were the National Council of Churches, the United Church of Christ, the United Methodist Church, the National Council of Catholic Bishops and the Christian Life Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention,[8] the latter of which went so far as to divest itself of 2,500 shares of ABC stock “because the board does not approve of programming related to the abuse of human sexuality, violence and perversion”.[9]

7E3C55EC-5CD8-4096-9C24-A5CC264026D3The Roman Catholic Church, led by its Los Angeles Archdiocese, also condemned the show and asked all American families to boycott it saying “ABC should be told that American Catholics and all Americans are not going to sit by and watch the networks have open season on Catholicism and morality. [Soap] is probably one of the most effective arguments for government censorship of TV that has yet come along.”[10] In August, the Board of Rabbis of Southern California representing three branches of Judaism, joined the Catholic protest saying that the as-yet unaired show “reached a new low”.

Dr. Everett Parker of the United Church of Christ called Soap “a low-life, salacious program” and complained that the show would be airing when children would be able to watch it. (ABC had scheduled it on Tuesdays after Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley, two of the most popular family television shows being broadcast at the time.)[11]

These religious groups organized a letter-writing campaign designed to pressure the show’s sponsors not to advertise on the network.[12] Although some of the religious groups asked their members to watch the show first, and then inform ABC of their feelings about it,[8] others began working hard to get ABC to cancel the show before it premiered. One ABC vice president was shocked to learn that his 11-year-old child was required by a parochial school teacher to write a letter of protest to ABC to take the show off the air.[13] In the end, 32,000 people wrote letters to ABC,[8] all but nine of them against it.[14]


It’s disappointing.

Little has improved, in many ways, during these past four, five decades.

45EA9037-CE11-4E15-A87A-4C5D2B027DF6We are still fighting Christian Con-servative religious groups against these same prejudices and bigotry.  They demand that the rest of the world surrender to their religious ideology.

My father and I resided at Ramah, New Mexico, during that 1977 – 1978 school year.  He was Principal of the Elementary School, I worked as Substitute Teacher at his school and at Pinehill High School, the local high school.

Anyway.  My father kept pushing me to get counselling from the Catholic Church’s parish priest where we attended.  I refused.  That priest was openly hostile about LGBT.  Any talking would have been pointless, was meant to give my father the argument against my Transition that he wanted.

By 1985, I moved to Tucson, about 90 miles from where my father previously returned to our home at Sierra Vista.  At that time, my Transition was complete and I was full-time.  Dear Ol’ Dad still demanded that I ‘talk to a priest’, as if that was going to somehow magically, suddenly change my mind, revert, de-Transition.

The parish pastor  from Sierra Vista was then the parish pastor where I attended at Tucson.  I obviously had to out myself to him.  He welcomed me quite generously.  So much that he offered me to be 1st Grade Teacher for ‘Sunday School’ lessons (taught Thursday).  I had been Sunday School Teacher and Youth Minister at my Salt Lake City parish and received numerous awards from the Diocese.  The Pastor and I agreed that my past and my Transition were no one’s business; I gladly worked and presented Stealth.

Obviously, my father was extremely angry at both me and the Pastor who supported me.  Hey!  I did as Dear Ol’ Dad demanded, I ‘talked to a priest’, but my father did not accept the decision that went against his expectations.

One Sunday, probably November 1985, my father came to visit me and we went to Catholic Mass together.  I don’t specifically remember, but no doubt my father tried to talk to the Pastor against me.

My father deliberately created trouble for me later that day.  After Mass, he and I were chatting with other parishioners who had no idea about me.  He repeatedly called me Nick and referred to me in male pronouns.  The other people were confused at first, but seemed to eventually catch on.  The next time when I taught, one of my student’s mother confronted me:

– ‘I know what you are.  We don’t want you here.’

I went to the Pastor after that student’s mother left.  The Pastor and I talked.  He sincerely insisted that I remain, that he would talk to that mom.  But I insisted that I leave, not allow my presence to be controversy.

I never returned to that parish again.  I never really remained Catholic or religious again.


This came in.

That event turned vile.

So much for Christian Con-servative ‘Pro-Life’.


It made it to YouTube:

Pittsburgh rally: ‘Kill Transgenders!’



3360559F-3DB3-4C94-A123-A94A0D9D91B7Trump Supporter Attending Pro-Police Rally In Pittsburgh Chants “Kill Transgenders!” by The Gaily Grind St

A pro-police rally in Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon took a turn for the worse when one of the rally’s attendees began chanting “kill transgenders.”

Many at the Back the Blue rally were wearing apparel supporting President Trump and waiving thin blue line flags, which are intended to show support for law enforcement.

A Black Lives Matter rally of over 100 people stood across the street from the rally as they chanted chanted “Black Lives Matter.”

A video shared to social media captured a particularly tense moment when a person from the Back The Blue rally began shouting, “kill transgenders.”

Many nearby are heard reacting in shock at the call to violence.

Centrism Fan Acct 🔹
Hmmm beginning to suspect that “all lives matter” doesn’t actually mean what it says it does.

Fifty Shades of Whey
The leader of a Back the Blue rally in Pittsburgh switched from chanting “All lives matter” to “Kill transgenders”
Embedded video
2:55 PM · Jul 26, 2020

Sophia Kachur, an organizer of the Black Lives Matter rally, said it was important for people of the Shaler area to show support for people of color.

“We just wanted to show there were people willing to listen to Black and Brown people in this community,” she said.





Am I missing something?

I read the article.  California will fund puberty blockers and cross hormones to Trans children and teens and will fund Trans surgery.

There are passages in the article that seem insulting and ignorant, but that could be because the author needs to be educated in Trans issues.

(2019 06 08) Inter-sex Don't Need To be Fixed 62175802_335193497131221_9095511818230562816_nStart with that headline.  Puberty Blockers and cross hormones do not cause permanent sterilisation.  No minor Trans child in the United States can legally obtain genital surgery.  Such inflammatory statements to the contrary are what excite the opposition to all Trans medical care.

Little attention is otherwise brought to the worst fact that Inter-sex infants and children are constantly forced to endure genital mutilation and cross hormones against their will, yet that same anti-Trans gang has no difficulty supporting their ideology that destroys Inter-sex infants and children.

I tapped on the author’s hot link in the article.

8001A7C6-FB78-4A4C-A73C-E994141CD839Seems that he is worse than what I was willing to grant.

Likely, he and his agency are exactly that – anti-Trans creeps who refuse to educate themselves, who choose to disseminate lies to support their hate agenda.

And I repeat my statement.  I’ve been to innumerable sites as theirs spewing hate, yet demand Inter-sex infants and children be ‘normalised’.

The California Family Council Facebook page identifies themselves as a branch of Focus on the Family.

I browsed their CFC Facebook page.  Article after article present lies and deceit.

07FC3F87-DE38-477B-86EC-1F436863BB9BIt is sad that there are so many gullible people.

Worse, I’ve read from Trans and LGBT on web-sites and social media praising Focus on the Family – as nutty as Trans Drumpfians and Deplorables.


Their holy book commands that they must not lie, yet their very ideological foundation is based upon lies that even children can debunk, especially even the youngest Trans child.




First They Came

Rabbi Michael Adam Latz


This week’s parshah is the second of three in a row whose names are verbs: VaYetze (“He went out”), Vayishlach (“He sent”), VaYeshev (“He sat/dwelled”). And if you skip the next parshah, Miketz (“At the end”), you get a fourth verb-title, VaYigash (“He approached”).

In so many ways, our Jewish dedication to human rights and human dignity is about leaving and arriving, and knowing when to do which. Sometimes the right approach to a particular crisis is to go out and meet it head-on ourselves, while other times we do better to sit and strategize. Sometimes we are most successful when we, ourselves, approach an issue closely, and other times we find that sending another emissary is more effective.

As we enter this new territory of a president-elect and his administration who seem to challenge so many of our Jewish values of human dignity and human rights, I have been mulling over this oft-quoted poem that Pastor Martin Niemoller (z”l) wrote a generation ago in response to the Shoah/Holocaust/World War II:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

It is a powerful, aching call to stand up against injustice.

And it always troubled me—the despondence and the desperation. Not because it isn’t real; it surely is. But because I ached for a call to stand up and speak up in the affirmative.

Why on earth was I waiting for someone else? In human rights advocacy, one person rising up, speaking out, taking action can make a tremendous difference.

Here is my reply:

In response to Martin Niemoller (z”l):

First they came for the African Americans and I spoke up—
Because I am my sisters’ and my brothers’ keeper.

And then they came for the women and I spoke up—
Because women hold up half the sky.

And then they came for the immigrants and I spoke up—
Because I remember the ideals of our democracy.

And then they came for the Muslims and I spoke up—
Because they are my cousins and we are one human family.

And then they came for the Native Americans and Mother Earth and I spoke up—
Because the blood-soaked land cries and the mountains weep.

They keep coming.

We keep rising up.

Because we Jews know the cost of silence.

We remember where we came from.

And we will link arms, because when you come for our neighbors, you come for us — and THAT just won’t stand.

Miketz arba shanim—at the end of four years of the Trump Administration—we will still be here.

Michael Adam Latz is the Senior Rabbi at Congregation Shir Tikvah in Minneapolis, MN and a member of the T’ruah board.

D’var Torah
Prayer and Ritual


This line has since been added:


Congregation Shir Ami

(15 Aug 2017):

First they came for transpeople and I spoke up — because God does NOT make mistakes!


I posted my own version of Niemoller’s narrative here at this web-site a couple years ago.




It was Biden who forced Obama to support Marriage Equality.  Biden’s LGBT support helps reverse his lousy platforms of his own past.

Admittedly I’m not a fan of either Biden or Harris.  Neither were the candidates whom I preferred (Warren for President).  I’m farther to the Left than they are.

Republi-cons were scared of Rice and are more scared of Harris than Biden, so that’s going to be good enough for me.

Arizona is a Red State, not much hope.  Yet, in the 2018 elections, one hardcore Republi-con whose state legislative district had been Republi-con since almost forever turned Blue in a landslide victory for the Democratic candidate.

I’ve never voted for a Republi-con.  Obviously, I shall keep that going.

I expect from Biden / Harris that they will reverse everything Drumpf has done against LGBT.

(1970 06 00) Slim at Crater Lake (sitting) 62108991_353447288645822_7445126293500198912_n*

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